Mercenary Plaza (19)

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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Whisper » Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:08 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 6/58%
Just in Case d20: 1d20 = 20;JIC d100: 1d100 = 35

Lily hears Minerva's offer and chuckles slightly.
Ha! You think you can afford to pay 'fer two entire merc companies? Let alone me?

She nudges Minerva's arm and stutters, "Th-this is gonna be a mistake.", trying to force an awkward smile.
Not one to ever refuse alcohol, she shadows the group, radioing Lulu hopefully.
"Lulu? We're going to the Ogre's Den. Wanna join me?"

Regardless of the answer, it's off to the Ogre's Den!
H.P.: 32/32
S.D.C.: 50/50

Mecha-Knight main body 400/400
Forcefield 160/160
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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Mercedes » Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:00 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 83
Just in Case d20: 1d20 = 10;JIC d100: 1d100 = 85
Imitate Voice (for her accent) 1d100 = 92/80%

Interrupted from her admiration of the baubles that John provided, Mercedes looks around confused.
"Hmm? What? Where are we going?" she asks, genuinely mystified.

Should I get closer to John? I still have no idea why he bought that jewelry for me.

"You should be my companion tonight, John.", Mercedes suggests with a knee-weakening smile, "You wouldn't want me to go unescorted, yes?". She slides up to him and links arms, shooting daggers with her eyes at Minerva. I hate that woman already.

To the Ogre's Den

Constant Effects: allergic to salt, shape-changed to appear as a beautiful human woman with deep red hair and blue eyes, sixth sense, mystic knight abilities (i.e. impervious to energy, ley line abilities)

Mercedes! Greed unbound!

P.P.E.: 24/104
I.S.P.: 24/38
H.P.: 26/26
S.D.C.: 65/65

Miniaturized Tolkeenite PPE Battery: 160/180 P.P.E.

Knock-Knock: 1/6 shots remaining
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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Wakiza » Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:55 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 99 / 82% (+15% for either cybernetic hearing or vision if applicable)
JiC: 1d20 = 12 1d100 = 67

Conditions: Telepathy active

He stares at the Seer, "It is not about fear, it is about other known threats . . ." He stops himself, Why am I arguing? He is a zealot, a believer. What he knows is all that matters and he's arrogant enough to believe that his belief is all that should matter. You dealt with enough of these morons at Tolkeen, Hopefully he is wrong, but we'll find out. He resumes, "Never mind, is there anything else we may need to know? However trivial it may seem?" He awaits a response and then continues, "The Roughnecks are in. We will get started in two days."

He says to Murdoc and Will, "I'll be there in a few. I have one stop to make."

Heading here.
OOC Comments
P.P.E.: 30/30
I.S.P.: 43/115
H.P.: 74/74
S.D.C.: 110/110
MDC from Psychic Body Field: 90/90 (Not Active)

Constant Effects
Advanced Combat Awareness
Sixth Sense (2)
Character is Very Difficult to See w/ Thermal (see Zen Combat, Naruni & Stalker armor)

NE-BA-26 Modified Special Body Armor
M.D.C. by Location
• Main Body: 90/90; Force Field: 75
• Helmet: 50; Arms: 40 each; • Legs: 50 each
• Masks Infrared & Thermal Emissions (Only 1-25% chance of showing up a thermal scan, even if deteced scan will be unclear)
• Kinetic Dampening & Cushioning System [1/2 Damage from Explosions, High Spd Impacts (rail guns, arrows, bullets)]
• 1/2 Damage from MD Fire/Heat/Plasma (Magic Included)
• Language Translator (American, Dragonese, Euro, French, Spanish, Techno-Can, Demongogian & Chinese)
• PPE Battery: 76 / 100

NG Stalker Suit (under clothes and armor) - 12/12 MDC
• Thermal detection systems suffer a penalty of -20% to the Read Sensory Equipment skill.

Cyber Armor Regenerates 1d6 mdc/hr
A.R.: 17, Main Body: 73, Upper Legs: 21 each, Forearms: 16 each, Shoulders: 14 each, Back/Shoulder Plate: 21 each

"If men make war in slavish obedience to rules, they will fail."

