Rate Dodstrike (June to October 2020)

A group of morally flexible dimensional troubleshooters out to make a name for themselves in Atlantis.
(Characters in this game/group cannot transfer to a rifts group outside of it.)
GM: Dodsrike
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Rate Dodstrike (June to October 2020)

Postby The Apothecary » Wed Sep 30, 2020 6:05 pm

Game Master (GM)

  • Maintain a GM post rate at a minimum of one adventure post per week.
  • Have the IM contact info of each player in their group.
  • Notify all players in the group via IM or PM of new GM posts, and other important updates.
  • Maintain your adventure notes in the GM's Cabal. (Gist: If a random GM can't pick up and run the adventure from your notes, the notes are unsatisfactory.)
  • Be available for IM chat at least one day a week.
  • Coordinate with the AGM regarding expected adventure dates & time-frames.
  • Consult with AGM regarding XP awards.
  • Directly notify AGM via PM of any expected absences in addition to the Account Status Tracker.

  • GMs will be rated according to merit by their players every quadrimester.
  • Rating will be done by players on the following schedule:
      • Quad 1: June 1st
      • Quad 2: October 1st
      • Quad 3: February 1st
  • Each is responsible for creating his rating poll on the above schedule.
  • Players are responsible for rating the GMs within a week of the poll being posted, and posting notice that they have voted (in the same thread.)
  • Ratings will be conducted via poll and averaged to the nearest whole number.
  • Players who do not vote will be removed from the average.

GM Rating Reward Table
    10: You have earned 7 EP.
    9: You have earned 6 EP.
    8: You have earned 5 EP.
    7: You have earned 4 EP.
    4-6: You have earned only 2 EP, also, you're on probation.
    1-3: Your position is now vacant; the group's AGM will post the availability of the group's GM position to the OOC Recruiting Thread.
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Re: Rate Dodstrike (June to October 2020)

Postby Kianra'Dea » Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:41 am

-We started out strong with an intriguing environment and high potential even when we lost our initial group leader.
-Posts usually have, either via PM or body, something for everyone to respond too.

-GM Post Rate is largely unacceptable with nearly an entire month of silence and a month of sporadic at best posts before that.
-While communication in chat has been sporadically good; words =/= actions. There have multiple examples when we were told a post would be forthcoming and nothing came, for an entire month.
--The AGM exists to help, not to cover in lieu of communication. A plan should be in place for the AGM to be able to pick up the slack without it being detrimental to the game and with positive communication.

Overall, I was very near completely quitting the game and had our AGM not stepped in when they did, I would have. If you are having trouble, either with creativity or commitment, do not be afraid to admit such and step aside. We will not hold a grudge or harbor ill will for such, however when we go nearly half a quad with next to nothing in way of promises vs posts and communication, it is extremely demoralizing.

I'm not going to say you need to step down, as you've shown activity in the past week and a general, if not vague promise to do better. I plan on holding you to that, and am voting for a probationary period being this next quad. In a play by post setting, the players ability to advance is entirely dependent on the GMs ability to post and communicate.

Needless to specifically define, I am not happy with the game at the moment. My unhappiness stems also from the point of, I wanted to play my dragon and I switched PCs when we lost our initial Team Leader so that our group could be viable with the idea we were targeting. After said switch, I'm having a hard time developing any connection to my PC and the lack of GM involvement only encourages me to drop it.
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Re: Rate Dodstrike (June to October 2020)

Postby Rana » Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:50 am

Maintain a GM post rate at a minimum of one adventure post per week.

This didn't happen.

Notify all players in the group via IM or PM of new GM posts, and other important updates.

These notifications, when they came, were frequently not followed through on.

Coordinate with the AGM regarding expected adventure dates & time-frames.

I'm not certain this happened - as we had to scramble for a GM post after a month. If you can't make a post, you should be in touch with your AGM at that time, to make sure you don't have a whole group waiting weeks for you.

This is a fledgling campaign in a unique setting on Rifts Earth - it has remarkable potential to be amazing... if it doesn't die in infancy. At this stage in campaign development, we need more dedication from our GM.

The good news is I am confident you can do it. You started off the quad very strongly - you just have to continue in that vein. But I have to confess that, like Nate, I considered dropping the campaign when the GM posts stopped coming.
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Re: Rate Dodstrike (June to October 2020)

Postby Consumer » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:13 am

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Re: Rate Dodstrike (June to October 2020)

Postby Lord of skulls » Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:30 pm

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Re: Rate Dodstrike (June to October 2020)

Postby Érebos » Fri Oct 02, 2020 7:29 pm


I concur with everything above.

I also think this game has a lot of potential and some really solid players. And I think when our GM is on point, he's on point.

I am hopeful we can turn this thing around and realize some of the potential that I think most, if not all, of us see in it.

And I'm confident that, if we stay accountable to each other and keep the lines of communication open between everyone, that will occur.

Onward to a better Q3! :)
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