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Coming to MercTown via land? You'll have to enter through one of the City Gates. A free MAP and GUIDE of MercTown is provided upon arrival.

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Re: Welcome to MercTown

Postby Ernstweavel » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:01 am

Perception:1d100 = 90 / 29%
JIC:1d20 = 16 / 1d100 = 63
Conditions: Conditions: Sustain (9 days), Energy Sphere (27 days, 311 PPE)

Ernstweavel disembarks from the barge once it comes to a complete stop. He looks up, watching the rest of MARS checking in. Adjusting his backpack, filled with what little possessions he owns, before begrudgingly walking up to wait his turn. it feels like I just did this yesterday. Nothing changed since then but how are they supposed to know that. Their just doing their job. Man, that's got to be boring. "Ernstweavel of MARS, requesting entrance." Ernstweavel speaks loud enough for anyone in the immediate are to hear. He places his backpack down for inspection, while waiting to answer any of the defenders questions. After he is given permission to enter, he will gather his belongings and make the trek back to the MARS's HQ.

M.A.R.S. Compound (213a)
P.P.E.: 133 / 133
H.P.: 31 / 31
S.D.C.: 31 / 31
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Re: Welcome to MercTown

Postby Augur » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:00 am

Date: Summer, Friday, June 2, 111 P.A.
Time: 1800
Environmental Effects: None; 90°, light breeze from the north
Location: gates of Merctown, adjacent the Ohio River

Saul, Felix, Daphne, and Ernstweavel are guided through the Merctown gates by Rocky who's been through this process countless times. Everything is disclosed and all long arms are handed over for retrieval upon exit as Rocky makes it abundantly clear that they've virtually no chance whatsoever at hiding anything from the multi-layered active screening procedures used at the gates. The loudspeaker announcement which repeats loudly every thirty seconds informs them of the simple, common sense property rights laws enforced within the city state. They then make their way to the MARS compound without incident.

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