TW Construction Rules (Discussion)

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TW Construction Rules (Discussion)

Postby Dark Lord's Sadistic Minion » Tue Oct 13, 2020 3:15 pm

In Hangouts, Tiree expressed a desire to see a TW construction spreadsheet. I've come up with one, and in doing so I'm of the opinion that how gem stones are used need to be altered and enhanced.

In the current rules, adding gem stones decreases the Construction PPE Cost, Construction Time, and Activation Cost dramatically, despite the nominal increase in gem stones. The basic prices for gem stones don't account for the size of a gem. A 2 carat diamond is more expensive than two 1 carat diamonds.

Altering Construction PPE Cost and Time formula while more realistic I don't think is necessary. I do believe there should be a trade off in efficiency based on the total number of carats and gems used when it comes to Activation cost.

The original Activation Cost formula is:

Construction Cost / 20

I propose that it be altered to:

(Construction Cost * Number of Primary Gems) / (Total Primary Gem Carats * X )

Where we can vary X.

So having a larger average gem size is more efficient than many smaller ones.

I also propose a change in gem costs based on carat size:

(Base Gem Cost * (Total Primary Gem Carats)^Y)/(Total Number of Primary Gems)^Y

Where we can vary Y.

For this change, I would ask the GM to be more lenient in finding lower carat gem stones (1 to 2 carat gem stones). With this rule change, it takes about twice the number of recommended carats to achieve a similar activation cost

I also believe the spell(s) being infused into the device should be a factor in the price. (Nominally for a Techno-Wizard building a device for themselves wouldn't charge themselves for the spells they know how to cast)

Known Spell base cost: 500
Unknown, Common Spell base cost: 1000
Unknown, Specialty Spell base cost: 2000

Formula: (Spell Base Cost * Spell Level) ^1.5

I made an attempt to create a formatted output, but I think it's more work than it's worth.

In the spreadsheet, information is filled in the blue shaded cells on the TW Construction Template worksheet. For each secondary spell a modifier is selected to state how it's altering the primary spell. So if the primary spell has no range, but you want it to be ranged, pick an appropriate spell in the Range row. For this spreadsheet, if a TW wants to take two properties from a secondary spell, it must be listed twice. There are 6 'Effect' categories, this represents the idea of merging spells together. For example, combining the effects of Armor Ithan, Cleanse, and Breath without Air as a way of creating an environmentally sealed forcefield (this idea is actually in play on my character, Grant Latham, as a piece of equipment given him during character generation. Each secondary spell therefore will increase the overall cost of the device.

There are sections for four functions (the max typically allowed on any single device).

So check out the spreadsheet and let me know your thoughts. If there's a general desire to use this we can tweak it here, and then eventually get it submitted as a proposal.
Techno-Wizard Construction Template.xlsx
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Re: TW Construction Rules (Discussion)

Postby Tiree » Tue Oct 13, 2020 4:40 pm

Thanks for creating this spreadsheet. I'd prefer it to be on Google Sheets than Excel.

That said, keep it RAW. Remember the GM has ultimate authority on whether to allow the creation to come to pass. And Palladium themselves do not necessarily utilize the RAW to make their TW devices.

This is a game, not about balance or even fairness. But I have to admit, I have a hard time wrapping my head around magic, and defer my comments to those who have actually played TW on site. Except that making devices whether your a TW, Operator, Psi-Tech, or even a mechanic here on site is extremely tough. To add in extra crap to hamper it, I think is BS to those who want to play those characters
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