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Babcock & Sons (46)

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:53 pm

A modest import/export business, Babcock & Sons deals almost entirely in vehicles, high-grade electronics, energy weapons, fuel and other material with military applications. Not the high end, manufactured products marketed by the big arms companies like Northern Gun, but low-end items such as spare parts, components, tool kits, batteries, ammunition, E-Clips, food rations and any of a hundred other odds and ends that tend to go unnoticed to all but quartermasters. In the city of MercTown where many combat outfits choose to organize, refit and gather supplies, Babcock and Sons enjoys a fair amount of success.

As you enter the store, (open only during daylight hours), you see a variety of mercenaries and adventurers browsing its shelves purchasing all manner of hi-tech and low tech adventuring goods from food to S.D.C. ammunition and everything in between. Behind the counter sits a gruff, battle-worn man in his mid-40s and his two younger sons. Careful observation will reveal that humans tend to receive goods at slightly better prices while obvious D-Bees and magic-users are charged much more for the same goods.

+10% to each roll to find of products (of the types noted above) of uncommon rarity
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