Dockside: Dragon's Head Brewery (216)

Dockside, Airport, and outskirts of MercTown.

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Dockside: Dragon's Head Brewery (216)

Postby Augur » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:38 pm


Maker of the most popular beer in MercTown, this brewery is owned by a second generation D-Bee who calls himself Brewmaster Grasso. The company is basically a micro-brewery that's exploded onto the scene with a tasty, potent, high alcohol content beer that appeals to ordinary people who want a quick buzz and good taste, as well as beings like Juicers, Crazies, D-Bees and even dragons with powerful constitutions and who want something strong to get the same kind of reaction as regular folk. Dragon 's Head Beer delivers for augmented beings yet it also appeals to ordinary people who think of themselves as tough and/or hard well as those looking to get drunk quick.
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