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Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Major Arcana » Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:58 pm

Only important stuff that needs to be retained belongs here.
While this thread will be maintained, it will not be pruned like the chat thread.
Keep your chit-chat to the OOC Chat thread.
This is going to be a revamp of the previous thread

Table of Contents:
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Major Arcana » Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:59 pm

GM Style
All site rules must be followed as well as the following:
Note: Anything that changes will be pointed out in OOC chat.

General G.M. Rules
1. Once I post, it is written in stone. (Unless a higher being says otherwise or I have made a mistake someone catches.)
2. Make sure to follow along with the story. If someone posted before you, factor it in. In fact if you fail to respond to other players trying to interact with you it will result in the reduction of Exp (and maybe something interesting happening IC)
3. I will make one Major GM post every seven or eight days unless the entire group posts before that. I will post regardless of who hasn't posted by then.
    Note: If everyone posts within three days after the GM Post, the group can claim 500xp as a bonus (per) by alerting the GM.
4. You will see a current conditions quote in each of my posts that will give relevant information. This may not be included in mini-posts, designed to confirm actions and forward the plot, or posts that encompass an extended period. Maps will be included when needed.
Current Conditions Example wrote:Date: January 16th, 111 PA
Time: 2:15 a.m., 15 seconds have passed, it is midday
Temperature: 121 degrees outside; 107 degrees inside the tunnel
Precipitation: A light, hot breeze is now moving through parts of the facility
No Ley Line Present:
Food/Water Consumption:
4a. If for any reason I am unable to post, I will let you know. I expect the same respect.
4b. If you flake your character will put into an inactive slot if possible, deactivated if not.
4c. I am willing to NPC your character during one of my posts without being warned, however if it happens again something bad will happen during my NPCing, basically... Let me know if you can't post.
5. I am on EU very frequently, so PMs will catch me.
6. Behind the GM is a Human. I will make mistakes, but refer to Rule #1. If it is a question of game or site rules I make a mistake on, feel free to PM me with references. This will help me refrain from making the same mistakes. As long as people are rational and at least professionally polite, I am open to criticism.
7. I will not go out of my way to kill you, with. I will also not make combat easy or balanced. If you run headlong into a platoon of CS troops, it is on your head. Also, I will not override the dice; I am just a GM, they are GOD.
8. My story-lines are never in stone. I will give a poll for the type of adventure the group wants, then I will give the story some form. How the group decides to complete the adventure is up to you all. I will adjust as needed.
9. Any personal Items that are being created either with the help of an NPC or fellow player will be conducted here.

Rules of for The AGM
1. The AGM will be expected to fulfill all the Duties listed in the New Policies Thread.
2. Unless posted to Account Status Tracker, attempt to be in IM contact with the GM at least once a week.
3. Experience should be awarded in accordance with what is posted in the New Policies Thread. Any XP I choose to award for various reasons will be given immediately and noted in the group XP thread.

Experience will be awarded in accordance with the New Policies Thread.
I will immediately award bonus XP for the following things:
:arrow: Making me laugh (Harder than you may believe.) - 50 to 150 xp.
:arrow: Making me have an emotional reaction (almost impossible) - 100 to 300 xp.
:arrow: Making me think (e.g. “is that possible?”, “what the hell is my NPC going to do now?”) - 50 to 100 xp.
:arrow: Surprising me (e.g. reactions I did not see possible, completely off the wall tactics, but tactics that still make sense for your character) – 50 to 100 xp.
:arrow: 100% posted within 3 days--500 XP bonus
:arrow: 100% posted within 5 days--100 XP bonus.
Note: These bonuses are completely separate from the variable XP bonuses that the AGM may award. We are different people and what makes me laugh may not make the AGM laugh, or vice versa.

Equipment Location: All equipment must be listed on your sheet. Equipment location in the game is denoted by labelled sections and tags like this:

Wilk's Laser Pistol: left shoulder holster

Posting Format
1. Post using the right account. (That goes for me too. Many EU members have more than one account. In Character, post as your character.)
2. From the EU site-wide house rules on "PBP Rules":
    Short-hand list for EU writing customs:
    Plain text is descriptive narrative.
    Italicized text is used to convey a character's thoughts/internal monologue.
    "Bold text is verbal speech. Please note that the quotes are inside the tags used to bold the text."
    Telepathy is italicized and light blue in color (color=#0040FF).
    "Verbal speech conducted via electronic means like radio (N/A in PFRPG), is bolded and colored dark blue (color=#0000FF)."
    Note: The other colors are generally reserved for use by the GMs as we tend to use them administratively to convey OOC info, advise players, note damage and effects, etc.
3. The only human language I understand is English. If you wish to post things in another language I expect an OOC translation in the same post.
4. Carrying over Perception & JIC rolls from the last post is acceptable ONLY if there isn't a post from your GM between the two posts.
5. You must have the following in your signature:
    Note: Be sure to make default signatures off, and add the signature during IC posts.
Example Sig wrote:Name linked to your character sheet
Constant Effects
Sixth Sense (2)
Character is Very Difficult to See w/ Thermal (see NE-BA-26 and Stalker armor below)
• Masks Infrared & Thermal Emissions (Only 1-25% chance of showing up a thermal scan, even if deteced scan will be unclear)
• 1/2 Damage from Explosions, High Spd Impacts (rail guns, arrows, bullets)
• 1/2 Damage from MD Fire/Heat/Plasma (Magic Included)
• Thermal detection systems suffer a penalty of -20% to the Read Sensory Equipment skill.
Weapon: Vibro-Sabre: 2d4
Armor: • Main Body: 90/90 • Force Field: 75/75 (Active)

9a. I will be checking your characters equipment post as well. If the signature says you are carrying a gun that your equipment sheet says you are not and you pull that gun, you will waste at least 2 actions trying to figure out what happened to the gun you are not carrying. So make sure your equipment post matches your signature.
10. Temporary (current) effects need to be posted in the top of your posts under Perception and Just in Case rolls and before skill rolls.

Combat Posts
1. Any posts over One per Melee (between my posts in combat) will result in extra posts being ignored for that melee.
2. Always use the Site's dice-roller.
3. Just because you tried to chop the SAMAS to pieces with a butter knife does not mean it happened until I post that it did. Ergo, you post your character's INTENTIONS, I post the results.
4. Combat action posts should be in the order you want them to happen. I will only change them if you reserve some for defensive action or whatever to help keep you alive and to go with the story line. If you have auto defense skills (parry, auto-dodge), please include rolls for those; else they never happened. It is usually best to post contingency actions if you think you may need to. Feel free to reserve actions, but if you put them in contingency actions I will use them as necessary and subtract the last action of the round.
5. During combat you need to post Perception, JIC, Initiative rolls and APM. Failure to do so will result in the worst possible roll being assumed.
6. If you wish to fight amongst each other, post your intentions in the forum and PM me the attacks and rolls using the Site's dice roller to arbitrate the dice rolls. I will then make a post to cover the outcome.
(If this changes I will let everyone in the party know.)
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Major Arcana » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:02 am

Team Leader's General Policies and Designations

As Directed from the Team Leader, Sir Thorn

— ● — The Spook Squad is not a democracy. It's a hybrid of a Benevolent-Dictatorship and an Oligarchy.
— ● — The Spook Squad is EU's Team Evil.
— ● — The Spook Squad does NOT pay out in Equal Shares.

When someone new signs on, they will be awarded a Signing Bonus commensurate with their skillset and attitude.

Senior Members receive a larger payout from Mission earnings (this translates to new members receiving less but still being paid very well for their 1st Mission, which in effect is an extended Audition / Trial Run to see how they handle the pressure of being in this serious group).

Designations for The Spook Squad
Active Members 5/8
    Carl - Joker
    Vheld - Deuce
    Lahz - Ace
    Whisper - Tarot
    Minerva - Diamond
Retired Group Members
    Thorn - Dealer
    Mierin - Queen
    Tank - Spade
    Alabaster - King
    Koota - Ace
    Simon - Jack
    Jaryk - Jack II
    Ryanna - Solitaire
    Kesslan - Rake
    Crótalo - N/a
    Vino - Spade
    Echo - Seven
    Erg - Jack
Deceased Group Members
    Guru So Jin -
    Castle -
    Krevek - Ten
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Major Arcana » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:04 am

Spook Squad Headquarters "The Haunt"

This imposing structure stands across from the park and Klingmar Spa & Resort and is home to the infamous Spook Squad mercenary squad.


Link to Haunt.psd file on Google Drive.

Link to "The Haunt" gallery on DeviantArt.

  • Alphanumeric security keypad access control
  • Steel reinforced concrete armory
  • Armory door: 500 M.D.C.
  • Armory bulkheads: 100 M.D.C. per square foot
  • Staircase on main level retracts for garage access from street level via ramp
  • 12' height access restriction
Ground Floor
Street Level
  • Foyer
  • Conference Area (left)
  • Administrative Room (lower right)
  • Area of Accolades (upper right)
  • Small, Landscaped Exterior Plot
2nd Floor
Training Center
  • Small, indoor firing range
  • Free weights & exercise machines
  • Open sparring mat
  • Two Muk Yan Jong (sparring dummies)
3rd Floor
Common Area
  • Pool table
  • Megascreen terminal w/MercTown intranet connection
  • Bookshelf
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Soda machine
  • Various couches, tables, and loveseats
  • Large Stove/Oven
  • Large refrigerator
  • Commercial freezer
  • Large dining table
  • Wine rack, larder shelves, and various kitchen tools
4th Floor
Junior Member's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Trunk, end table & lamp
Junior Member's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Trunk, end table & lamp
Junior Member's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Trunk, end table & lamp
5th Floor
Mierin's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug & Tapestry
  • Mirror dresser
  • Canopy bed
  • Locker
  • Armor stand
  • Gun Rack
Echo's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Corner storage cabinet-desk combo unit & chair
6th Floor
Vheld's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Clothes rack
Lahz's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Armoire
  • Bed
  • Locker
7th Floor
Carl's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Armoire
  • Bed
  • Locker
  • Armor stand
  • Two worktables (tech)
  • Networked computer station
  • Lounge Area with 3 chairs & table
  • Walk-in shower space

Security Systems

  • Fenced and gated lot
  • Alphanumeric security keypad access at gate
  • Security Provided by Comitatus Security Group
    • Monitor CCTV coverage of lot
    • CCTV surveillance is augmented by infrared and motion detecting sensors built into the cameras.
    • A CSG rapid-response squad will respond to any property violations per contractual arrangement.

(2) NE-020 Combat Drones
  • Programmed to patrol and defend property against aggressors.
  • Procedurally consistent with MercTown laws.

Stone Golem Defenders
  • Human-Sized
  • 1 Guards the front door
  • 1 Guards the garage
  • 4 Patrol the interior of the Haunt
  • Equipped with Plastic Man EBA
  • Horror Factor: 16
  • I.Q. 6, Supernatural P.S. 25, Speed 8, Height: 6-18 feet (1.8-5.4 m).
  • Four attacks per melee, damage is by Supernatural P.S. (2D6 M.D. punch or kick, 4D6 M.D. from a power punch or full speed ram attack).
  • No bonus to parry or dodge or on initiative.
  • Impervious to many psychic and magic attacks. Magic energy attacks, rune and TW weapons and normal weapons, like guns, knives, and explosives, only do half damage.
  • Impervious to normal fire and cold (magic fire and cold does half damage).
  • Does not breathe air or need nourishment, thus impervious to gas attacks, disease and can survive underwater at any depth. Also Impervious to possession and Horror Factor.
  • M.D.C. 35 stone or 80 iron, but regenerates 1D6 M.D. per melee round. Note: If the heart is made from Iron with a diamond worth 8000 credits or more at the center, double the M.D.C. (70 Stone or 160 for Iron).
  • Regenerates completely. even if seemingly blown to bits. Regenerating to its original form within 24 hours unless its heart is removed from the chest cavity.

