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EU Needs You!

Postby Ya-Blik » Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:54 pm

For those that are not already aware the site is currently experiencing a GM shortage. This can be seen in the number of available character slots in the existing groups, which are quite limited in number right now, and the groups that are in need of a permanent GM to take them over. This currently places us as a community in something of a recruiting bind in that we don't have space for too many more characters in our current group structure, and needing GMs also makes us want to recruit. The learning curve for EU can be kind of steep and thus makes recruiting GMs specifically somewhat more challenging.

If anyone has ever been on the fence regarding GMing on EU, now is an excellent time to give it a try with a community that would be eager and willing to help see you succeed.

There are a variety of different current GMs with their own backgrounds and skill sets available to assist anyone who is interested that feels like they don't know how to do anything that might be required.

And if you want to test the water first? That is ok as well! There are multiple AGM positions open where you could learn more and be involved in helping make some of the games on EU work.
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