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Explorers Unlimited is more than just another Play By Post website, it’s a community of gamers who are all avid fans of Palladium Books, the many games they’ve spawned, and Roleplaying games of all types.

“EU” is home to many games. Rifts is played in all its diversity and splendor on a huge scale. Every one of the 100+ player characters are taking part in a single epic storyline within which all player characters can interact. Other game settings such as Heroes Unlimited, Phase World, and others are also available for play. Come join Explorers Unlimited and be part of more than just a game. Be part of the single largest community of Palladium gamers (outside of Palladium’s own forums) on the Internet, and unleash your imagination!

Savage Rifts will be the play-by-post home to the much anticipated Savage Worlds release of the iconic Rifts franchise. If you want to see this amazing product as badly as the EU community, please take part in PEG‘s Kickstarter campaign.

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