Welcome to ExplorersUnlimited.com!

Explorers Unlimited is more than just another Play By Post website, it’s a community of gamers who are all avid fans of Palladium Books, the many games they’ve spawned and Roleplaying games of all types.

EU” is the original side of Explorers Unlimited where the game RIFTS is played in all its diversity and splendor. EU is a single HUGE game-world set on Rifts Earth. Every one of the 100+ player characters are taking part in a single epic storyline within which all player character can interact.

Other Worlds is the side of Explorers Unlimited that pertains to all game settings that are not Rifts but also in the Palladium books product line. On “OW” you’ll find Dead Reign, Robotech, Ninjas & Superspies, Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, Palladium Fantasy and Phase World games among others, enough diversity to satisfy any roleplaying gamer.

Distant Dimensions is our newest of the three forums and is our first offering of games outside the Palladium books product line. Games of all types can be experienced here for the first time from Star Wars to classic D&D.

Come join Explorers Unlimited and be part of more than just a game, be part of the single largest community of Palladium Books gamers (outside of Palladium’s own forums) on the Internet…and unleash your imagination. Refer to the forum in which you are interested in for sign up instructions! Please follow the rules!

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