Character Backgrounds & Relationships

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Character Backgrounds & Relationships

Postby Augur » Sat Jun 13, 2020 7:22 pm

Character Backgrounds & Relationships

I'm sufficiently pleased with this Session 0 that I'm authorizing 2 pts to spend as you please--either 1 Benny & 1 XP, or 2 of either.
Whoever details their relationships with the other members of the team (to my satisfaction) will see an additional reward of 2 pts.
    Inside tip: Satisfactorily address the questions in this video, and you're a shoe-in for the reward.
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Re: Character Backgrounds & Relationships

Postby Cairo » Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:30 pm


Everett (Rhett) August Richter was born in Gerra City on the Yasawa Isles in the southern hemisphere. He was the 3rd of 4 to a military family, his father (Ferix) is a colonel in Homeworld Security, and his elder brother (Walton) is in the ADF as a Combat Medic. His homelife growing up was happy, parents were very loving and supportive. Dad was not always home then, lots of operations took him out for weeks and each of those brought bouts of terror for a kid when it dawned that is something went wrong, Dad might not be coming hope. Rhett's father was of those who could map locations [Inhabitation], so having him onsite often was a key to keeping those under his command on the same tactical footing as their quarry. Nevertheless the value of service was always emphasized in the Richter home, and he has known Lomat since Highschool, nearly 15 years now.

After his mother passed away (cancer), Rhett joined the ADF following in Walton's wake. Dad's old stories of spies, traitors, and sellouts informed Rhett's views on the ends justifying the means of getting the mission done with as few losses as possible ... which led to his becoming an Intelligence Operative. He may not be able to provide instant intelligence on a layout, but the younger Richter is determined that in meeting, exploring and examining alien cultures he can help the Homeworld to prepare against potential treachery (“Merphy’s Law Son: The more prepared you are, the less likely you'll be called upon to need your a weapon. It isn't so much the deterrent factor as some glitch in the cosmos that dictates that the one time you aren't prepared for the worst is the time you'll most need your gun.”)

He is relatively newly married (Maya) and has a young 16-month old son at home (Calum) who was delivered last year by Lyanna when she was doing her residency. Rhett tries maintain a thoughtful and cautious perspective and not to get lost in introspection and paranoid thought. To keep some for that he pulls out the mandollyr [guitar] and plays a few tunes from home or a song he is composing in his spare time ("Don't laugh too hard there brotha ... you may be callin me for tickets in a few years and won't want to be to embarrassed.")

Rhett’s prior postings included 3 prior uneventful patrol tours (3-4 months each) of the Arismal home system, and a 9 month security analyst position in the domes on Rothon (the 4th planet in their Home system, a Class K Planet, Low Gravity with Pressurized Domes for settlements). Maya and Calum are on Rothon, and Everett could have kept on in his analyst post reviewing reports, but when Lomat posited the chance at a medium-term mission (6 months) on the Assegai all of a sudden the routine seemed almost maddening. This was a chance to see other solar systems, after this Rhett would have stories to tell his boy about the places he had been, not just the places he had studied. So he accepted the posting, and 4 weeks ago he headed back to Arismal Prime to help with picking the new crew and prepping for launch. He has some prior experience with Lyanna but she was not a long-time associate she delivered his son. That said Lyanna was nice enough and made a professional impression that when the candidate list came across for Lomat to request Medical Officers, Rhett recommended her (hers was the only name that did not have baggage, i.e. a history of poor performance or a bad attitude). He had some minor experience with Scaughty from years ago at the academy and recognizes the man as damn sharp, something that the engineer's proficiency scores clearly bore out (now that he's seen the service file). Rhett does not really know any of the other senior bridge crew well.
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Re: Character Backgrounds & Relationships

Postby Sicilia » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:36 pm

Harkan Vess Background:

Harkan always wanted to be a hero of a particular sort. He grew up watching The Adventures of Vessimer the Space Aviator! when he was young, and modeled many of his future wants after that. When puberty hit, and he was found to have increased dexterity and the ability to split his focus among many things without any noticeable loss of quality, he thought that his dreams had been proven to be possible. The tentacles he could bring out were simply a cherry on top.

At a young age he enlisted into the A.D.F., acting much a good recruit, ready to follow orders and remained positive during boot camp. He applied and was accepted into the top aviation schools, wanting to fly a quick and nimble fighter instead of a clunky, slow capital ship. He passed his courses with flying colors, and while not a rising star of a fighter pilot, was well above the curve due to his particular abilities.

Within a few years, however, he learned that life in the A.D.F. was not as glamorous as he had believed. Finding it more filled with practice flights and PT drills than fending off evil aliens, he became disillusioned, and while he never left or was discharged, his initial enthusiasm had tapered.

Seeking new avenues to rectify this, he petitioned to cross train on demolitions and weapon systems for larger vessels, hoping a change of pace would lead to a change in attitude. He was accepted, and juggled his new courses with his regular drills and patrols with ease, able to study and finish the paperwork while on the job without issue.