Some soldier name of Grant said this over 450 years ago

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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Vheld » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:30 am

JIC: 1d20 = 15, 1d100 = 65
PER: 1d100 = 32 vs. 51%

Calamity John wrote:"More specifically, I have a concept of economic value better than most in this room, and that's not just conceit. I've been running a merchant operation since puberty, while you guys were learning how to kill Dead Boys with your bare teeth or how to use magic, or whatever your specialties are."
Hm... Perhaps he will be useful after all. Especially if he can acquire magical items. If nothing else, a good cover story will probably be useful for this mission.

William Summers wrote:"William Summers, Sojourner of Dweomer from the school of Battle. I recognize a brother of magic when I see one. I look forward to working together."
Vheld cocks an eyebrow at the greeting, being a bit more polite than he's used to with the Spook Squad. Then he shrugs and shakes the proffered hand. Like it or not, I suppose we will be working together. Aloud he says, "I am Vheld. I am... a traveler."

Lahz wrote:"You guys go ahead and take Junior here along then. We don't really need cover as merchant guards, and moving at the rate of a merchant caravan seems like foolishness. If we need a cover, we can just head for Psyscape as a way station on the way to trade with Shemarrians on the East Coast. Travelling together, anything with as much firepower as these 2 teams may suggest an especially valuable target."
Vheld nods sagely. "Perhaps dividing our forces in two would be prudent. I don't see my minions and I blending in too well with a merchant caravan, either. Of course, we might not be very welcome outside the less savory areas of the Magic Zone either way."

John Altfeld wrote:"Although, if you know how to protect yourself from spiritual larceny, I'd be interested to hear how, Mr. I Know About Soul-Stealing."
Vheld shrugs. "I'll see what I can dig up."

Vheld will eye Minerva silently as she takes a time-honored approach to getting in with the Roughnecks' good graces. I suppose that's it then. New friends. They better be able to pull their weight.

Lahz wrote:"Ok with me if it works for you. I can head out to do some initial recon ... but either way, I think we need to pick up some items before we head out."
Since Carl remains silent (but presumably conveys gentle agreement), Vheld nods and says "I suppose the stakes are too great to refuse. The terms for payment are close enough to be acceptable." Turning to Blackman and the Seers, Vheld says (with a sour expression) "On behalf of the Spook Squad I agree to the terms you present."

To the rest of his team, Vheld says "I will consult my sources in the guild to see if I can learn any more about this Nxla or his soul-stealing, then meet you there." They better not expect me to consume alcohol with them. Seeing the others' reactions, he mutters an addition to Minerva and Lahz "...Maybe keep an eye on Whisper." This should be good.

Once the meeting concludes, Vheld promptly exits, meets Sil at the entrance, and heads to the mages' guild.

((--> Mages' Guild))
Leave me alone.
Spell Strength +5 (victims need 17 or better to save vs. Vheld's incantations)
Automatically sense Vampires (1000 ft/100% chance to recognize on sight), Rifts (550 miles), and Ley Lines (85%, 100 miles; +10% for nexuses); Sustained (8d remaining)
PPE: 406/327 (Vheld), 83/83 (Sil), 81/126 (Sshir), 200/200 (Slithn). ISP: 90/90 (Medallion), 230/230 (Slithn).
MDC: 294/330 (Sshir)
Talismans: 2/3 on Vheld IA; 2/3 on Sil IA and FatE; 2/3 on Sshir, IA
Weapon in Hand- TW Storm Staff.
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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Minerva » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:34 am

Perception: 1d100 = 66/51%
JIC: 1d20 = 11/1d100 = 53

Whisper wrote:She nudges Minerva's arm and stutters, "Th-this is gonna be a mistake.", trying to force an awkward smile.

"It can't be a mistake if its on purpose, right?." Minerva pats the younger, taller woman on the shoulder as she looks to the rest of the team to leave.
Augur wrote:Blackman looks to the two assembled groups. "We require only the heads of your outfits to agree. The rest of you may leave, and I encourage you to do so."