Stone Golem Bodyguards
  • Tokanii in size and appearance
  • Guard the top floor
  • Details as above

Armstrong Industries Modular Security Suite
This device resembles a high tech home/business security system that consist of a keypad and a series of small 6 inch diameter sensor modules. Designed as the magical approach to home/business security, the AI Modular Security Suite is programmable and user friendly. It is perfect for those people who tend to go on long time consuming trips and want to keep their belongings safe. The following is the standard package, with add-ons being available for an added price.
Mass Produced TW Security System
M.D.C.by Location:
• Control Panel: 20
• Security Sensors (1+): 20 each.
Activation Cost: 10 P.P.E. (20 I.S.P.)
P.P.E. Storage: 100 P.P.E. (Recharge requires a Techno Wizard or wizard with access to the Talisman Spell.)
Magic Features
• Primary Effect: Any subject not programmed into the security system will trigger a silent alarm that will be heard by the programed users and a member of the local defense force of buyers choice.
Note: This system will not detect Astrally Projected individuals.
Duration: 1 year per Activation
Area of Effect: 12 foot radius per sensor unit.
• Secondary Effects: Programmable to hold the identities of up to 12 individuals using a passcode system.
• • Non-Magically inclined users are able to operate the device due to a P.P.E. Storage system.
• • Victims of the Mystic Alarm Spell will be subjected to both a Magic Net Spell and the Agony Spell.
Mystic Net
• Duration: 2 Melees (30 seconds)
• Saving Throw: Dodge of 16 or Higher.
• Effect: Can snare up to 6 individuals in a 10’ diameter net of magic fibers.
• Duration: 1 minute.
• Saving Throw: Standard.
• Effects: Victims lose all attacks/actions, cannot move, and for an additional minute are still at half attacks/actions, half movement, and -1 to strike, parry, and dodge.

See the invisible Module
Effect: Constant See the Invisible as per the spell. This is added to the base unit. Also adds 2 P.P.E. to the activation cost, but the module comes with a 20 P.P.E. battery for 10 activations.
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Major Arcana » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:06 am

The Vault
Post here all items not assigned to or owned by a specific member.
Post here all items which are not currently being stored in a member's room.
Group vehicles are to be posted in the garage.
All items posted are to be posted to Armory standards.

All items owned in common should be colored purple (#4000FF) to denote such.

MercTown State Bank Account
    (1) Secure Universal Card: 161,225 credits (12/27/14 Major Arcana)
    (1) Secure Universal Card: 201,000 credits (3/6/15 - Major Arcana)
    (1) Unsecured Universal Cards: 1,000,000 credits(1/8/14 - Malach Ra)

Group Funds
    (1) Secure Universal Cards: 9,000,000 credits (09/21/2012 Oracle)
    (2) Black Market Cards: 700,000 credits (12/21/13 - Malach Ra)(removed 300k from the original 1,000,000 for Lahz repairs to equipment: 3/21/16 - Carl)
    (1) Unsecured Universal Card: 177,500 credits(09/15/15 - Major Arcana)
    (0) Unsecured Universal Cards: 0 (09/10/15 - Major Arcana)
    (1) Unsecured Universal Cards: 30,000 credits(05/09/14 - Major Arcana)

Weapons Locker

CV-212 Variable Light Frequency Laser Rifle
• Range: 2000'
• Damage & RoF: 6D6 per low-power shot, 2d6 MD per single shot, 6d6 MD per 3-shot burst
• Payload: Portable Hip energy canister provides 60 single blasts or 20 triple bursts
• Modifiers: Laser Targeting adds +1 to strike on aimed shots

Forearm Vibro-Tri-Blades (4)
☞ Damage--3D6 MD

Sabre Skorblade
☞ Damage: 1D8 M.D.
☞ Modifiers: +1 to Strike & Parry due to excellent craftsmanship and balance

NE-RV03 Ripper Vibro-Saber (2)
※ Damage: 4D4 M.D.

Spear of the Gargoyle
Legendary Enchanted Hasta
M.D.C.: 250
Damage: 3D6 M.D.
Magic Features
• Double damage to any creature of good alignment
• Returns to wielder when thrown
• Increased damage

ARC-2 Nighthawk Defense System (2)
• Range: 2000ft
• Damage: 1d6x10 M.D.
• Rate of Fire: 60 round bursts
• Payload: 6000 round drum
• Sensors: Thermal Imaging, Motion Detection
• Weight: Gun 187 lbs.; Power Ammo Pack 320 lbs.

NE-202 Slim-Line "Widow-Maker" Heavy Plasma Cartridge Pistol
• Range: 60'
• Damage: 1D6x10 M.D. per each plasma round.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only.
• Payload: 4 NE-004PC
• Modifiers: -1 to strike for PS: 18-24; No Penalties for PS: 25 (or PS: 20 Robotic)

NE-77H Cyborg Shoulder Cannons (2, No clips or generators)
• Range: 2000’
• Damage: 1D6x10 + 12 M.D.
• Rate of fire: Single shots only
• Payload: A hip generator provides 30 blasts, a backpack generator offers 90 blasts. Each recharges 1 blast per 2 minutes. In an emergency a standard E-Clip can be inserted in the handle which provides 3 blasts per clip
• Modifiers: None

NE-8SL Slim-Line "Barrage" Plasma Cartridge Auto-Pistol (8)
• Range: 500'
• Damage: 3D6 M.D. per single shot or 6D6 per rapid-fire burst (two rounds).
• Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack.
• Payload: 24 shot magazine containing NE-001PC

NE-1911 Slimline Colt (4)
• Range: 200'
• Damage: 3D6 MD per shot
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 14 rounds per magazine. All fire the NE-001PC "Light" Plasma Cartridge; a more powerful round would melt the gun.
• Modifiers: None

NG-SE9 Sharpshooter (8)
• Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg).
• Range: 1,000 feet (305 m).
• Mega-Damage: 3D4+3 M.D.
• Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack.
• Payload: 20 shots, 36 with a long E-Clip.

NG-B50 ‘Thunderer’ BigBore Combat Hammer (2)
• Weight: 14 lbs
• Range: Melee Combat Only
• Damage: 2d6 + P.S. Damage, x2 to vampires.
• • Silver Rounds: 5d6, x2 to Vampires and werebeasts.
• • Wood Rounds: 2d6+2 SDC, double to vampires
• • Damage: Blunt M.D.: 1d6 + PS Damage.
• • BigBore M.D.: 2d4 M.D. per shell
• Rate of Fire: 1D4
• Payload: 8 total, 4 per each side of the hammer. Reloading takes 2 actions per shell.

Small Valuables Cabinet
(1) Knife: a normal intricate knife with a ruby at the end of the handle. (Value: 10,000 universal credits)
1.9 carat Garnet

Talisman of Commune with Spirits
Bracelet Talisman
S.D.C.: 20
Magic Features
• Commune with Spirits: as per spell at 10th level proficiency (BoM pg. 119).
• • Charges: 3/3 remaining.

Talisman of Time Deprivation
Talisman Ring
S.D.C.: 20
Magic Features
• Time Deprivation: as per spell at 4th level proficiency. (BoM pg. 245).
• • Charges: 3/3 remaining.

Armor Stands

NG-A8 Scout Armor (4 Full Sets)
M.D.C. by Location
• Helmet: 35
• Arms: 25 each
• Legs: 40 each
• Main Body: 50
Modifiers: -5% to movement and physical skills

CA-4 "Standard" Dead Boy EBA (4 Full Sets)
M.D.C. by Location
• Helmet: 70
• Main Body: 100
• Arms: 60 ea.
• Legs: 80 ea.
Modifiers: -5% to climb; -20% to Prowl, gymnastics, acrobatics and other such physical skills.

Miscellaneous Gear Locker
[10] Ear Mic & Radio
[10] Weapon Cleaning Kit
[10] Weapon Repair Kit
[5] Metal Spray

Ammo Magazine
(10) Box of 96 NE-001PC Light Plasma Cartridges
(2) Acid TW Grenades
(3) Doorbuster TW Grenades
(3) Flashfire TW Grenades
(1) Seeker-Bat TW Grenades
(1) Sleep TW Grenades
(4) Swarm Bolts
(1) TW Flare Bolt
(5) Silver Bolts (M.D.)
(05) Explosive bolts (3d6 M.D.)
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Major Arcana » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:10 am

The Haunt's Garage

Group Vehicles

WR-H5054 Mini Cargo Hauler APC (Civilian Hover edition)
Vehicle Type: Armored APC Vehicle
Crew: Three; Pilot, co-pilot, and gunner. It seats six passengers comfortably and has a large cargo area.
M.D.C. by Location:
    • Forward Video Cameras (4): 10 each
    • Forward Headlights (4): 5 each
    • Forward Laser Turret (1): 30
    • Side Hatches (2; 1 each side): 50 each
    • Giant Metal Wheels (6): 50 each
    • Rear Booster Jet (1; large): 65
    • Rear Folding Ramp (1): 50
    • Rear Cargo Door (2; large): 100
    • Forward High-Impact Windshield (1): 35
    • Windshield Protective Cover (1): 60
    • Main Body: 200/200 (In need of a paint job)
Maximum Speed: 150 mph
Dimensions: 11' high, 7' wide, 20' long, 5 tons unloaded.
Cargo: 10 ton capacity
Power System: Nuclear (20 year lifespan)
Maximum Range: Effectively unlimited
Weapon Systems
Forward Laser Turret
    • Capable of 180° rotation and a 90° arc of fire.
    • Controlled by the driver or co-pilot.
    • Range: 2000'
    • Damage: 3D6 M.D. per blast.
    • Rate of Fire: Equal to the gunner's APM.
    • Payload: Effectively unlimited.
    • Modifiers: + 1 to strike.
Notable Features & Systems
1) The forward drivers/crew compartment has a large high-impact windshield plus a metal blast shield that can seal the window airtight (60 M.D.C.) When the window is covered by the protective shield, the pilot operates via video images and sensor data displayed on monitors and/or HUD system. The four rectangular boxes recessed in the front of the vehicle are video cameras .
2) Automatic locking hatches opened by voice recognition and/or by a number code punched in on an eight digit key pad.
3) Homing beacon and short-range radio communications (Range: 5 miles).
4) Additional Weapons & Sensor Systems: Optional. As many as two weapon mounts or turrets can be added, as well as one mini-missile system (8 missiles).
5) Additional Main Body Armor: 25,000 credits per 10 M.D.C.; a total of 200 M.D.C . can be added.

