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How to Roll Dice

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:24 pm
by Tiree
Dice rolling is a new feature to the Explorers Unlimited Boards. There are some instructions on how to use the dice that are imperative in order to make the dice roller work.

1. Only actual standard dice will work: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100
2. Formatting
  1. Dice Tag: The tag "dice" must be wrapped by brackets ([]) in order to work
  2. Case Sensitive: Inside the Dice Tag, the "d" for Die, needs to be lower case
  3. Limited Math: Only one additional mathematical bonus can be added, whether it is addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Their symbols are as follows: +, -, *, /
    • Addendum: Parenthesis ( ) can be used around the dice roll and bonuses. But the last bonus must not have a parenthesis attached to it, otherwise it will not work. See further down concerning this.
  4. Dice Tag Modifiers: There are only two different modifiers that can be done to the Dice Tag. Total, and String, the Dice Tag Modifier defaults to "Total"
Sample of how the Dice Roller will look:

User wants to roll the three basic rolls that are in every post: Perception d100, Just In Case d20, and Just in Case d100. If the user used the basic dice tag with the following format:

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Perception: [dice]1d100[/dice]
JiC d20/d100:  [dice]1d20[/dice] / [dice]1d100[/dice]

Perception: 1d100 = 39
JiC d20/d100: 1d20 = 10 / 1d100 = 81

If the user wants to roll a bunch of dice for a quick result, but does not want to add the dice together. Then the string dice tag modifier is used:

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69, 85, 54, 13, 88, 12, 90, 29, 42, 12

For most cases, rolling dice, the user will want to have the die results inline. The "Total" Dice Tag Modifier would be used. This way the user can have information after the dice roll such as the following:

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Mechanical Engineer: [dice=total] 1d100[/dice] / 65%
Roll to Strike:  [dice=total]1d20+4[/dice] | Damage: [dice=total]4d6*10[/dice]

Mechanical Engineer: 1d100 = 39 / 65%
Roll to Strike: 1d20+4 = 13 | Damage: 4d6*10 = 100

How to use the Parenthesis for Dice Rolling:

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(1d6*10)+15 = 25

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(1d6+15)*10 = 160

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((((1d20+2)+2)+4)+6)+1 = 29

Note: On this last series of rolls, You can't end with a Parenthesis - so the last modifier may not have a parenthesis

Note: Dice Roller functionality is only available on the Adventure threads, MercTown and the forum OOC section. Dice rolls should not be placed in the OOC section - except for the Tech Support forum.