Q1 2020 EP Contest: Dark Lord of Random Encounters

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Q1 2020 EP Contest: Dark Lord of Random Encounters

Postby Augur » Sun May 24, 2020 4:27 pm

Dark Lord wrote:Minimum of 5 tables per submission. More is encouraged, but the voters will have the final say in terms of how complex/granular a system they want. The ultimate goal here is a unified system that will act as a one-stop shop for any Rifts GM who wants to throw something at the PCs, but doesn’t want to have to work too hard for inspiration. That may not be feasible given the breadth of material available in Rifts, but voters are encouraged to vote for the system that can accommodate the widest range of scenarios. At cabal discretion, additional sub-tables from runner-up submissions may be incorporated into the final result.

Example Table Types (feel free to come up with your own)
Environment based: Urban, forest, mountain, coast
Location based: Eastern/Western North America, Mexico, South America, Europe, China, all generally based on world book (North America will require a greater degree of granularity given the number of books set in it)
Type/Species: Demon/deevil, Splugorth, Coalition (or other regional technological powerhouse as appropriate), etc.

In the interests of providing a little structure, I think we can also set some guidelines for submissions to ensure that these tables will be useful to the EU community as a whole. One table should be usable in MercTown (i.e., an urban-setting table), and one in the area surrounding it (optionally, including the magic zone); one should be a type or species-based table that is at least partially independent of location (i.e., something that can be found most places, or has an equivalent that can be found most places); one should encompass a region that is not MercTown/magic zone/eastern US; and one is a freebie of the author’s choice. Again, this is merely a suggested framework- more tables than these are allowed, but the voters will ultimately decide how comprehensive a system they want.

Each table should span a reasonable probability distribution (e.g., ‘nothing happens’ should be a lot more likely than ‘demon lord pops out of a rift’). Beneficial encounters are fine provided they happen at an appropriately low probability (say, 5% or less) and not too often (max of 1-2 per table). Uneventful or innocuous events should be a part of some tables (e.g., environment or location based) but not necessarily part of others (e.g., a demons/deevils table). Each table should offer encounters spanning an appropriate range of difficulty, including one or more options that would make the average MercTown group reconsider their life choices.

  • Only one submission is allowed per player.
    Grammar and spelling are important to create a quality submission, so you need to seriously proofread your work!
  • No images may be used in your submission.
  • You must include book and page references for anything cited in your tables.
    • Use the following format: p.117-118, WB12


Explanatory Notes:
Augur will validate/invalidate each submission at this time based exclusively on the quality of the writing, add a poll to the contest, and the EU community will vote for their favorite submission. (Time to bribe your fellow players!)

The contest ends a week after the third submission is posted, and will be concluded a week after the third submission is posted.

1st Place: +5 EP & the tables will be adopted for use by the GM's Cabal at their discretion.
2nd Place: +3 EP
3rd Place: +1 EP
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Re: Q2 2020 EP Contest: Dark Lord of Random Encounters

Postby Dark Lord » Fri Jun 26, 2020 7:32 am

Note to Augur: These tables were a bit more labor-intensive to design than I ancitipated, so I think reducing the required/recommended number of tables down to four or even three is appropriate.