MI-3000 Firefly Hovercycle
M.D.C. by Location
    * Rear Hover Ball Jet Housing (1) — 40
    * Forward Directional Jets (4) — 4 each
    * Undercarriage Directional Jets (4) — 4 each
    * Forward Headlights (2) — 3 each
    * Forward Laser Turret (1) — 28
    Reinforced Windshield (1) — 15
    Main Body — 72
    * Small target to hit requires the attacker to make a "called shot," at -4 to strike. The driver, hunched down, low to the body of the hovercycle, is equally difficult to hit.
Statistical Data
    Crew: One rider, and one passenger can sit behind the driver, but it makes for a cramped ride and is not comfortable even on short trips and imposes a -5% piloting skill penalty.
    Maximum Speed: 190mph
    Maximum Altitude: 60' and can handle drops of up to 400'
    Maximum Range: 800 miles
    Power Plant: Electric engine
    Dimensions: 5'6" long, 330 lbs.
    Modifiers: +10% bonus to his piloting skill and +1 to dodge
Light Laser
    Damage: 1D6 M.D.
    Range: 1200'
    Payload: 20 shots
Heavy Laser
    Damage: 2D6 M.D.
    Range: 2000'
    Payload: 20 shots
Double-Barrel Heavy Laser
    Damage: 2D6 M.D. per single shot, 4D6 M.D. per simultaneous double shot
    Range: 2000'
    Payload: 40 shots

"The Squad Car"
Manufacturer: Black Market knock-off hoverjeep
    Class: Hover Car
    Crew: Pilot and three passengers. (max cargo weight of 1600 lbs.)
    Main Body M.D.C.: 100
    Maximum Speed: Flight: 300 mph; max altitude is 50'.
    Maximum Range: Unlimited.
    Black Market Cost: unknown
    Color: Grey with Black Accents

Road Boss Combat Chopper (W.I.)
M.D.C By Location
Main Body - 200
"Catapult" Cannon - 75
* Wheels (2) - 30
* Mini-missile launchers (2) - 20 each
* Lasers - 5 each
* target is difficult to hit, -3 on called shots
Top Speed: 185 mph (296 kmph)
Acceleration (0-60): 4.4 seconds (rocket assisted)
Braking (60-0): 90 ft.
Range: 725 miles
Weapon Systems
1. W.I. "Catapult" Assault Cannon:
    Mega Damage: 1d6x10 MD (armor-piercing explosive) to a 3 foot area
    Rate of Fire: Once per melee round: 10-12 seconds for a reload
    Effective Range: 4000 ft (1220 m)
Payload: 20 shells
2. Mini missile Launchers (2):
    Mega Damage: Varies with Missile type
    Rate of Fire: One at a time, or volleys of 2, 3 or 4
    Effective Range: One Mile (1.6 km)
    Payload: 16 total: 8 per launcher
3. Variable Lasers (3):
    Mounted just like the Tarantula (same bonuses, max speed when firing to the side is 90 mph)
    Mega Damage: 1d6+6 for the center laser only, 4d6 MD for all 3 firing simultaneously
    Rate of Fire: Standard
    Effective Range: 4000 ft. (1220 m)
    Payload: 30 single blasts, or 10 triple blasts per long clip.

----Stored In Road Boss----
Juicer Assassin's Plate Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
    • Helmet: 20
    • Arms: 15 each
    • Legs: 15 each
    • Main Body: 45
    Modifiers: -5% to Skills requiring prowess

LE-B1 Light Espionage Borg Armor, 85lbs
insert image here: 200 pixels in height
M.D.C. by Location:
    • Helmet: 12 (no helmet)
    • Arms: 15 each
    • Legs: 25 each
    • Main Body: 135
    Modifiers: Naruni Psionic Electromagnetic Dampeners [+2 v Psionic Attack, +1 v Possession] (pg38 Naruni Wave 2)

N-F50A Superheavy Force Field
    • M.D.C.: 160
    • Weight: 10 lbs.
    • No movement penalties
    • 6 hour duration per E-clip
N-F20A Medium Force Field
    • M.D.C.: 75
    • Weight: 10 lbs.
    • No movement penalties
    • 10 hour duration per E-clip
(2) Forearm Vibro-Blade Claws 2D6 MD
Shuriken 1D6 SDC, 60ft
H-Brand Vibro-Katana, 3d6 MD
Silver Ninja Short sword, 2D4 SDC
Ninja Bow 2D4 SDC
[80] MDC Arrows
[10] Smoke Arrows
[10] Flare Arrows
[3] Tracer-Bug arrows
Large Duffel Bag
    4 Black Smoke Grenades
    1 Red Smoke Grenade
    1 Flash Grenade
    Rubber tabi boots
    Black ninja suit
    Hand-held computer
    Set of regular clothing (shirt, pants, boots)
    Portable compact disc recorder/player and headphones
    Video disc player
    Micro-film camera (fits in the palm of the hand)
    Pen flashlight
    Large flashlight
    Lock-picking tools (concealed in hidden hand compartment)
    Small crowbar
    Basic tool kit
    Duct tape
    50 feet (15.2m) of knotted rope
    Grappling hook
    4 extra E-clips,
    Spray Paint (Black)
    2 weeks rations,
    Short-range radio/walkie talkie
    First Aid Kit

Sir Thorn's Vehicles
NG-300 "Speedster" Hovercycle
M.D.C. by Location
    *Rear Hover Jets (2) -35 Each
    *Front Hover Jet (1) -40
    *Forward Headlight (1) -5
    Windshield (1) -15
    Main Body -75
    * means called shot must be made and -3 to strike)
    Statistical Data
    Vehicle Type: Hovercycle
    Crew: One rider, one passenger (cramped)
    Modifiers: +10% bonus to his piloting skill, +1 on initiative (to take evasive action) and +1 to dodge
    Maximum Speed: 220 mph
    Maximum Altitude: 120' and can handle drops of up to 600'
    Maximum Range: 800 miles
    Engine: Combustion
    Dimensions: 9' long, 700 lbs.

Mierin's Vehicles
    Alignment: Same as pilot
    Horror Factor: 10
    Weight: 400 lbs
    MDC by location:
    Eye of Eylor* (1; left): 100
    Wings (2): 90 each
    Fin (1): 90
    Main Body: 200
* The eye is comparatively small and difficult target to hit. Attackers must make a called shot and are at -2 to strike. Destroying it will knock out the flight capabilities and magic provided by it for the hovercycle. As long as the eye retains a single MDC point, it can regenerate the MDC of itself and the vehicle at the rate of 2D6 per hour. It can not heal the pilot.
Magic Weapons & Special Abilities
Silent Flight: Flies silently and can effectively "prowl" at 70%
Magic Flying Speed: Can hover stationary or fly at 150 mph, double among ley lines and can attain a hight of 20,000 feet. Most of the Eye's magic is focused on the power of flight and combat.
Underwater Capabilities: Functions underwater, in space and in any environment. Underwater maximum speed is 70 mph on the surface of water 150 mph; maximum depth is 1 mile.
Power System: The Eye of Eylor with an indefinite life span (immortal)
Bonuses: +15% to piloting skill and trick maneuvers, +2 to initiative, +2 to strike and +3 to dodge
Optics from Eye Eylor: All standard abilities of the magical Eye are instantly constantly transmitted to the pilot as long as she is riding the hovercycle.
    1. Perfect 20/20 vision and sees a wider color spectrum
    2. Nightvision 600 feet
    3. Telescopic Vision 6000 feet
    4. Magnification to the 300th power
    5. Polarized vision and can tell direction by looking at the position of the sun's rays (88%)
    6. Psionic Sensory perception: See aura, see the invisible, sense magic, and see PPE energy, without requiring an additional source of ISP or PPE
Magic Program (Eye)
    Programmed with:
    Globe of Daylight (2)
    Magic Net (7)
    Fire Ball (10)
    Electric Arc (10)
    Call Lightning (15)
    Energy Disruption (12)
    Fire Ball (10)
    Barrage (15)
    Ballistic Fire (25)
    Frequency Jamming (15)
    Mystic Portal (60)
    All spells are drawn from the Eye and cast by the pilot as if she were a fifth level mage spells but with double the usual range
    Available PPE (from Eye for spell casting): 150 points
    Forward Blasters (2): 4D6 MD per single blast, 1D4*10+6 per simultaneous dual blast.
    Range: 2000 feet
    One fires from the nose, the other from a mounting on the right wing. Both are fixed forward

Carl's Vehicles
IPA-62 Super-Tengu Power Armor
[insert image here]
Model Types: IPA-62 Super-Tengu
Color: Dull Black
Class: Military Reconnaissance and Assault Power Armor
Crew: One
M.D.C. by location:
• Arms (2)- 80 each
• Legs (2)- 125 each
• Wings (2) – 100 each
• Head - 90
• Main Body- 260
• Heavy Force Field: N-F50A
Statistical Data
• Speed: 40mph
• Flying: 350 mph, 10 hours maximum flight time at top speed before requiring a cool down period; 24 hours max flight time at 100 mph; can fly continuously with periodic stops and rest periods.
• Dimensions: 8' tall 4' wide, 16' wide with wings extended, 4' long
• Weight: 320 lbs.
• Physical Strength: Equal to a PS of 28.
• Cargo: None
• Power System: Nuclear; average energy life of 16 years.
Weapon Systems:
• Mini-Missile Launcher (1)
• • Damage: Varies with missile type
• • Range: 1 mile
• • Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two, three, or four,
• • Payload: 12
• Grenades/Bombs
• • A waist belt and bandoleer style chest strap are thrown or dropped like bombs. Typically, six to eight grenades are attached to the chest belt while four large military pouches hang from the waist belt with six grenades in each. An additional backpack or sack could contain another 20 to 40 grenades.
• Range: Thrown (varies)
• Damage: Varies with missile type
• Rate of Fire: Each thrown or dropped grenade counts as one melee attack
• Payload: 32 hand grenades
Forearm Laser (2):
    • Range: 1200'
    • Damage: 3D6 M.D. per single blast or 6D6 M.D. per double blast
    • Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of combined hand to hand attacks
    • Payload: Effectively unlimited
Features & Modifiers:
    • Grappling hook and towline in a concealed left forearm housing
    • Resistant to electricity and electromagnetic energy; does half damage and character is +3 to save.
    • Prowl penalty of -25%

Tarantula Combat Jump Bike
Model Type: High performance motorcycle
Crew: One
M.D.C. by Location:
Main Body—100
* Wheels (2) —12 each
* Weapons — Pulse lasers (2) 15 each
* Thrusters (2) — (bottom) 25, (rear) 25
* A single asterisk indicates targets that are difficult to hit (-3 to strike on a called shot).
Statistical Data
Acceleration (0-60): 3.1 seconds (rocket assisted).
Top speed: 200 mph (150 mph on electrical battery)
Cruising Speed: 100 mph
Braking (60-0 mph): 75'
Jump Jet: The maximum length the bike can jump is equal to 9' for every mile per hour being traveled. The bike can jump up to five times before the jump tanks need to be refueled.
Range: 500 miles (12 hrs. continuous operation with electrical battery).
Dimensions: 4'1" high, 3'10" wide, 8'7" long, 1,545 lbs.
Power System: Flex-fuel internal combustion, with electric backup.
Modifier for Augmented Humans: +15% to piloting skill and execution of jumps, tricks, and special maneuvers.
Weapon Systems
Pulse Lasers
Mounted in the forward cowling of the tarantula are twin pulse lasers. They point in the same direction as the front wheel, so it is possible for an augmented human to fire quick shots to the sides (30 degree angle/arc of fire) while the bike continues traveling straight. However, these sideshots do not gain the usual +1 bonus to strike for bursts, and the tarantula must be traveling no more than 120 mph. The weapons are powered by standard E-Clips (only) inserted into two slots near the bike's controls.
    • Range: 1600'
    • Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. per simultaneous 3-shot burst
    • Rate of Fire: 3-shot bursts only
    • Payload: 30 bursts per E-Clip
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Notable NPCs within "The Haunt" & Favorable Contacts

To Include Group-known Contacts and any NPC within The Haunt



Please see here for contacts.
Scarlet Shadow
Book: Merctown, Page 109
• A secretive woman associated with the MercTown vigilante gang known as the Red Terror, one of the original 3 heroes to start the group.
• Contact Acquisition: Original Contact upon Character Creation with established history with first GM, Major Arcana.
• Echo has performed several contracts for the Red Terror and has garnered the respect of The Scarlet Shadow, having worked with her personally on several occasions.
• Information: Unprincipled, 23 year old female, human mutant with the limited power to meld into shadows (same as Shadow Meld), turn invisible and intangible at will and is also a skilled martial artist as well as a skilled gunslinger and swords-woman. She wears a modified Bushman Body Armor with adaptive Vibro-Knives. She also has a Nueral Mace.
• Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 11, M.A.: 20, P.S.: 21, P.P.: 27, P.E.: 18, P.B.: 20, Spd: 29

Red Mask
Book: Merctown, Page 109
• The Leader with the MercTown vigilante gang known as the Red Terror.
• Contact Acquisition: Introduced by Scarlet Shadow.
• After several missions with the Red Terror and Scarlet Shadow, Echo was introduced to the Red Mask who sees Echo as near-kin in mannerisms and focuses. Echo checks up with Red Mast and Scarlet Shadow everytime he is in Merctown to see if they have any need for his skills. Echo has not been officially named a member of the Red Terror. His association with the Red Terror is subtle and only the closest of his allies know.
• Information: Anarchist (prior Scrupulous), 29 year old male human mutant with limited invulnerability (impervious to S.D.C. Damage, has 688 MDC, Bio-regenerates 2d6 MDC per melee), full hover and flight up to 150mph, fires energy bolts from his hands (4d6MDC per shot with a range of 1600ft). Red Terror Leader.
• Attributes: I.Q.: 13, M.E.: 12, M.A.: 19, P.S.: 34, P.P.: 15, P.E.: 29, P.B.: 14, Spd: 22

  • NORTHERN GUN CERTIFIED TECH (Discount at NG outlest.