Finally. Minerva heads for the door.
John Altfeld wrote:"We're all meeting at the Ogre's Den, then? Yes? Good to meet you, Mr. Blackman and Mr. Greyman. It's a privilege to be saving the world for you."

Qué empollón.
Vheld wrote:Seeing the others' reactions, he mutters an addition to Minerva and Lahz "...Maybe keep an eye on Whisper."

Minerva nods to Vheld as she exits the room.
Ogre's Den

Qué empollón=What a nerd.
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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby William Summers » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:02 am

Perception: 1d100 = 4/48%
JIC: 1d20 = 11/1d100 = 19

Vheld wrote:
William Summers wrote:"William Summers, Sojourner of Dweomer from the school of Battle. I recognize a brother of magic when I see one. I look forward to working together."
Vheld cocks an eyebrow at the greeting, being a bit more polite than he's used to with the Spook Squad. Then he shrugs and shakes the proffered hand. Like it or not, I suppose we will be working together. Aloud he says, "I am Vheld. I am... a traveler."

"Nice to meet you, Vheld! Looks like we're gonna be getting drinks at this Ogre's Den or something. I'll catch up with you there."

Wakiza wrote:He says to Murdoc and Will, "I'll be there in a few. I have one stop to make."

"Cool beans, boss. We'll hold you a table."

Will heads out a little after the rest of the crew so he can retrieve his Wingboard. Then he flies over to the Ogre's Den.
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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Lahz » Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:51 am

Perception [42%]: 1d100 = 69 [+15% involving Electronics or Machines]
JiC D20: 1d20 = 18
JiC D100: 1d100 = 34

Conditions: Telemechanics (0 ISP, Constant, 5ft, 98%), Mind-block Auto-Defense (0 ISP, Automatic), Sense Supernatural Evil & Magic Energy (1600ft if using magical or psionic powers, 600ft if NOT using powers), Radiate Nature [Wary, then Wondrous], [[Telemechanic Mental Operation (120', 4.00 Min]], Telekinesis: Super (200lbs, 800', 10.00 Min)

ISP: 179/211
Telemechanics [98%]: 1d100 = 79

Lahz nods at Vheld and rises from his seat to head out, mentally accessing his Droid Command Gauntlet to summon Tony to return with his (Roadrunner) Armor and heads for the Elevator along with the crowd. The Psi-Tech determines the apparent destination of the others [Ogre's Den] but heads instead for the [[ The Haunt ]] advising Minerva, "I will join you shortly."

*I will collect Ray, maybe bring one of the cars out since walking around the Warrens tends to be a pain. Tony and I wouldn't have much trouble, but better not to have to walk ... probably the Squad Car in case Whisper loses self control.*
Lahz D'Gemmel
OOC Comments
ISP: 191/191
PPE: 22/22
HP: 32/32
SDC: 26/26

NG RA5 Arrow Ride Armor
MD by Loc: Helmet: 35/35, Main Body: 30/30
Arms: [L] 14/14 . [R] 14/14 & Legs: [L] 18/18 . [R] 18/18

N-F50A Superheavy Force Field - Not Active
M.D.C.: 160/160

Weapons: Wilk's 325 "Mariner" Pulse Pistol 2D8 MD or 4D8 MD, 900'

Other: Drone Command Gauntlet (NG2 pg 245) [Left Forearm, 10 MD, 5 Mile Wireless Range], Vibro-Knife [1d6 MD], Laser Eavesdropping Device, Multitool, Talismans from Vheld (several)

Accompanied by Ray the Droid (( NG-B50 ‘Thunderer’ BigBore Combat Hammer, Wilks Laser Sword & NG-SE9 Sharpshooter ))
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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Zed » Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:37 pm

Perception: 24% | 1d100 = 17
JiC d20/d100: 1d20 = 11 / 1d100 = 20

Hmmm… curious. I thought I would have had more time to prepare- Guess I’m off to meet these folks sooner than anticipated.

