The Spokes Credit Exchange (47)

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The Spokes Credit Exchange (47)

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:51 pm

At this kiosk, different forms of currency are changed, usually into NGMI dollars or Universal Credits. Not everyone who comes to MercTown has credits, and most of the businesses in town won't take anything but NGMI dollars or Universal Credits. The Spokes Credit Exchange accepts a number of valuable commodities to tum into credits , including foreign currency or debit cards from Lazlo, New Lazlo, Tolkeen, NGR, Atlantis, and other kingdoms, stock certificates, savings bonds, gems, jewelry and precious metals (gold, platinum, silver, etc .). Nothing in this world is free, however, and the owner, Barry Golden (8th level Merchant), levies a flat surcharge of 15% with almost no exceptions (will cut it to 10% if the total works out to a half million credits or more).

MOD INFO: Barry can be persuaded to accept rare or exotic foreign currency if the amount is high enough, a million credits or more, however, the surcharge rises to 40% as a result of the difficulty involved in redeeming the money at a later date (i.e. the government of issue might collapse, be located on another continent, in another dimension, etc.). Examples of such currency include the Republic of Columbia, Lagarto, El Dorado, Silver River Republics, Tarnow Kingdom, Wormwood and the Three Galaxies.

Black Market Credits
Generally traded at 50-75% of Universal Credit worth at most shops in MercTown.
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