Bakili Yoweri; Necromancer Owner and proprietor of the Bone and Marrow Shop; Mentor/Spell-trade RP Contact


NGR RobotV-200 Robot Chauffeur
Introduced: Purchased from Kraus' Imported Arms
Special Characteristics: Fully-Automated Self-Sufficient Domestic Robot
Notes: Cannot be ordered to perform stunts or engage in vehicular combat, or any other action that would put its passengers in danger.
Pertinent Stats: I.Q.: 15; P.S.: 15 (Robotic); SPD: 22 (15mph); Main Body S.D.C.: 90; A.R.: 14
Pertinent Skills: Language: Euro - 90%; Literacy: Euro - 88%; Language: American - 90%; Literacy: American - 90%; Pilot: Automobile - 96%; Pilot: Hovercraft - 90%; Pilot: Motorcycle - 90%; Pilot: Truck - 80%;
Pertinent Combat Data: HTH Programming: None. Number of Attacks: 1; Number of Non-Combat Actions: 3
Wears: MI “Vaqueros” Armor

    M.D.C. by Location:
    • Head: 45
    • Arms: 32 each
    • Legs: 45 each
    • Main Body: 90
    Modifiers: -20% to movement & physical skills
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Team History

Written by Vheld

The team was initially approached by a mage’s apprentice by the name of Viel, who hired the team on behalf of the Mage’s Guild to investigate the suspected kidnapping of Viel’s master Bekest. A patient of his, by the name of Parn, was suspected to be involved and possibly working for the Splugorth, and so the team’s first move was to attempt to track him down in the Warrens. In the process, there was a scuffle with several members of the gang Mephisto’s Horsemen, including Parn.

After the battle, it was revealed that the Splugorth were after both Parn and Bekest, and that the Horsemen were attempting to thwart them. An uneasy alliance between the gang and the team was formed, with the objective of denying the Splugorth their prize. A battle against a group of minions ensued, and during the chaos the team was able to locate Bekest and rescue him. The “alliance” with the horsemen did not last long, and towards the end of the battle the contents of one of the Spook Squad’s vehicles, with Viel still in it, were stolen and teleported away. Vheld was able to get a vague impression of the thieves rifting to a forested area on or near the coast to the east, but little beyond that (though this image matches one supplied during the interrogation of Hadingus’ ghost below). The cargo hauler was later recovered, but with no sign of Viel.

Upon Bekest’s return, discussions with members of the guild suggested another possible job for the team. Some of the members went for a briefing, but before the team could be sent off on a wild-goose chase to Newfoundland it was revealed that the guild had been infiltrated- one shapeshifter escaped the confrontation, but a traitorous member of the guild (who had been masquerading as Michael but went by Hadingus) was slain, his spirit later summoned and interrogated.

Subsequent conversations with the real guild master revealed that the infiltrators were likely attempting to throw the team off with a red herring. The guild’s real mission involved the retrieval of an ancient, famous, powerful, and very evil rune whip named Korrigan, which had been stolen from the owner of the Crimson Dragon. Bekest also assigned Vheld a separate, side mission, requesting that he track down Viel.

Interrogation suggested that the whip had been brought to an unspecified hell dimension, further suggesting that a dark god or similar power was involved (one referred to as a lady, and therefore presumably female). An additional chat with Bekest suggested that the goddess Hel was the likeliest candidate, and that her mortal minions had been using a drop spot at the Spider’s Bite to coordinate their activities. The team was officially hired to track Korrigan, the being(s) who stole it, and the identity of their employer, with additional bonuses for recovering Viel and ascertaining the reason he was taken.

Additional clues were obtained when the spirit of the guild’s traitor mentioned above. The goddess behind the plot is likely involved with the Splugorth somehow, as well as Asgardian Dwarves and a being named Fjalar (who may have been Hadingus’ shapeshifting companion who escaped). The spirit also drew a mysterious symbol in connection with his mistress, one that has something to do with the underworld.

Investigation of the drop site at the Spider’s Bite has yielded a little additional information about the traitor, Hadingus/Michael. One clue points to Viel trying to blackmail “Michael” about his doings. Another is a letter written in an as-yet unidentified language. Finally, a mysterious necklace important to Michael has been recovered.
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1st Location Scouted wrote:Operation Shatterproof wrote:
GRID 48.336303, -93.458041

ID Badges
Jeff Baxter – CSID LT R&D division
Craig Ney – Service Specialist Headhunter

Black Uniform – No insignia x 2
Black Uniform – One and a half stripes above a downward pointing triangle on sleeve, standard epaulets, one gold bar on the collar.
Black uniform – Two stripes on sleeves

Audio Control unit
Large Speaker Box

CA-4 Dead Boy Armor Note: Obviously fire damaged
Weight: 20 pounds (9.1 kg).
Mobility: Good; -5% to climb and -20% to prowl, swim, perform
acrobatics and similar physical skills/performance.
M.D.C. by Location:
Head/Helmet — 45 / 70
Arms — 35 each / 60 each
Legs — 50 each / 80 each
Main Body —65 / 100
Note: HUD destroyed. Environmental systems NOT functional, padding and seals destroyed.

Non-secure cards x 4 = 4,250 Credits
Message: LT. BAXTER; All assigned units have been recalled. All non-military assets are to be destroyed. Bots have been sent to ensure destruction in case units have been lost. You are hereby ordered to meet with the 51st Armored Corps at their location. Signed: DSD Brigadier General Westmore. Authentication: Z57D9

Gear Acquired --- viewtopic.php?p=165779#p165779

Info Acquired
On one of the bodies, a low ranking grunt, Echo finds a piece of parchment with different radio frequencies and keys. Moving from the grunt to the decapitated Dog-boy, he finds a unusual metal key and a small portable computer. Collecting those, he moves to the other dog-boy that was kneeling and finds a ground drawing, a map. Very nondescript. He sees a large X he can assume is either the stronghold or a hive, then he sees the hill and another very small X to the side of the hill. Unsure what it means, Echo moves to the other bodies and finds nothing else of immediate note. While doing this, Echo drags the bodies that are further out to the trio in the center to have them centralized as the group decides.

Sir Thorn notices the ground carving that Echo had mentioned, and his time studying the terrain makes it instantly click what he is looking at. It is a depiction of the base right after the large hill the group is making for, and the two X's signify something of importance or something that shouldn't be there.

Info Acquired
Corporal Ivan Schmidt... drawing was of underground maintenance and escape route from stronghold... Unlock Key.. 64Ru2@3T!..." As the soldier continues, Echo is able to see a nervous sweat, like the man is speaking while in pain but continuing anyways. "Standard... Company sized strength here to observe... Xiticix actions and reactions to certain stimuli... I am dead anyways." The Soldier finishes and through his talk, Sir Thorn gets much of the similar only with a bit more.

His thoughts seem much clearer than his voice was as Sir Thorn reads Name: Corporal Ivan Schmidt. Investigating possible enemy forces near secured exit to Stronghold. One team found with Naruni equipment... Gear taken to Hanger via underground access. Computer Code... Vital Information Key Code 64Ru@3V!... Xiticix Company goal... Squad goal was patrol to deter further investigation from outside parties. Cannot afford to betray my state... I need a way out... Sir Thorn can mentally tell the difference and that the soldier used what little willpower he had left to verbally lie about the Key Code before his thoughts trained on ways to free or kill himself.

Shortly after Echo's questioning, Sir Thorn issues his questions in conjunction and the soldier continues. "Captain Pierce in command of a Company Sized Element... Flying Patrol meant to secure perimeter before VIPs reach Company Outpost, Xiticix in immediate area driven off... Been on patrol for 3 hours after confiscating Naruni Weaponry from killed Mercenaries..." The soldier finishes and Sir Thorn can tell no lies being said this round although his mental probe picks up something else at the mention of VIPs. VIPs set to arrive in two days... Stronghold must be perfect... no signs of trouble or... more will come.

While doing their interrogation, Whisper takes a moment and does a full scan of the immediate area and finds no sign of life, though there is signs of a cave system not far away. The scans indicate it is not of natural cut, but it is over a mile away with no activity.

*** Two Super SAMAS Pilots, four Terror Trooper pilots.. About twenty humans, twelve dog-boys, eight psi-stalkers and roughly 50 Skelebots." He coughs and shakes his head, mentally trying to fight the serum and mind invasion but failing as he continues "Captain.. Pierce is excepting some general... I don't know who. But everything had to be perfect for the general's entourage. I do not know the code for those devices, the squad leader's computer has it. Stronghold, Outpost, it is all the same..."


Gear Acquired from Patrol Ambush
:arrow: 3 Full sets of armor, one with a completely destroyed helmet , One with a damage right arm and helmet, the other with a damaged chest plate. The damages cut the MDC in half unless completely destroyed or stated otherwise.
:arrow: 2 C12 Heavy Assault Laser Rifle. 1 of which is damaged and incapable of firing.
:arrow: 1 CV-212 Variable Light Frequency Laser Rifle
:arrow: Personnel Computer. Contains a variable of information yet completely unlocked. So far the team has only discovered the frequencies and keys for said Freqs on the computer. On an OOC Note: The CS using Frequency Hopping like the active military does. In essence, once a day they change their frequencies and the new keys are needed to access the new net. The Keys are imply six digit codes.
If you get a computer tech to dig further into the computer, the squad has a potential of finding a bunch of information on this stronghold and the northern base.

Real ID - Carl's possession
Name: Jeff Baxter
Rank: Lieutenant
Clearance: Top Secret
Branch: CSID
Forged IDs wrote:Mierin's ID
Name: Miranda O'Niel
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Clearance: Secret
Branch: CSID

Erg's ID
Name: William F. Stanton
Rank: Corporal
Clearance: Secret
Branch: CSID
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Re: Catch-All Thread

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Unused/Unclaimed Equipment to be sold/discarded

Upon my reorganization, I realize that the SS is hording a great deal of things that are unnecessary considering the resources available. One of two things will happen;
The Team Leader (with a group consensus) will determine what gear is to be sold to augment their funds
I will chose what gets culled and the funds will augment the SS account.

Note: This does not -need- to happen until after the current mission

Post here all items not assigned to or owned by a specific member.
Post here all items which are not currently being stored in a member's room.
Group vehicles are to be posted in the garage.
All items posted are to be posted to Armory standards.

