The Hub: Map, Legend & Guidelines

Government and Business District.

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The Hub: Map, Legend & Guidelines

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:19 pm


The Hub: Government & Business District
G- Parking Garage
11- Hub Battledome
12- The Memorial Arch
13- The Barracks
13A- The Barracks Parade Grounds
14- Government House
15- Consulate Building
16- MercTown State Hospital
17- MercTown State Bank
18- MercTown Telephone Exchange (MTE)
19- Mercenary Plaza
A: Merc Ops
B: Northern Gun
C: Wellington Industries
D: Wilk's Technical Support Office
E: Golden Age Weaponsmiths
F: Air North America (ANA) Offices
G: Continental Mercenary Contract Services
H: Blackman Intelligence Resources (BIR)/Blackman Agency
I: Comitatus Security Group (CSG)
J: Larsen's Brigade Office
K: Maritime Protection Services (MPS)
L: The VTOL Pad
M: Megaversal Legion Special Services
20- The Palace Hotel & Casino
21- Naruni Enterprises Building
22- Hub Swap Meet and Flea Market
23- Northern Gun/Manestique Imperium (NGMI) Bank
24- Insider Traders
25- Taste of the Town
26- Klingmar Spa & Resort
26a- The Haunt (Spook Squad HQ)
27- National Park & Botanical Gardens
28- Precinct One Jail Facility
29- The MercTown Gymnasium
30- Job Market Cafe
31- All the World Theater
32- Sally's Surf & Turf
33- Ambassador Suites
34- The Wine Garden
35- Isadore's
36- The Cease Fire Tavern
37- Big Budget Productions
38- Warhawk Magazine Co.
39- The Golden Dragon Dojo
40- Iverson Auto Repairs


  • Feel free to waylay, reward, abuse, or surprise PCs walking the streets of any zone however you wish. They are obviously up to no good or looking for trouble.
  • Make sure to archive any such thread immediately once the scene is concluded.
  • Consult this thread regarding pricing for repair rates, materials, and ammo.

  • You must reply to the location you're wanting to visit.
  • If you wish to "walk the streets" of a district but not be in a specific location, post a new thread to that District Forum with your name in the subject field.
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