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Gulf East Trading House (42)

Postby Augur » Thu Dec 15, 2005 7:13 pm

This is a branch of a larger, regional company that deals in commodities, logistics and import/export all along the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River . Owned by a consortium of investors in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, the company has chosen MercTown as a logistics and trade terminus. Gulf East is a company of minimal importance on the grand scale of post Rifts corporate North America. It is much larger than a simple "mom & pop" store yet far from being a major player like Northern Gun, Wilk's or even Golden Age Weaponsmiths. Still, the business rakes in profits in the tens of millions and has extensive dealings in the MercTown area and with mercenary companies and regional communities.

Gulf East has four main areas of interest: oil, agricultural products, technology and transportation. Ten years ago, the company helped fund the Tampico Military Protectorate and has invested in several independent oil drilling companies in the free territories of Old Texas. In terms of agriculture, the company buys most of the crop surpluses in the southeast (mainly grain, tobacco and cotton) for export inland. However, the biggest part of its business is transportation via waterways. Food, raw materials and goods of all kinds are carried along the Gulf Coast, up and down the Mississippi and along its tributaries. Gulf East owns a number of small and medium-sized water craft, as well as a fleet of hover trucks and other cargo haulers at key locations such as MercTown and Kingsdale. They even tried to establish a Techno-Wizard railroad line several years back, but the costs and dangers were too high.

The company does a healthy business in MercTown, and its location at the junction of key trade routes makes it an ideal spot for Gulf East to transship, buy and sell goods. Unlike other similar companies, such as Insider Traders, this is a privately held firm that does not offer shares or stock to outside investors. However, the company does hire temps from the local area for warehouse, loading and driving, as well as mercenaries, adventurers and practitioners of magic to escort and guard its shipments, warehouses, transport vessels and land convoys. Gulf East pays its guards reasonably well, though not as much as some of the larger corporations, still it is good, honest work at a fair wage, and a good way for newcomers to the mere game to make a start and earn a reputation for themselves.

Black Market Credits
Generally traded at 50-75% of Universal Credit worth at most shops in MercTown.
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