Table 1: Another Day, Another Dollar
MercTown/Urban Environments
Roll Name Description
1-15% Nothing It's quiet… Too quiet
16-25% Witness a crime The PCs spot someone robbing a storefront. Do they intervene?
26-35% Mercs up to something shady A squad of mercenaries with 1d6 more soldiers than the group is currently rounding up D-Bees from a local housing project. They refuse to answer questions about what they are doing. Do the PCs intervene?
36-45% Civilian in trouble ($ reward) A local shop owner screams for help- she is being robbed! Successful recovery of the goods will result in a 1d6x10,000 credit reward
46-50% Civilian in trouble (penalty) A local shop owner screams for help- she is being robbed! Successful recovery of the goods will result in the shop owner blaming the PCs for damage and demanding 1d20x10,000 credits in compensation
51-55% Mages doing something shady Those who sense magic can do so. Investigation of the area will reveal bodies and a group of mages engaged in some forbidden magic: (0-15, witchcraft; 16-50, necromancy; 51-80, summoning; 81-00 elementalism)
56-70% Cyber-snatcher gang! If any of the party has cybernetics, 3d4 toughs attack them. Otherwise, they are attacking some civilians in the area. They will try to abduct and/or butcher any characters with cybernetic implants
71-80% Other gang! Somebody is pissed off at the PCs and has send 2d4+2 toughs to take care of the problem
81-85% Vampire hunters 2d6+1 vampire hunters from Mexico (25% chance of affiliation with Reid's Rangers) attack the PCs, thinking that one of them is a vampire
86-89% Weapons merchant The PCs come across a gang robbing a transport carrying weapons- they are already heavily armed, and if they aren't stopped will make their presence felt on the streets in the coming months
90-93% Cyber-doc in need A local cyber-doc (or body fixer, etc.) has been robbed of credits and/or tech- recover his property and he may be grateful
94-97% Morlocks Mutants from Australia (WB 19 P. 126) and/or Madhaven (WB 29, P. 60) who got Rifted in and have no way home, or nowhere to go have created a small colony in the sewers beneath the city. May be hostile.
98-100% Rampage! An escaped experiment is terrorizing the area (city or town nearby)- defeating it will reveal that it escaped a local black market operation to replicate one of the following: Super powers, phase technology, psynetics, Russian cybernetics, bio-wizardry, gene splicer tech, the Xiticix Killer (WB 13, P. 91-93)

Table 2: Over the Hills and Far Away
Magic Zone/Midwest N. America
Roll Name Description
1-15% Nothing It's quiet… Too quiet.
16-25% RPA Air Patrol 1d6+3 CS RPA troopers are doing a sweep of the area. If you'd rather mix things up, roll on one of the Coalition encounter tables in Black Market, P. 56 or Sorcerers' Revenge P. 93-4
26-35% FoM Patrol 1d4 mages plus 1d6+1 demons or deevils are doing a sweep of the area
36-45% FoM vs. CS battle Roll for squad composition as above. They will ignore the PCs if left alone.
46-50% CS vs. predator battle 2d6+3 CS grunts are fighting a local predator (pick one or roll on the table in Shadows of Evil, P. 20-21)
51-55% Patrol from Dweomer picking over scene of battle 1d6+2 magi are combing through the ruins of a battle. They are tracking rare artifacts taken from Tolkeen, and are not responsbile for the ambush
56-70% Dog Pack or Skelebot patrol 1d6+3 Skelebots or a standard Dog Pack are tracking a dangerous fugitive- and mistakes one of the PCs for their target
71-75% Fadetown! See WB 16, P. 46-49
76-80% CS Deserters 2d4 troops are attempting to flee CS territory and stay under the radar. Their leader thinks one of the PCs just recognized them
81-85% Tolkeen survivors Roll on the table in Sorcerers' Revenge, P. 94-96
86-90% Juicers 1d4 juicers have taken to banditry in the wake of the Juicer Uprising, and are currently having their way with a local town
91-92% Berserk automaton Somehow, a magus has lost control of his automaton and instead of shutting down it has gone berserk! Pick one or roll 1d7 and consult the list in WB 16, P. 5
93-94% Black Vault retrieval team See AS 3, P. 11 for standard composition of anti-magic recovery squads
95-96% Vanguard team Squad of 8-12 neutralizing some civilians who may or may not be consorting with anti-CS freedom fighters
97-98% Destroyed caravan A merchant caravan from Arzno to MercTown has been ambushed by the CS or FoM- items appear to have been taken, and the ambushers can be tracked
99-100% Yee-haw! Without warning a ley line storm descends on the area, a random rift opens, and the team gets sucked through. Roll on the "100 Rifts Adventure Ideas" table on GMG P. 325-331 to see where they end up and what they have to do once they're there (scaled down to a single encounter, instead of a full adventure unless that's what the GM wants)

