Spooks Team Ride

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Are we ready for a large Team Vehicle?

XM-250 Medical Hover Station [TriaxBook 1 Pg 125] 15-20 Million
NG-HCH-2000 Big Bertha [NG Book 2 Pg 207] 69 Million (Used ~40-50 Million, but maybe we can get a Non-Functional version since we have our own Hover System to install)
No votes
Tech Flying Platform [BoM Pg 337] 1.2 Million (carries up to 10 People) ... [Custom version of ~6x size for 10 Million + Prefab NG MD Trailers ...]
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Something Else
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Total votes : 2

Spooks Team Ride

Postby Lahz » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:10 pm

We are up to over 30 Million in the Team account. As raised in the Hangouts, this seems like a chance for us to get our group vehicle upgraded.

A typical Semi-Trailer is ~53ft, so you have perspective on size ...
Lahz D'Gemmel

ISP: 191/191
PPE: 22/22
HP: 32/32
SDC: 26/26

NG RA5 Arrow Ride Armor
MD by Loc: Helmet: 35/35, Main Body: 30/30
Arms: [L] 14/14 . [R] 14/14 & Legs: [L] 18/18 . [R] 18/18

N-F50A Superheavy Force Field - Not Active
M.D.C.: 160/160

Weapons: Wilk's 325 "Mariner" Pulse Pistol 2D8 MD or 4D8 MD, 900'

Other: Drone Command Gauntlet (NG2 pg 245) [Left Forearm, 10 MD, 5 Mile Wireless Range], Vibro-Knife [1d6 MD], Laser Eavesdropping Device, Multitool, Talismans from Vheld (several)

Accompanied by Ray the Droid (( NG-B50 ‘Thunderer’ BigBore Combat Hammer, Wilks Laser Sword & NG-SE9 Sharpshooter ))
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