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Hub Battledome (11)

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Rising from the center of the Hub is an immense, multi-story, domed, sports arena known as the Hub Battledome. With the apacity to hold 18,000 spectators it is one of the largest arenas on the continent. Gladiatorial style contests are among the most popular events, but all sorts of athletic and sporting competitions are regularly held, including wrestling matches, boxing, tough man contests (mercs love participating in such contests as well as watching them), RoboBattles (no ranged weapons allowed, but plenty of spikes, buzz saws, hammers and Vibro-Blades Murderthon and Dead Ball (Juicer football). Concession stands, food vendors, and bars are located throughout the Battledome. A place called the Battle Shop is located near the main entrance and is one of the strangest "souvenir shops" one will ever see. In addition to standard T-shirts, jerseys, jackets, caps, key chains and trinkets, the shop offers a large selection of Vibro-Blades, and S.D.C. and M.D. swords, knives, axes, maces, blackjacks, shields, bows and arrows and other melee weapons at only slightly inflated prices (10-20% higher than fair market) because they bear the Hub Battledome logo or insignia.

Above the stadium floor hangs a cluster of massive view screens that display all of the action in vivid, close-up detail as well as showing replays, interviews and advertisements (these being mostly of arms manufacturers).

Admission prices for the Hub are reasonable. The cheapest seats cost a mere 10 credits, 25-50 credits for good but high up seats, and 100-200 credits for closer bowl seating. A private booth complete with closed-circuit,TV and seating for six is 700 credits. On average, three blockbuster or main events are held each week, with smaller events, professional matches and amateur contests (as if any of these mercs and adventurers can be considered amateurs). Monday nights are usually sporting events (boxing, wrestling, Deadball, etc.), Wednesdays matinees and nights are reserved for tough man tryouts and small events and competitions, Thursdays and Fridays are reserved for gladiatorial combat, and Sunday for special sporting events and tough-man competitions.

Most tough-man competitions offer prizes of 5,000 credits, I but top prizes in free-far-all battles and high-stakes contests range from 25,000 to 75,000 credits . Anyone can volunteer to fight in these games. All one has to do is speak to the Battledome's director/administrator and sign a standard release form to protect the ownership from any liability in case of injury or death . To keep things fair and interesting , the matches are divided into several categories: Mortal (S.D.C. creatures & melee weapons only), Juiced (Juicers, Crazies, Cyber-Knights and other augmented contestants, including cyborgs), inhuman (natural M.D.C. creatures, Brodkil, Gargoyles, dragons, demons, and the toughest D-Bees), Psychics (Bursters vs Zappers, Mind Melters vs Psi-Slayers, etc.), Armored (contestants in power armor or small robots; may include full cyborgs), magical (only magic that will not leak into the spectators' seats) and the Open Death Match (no firearms, but anything else goes). Matches last until one competitor yields or is rendered helpless (knocked out, stunned, pinned, etc.), or to the death as the case may be. Winners get a prize of 5,000 credits and bragging rights. The losers walk away with nothing, and many "matches" or "contests" require the ultimate champion/winner to vanquish a series of opponents (5-15 depending on the competition) to win. The more brutal, challenging and deadly matches may pay 25,000 to 75,000 credits and be a one on one match, winner takes all, like professional boxing, but typically pit two well known contestants against each other, or have the contestants grind through a long series of opponents with the winner being the last man standing.

There is a championship belt for main events (major competitions) in each of the categories. The title holder of such prestigious (and highly advertised) events receives 75,000 credits and a small cut of the house's take on gambling receipts (usually another 4,000-24,000 credits; roll 4D6xI 000). Champions of the Battledome are also entitled to stay , free of charge , at the Palace Hotel & Casino.

To vie for any of the championship belts , an individual must first be declared the number one contender, which usually requires the person to win 6-8 matches. Competition is stiff, MercTown is filled with some hard folks after all, and becoming a champion is much harder than it sounds and even more difficult to hold the title for more than one or two contests. The reigning champ of the Open Death Match category, the most prestigious of events , is a massive Juicer who goes by the name Shred (12th level Titan Juicer), who fights with a WI-C8 chainsaw and wears a modified suit of Man-Killer EBA armor.

For a great many of the fans , the thrill of gambling is every bit as intoxicating as the action on the arena floor. Officially, all gambling at the Battledome is facilitated by the Palace Hotel & Casino using a series of remote terminals located throughout the arena . However, there are dozen~ of bookies , City Rats and hucksters inside always willing to' make side bets. Profits from the official gambling are divided ! between the owners of the Battledome Arena, the Palace Hotel & Casino , Northern Gun, Big Budget Productions, and the Black Market. Administration of the Hub Battledome, including making arrangements for events and running the concession stands, is handled by a scarred, aging , tattoo-covered Ogre named Rahz Patosh (12th level Tattooed Man who was a Gladiator at the Battledome for three years, himself; a former Minion of Splugorth).
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