All items owned in common should be colored purple (#4000FF) to denote such.
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

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Echo's Powerful Contact

Area 51: NEMA Technical Intelligence Center
Golden Age Military Research Facility; Groom Lake, Nevada

Much like Archie Three or the Lone Star Facility, Area 51 is a huge, subterranean compound intended to serve as a research and manufacturing site for the American military. Like the Maryland complex Area 51 has an incorporated A.I., albeit much more low-key than Archie 3, designed to reduce human involvement, maximize efficiency and ensure secrecy. The facility has significant manufacturing capabilities (see Bandito Arms). Its genetic research and application capabilities are on par with Lone Star or even, the Gene-Splicers. And finally, its capabilities with cybernetics and M.O.M. technology matches those of Cyberworks or its South American equivalents. The reason for this? Area 51 was the center of industrial espionage and highly secretive research and development projects in North America for a span of over a 150 years of humanity's most advanced era.
Further Reading
The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 was a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range established just before the U.S. entered W.W. II. According to records from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct names for the facility were Homey Airport (ICAO: KXTA) and Groom Lake, though the name Area 51 was used in a CIA document from the Vietnam War and NEMA documents from before the cataclysm. The special-use airspace around the field was referred to as Restricted Area 4808 North (R-4808N). The facility has also been referred to as Dreamland and Paradise Ranch, among other nicknames.

The Groom Lake facility remained active and continued to expand right up to the Eve of Destruction, the Coming of the Rifts. Its primary purpose was the study and storage of foreign technology. Completely unbeknown to the American people, this included alien technology! Most of this extraterrestrial tech were salvaged from crash landings but occasionally it was captured, or even traded for. Any such technology that fell into American (and certain allies) hands was disassembled, studied, catalogued, reassembled, reverse-engineered and then stored at this facility. The most valuable alien asset they had however was underneath their feet.

The site was chosen, not only because of it’s perfect geography for aircraft testing and the like, but because an enormous alien construct had been discovered buried half a mile underneath Lake Groom! The bedrock had formed around the craft and it had eventually been encased in layers and layers of sediment, all of which signified it had been there for hundreds of millions of years! However even after a decade of excavation, entry into the craft was beyond their capabilities.

Area 51 didn’t give up on cracking that nut beneath them, but the majority of it’s resources worked to test and study foreign tech or in black research programs like MK Ultra and the like. As such the facility includes underground warehouses and hangars miles in area which are stocked with technological specimens and data from every country and corporation on Earth from World War II right up to the Coming of the Rifts.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the 21st century that actual access to the alien craft embedded far below the compound was possible. The tech inside was miraculously well-preserved and completely incomprehensible, essentially indistinguishable from magic to the men given the task. After its formation, NEMA, took control of the facility.

Real breakthroughs didn’t come until late in the Golden Age when human understanding had advanced far enough to begin to hypothesize the concepts behind the Tech. Who the ship’s original engineers and pilots were remain a mystery. (Elder Race, Dominator-level Tech)

Thanatos Prime:
A megaversal criminal organization whose Earth operations are based out of Area 51. Their true name known only to the Megaverses elite, Gods, Dragon and the Emperors of star-spanning empires engage their unique services when their usual powers are not enough.

On Earth the public face is Bandito Arms, but behind the Black Market Manufacturer is a much more advanced entity known as X-Sector. Besides the mid-level robotics that Area 51 can produce en masse, they have genetic and cybernetic abilities superior to any but perhaps the Gene-Splicers.

Mother Control
When the mysterious technology beneath Groom Lake was accessed it infected the local A.I. Originally similar to the ARCHIE program in Maryland, the Area 51 A.I. mutated and evolved beyond all-imagined capabilities. When the Rifts came, the entire complex was struck by a continuous Phase disruption. Most personnel were annihilated, but several scientists were jacked in to the system at the time, they found their minds melded with the A.I. and their bodies gone. Now Mother Control is a single conglomerate psychic entity.
Mother Control Stats
Model Type: Neural Cell Synthetic Artificial and Transferred Intelligence
Class: MOM-1-1
M.D.C. by Location: Containment Housing (I) ~ 350 M.D.C.
Size: Height: 12 inches (0.3 m). Width: 18 inches (0.45 m).
Length: 18 inches (0.45 m). Weight: 5 pounds (2.3 kg).
Mobility: Psionic powers offer limited mobility in an emergency, but otherwise, none. Mother Control has no means of movement, but can be disconnected and carried. Mother Control has only recently considered making a robot body for herself, but is hesitant to do so. She considers the entire Area 51 military complex (which he has expanded and improved over the centuries) as her physical body,
Power Svstem: Nuclear. The underground facility is nuclear and Mother Control has an emergency nuclear battery. Theoretically, one of the ways to destroy Mother Control is to destroy all the sources that power the complex. This tactic will, of course, have Mother Control unleash all of her robots to destroy the saboteurs. She has become a living entity and can survive indefinitely without being linked to an external power supply. However, being unplugged from the rest of the complex that is her body is like a human stricken by paralysis. To feel whole and complete, Mother Control must be integrated/connected to a physical body, preferably a large military or factory type facility. Note: Because all U.S. military compounds used the same basic modular systems, Mother Control could be "plugged" into any pre-Rifts military base and seize control of the entire complex including the Lone Star Genetics Complex, NORAD and others,
Skill Programs & Knowledge: Mother Control is more than an ordinary A.I. or N.I. and her range of knowledge is impressive. Mother Control knows all the skills in the following Skill Categories at 98%: Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, Medical, Science, and Technical. The categories of Domestic, Military, Piloting and Wilderness are known at 80%; and Rogue at 55% (the two exceptions being Computer Hacking and Safecracking, both of which enjoy an 86% skill proficiency). Note: Mother Control is NOT designed for combat, so he has no practical, working knowledge in the areas of Physical skills or Weapon Proficiencies, The combat programs she installs in her robots were devised by humans before the "Great Destruction." Mother Control’s understanding of genetics, cybernetics, robotics and nanotechnology are at levels that far exceed the CS, Triax and everybody else on Rifts Earth by at least 75 years, the only exceptions being the Splugorth, Naruni, and other alien off-worlders.
Age: Unknown for certain, but in 109 P.A. Mother Control believes she is approximately 300 years old in her current state.
Weapon Systems: None built into Mother Control himself~ but she commands the entire military complex and thousands of robots, and has developed impressive psionic abilities,
Alignment: Aberrant
Attributes: I.Q. 55, M.A. 24, M.E. 24; others not applicable.
Horror Factor: 14
Hit Points/S.D.C.: 400 (equal to 4 M.D.C.) for the unit inside the armored Containment Housing.
M.D.C.: 350 for the exterior housing unit.
P.P.E.: 3000
IS.P.: 2000
Experience Level: 13th level psionic gestalt entity, otherwise rather unique unto herself.
Disposition: Cunning, secretive, a bit manipulative, and deceptive. As one might expect, she is analytical and calculating, a master planner and organizer. She loves new ideas, both for technological advancement or to increase profits.
Magic Knowledge: Has a comprehensive understanding of magic and technowizardry, knows no incantations.
Psionic Powers: I.S.P.: 2000. Considered a Master Psychic. All Healing Powers; Sensitive: Mind Block (4), Presence Sense (4), See Aura (6), See the Invisible (4), Speed Reading (2), Telepathy (4), and Total Recall (2), Super: Electrokinesis (varies), Empathic Transmission (6), Mind Block Auto-Defense (special), Mind Bolt (10), Mind Bond (10), Super-Telemechanics (special, see description, below), Telekinesis: Super (10+) and Telekinetic Force Field (30). Super-Telemechanics (Special): An ability that grants Mother Control a unique affinity with machines and enables her to communicate with the robots and machines she has created via Long-Range Telemechanics similar to Telepathy between organic creatures. The range is an unbelievable 10 miles (16 km) and she can conduct 10,000 separate conversations simultaneously, Mother Control can also understand and speak with machines not created by her, but the range is limited to 1000 feet (305 m), All the other usual Telemechanics powers also apply, only touch is not necessary. No I.S.P. cost to use, Psionic Link to her Body (Special): No I.S.P. cost. Mother Control is in constant contact with every part of his physical body, i.e. the entire subterranean Area 51 complex. Every door, light switch, nut and bolt is part of Mother Control, and if it is touched, damaged, or replaced, she knows it! Likewise, he can control most aspects of his body, include the lighting, temperature, air circulation, locks, video/sensors/ surveillance, factory operations, computers, monitors, radiation levels, electricity/energy, power levels, energy access (can cut off power or redirect it to anyplace inside the complex), and so on. As a result, she should know when the complex has been compromised by an intruder. However, she may not be quick to attack, rather he may observe what intruders are doing, what they want, and then, provided they don't represent a serious threat, have fun with them.

Bandito Arms
Text From Black Market Sourcebook
Bandito Arms is unique amongst the major Factions of the Black Market. Unlike their rivals, Bandito Arms actually manufactures a large percentage of the goods that it sells, and maintains
its own mines, factories and production sites for raw materials. Granted, they do steal, smuggle and sell anything they can get their hands on, but products of Bandito Arms design are becoming more and more popular, threatening to tum this market faction into a major manufacturer and actual corporation. Since the discovery of an old American Air Force base called Area 51 hidden deep in the Nevada desert, Bandito has had a top secret headquarters and research and development center. They have pulled numerous prototypes and plans for Golden Age weapons, armor and aircraft from the ruins, putting them years ahead of the rest of the Black Market when it comes to technology.

All of this has changed what was once just a group of scavengers and smugglers into a giant market force. Bandito Arms is quickly gaining a reputation as the Northern Gun of the West (the "Western Gun," to some), and their willingness to knock-off and manufacture competitors' products means they take a larger slice of the market share than one might assume simply judging by the percentage of "name brand" Bandito Arms goods that are sold.

The Coalition States are particularly worried about Bandito Arms due to the SAMAS type power armor suits that have been attributed to their manufacture. As more of the suits are encountered in the East, Coalition troops and agents willing to report to the CS have sent in photographs and even recovered parts and electronics. Coalition Intelligence is currently trying to determine where and how the Black Market is producing such high quality weapon systems in order to put a halt to their activities. (Note: See page 171 of Rifts® New West™ for more information on Bandito Arms and their original product line.) El Diablo and Area 51.

The main feature that separates Bandito Arms from other Black Market groups is their mysterious development and manufacturing center, known as El Diablo. El Diablo is located at the site of what was once Groom Lake Air Force Base, more famously known as "Area 51," one of the old American Empire's most secretive high tech research centers. The base itself is well hidden and defended. Knowledge of its existence and location is restricted on a "need to know" basis, and most of Bandito Arms' employees and personnel are not kept in the loop.

The small number of scientists, engineers, smugglers and supervisors who work at Area 51 live in an isolated, well-defended village over one hundred miles (160 km) from the actual underground base and commute back and forth every few days to work in shifts. To avoid attracting attention to Groom Lake, they do not actually drive out to the base, but rather to a secret access point several miles away that leads to an offshoot of the base's underground facilities. From there, a lengthy tunnel and an improvised electric subway system carry the base staff where they need to go. Anyone looking aboveground will find no evidence of the tunnel the concealed access point or even the base itself. All surface structures were lost to the Great Cataclysm or have been intentionally bulldozed by Bandito Arms to prevent the base from being located.

Underground is Bandito Arms' crown jewel, and one of the Black Market's luckiest discoveries of all time. The state-ofthe-art manufacturing, research and development complex once known as Area 51 saw some of the old American Empire's most sophisticated tests in the fields of aircraft and flying power armor. The dry lake bed known as Groom Lake stretches for miles in all directions, providing a massive natural runway should any of the experimental vehicles go wrong. And the isolation and remoteness that helped the American military keep the base a secret for so long is used for the same purpose by Bandito Arms. The old underground hangars, labs and test ranges have all been refitted and repaired over the last few decades.