This superb performance was what got him commissioned to officer, and sent for field experience as a gunnery officer on a number of small vessels, slowly earning his bars as he split his time between his new position and acting as a commander for any fighter squadrons that happened to be on duty during his ship tours.

This praise and ability to effectively split his time has caused him to be a slightly harried, if proud individual. He always has something on his mind, and always seems to be looking into the distance, even when in the middle of a conversation. Tends to be a little short on temper, as he dances between officer duties and doubling as volunteer fighter squadron lead on most ships that he serves on. Underneath it is a caring individual that, despite his problems with the A.D.F. stays because he knows he is protecting his people, even if it isn't in the way he had initially wanted.

Relation with Lomat (CO) - Met during Demo training, helped each other through it, put in his commission for officer. Likes Lomat and sees him as a smart individual and able commander, as well as a good acquaintance. When the request for transfer came to him he jumped at the chance to be the Gunnery Officer of a destroyer under his old officer buddy.

Relation with Everett (XO) - Doesn't know Everett beyond the fact that he's going to be his XO on the vessel.

Relation with Lyanna (SMO) - Has been a frequent patient under Lyanna, and is generally dismissive of her conventional medical abilities, believing her super ability to be superior. Gets on her nerves, as he's a bad patient and tends to ignore her advice, preferring to instead try and rely on her Divine Healing to take care of his injuries more quickly and more easily.

Relation with Scaughty (EO) - Good friends with Scaughty, met while his War Dog was being repaired and went for drinks afterwards. Likes to spend off hours with Scaughty when he can, has kept in contact for quite some time.
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Re: Character Backgrounds & Relationships

Postby Twonjym » Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:02 pm

Never pick Psi Ops officers to be your parents. Nothing about Lomat Takar's early life was planned, or at least nothing went according to his parents plan. The only child to Tamar and Lourna Takar, he was a surprise late birth, born when they were in their early forties and had already had a twenty year career in Psi Ops.

The Takar's were well known for their strict adherence to the law and their ability to expose the truth. What the Takar's didn't know how to do was raise a child. Lomat's childhood was strict and disciplined. All in preparation for when he developed his psionic abilities. His parents thought that all their training and planning had come to fruition one day when they were no longer able to read Lomat like an open book. But what they originally thought was Lomat generating a psychic mind block turned out to be something far worse, at least in their belief. Lomat had manifested as a Tier Two and the first power that expressed itself was some idiotic immunity to psionics.

This is the day Lomat likes to celebrate as his birthday. The day he became his own person. The day his parents had to take his word, had to trust him, had to believe him. Its also the day he confirmed that his parents were assholes. They maintained almost absolute control over his life and schedule, though without a career in Psi Ops for his parents to plan for, Lomat was given the chance to do other things.

Lomat's parents transferred constantly. Rarely were they in one place for longer than six months until Lomat reached High school. His parents were nearing their sixties and were looking for a good place to retire from. They chose Gerra City on the Yasawa Isles. This finally gave Lomat a chance to make some friends and was where he met his oldest friend, Everett (Rhett) August Richter. He spent as much time out of the house as he could, and a lot of that time was at Rhett's.

After High School, Lomat wanted to torment his parents, so he took off to the tropics and turned into a beach bum but after three months he realized he needed more. Taking Rhett's advise he enrolled in college where he focused on sports and not turning into the person his parents wanted him to be.

Near the end of College, Lomat's mother, Lourna, had a stroke and died. This drove Lomat to make amends with his father. A few months later, after graduation, Lomat moved back home with his now retired father and contemplated what to do next. Taking Rhett's sagely advise, “Why not? You don't have psychic abilities, so you won't end up like your parents. And where else planetside are you going to put your big 'space' power to the test?” Lomat joined the ADF.

The ADF suited Lomat much better than he thought it would, especially since he wasn't in Psi Ops. Trained in Special Operations, he was deployed a couple time on planet to uneventful posts. Most of his time was spent training. He met Harkan Vess during demo training and they got into a habit of hanging out when off duty. One time, after an ill conceived motorcycle race with a speedster in which Lomat laid his motorcycle down, Harkan introduced him to Scaughty Hiroto. Scaughty was able to repair his motorcycle and was invited along to the bar afterward.

Lomat's last deployment was somewhat eventful. The ship he was stationed on was testing a new jump drive. After three jumps out the drive broke, leaving them to face a long trek back home if it were not for one of Lomat's powers. Through a combination of the repair crew and his abilities, they were able to get the ship back to Arismal only a few weeks overdue.

Now Lomat finds himself in an odd position, with the ADF rolling out a massive expansion of its fleet, he is now the CO of a Prowess Class Destroyer. First calling up Rhett as his XO, Lomat also extends invitations to Harkan and Scaughty. When is comes down to the medical officer, he's given a short list of names. The first name on the list is the same craggy old doc with no bedside manor that Lomat remembers well from bootcamp. After telling Rhett that the only reason craggy is still in the ADF is because the man wouldn't be able to keep a medical practice open as a civilian, Rhett points to a name on the list and Lomat nods, sending out the SMO position to Lyanna Chase.
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