Consulate Building (15)

Government and Business District.

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Consulate Building (15)

Postby Augur » Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:43 pm

This is where officials and diplomats from other prominent regional governments maintain offices related to trade and services with MercTown. The four story Consulate Building has 16 suites each with two small, private meeting rooms, one large conference room (can seat 20 comfortably), five offices, a lounge with a bar, six bedrooms,two private bathrooms and a kitchen. Delegates from the Golden Age Weaponsmiths city-states, Whykin, Kingsdale, Ishpeming, Old Bones, Dweomer, Stormspire, Los Alamo, the Chi-Town 'Burb of Firetown, plus a contingent of Lord Coake's CyberKnights (even though they don't actually represent a nation), all make their home here. The Coalition States, El Dorado, Free Quebec , New Lazlo, Lazlo and a number of other independent kingdoms and even a couple barbarian and Psi-Stalker tribes have all been invited , but have respectfully declined or ignored the offer.
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