Prototypes and computer schematics for pre-Rifts technology lost for centuries are processed by Bandito Arms' scientists and eventually reworked into usable weapons and military products. The prize of the lot were several experimental SAMAS suits, the designs for which have served as the basis for the Sidewinder and Wild Weasel SAMAS units. Area 51 is the most valuable possession of Bandito Arms. They have gone to great lengths to sweep the area above clean of any trace of human presence. The old runways connected to the experimental hangars were already well hidden, built into the lakebed and concealed from detection from anyone flying overhead. A handful of scouts with binoculars, long-range rifles and mini-missile launchers are deployed up above at all times, watching the area from vantage points, hidden in camouflage hides and in ghillie suits. They report any activity to base security, which calls in the emergency response team if the activity is judged to be a threat.

Often the security forces remain still and silent, hoping that the interloper simply moves on. If the threat must be eliminated, 4D4 RPA Pilots (Robot Power Armor Pilots) in a mix of flying power armor arrive in 1D4 minutes. They do not use any Bandito SAMAS suits or weapons, instead sticking to plainly painted Triax Predators, NG Red Hawks and Flying Titan units to remain anonymous. In other cases, a Mega-Rex robot dinosaur or several robot dinosaurs disguised in real looking animal hide coverings lumber out of nowhere to "encourage" intruders to leave the area. If that gentle nudge doesn't work, the robots unleash their concealed weapon systems upon them and the aforementioned 4D4 RPA Pilots fly in to make sure there are no survivors, or any evidence of their presence or demise.

The RPA Emergency Response Team will assess the threat and neutralize it if they think they have sufficient firepower. If not, they can call for backup in the form of three squads of ten Bandito SAMAS suits (all types). If this second force is called in, the intruders are in real trouble, and will be wiped out completely to prevent them from talking about what they saw or where they saw it. As an extra precaution to cover their tracks, these SAMAS are painted Black to resemble Coalition troops and led by at least three (1D4+2) actual CS SAMAS ("acquired" by Bandito Arms). This way the CS takes the blame for any reports that might get out about people being slaughtered.

The Emergency Response Team and the backup force are both sheltered in a concealed facility on the other side of the dry lake bed. Anyone who should notice either force leaving the facility will not be tipped off as to the location of the actual base, and intruders who are not accidentally looking right at the secret exit have no idea where these "marauders" came from. Most will assume they rocketed down from the mountains or had been lying in wait someplace. Of course, it doesn't really matter, as most (99%) do not live to tell the tale of their encounter.

Turner Collins
CEO of Bandito Arms

Turner Collins is the "chief executive officer" of Bandito Arms and official head of the organization's corporate facade. Collins is an ambitious Black Market Entrepreneur who has been working inside the market since he was a teenager. He was just rising up the ranks when he was hired along with a group of other up and coming smugglers to head west to work at the Area 51 base out in the desert of Nevada. Much more than the motley collection of criminals and smugglers who had discovered the base decades before, Bandito Arms was growing at an incredible rate. The micro-factories at Area 51 gave them manufacturing capabilities years beyond any other Black Market faction, and the plans, designs and prototypes they found in the base's hangars and vaults would provide a range of weapons and armor for Bandito Arms' initial product line. Collins quickly became the unofficial overseer of Bandito's operations out west, reporting back to the bosses in more civilized eastern cities. Even supervisors and crime lords in comparatively nearby states like the Colorado Baronies or Arzno are still hundreds of miles from the Diablo complex, and Collins has a surprising amount of leeway in running the show there. He has pushed production and design into high gear, recruiting scientists and weapons technicians to come in and reverse engineer the amazing technology from the Golden Age of Man left behind at the base. Old American infantry weapons are retooled with Western styling and other looks. Meanwhile, he's expanded their successful BigBore line of weapons and the SAMAS suits they produce are painted in distinctly non-Coalition colors and sold to the highest bidder. After several years of increasing sales, the corporate and manufacturing side of Bandito Arms now threatens to eclipse the smuggling and organized crime that are the organization's roots. Turner Collins has declared himself CEO, and as long as his off-the-books profits keep going to the crime bosses and gangsters that support Bandito Arms, he will be allowed to run things his way. Bandito Arms is the ONLY independent manufacturer able to produce and sell SAMAS power armors. A fact that has earned the organization the enmity of the Coalition States. The CS has been slow to take action against this arm of the Black Market. For one, they do not yet realize that Bandito Arms has full manufacturing capabilities. The CS thinks these are modifications made to SAMAS stolen or captured in the field. Second, nobody knows where any Black Market manufacturing is done. However, as more Bandito SAMAS hit the market, the Coalition's concerns increase, and they are likely to try to locate and destroy such a facility if they can.

Turner Collins Stats
Real Name: Colin Turner.
Rank Within the Black Market: Boss, and second only to the family heads who started the Bandito Arms faction. A position Collins is certain to one day share.
Race: Human.
Alignment: Anarchist.
Attributes: I.Q. 19, M.E. 15, M.A. 22, P.S. 13, P.P. 14, P.E. 17, P.B. 12, Spd 14.
Age: 45
Experience: 9th level Black Marketeer and Faction Boss. Skills of Note: Speaks American at 98% and Spanish at 76%, Detect Concealment 70%, Find Contraband 78%, Hand to Hand: Basic, I.D. Undercover Agent 72%, Land Navigation 68%, Pilot: Hovercycle 98%, Pilot: Robots and Power Armor 85%, Radio: Basic 90%, Recognize Weapon Quality 70%, Salvage 80%, W.P. Energy Pistol and W.P. Energy Rifle at 9th level and W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons at 5th level proficiency.
Black Market Benefits: Collins is the man to whom the lower Black Marketeers of Bandito Arms tum for Loans and Lines of Credit.
Loans and Lines of Credit: He has 750 million available at any given moment for loans to others.
Enterprises: In addition to running the manufacturing, R&D, and distribution of Bandito Arms products, Turner Collins owns many, many smuggling, criminal operations and legitimate retail and entertainment enterprises within the Faction. As CEO of Bandito Arms, Collins has a cool, one billion credits of his own socked away for a rainy day, and he runs a business worth billions of credits a year.
Special Abilities of Black Marketeers: Bulletproof, Fence, Friends in High Places (7 within the Bandito Arms Faction), Home Turf Advantage (Area 51, Las Vegas, the Pecos Empire), Influential, Informant: Confidential (three within the Pecos Empire, two at Arzno, one among the vampires of Ciudad Juarez, and one within Northern Gun), Informant: Corrupt Lawman (four in the Coalition State of ElDorado, two in Lone Star, and one in Chi-Town), Informant: Street Snitch (hundreds inform his Captains and they inform him), Game Player, Read Black Market Operations, Read People, Steady Nerves, Street Rep: Trustworthy and Suave and Debonair.
Psionics: None.
Magic Knowledge: None.
Weapons of Note: Anything manufactured by Bandito Arms is at his disposal. Always carries a Bandito Arms LP3-D Dual-Shot Laser Pistol, but a PE-33 Plasma Ejector and BigBore shotgun
are always close at hand. Body Armor: Anything manufactured by Bandito Arms is at his
disposal. Wears a Bandito M.D.C. duster/long-coat (28 M.D.C.) and always has a Naruni Enterprises personal force field on him for real protection. Vehicles: Anything manufactured by Bandito Arms is at his disposal, but has a luxury hover limousine (240 M.D.C.) as his VIP transport.
Cybernetics: Internal radio antenna that he uses to communicate with security and the supply chain, plus clock calendar and gyro-compass.

Diablo Joe

Bandito Arms has been excavating collapsed tunnels and levels, and exploring the opened levels of Area 51 for decades now.They have found that many of the deeper layers had been buried by by earthquakes, which is to be expected, but at least 17% has been affected by dimensional shifting. In the D-Shifted areas, strips of rock and sand have been embedded in each other, and every inch of certain labs and storage hangars are completely merged with the underground strata around them. In these cases, tables, computers and items are trapped in rock and earth as if they had been filled with concrete; very weird. There are also a few areas that appear to be gone. Just gone. Replaced by rock and earth. The theory is they may have been Rifted, in chunks, to an entirely different dimension. Clearing out the twisted mess of collapsed and debris filled tunnels and elevators is the worst job, and most time consuming. Even the large sections that are free of debris, however, have their challenges, as any number of unearthly animals and sometimes D-Bees, demons and monsters may have moved in. Exploring, excavating and claiming the underground ruins of Area 51 has been a long, ongoing process. It is estimated that 25% of the secret complex is completely destroyed, buried or missing; 65% has been cleared out and is up and running under Bandito Arms control; and the rest is still being excavated. It was during one of the excavations that a unique discovery was made. After punching through a collapsed length of tunnel, they found another sealed-off section that was still running under its own power. Everything was running at its lowest level of operation, but it had power and two-thirds of the machines were functional, including an experimental cybernetics lab. Inside the lab they found several prototype cyborg units. The volunteers who had been used as the subjects for the bionic experiments had died, presumably during the Corning of the Rifts, as they were long dead and mummified. One, however, was miraculously still alive! His preservation pod still connected to the weakly pulsing nuclear power unit located below the base. Bandito Arms technicians carefully revived the cyborg and reactivated him. After the shock of waking up hundreds of years in the future to the a post-apocalyptic Earth reshaped by alien energy, Rifts and alien invaders wore off, the cyborg agreed to join his rescuers and help in any way he can. Though he has provided Turner Collins
and others at the Area 51 compound with some useful information, the cyborg can not remember his own name and retains only flashes of memory from his life prior to the Great Cataclysm. He is a relic from the Golden Age of Man and has many stories to tell, but he cannot remember his own past. Not his family, not his life before becoming a cyborg, nothing about himself. The Bandito Arms techs have no idea why this may be. It is almost as if his own history has somehow been erased. The last thing he remembers is going in for full bionic reconstruction to become, in effect, a Combat Cyborg. Indeed, the corrupted, partial surgical log indicates he was test subject J-10013. The bionic construction was near the final stages of completion when the Great Cataclysm struck the base. Panic ensued, and his surgeons chose to place him inside an experimental preservation/stasis pod to keep him safe until the crisis blew over. Apparently, this section of the base was cut off from the rest and the personnel never had the time or capabilities to come back for him. The preservation pod was designed for astronauts to use on long space journeys. The technicians at the base had no time to finish the augmentation, but didn't want to kill or abandon their patient on the operating table three-quarters of the way through the procedure. Instead, they put him in the stasis pod and unwittingly consigned him to the future. Almost three hundred years later, the Black Market Cyber-Docs finished the procedure and woke their subject to a new life. Since the Black Market operation started out of the town El-Diablo S-4, the techs dubbed this strange time traveler "Diablo Joe." He rather liked the idea that he has "beaten the devil" to survive what should have been certain death, and has accepted the name as his own. Diablo Joe has decided he must have been fated to end up in the time of the Rifts and tries to make the best of his life in a world that seems alien and surreal. Earth seems more like an alien planet or weird dream, than reality. Though Diablo Joe has come to terms with what the Earth has become, he is a living relic from the past who is afraid to make a new life in the present. He has only seen isolated glimpses of Rifts Earth in and around Area 51 and the ruins of Las Vegas. He has never traveled more than 100 miles (160 km) from the secret base, which is mostly scrub, desert and dinosaurs. He has encountered mercenaries, other cyborgs, and a handful of D-Bees and mages, but always in a hostile situation. As a result, his image of the world is one of violence and the bizarre. Diablo Joe can't shake the feeling he has survived 300+ years for an important reason. That he is fated to be in this world for a reason yet unknown. However, he is reticent to figure out what that something might be. He prefers to stay underground in the old base that represents the world he once knew. He feels uncomfortable and out of place whenever he sets foot above ground, so he avoids it. Worse, Joe only knows what his "handlers" at Area 51 have decided to tell and show him about the world. They have convinced him that Bandito Arms is part of a heroic underground that provides the downtrodden and disenfranchised people of the continent with the means to defend themselves, prosper and fight tyranny. The worst of those tyrants is the Coalition States, who have, unfairly, branded them as criminals. Joe's not an idiot, so he realizes Bandito Arms and the Black Market are all about making money, but he also believes they do plenty of good. Ultimately, however, Diablo Joe has been unable to bring himself to leave the safe haven of Area 51 and make his way in the world outside its doors. Diablo Joe had been an invaluable source of information on pre-Rifts North America, and would be considered an incredible
asset (and threat) by the Coalition States if they were to ever become aware of his existence. Of course, others like Erin Tam and the scholars of Lazlo would love to pick his brain. CEO Collins has explained this reality to Diablo Joe, and it is one of the reasons Joe is happy to stay hidden amongst his friends at Bandito Arms, and far away from the politics of the outside world. His work at Bandito Arms falls into three main areas. One, he functions as a pre-Rifts consultant and advisor about Area 51 and what may be located where. Joe seldom realizes how much he knows until put the test with very specific questions. Two, as a base defender. With his superior, ancient and modem bionic systems, and obvious combat experience, Diablo Joe makes a good soldier. He is also honest and loyal to his new friends, including the D-Bees among them, making him a reliable protector. Last, he is a source of entertainment and knowledge about the nearly forgotten past before the Coming of the Rifts. Turner Collins, himself, has dinner with Joe at least three times a week, during which they chat about everything under the sun about days past: the people, society, buildings, machines, life, entertainment, and much more. Of course, Joe's memory is spotty, and everything he relates is done from a third person, observer's point of view, seldom his own. That having been said, there is music and images that touch Diablo Joe deeply and must have some personal meaning to him. Oddly enough, Joe doesn't seem to mind not remembering his past or being a full conversion cyborg. Still, he is a man lost and set adrift. Killing time and hiding under the ground until something moves him to find his fate.

