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Table of Contents:

Character Creation Related Rules
Newcomers Welcome
Newcomers 3.0
Advice on Character Creation
Character Submission Checklist
Advanced Training
High Powered Characters Lists
Dual O.C.C. Rules
Encumbrance Rules
Jumping Rules

General Site Rules & Organization
Site-Wide PBP Rules
Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
Admins & Game Master (GM)
Assistant Game Master (AGM)
OOC Chat Policy
How XP is Awarded
Group Size Limit
Procedure for Handling a Flaked Game Master
Character Transition Guide
Retiring or Inactivating a Character
Flaked Characters
Revisioning an existing character
Availability & Rarity Guide
EU image Repository
Commitment of Interest
Transfer of Character from One Dimension or Game to Another

Combat Rules
Site-Wide Combat Rules
General Rules Clarification
Definitive APM rules
Augur's Archery House Rules
Paired Weapons
Supernatural Damage and Melee Weapons
Death Blow
Knockdown Rules

Miscellaneous Rules
Miscellaneous Rules
Body Armor Rules
Multi-Function Weapons
Robotech Mecha Conversions
Psionics Clarifications & Revisions
Rifter Material Allowed on EU
M.D.C. to S.D.C. Conversion for the HU2 Dimension
China 1 & 2 Clarifications
Holding Breath
Black Market Benefits
Superpowers Tables & Revisions
Organized List of Modern Weapons
Gold & Universal Credit Conversion

Player Character Fabrication & Repair Rules

GM Magic Item Creation Rules
Magic Item Creation Rules (Assorted)
TW Creation Rules
Enchanted Item Creation Rules
Rune Item Creation Rules
Holy Weapon Creation Rules

Enchanted Item Template
Rune Weapon Template
Armor Template
Weapon Template
A Brief Guide to Using Images on EU
Mount or Familiar Template
EU Character Sheet Template
EU Equipment Sheet Template
EU Background Story Template
NPC Template
Powered Armor & Robot Combat vehicle Template

Explorer Points
Explorer Points Menu & Notes
Explorer Points Menu
Explorer Points Explanatory Notes
EP Marketplace Rules
Dimensional Unlocks
Player's Guide to earning EP
Gold Explorer Points Menu
Ruby Explorer Points Menu
Diamond Explorer Points Menu

Magic Rules
Spellcraft & Magic Rules, Clarifications, & Revisions
Magic Combat Rules
Battle Magus O.C.C. Ruling
Mystic Knight Energy Resistance
Learning Spells from a Scroll
Interrupting/Disrupting Spellcasting
Comprehensive Mega-List of Spells
Carpet of Adhesion
Unified Spell & Magic Lists for EU

Unified Skill List for EU
Communications skill notes
Pilot Combat Elite Skill Listing
Robot and Power Armor Combat: Basic
Flying Power Armor
Ground-Based Power Armor
Heavy Vehicular Style Robots
Heavy Ground Robots
Light Ground Robots
Prerequisite Skill Editor's Clarification
Rifter 12 Skills
Teaching Skills
Default Secondary Skill Progression
Dimensional Origin Conversion Skills

EU Class/Race Creations & Revisions
EU Class/Race Clarifications, Creations, Revisions
Bounty Hunter O.C.C.
Preacher O.C.C.
The Miscere R.C.C.
The Godling R.C.C. & Clarifications
Safecracker O.C.C.
Master Assassin O.C.C.
Cyber-Knight Special Abilities
Titan Juicer Size Clarification
Defined Terms & Rules

Perception Rules & Bonuses by O.C.C.
Perception Rules
Men at Arms
Scholars & Adventurers
Practitioners of Magic
Racial Character Classes
Psychic Character Classes
Superpowers & HU2 Classes
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