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A Second Chance Insurance (43)

Postby Augur » Thu Dec 15, 2005 7:29 pm

Accidents will happen, things get stolen and people die. This is why even in Rifts Earth the business of selling insurance still exists. A Second Chance is a unique firm that offers the entire range of policies. In MercTown the company offers two tiers of service, the first reserved for regular Citizens, and including vehicular, homeowner's and life insurance. As the overall level of risk is relatively low, so too are the premiums, about 50-200 credits a month for anyone policy depending on the individual, his age, residence and type of work. Approximately 8,000 residents in the city-state have one or more such policies.

The second tier is for mercenaries and freelancers. Obviously, the risk is much higher fo!' these occupations, and the premiums reflect it. The company offers only medical and life insurance policies to these individuals; medical coverage cost 2000 credits a month, with a maximum pay-out of 100,000 cred its, and life insurance costs 5,000-10,000 credits a month and has a maximum benefit of 250,000 credits. Individuals with a price/bounty on their head are hot eligible and those who die within the borders of the Coalition States (don't mess with the CS) or outside the continental U.S. or Canada are also deemed ineligible for pay-out of benefits. However, being slain by Coalition soldiers in free zones will payout in full. Obviously these conditions and steep rates are beyond the budget of most small-time mercs, which means that most of the Insurance Company's clients are either merc officers, commanders, or members of large, successful mercenary companies, or who have a private financier/employer who is offering insurance as a perk of employment. Whenever possible, merc contracts in town do force the client to buy insurance for all of the members of the team or company, or provide some death benefit (at least 10,000 credits) in case a member dies on the job.
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