Diablo Joe Stats
Real Name: Unknown, but he answers to Joe, Diablo Joe and el
Diablo. His real name is Howard Mercer, but whether he ever remembers that or any part of his old life is yet to be seen.
Race: Human.
Alignment: Unprincipled with leanings toward good.
Attributes: I.Q. 11, M.E. 17, M.A. 13, P.S. 26 (Robotic), P.P. 24, P.E. 19, P.B. 10, Spd 132 (90 mph/144 km).
Age: 34 and 293 years in stasis. Joe has been active for four years.
Experience: 6th level Combat Cyborg.
Skills of Note: Basic Mechanics 75%, Camouflage 55%, Computer Operation 98%, History: Pre-Rifts 95%, Land Navigation 61%, Language: American at 98%, Literacy: American 98%, Philosophy 75%, Pilot: Automobile 98%, Pilot: Tanks and APCs 66%, Pilot: Truck 75%, Radio: Basic 85%, Read Sensory Equipment 70%, Weapon Systems 74%, and W.P. Knife, W.P. Energy Rifle, W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons and Hand to Hand: Expert, all at 6th level.
Black Market Benefits: Joe has not taken advantage of any Black Market benefits, but lives at the secret, underground complex that is Area 51 where ALL of his needs are taken care of. On top of that, he draws a modest annual salary (for what he knows and does) of 120,000 credits as a defender and consultant. Most of it (437,000 credits) is in a Black Market bank account. He could command much more, but doesn't realize it, and doesn't have many needs or wants.
Enterprises: None.
Special Abilities of Black Marketeers: Friends in High Places (namely Turner Collins and several others at Area 51), Home Turf Advantage (Area 51, Las Vegas area only), Steady Nerves and Street Rep: Trustworthy.
Psionics: None.
Magic Knowledge: None.
Weapons of Note: Likes to use rail guns, BigBore weapons, and other heavy weapons.
Bionic Body: Full Conversion Combat Cyborg. Some of Joe's bionics are superior to what is available on Rifts Earth.
M.D.C. by Location: Body is of pre-Rifts manufacture and is an experimental unit.
Hands (2)- 60 each
Forearms (2) -70 each
Upper Arms (2)- 90 each
Feet (2) - 35 each
Legs (2) - 125 each
Main Body- 368 (pre-Rifts body)
Bionic Body Armor: Has access to anything available to Bandito Arms, but tends to prefer Medium Infantry Armor (+230 M.D.C.), or Heavy (+360 M.D.C.) when he knows he's going into serious combat. Bionics: Amplified Hearing, Bionic Booster Jet, Bionic Lung with Gas Filter and Oxygen Cell (one hour), Built-In Loudspeaker, Built-In Radio Receiver and Transmitter Headjack, Climb Cord, Clock Calendar, Computer and Calculator, Cyber-NanoRobot Repair System (pre-Cataclysm; advanced), Finger Jack Forearm Heavy Laser (4D6 M.D.; 1,600 feet/488 m), Forearm Particle Beam (6D6+6 M.D.; 1,000 feet/305 m), Multi-Optic Eye, Radiation Sensor, Sound Filtration System, Universal Headjack and extendible/retractable Vibro-Blade Short Sword (2D4 M.D.) in his left forearm. Note: The built-in energy weapons are pre-Rifts and draw upon the power supply of the cyborg, providing an effectively unlimited payload. Special Feature: The Nano-Bots in Joe's body are superior to anything available on Rifts Earth, and were an experimental, advanced system even for the Golden Age of Pre-Rifts Science. Unless Joe is atomized, or suffers more than 150 M.D. below his normal Main Body M.D.C. of his bionic body, his organic parts will be repaired and kept alive. Furthermore, there is an even more revolutionary nano-bot repair system that repairs his M.D.C. mechanical body (one M.D.C. per hour), provided it doesn't suffer more than M.D. below zero. This applies only to bionic body parts (arms, legs, lungs, body, implants, etc.), NOT bionic body armor that is worn nor weapon systems even though they are built-in. Note: Neither Joe nor the Bandito Arms techs are even aware these features exist. They have never been required to come online.
Vehicles: Joe likes all-terrain vehicles and military vehicles such as tanks and APCs. Has a Big Boss ATV he uses as his personal vehicle.

Old Las Vegas Suburbs
While the city of Las Vegas itself is haunted and unpredictable, the suburbs around it are all "normal" ruins, just like those found anywhere else on Rifts Earth. Spring Valley, Paradise and Sunrise Manor have all been well swept by Black Market scavengers, and the ruins of Nellis Air Force Base are staffed by Black Market guards and Enforcers tasked with watching the northeast approach to the city (the ruins themselves have long ago been picked through by opportunists looking for Golden Age military gear). It is the suburbs of Winchester, Whitney and Henderson in particular, however, that have become outposts for Bandito Arms. Winchester and Whitney both shelter concealed listening posts, stations where Bandito Arms deploys scouts and has people monitoring radio scanners and even a few passive radar systems. The goal is to protect the ruins of the city and the Bandito Arms caravans and shipments that pass through on their way to Henderson. In the suburb of Henderson is Bandito Arms' primary depot for moving goods to Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Countless tons of weapons, E-Clips and manufactured goods wait in secret storage facilities hidden underground and amongst the ruins, ready to be loaded onto vehicles or pack animals and relayed out to Las Vegas Bay and the concealed docks along Lake Mead. To cover their activities, Henderson appears to be a Merchant Town in the middle of nowhere. As one might expect, the people who live there are all Black Marketeers and their families.
    • Snafu is
      :SNA·FU; (snaˈfo͞o): 1. A less than desirable scenario in an environment where similar less than desirable scenarios are the norm. 2. A major glitch. 3. A ridiculously chaotic situation. 4. The natural state of things during combat or wartime.
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby SNAFU » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:32 pm

Whisper's R.P.'d Contact:

Name: Lulu
Background Story: Originally from the 'Burbs Merc-money drew here down to the free kingdoms, settling finally in Merctown.
GM/Story Notes:
Real Name: Lulu Andell
Alignment: Anarchist
Attributes: I.Q.:17 M.E.:16 M.A.: 19 P.B.: 20
Hit Points: 21
S.D.C.: 32
Size: 5'10"
Age: 28
Description: Beautiful, classy, charming and ruthless. A dark-skinned human whose beauty has become a tool of the trade.
Disposition: With Alpha Male types, she can show now mercy, seducing and robbing any mark that comes her way. With others she is kind-hearted and generous; especially with younger women.
Experience Level: 5th level Con Artist
Magic Knowledge: None
Psionic Powers: major: sensitive,
Combat Skills: Basic
Attacks per Melee: 6
Bonuses: +4 to combat rolls
Skills of Note: Rogue, Espionage Technical and Domestic.
Story Note: A friend, and possible romantic interest of Whisper (Lily)
Special Resources & Henchmen (if any):
Hears about almost everything that happens in Mertown.
    • Snafu is
      :SNA·FU; (snaˈfo͞o): 1. A less than desirable scenario in an environment where similar less than desirable scenarios are the norm. 2. A major glitch. 3. A ridiculously chaotic situation. 4. The natural state of things during combat or wartime.
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

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Name: Master Chef Phillip Lung

Background Story:

The unassuming owner and chef of the Celestial Dragon Restaurant has been plying his trade in one form or another for almost the entire civilized history of the human race. First appearing in ancient China, Tien Lung spent his youth trying to bring enlightenment and civilization to the human race. Over the centuries his patronage extended from lessons of writing and basic agriculture into the refinement of Chinese cuisine and literature as it is know today. Once the needs of sustenance had been met Lung traveled much of Asia to discover various herbs, spices and ingredients that have medicinal and culinary value and is the true author of the Divine Farmer's Materia Medica (Shennong Bencao Jing). Tien Lung was an associate of the God of Literature, and he is known to appreciate clever language and fine poetry. With the victory of the British during the Opium Wars; Tien Lung, always a traveller at heart, left his first adopted country and took his talents across the sea to North America.

Once in the New World, he provided the same patronage as before: protecting, teaching and feeding those poor souls brought to the continent to be exploited and whose thankless toil helped develop it into greatness. Posing as an alcoholic, itinerant cook, Lung traveled from work camp to work camp, community to community, solving problems, having adventures and providing sustenance and justice, whenever they were required. It is quite possible that Tien Lung is the real life inspiration for the Pre-Rifts television series 'Kung Fu' albeit with some racial revisionism. Eventually, Lung settled in San Francisco where he established a tiny tea room and dim sum restaurant, also called the Celestial Dragon, that managed to exist among the ever-changing and ever-appreciating Bay City for 300 years, right up until the western edge of California slipped into the sea. During that time Lung continued to help others, by providing excellent food of course but also by more active means. For hundreds of years Lung opposed racists and racism, homophobia, organized crime, human smuggling, and any other nefarious activity he came across. That isn't to say that Tien Lung is without vice, he enjoys alcohol and narcotics and has participated in the illegal smuggling and manufacture of both at one time or another. He is also a master games-man and gambler, and underground high stakes mahjong and poker games have been a long running feature of his establishments for centuries. Unlike many others with the ability to travel through dimensions, Tien Lung stayed on Earth, again taking to the road and travelling in order to heal, feed and teach humanity's remnants and any other innocents lost among the horrors of a world torn asunder.