Table 3: It's the End of the World As We Know It
Armageddon Plagues
Roll Name Description
1-15% Nothing Something like: The sky turns blood red. Every psychic in the group has splitting headaches and visions of apocalyptic doom. Then, everything returns to normal.
16-25% Common mechanoid squad Pick one from SB2 P. 81-82, or roll 1d10
26-35% The Gods are battling! Roll 1d6 once or twice to determine pantheon (1: Aztec, 2: Babylonian, 3: Greek/Roman, 4: Norse, 5: Indian, 6: Persian). This is a no-holds-barred brawl done without concern for damage to local mortals or their property
36-45% Horsemen Cult A cult of 2d10 necromancers is attempting to summon one of the four horsemen. Will they succeed?
46-55% Disoriented Knights You come across 1d4 strangely-dressed, unconscious humans. They awaken shortly, and after some initial disorientation identify themselves as Knights on a quest for someone named "Merlin." It turns out their objective is in a nearby ruin- an ancient artifact of immense evil and immense power. Do the PCs allow the travelers to take it with them?
56-65% Xiticix Patrol 2d6 warriors, other species optional. Throw in a queen if located far from the Hivelands. See WB23, P. 45+ for more details
66-75% Minion War The minion war is spilling over onto Earth- roll on the demon plague table as per "Pitched battle", WB 35 P. 19
76-85% Traveling show! Roll for vampirism, 1-50 legit, 50-100 vamps. Use rules on WB1 P. 117 or more recent edition
86-95% Chinese demons stranded, or invading? The PCs come across a strange, magical mist blanketing a small area. Investigating it will reveal a small piece of the Chinese hell dimensions- a demon is leading an incursion on behalf of the Yama Kings! Can the PCs stop him before it engulfs the entire region?
96-100% Do-gooders True Atlanteans (5% chance Sunaj), cyber-knights, or some other crusader type on a quest (reroll on this table to see what it is)

Table 4: Surf's Up!
Coastal Regions
Roll Name Description
1-5% Nothing It's quiet… Too quiet
6-20% Splugorth 1-3 slaver barges attack! They're targeting either the PCs or a local settlement
21-35% Horune 2d4+2 Horune Pirates are raiding a nearby settlement. 30% chance of a Dream Ship returning to pick them up within the hour
36-40% Lord of the Deep A reacher from the deep (WB 7, P. 44) is attacking a nearby settlement
41-45% RPA air patrol 1d6+3 RPA troopers are doing a sweep of the area- pick a faction or use the CS navy, or roll on the table in Shadows of Evil P. 27-29
46-55% Shimmering Water WB 7, P. 17-18
56-65% Dead Pool WB 7, P. 19-20
66-70% Ley line storm 1d4 storm riders appear (WB 7, P. 31)
71-75% Mutants! 1d6 Gene-Splicer monsters appear (WB 7, P. 39-41)
76-85% Devastated town 1d4+3 survivors- all sea dopplegangers (WB 7, P. 46-47)
86-87% Lemurians on a quest 1d4 Lemurian warriors are in search of something- local knowledge? Lost treasure? Or just roll on the Armageddon Plague table
88-90% Salvage Roll 1d4: Naval vessel, crashed satelite, pre-rifts facility, alien spacecraft
91-92% Anti-Monster A South American anti-monster is on a crusade to purge a local vampire nest, having pursued the master from his homeland for years. Will he be up to the job himself? How will the PCs react to such a bizarre and threatening-looking NPC?
93-100% Dinosaur or sea monster Pick one or roll on one of the tables in Shadows of Evil, P. 21-25

Table 5: That's No Moon…
Hard Targets and Other Hazards
Roll Name Description
1-15% Abandoned Tolkeen Prisoner of War Camp Shadows of Evil, P. 62-72 for template- picked clean
16-30% CS Prisoner of War Camp Shadows of Evil, P. 62-72 (will need to be adapted)
31-40% Xiticix Colony WB 23, P. 29-36
41-50% Splugorth Slaver Camp (mothership or slave raider if near the ocean) 1d6 slaver teams, see SB1 revised P. 146-153; or WB 6, P. 152-156
51-65% A Random Rift Appears R:UE P. 194-197 for Rift details, for contents reroll on any table or use the "100 Rifts Adventure Ideas" table on GMG P. 325-331
66-80% Ley Line Storm! WB 2, P. 12-13 among others
81-85% Hell pit! WB 35, P. 23-29. See also demon/deevil tables on preceding pages
86-89% A Native American preserve (if non-North America, D-Bees with shamanistic practives) WB 15 P. 6 has a map, or just make it a small one; see P. 204-208 for details
90-93% A pyramid- deserted. Or is it? WB 2, P. 104-106
94-98% Refugee camp 30% chance of being a front for vampires, otherwise just 1d4x30 desperate people
99-100% Mechanoid spider fortress SB 2, P. 82-86
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