Dexter Limousines (59)

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Dexter Limousines (59)

Postby Augur » Fri May 11, 2007 6:52 am

A limousine rental agency for those who wish to ride in style. Dexter's has a small fleet of two dozen limos for rent at a cost of 200 credits per day. A bodyguard can be added for the extra cost of 75 credits a day (typically a 1-3rd level Mere, Grunt, Headhunter or City Rat). Destinations are limited to locales within the borders of MercTown and the Outskirts, such as the airport, Ostrosaurus Express, the Headhunter's Academy and the Rat Race Derby. A one-way trip to the airport costs 50 credits and must take less than one hour. All limos are light M.D.C. vehicles (3D6+50 M.D.C.) and a third are hover vehicles.
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