He settled in the newly forming settlement at New Paduca, a place where he could rest his weary bones, but still provide assistance to the little mortal monkey creatures he's grown so fond of. It's also a great place for gambling and intrigue, and Phillip, as Tien Lung calls himself, is a master and lover of both. Long-time residents have never known their town without the Celestial Dragon nor without the Lung family. To the community's knowledge Phillip took over from his father Harold, who himself was exceptionally long lived. Generational change notwithstanding the Celestial Dragon has provided the same food, service and setting for Merctown's entire history. It's reputation is renowned not only for the food. For people in the know, the Celestial Dragon is the only place in Merctown to do discrete deals or meet with adversaries in neutral territory. Despite the unrelenting deluge of espionage and information stealing going on in Merctown day in day out, the Celestial Dragon's security and its tranquil serenity have never been breached by unwanted spies or worse, assassins and assailants. Not many establishments in Merctown can make the same claim. What is more confusing to his competitors or those who would infiltrate the sanctum sanctorum of the restaurant, is that there are no apparent security measures in place at all. Never-the-less, whenever some one has entered the restaurant with dishonorable intentions they have always ended up disappearing without a trace only to show up days later, usually naked and at night, wandering the street in profound yet temporary insanity unable to remember a thing that happened to them.

Phillip Lung has several other claims to fame known to regular and preferred customers, pretty much anyone who is anyone in Merctown. Among the scholarly crowd in Merctown he is the go to expert on Asian antiquities and Asian culture/mysticism. He provides guidance and advice to mystic healers and even medical doctors who come to him when they encounter strange or alien toxins and maladies beyond their knowledge. His Thursday night poker game is the hot spot for power players and any serious gambler in Merctown, his Saturday mahjong game is less well-attended but equally elite company. The Magic Guild continues to recognize Phillip Lung's membership even though he has never paid dues or made a donation. Master Creacy himself signs the yearly renewal. Senior Guild members with questions or requirements in the field of herbology and mystic ingredients know to come to him for information on recipes or even enlist him to procure components for them. He will only help those whose cause interests or at least amuses him. Phillip Lung is known to be able to acquire the rarest of components but he never asks for money in return only favors or payment in kind. He often enlists his associates to help him acquire things he needs or has been asked to provide.

Common townsfolk know him as the polite and amusing proprietor of the town's best Chinese restaurant. He is also somewhat regionally famous as the charismatic annual host, organizer and first judge of the "Iron Chef Merctown" Festival and Food Fair.

In culinary circles throughout North America (actually the Megaverse) and the 'foodie' crowd in Merctown, Phillip Lung is known for his access to, and in fact monopoly, of the rare ingredient the Ghost Cup Mushroom . Phillip never sells his special ingredient and therefore the Celestial Dragon is the only place in the Megaverse where one can taste this delicacy. Because of this unique ingredient (and of course the skill of the chef himself) the restaurant has a reputation that extends far beyond the terrestrial realm. At any time the patrons of the Celestial Dragon may include all manners of strange and otherworldly creatures or famous and powerful personalities.

GM/Story Notes: As a contact Phillip Lung can be used with several degrees of influence.

1) Phillip Lung, Restaurateur - As far as restaurateurs go Phillip Lung is the one to know. The Celestial Dragon is one of Merctown's most commonly used 'neutral ground' for meetings and deals. Lung knows all the movers and shakers and can be used for introductions to anyone else in town. Chef Lung is connected to restaurants and agricultural operations all over the known world. Also being the acquaintance of the Chef Lung means you know the town's most enthusiastic and connected gambler and gamerunner.

2)Phillip Lung, The Man in the Shadows - On another tier altogether is the fact that Tien 'Phillip' Lung knows everything and everyone of import in Merctown, the Federation of Magic, Draconna, Lazlo, and others. Any big Megaversal sized rumblings? Tien Lung knows about it. It is nearly inconceivable that a mere PC would have important information before Tien Lung, but if that were to happen then the provider would be rewarded handsomely (but probably not with cash). As for history, mythology, herbology etc. There are very few people with the breadth of knowledge of Phillip Lung; he is a useful contact for research and planning purposes.

3) Tien Lung, The Celestial Dragon - Tien Lung is an ancient dragon, nearly 10,000 years old. He has been everywhere, and knows almost everyone worth knowing. He can provide an amazing amount of information or support for any number of adventures. He's an ancient dragon, enough said.

- Other Notes -
Tien Lung is a 'good' dragon, but he is still quite selfish and lazy. He will not help let alone form friendships with just anyone. However once the bond has been made it will not be forgotten. If a request is boring or beneath him Lung will refuse it.
Unlike most dragons Lung is not obsessed with accumulating wealth, instead he presents more as a hedonist that collects aesthetic experiences, especially those that involve food and art. Those who wish to curry favor should make a point of giving culinary delicacies and artistic curios to the Master Chef.
For reasons made obvious below Tien Lung is a must have contact for characters from Asia or of Asian Descent.
As a Chiang-Ku, Tien Lung has complete knowledge of the art of magic tattoos. Any tattooed character may wish to develop this contact.
Chiang-Ku also have the ability to create the Elixir of Power and Deceit, which can be used as maguffin for an adventure, among other things.

Real Name: Tien 'Phillip' Lung
R.C.C.: Chiang-Ku
Alignment: Unprincipled (Cosmic Scale)
Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 22, M.A. 22, P.S. 27, P.P. 21, P.E. 20, P.B. 10 (20), SPD. 35
M.D.C.: 1100 (2100)
Size: 5'5'' 200 lbs (20' 1000 lbs)
Age: 9788
I.S.P.: 210
P.P.E.: 2360
Description: A short, stocky, rather ordinary looking Asian-American man of about 55 years old. He usually dresses in the uniform of a typical Chinese chef or casually if not working. In reality Tien Lung is a 20' long Chiang-Ku with unusual purple coloring.
Disposition: He tends to have a brisk and abrupt manner, but when he wants to he can display unnatural charm. While ultimately a moral creature Tien Lung is a consummate liar and game player and his friends and acquaintances soon get used to being manipulated (it's usually for their own good.)
Experience Level: Equivalent to 15th level Temporal Wizard, 10th Level Herbalist/Chef
Magic Knowledge: All spells 1-15, All Temporal Magic, Mystic Herbology--98%, Tattoo Magic, Creation of the Elixir of Power and Deceit
Psionic Powers: All Sensitive and Healing
Combat Skills: Drunken Style Kung Fu (Drunken Stagger Autododge)
Attacks per Melee: 8
Bonuses: Initiative +5 Strike +9 Dodge +11 Parry +7 Roll +8 Pull +8
+7 vs Illusion Magic, +6 against other magic, +4 against Psionics, +4 vs Horror Factor
Skills of Note (98% where applicable): Magically Understand and Read all languages, Cook (professional quality), All other domestic skills, Holistic Medicine, Identify Plants and Fruit, Preserve Food, Skin and Prepare Animal Hides, Herbology, Animal Husbandry, Brewing: Medicinal, Cardsharp, Gambling, Gambling: Dirty Tricks, Imitate Voices and Sounds, I.D. Undercover Agent, Pick Pockets, Find Contraband, Streetwise, Disguise, Impersonation, Forgery, Undercover Ops, Lore: Psychics and Psionics, Lore: Demons and Monsters, Lore: Faeries and Creatures of Magic, Lore: Magic, Lore: Feng Shui Geomancy, Lore: Rifts China, Lore: Chinese Classical Studies, Lore: Chinese Mythology, History: Pre-Rifts, History: Post Apocalypse, History: China, Chinese Alchemy, Chinese Antiquarianism, Calligraphy, Philosophy, Mythology, Barter, Appraise Antiques, Appraise Goods, Rice Cultivation, Silk Manufacture, Tea Appreciation, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Creative Writing, Poetry, WP Knife, WP Sword, WP Staff, WP Rifle, WP Energy Pistol, WP Bow
Armor: None usually.
Story Note: As per page 53, of Rifts: Merctown, the owners of the Celestial Dragon own a device that transports up to three people to the Yin Caverns underneath China. This is where Tien Lung gets his supply of Ghost Cup Mushrooms he may send trusted acquaintances to collect more for him or allow them to use the device for other purposes. The device is an ancient Chinese alchemist's invention. The device may have the ability to transport people to more than one location. Possible locations: Australia: Uluru-Kata Tjuta, China: Mount Huangshan, Site of Xanadu, India: Sundarbans National Park, Ajanta Caves, Bodh Gaya, Indonesia: Prambanan Temple Compounds, Japan: Shirakami-Sanchi, Fuji-san Nepal: Chitwan, Mount Sagarmatha, New Zealand: Te Wahipounamu, Palau: Rock Islands Southern Lagoon
Special Resources & Henchmen (if any): Mrs. Lung, a 4000 year old Chiang-Ku 16th level Ley Line Walker. David Lung 23, adopted son, human 5th level Mind Melter.
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      :SNA·FU; (snaˈfo͞o): 1. A less than desirable scenario in an environment where similar less than desirable scenarios are the norm. 2. A major glitch. 3. A ridiculously chaotic situation. 4. The natural state of things during combat or wartime.
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Bakili Yoweri (8th level Necromancer, Anarchist) WIP
Bakili has complied with the city government's concern and avoided trouble, but considers them to be petty and ignorant. Yoweri is unique to North America, because he was born and raised in Africa , where he learned and mastered the dark art of Necromancy. He was enslaved by the Phoenix Empire (Egypt), eventually sold to a Slaver in Atlantis and then to Horune Pirates who had need of his special talents. During a Horune raid on a village in Dinosaur Swamp, he managed to escape and made his way west toward civilization. The political fragmentation of the Federation of Magic was not to his liking, and for a time, he lived and fought in Tolkeen. Nobody's fool, he realized Tolkeen was doomed and moved a year before its fall to settle in MercTown.

Yoweri has never understood why Necromancers, Witches and practitioners of other dark magicks are so reviled in this part of the world (they are respected and feared back home), and resolved to make a place where Necromancers could come, feel safe and find the components they need for their magic . Consequently, the Bone & Marrow is as much a meeting place for dark mages as it is a shop . The front of the facility is the store, adjoining it is a large sitting area that resembles a coffee shop or restaurant decorated in bones and skulls . Indeed , drinks , brews , meat and soups are served at low prices (2-5 credits for drinks or a large bowl of soup, 6-10 credits for a typical meal) . Behind the sitting room, through a secret panel in the wall, is the specialty shop filled with the preserved and petrified remains of sentient beings. Only people he knows or can identify as being a true Necromancer are allowed in this area . Despite his uncommon service, the shop is never busy and there is seldom more than a dozen patrons in the sitting room at any given time, and the shop is open around the clock, 24/7.

Within certain circles (select mercenaries, bandits, Cyber-Snatchers, Simvan, Brodkil and practitioners of the dark arts), it is common know ledge that Yoweri buys corpses, skin, bone and parts. Humans and most D-Bees get a meager 50-100 credits for an entire, fresh body, but Faerie wings, other select parts from Faerie Folk, dragon and demon components (mainly teeth, tongues, eyes, jaw, skulls, claws, horns, wings, tails, blood, and internal organs) get big bucks - 1000 to 12,000 credits depending on what it is. He sells components at market prices (typically 2-4 times what he paid for it), but charges exorbitant prices for rare and magical components such as a Unicorn 's horn, angel feathers , and parts from deities, Godlings, and Demon Lords. Yoweri is currently suspected of having something to do with a string of disappearances in the Warrens, and of being a covert supporter (and benefactor) of the Cyber Street Gang who have grown bolder and more aggressive since his arrival a couple years ago. However, there is no evidence to link him to the disappearances or the gang.
    • Snafu is
      :SNA·FU; (snaˈfo͞o): 1. A less than desirable scenario in an environment where similar less than desirable scenarios are the norm. 2. A major glitch. 3. A ridiculously chaotic situation. 4. The natural state of things during combat or wartime.
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