The Arms Bazaar: Map, Legend & Guidelines

Weapons Vendors from everywhere sell their wares here.

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The Arms Bazaar: Map, Legend & Guidelines

Postby Augur » Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:13 pm


The Arms Bazaar: Weapons, Armor, Transportation and more!
108- Northern Gun Store
109- Wellington Industries Outlet
110- Bakr Enterprises
111- The Wilk's Store
112- Bionic Weapons Masters
113- Titan Industries Showroom
114- Shooter's
115- Kraus Imported Arms
116- Max's Munitions
117- Arms of Yore
118- Nine Lives Armory
119- Ashwood & Pullies
120- Outrider Armaments
121- Devilman Exotic Arms
122- Vannor's Weapons Repair
123- Old Time Gunstore
124- V'laan Invisible Friends


  • Feel free to waylay, reward, abuse, or surprise PCs walking the streets of any zone however you wish. They are obviously up to no good or looking for trouble. :twisted:
  • Consult this thread regarding pricing for repair rates, materials, and ammo.

  • You must reply to the location you're wanting to visit.
  • If you wish to "walk the streets" of a district but not be in a specific location, post a new thread to that District Forum with your name in the subject field.
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