Government House (14)

Government and Business District.

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Government House (14)

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Once the palatial home of King Alkavar Dorveen, the former dictator of New Paducah, this magnificent three story mansion now serves as the seat of MercTown's government. After a short stint as the headquarters of Drago's Defenders, the mansion was transformed to function as the offices for the various branches of the government. Government House contains the legislature, a meeting hall for the Advisory Council, Press Room for public statements and televised addresses to the citizenry, courtrooms for the judiciary, dozens of offices for the various bureaucrats and functionaries serving at all levels of government, and of course, the office of Proconsul Kentek Drago.

It is within the halls of Government House that the day to day administration of MercTown takes place. Officially, the hours are 10:00 A.M. till 6:00 P;.M., Monday through Friday, but there are always people at work within its walls at any given time. Aside from government employees and council representatives, there is little reason for any visitors, especially those of the mercenary trade , to visit Government House, except, perhaps, to make a court appearance.

Security at Government House is tight. Access is restricted to those in the employ of the government or individuals who are on official business. A fifteen foot perimeter fence that is charged with a neural-stun field surrounds the compound; any physical contact with the fence has the same effect as being struck with a Neural Mace, rendering the victim incapacitated for a minute or so. There is only one entrance to the building, a reinforced gate that is guarded at all times by a half-dozen MercTown Defenders in power armor (or full cyborgs). In addition to the armored troops, there are four teams of three psychic soldiers accompanied by dogs (or Dog Boys) whose innate extra-sensory abilities allow them to detect the presence of supernatural beings, magic and other psychics. Rumor has it that several dozen Triax Dyna-Bots are concealed in strategic positions throughout the grounds of Government House, including a dozen buried beneath the manicured lawn, armed and ready to respond to any major threat.
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