Zed makes his way without hesitation to the plaza, a little nervous about meeting the new crew of folks, but happy to be moving along in his own personal story.

And so the wizardly Zed- no, and so the venerable- no, damn! …The Timneh strikes out, moved along by providence toward new adventures. What will his story become?” Zed whispers to himself while walking- a thing no being that can fly truly enjoys. When he arrives he asks about for, "The Wanderer" and the crew he runs with.
P.P.E.: 177|30 +3d6/lvl
S.D.C.: 45|45
H.P.: 20|20 +1d6/lvl

Special Abilities
1. One with the body: -50% fatigue rate, hold breath for 3 minutes, +5% to balance
2. One with the mind: alert and able to stay focused even when all hell is breaking loose around him
3. One with Magic: comprehensive understanding of the principles of magic and is especially well versed in ritual magic and power spells
4. Pilot Automaton. [All, but prefers the Colossus]
5. May Draw P.P.E. from ley lines, nexus points, people, and ritual blood sacrifice the same as a Ley Line Walker
6. Link with the Lords of Magic: can draw upon the P.P.E. reserves of the three Lords of Magic to create magic weapons via the Enchant Weapons (minor) spell, at 50% P.P.E. cost to The Three; alerts The Three when a High Mage is killed
7. Automaton Creation & Bonding Rituals: knows the secrets of creating Automatons and the bonding ritual that gives the Controllers their unique union with the magical constructs

Zed aka Daelur Ezekiel Zenth
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Re: Mercenary Plaza (19)

Postby Armstrong » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:28 pm

As Zed enters the plaza, a young man in a smart grey uniform rushes up to him.

"Excuse me Sir, Mr Zed, if you would follow me."

He leads you over to one side, where two individuals are stood, who are dressed in almost complete opposites.

The shorter of the two is wearing a rich expensive robe, colourful almost to the point of gaudy, with a mixture of elaborate patterns. As you look closer at them, they appear to shift slightly. Whether it is the effect of magic, some optical illusion or maybe a trick of the light, you are not sure. Their hood is pulled up and their head turned away from you slightly, so you cannot see what they look like. The robe encompasses the person almost entirely, so you are unsure what gender or species they are.

The other, a bald, dark-skinned man with a long, heavy beard, and tree-trunk like chest with limbs to match who is wearing a simple brown tunic and sandals. He smiles at Zed and his teeth are like a military cemetery. There is mirth and sadness both in his big, slightly yellow-tinged eyes, and he throws his head back in laughter.

"See, I told you that this young man would not leave us waiting long. Have faith in my visions my friend.

The other person seems to shrug, but caustically replies, the voice slightly shrill.
"They have not provided enough information yet!"

"True, true, but enough to finally bring people together, like this young man before us."
He leans forward and whispers in Zed's ear "Shazbat." before leaning back again

"Now that I should have your attention, if you would follow us, he begins walking back the way you came, "Now I would explain the details of this up in Mr Blackman's offices, but I believe you have a weapon to retrieve and time is of the essence."

Presuming you follow, he leads you back to the gate, where you retrieve your speargun before leading you towards the leyline. They walk fast enough that you have to make an effort to keep up. The tall bearded man is obviously used to walking and sets a fast pace.

"Your new colleagues in the Roughnecks along with several other groups are engaged in a mission to save potentially the entire planet and certainly the city that you serve from a dangerous entity known as Nxyl," he explains as you get close by.

"There is a vital piece of information that they need to know. The people of Psyscape know how to save the Soulless. They need to go there and enlist their aid if they want any hope of saving those poor damned people."

Nearby, the robed individual gestures emphatically as suddenly you feel the onrush of magic and a portal appears. On the other side, you can see a village and a large congregation of heavily armed people, one of whom matches the description you have of William Summers.

"My apologies for shanghaiing you into this situation, but time is short and the people you are looking for are on the other side of this rift." he waves at the group of heavily armed people before gesturing for Zed to walk through the portal.
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