Hellespont Galleria (53)

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Hellespont Galleria (53)

Postby Augur » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:46 am

An upscale art gallery operated by Lenaea of Dragcona (8th level Temporal Wizard) in an attempt to bring an enlightened touch of class to MercTown. The gallery is relatively large, located in a thoroughly renovated three story mansion. Offices, storage, and shipping departments are also located in the building. Its twelve gallery rooms hold a variety of paintings, photographs, pottery, sculptures and objects d'art. Half the items are ancient pre-Rifts artifacts and works of art, others are replicas of ancient works of art (limited editions, of course), and the rest are new creations by contemporary artists, most of whom are from Tolkeen, Kingsdale, Lazlo, England, and the NGR. Among her personal favorites are the holographic works of Lazlo's noted computer-artist Temolios, German sculptor Maria Hess, and Silent Wind, a Native American from the New West. The owner, Lenaea, is a True Atlantean, an accomplished Temporal Wizard, and a collector of art. She is a noted socialite who moves and shakes in the upper echelons of MercTown and is a patron of the arts.

MOD INFO: According to rumor, she has some connection in the distant past (possibly the 20th century) and is sent art objects, "fast-forwarded" to her in the future, in order to save them from destruction.
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