Dockside: GAW Dealership (206)

Dockside, Airport, and outskirts of MercTown.

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Dockside: GAW Dealership (206)

Postby Augur » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:46 pm


This is where Golden Age Weaponsmiths' offices in Mercenary Plaza send customers to pick up their vehicles. The dealership focuses exclusively on the mercenary trade, which means it has rows of military vehicles, hangars, storage buildings and a main office building enclosed within an M.D. chain link fence. The place looks more like an armory or military base than a vehicle dealership. At any given time there are 100+ vehicles parked in the yard, from retrofitted tanks to new production Apache gunships and everything in between. Ammunition, conventional firearms, Blast Armor, assault rifles, LAWs, rocket launchers, TOW missiles, mortars and howitzers are also stored here.

+15% to all rolls to find GAW items of any type or rarity
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