Reggie (Mutant Weasel Spacer) READY FOR INSPECTION

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Reggie (Mutant Weasel Spacer) READY FOR INSPECTION

Postby Reggie » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:14 pm

Player Name: Lee

Character Name: Regulus Arcturus Thelonius D'Weazel
Alias: Reggie, Reg, or RAT
Race: Mutant Weasel
O.C.C.: Spacer
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 3,801
Next Level @ XP: 7,301
Sentiments/Non-Humans and Mutants: These are my brethren.
Sentiments/Moon: Stuck up bunch o' purebloods.
Sentiments/Freedom station: Nice enough - bit heavy handed on the rules.
Sentiments/Laika Station: Crazy Russkies. DO NYET TRUST.
Sentiments/Yuro Station: Like a big ol' pot of stew. Where all the ingredients mistrust each other.
Sentiments/Outcast Station: DUDE. Party city. Make sure they get theirs, and they'll treat you right sometimes.
Sentiments/Independents: These are my sistren.
Disposition: Reg is a smart-ass who thinks he's seen everything.

I.Q.: 24
M.E.: 19
M.A.: 17
P.S.: 16
P.P.: 30
P.E.: 15
P.B.: 9
Speed: 26

I.S.P.: 56
H.P.: 20
S.D.C.: 27
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 3' 10"
Weight: 31 lbs.
Description: Reg is a fairly woolly weasel, bit on the big side for a mutant weasel, but still small enough to fit where big folks can't. His fur is dark brown with a tan underbelly and face. His beady, untrustworthy eyes are deepest black.

Racial Abilities
Size Level 5 (long)
Full hands
Partial biped
Full speech
Triple normal body hair
Increased Metabolic Rate
    This high metabolic rate must be supported with frequent naps, particularly right after strenuous activity/combat, and constant eating. The character will have to consume an amount of food equal to their own weight; at least half in protein (meat) every day. The character also tends to be fidgety, easily bored and hyper; in constant motion.
    1000' range
Extra Intelligence Quotient
Advanced Smell
    Track by smell 60% (+5%)
    Recognize individuals/detect emotions by scent 64% (+2%)
Advanced Hearing
    Gives the ability to hear very faint sounds; can overhear conversations at a much greater distance

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 71% / 91% in space / 86% at "night" (in minimal light conditions, but not total darkness)
Charm/Impress: (P.B. 15=25%, 14=20%, etc.)
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 45%
Max. Encumbrance: 9 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 160 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 320 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 8' long/4' high
Movement rate: 390'/melee; 1560'/minute; 17 MPH (running)

Minor Psionic
  • Machine Ghost (12 ISP; 3 min/lvl)
  • Intuitive Combat (10 ISP; 2 melees/lvl; requires 15 seconds concentration to activate)
      Provides +3 initiative, +1 Strike, +1 Parry, +4 Dodge, +4 Pull punch, +2 roll with punch, +2 disarm; cannot be caught by surprise; and +10% to climb and swim.
  • Object Read (6 ISP; usually about 2d6 minutes duration; range touch)
      Impressions 60% (+2%)
      Images 52% (+2%)
      Present 42% (+2%)

O.C.C. Skills
Radio: Basic 80% (+5%)
Space: Spaceship Mechanics 52% (+5%)
First Aid 75% (+5%)
Space: Movement in Zero Gravity 170% (+5%)
Pilot: EVA 70% (+5%)
Pilot: Spacecraft: Small 91% (+3%)
Pilot: Spacecraft General 83% (+4%)
Sensory Equipment 60% (+5%)
Computer Operation 70% (+5%)
W.P. Sword
W.P. Energy Pistol

O.C.C. Related Skills
Mechanical Engineer 50% (+5%)
Pilot: Robots and Power Armor 82% (+3%)
Robot (and Power Armor) Combat: Basic
Basic Electronics 55% (+5%)
Computer Programming 60% (+5%)
Navigation: Space 65% (+5%)
Weapon Systems 65% (+5%)
Computer Hacking 40% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Literacy: Tradespeak 60% (+5%)
Escape Artist 55% (+5%)
Salvage 55% (+5%)
Appraise Goods 50% (+5%)
Gambling: Standard 50% (+5%)
Recycling 50% (+5%)
(3rd) Barter 40% (+4%)
(3rd) Computer Repair 40% (+5%)

Automatic Skills
Language: Tradespeak 120% (+1%)
Mathematics: Basic 55% (+5%)
Space: Depressurization Training
Space: Oxygen Conservation 60% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +3
Strike Bonus: +8
Parry Bonus: +10
Dodge Bonus: +12
HTH Damage Bonus: +1
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm:
Kick attack 1d8 damage

Robot Combat Data: Basic
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +3
Strike Bonus: +9
Parry Bonus: +11
Dodge Bonus: +13
HTH Damage Bonus: +1
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm:

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Sword (+2 Strike, +1 Parry)
W.P. Energy Pistol

Saving Throw Bonuses
Magic (varies):
Lethal Poison (14+):
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):
Insanity (12+): +2
Psionics (varies): +2
Horror Factor (varies):
Explosive decompression/Other space dangers: +2
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Re: Reggie (Rifts Orbit) WIP

Postby Reggie » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:15 pm


  • Items which have stats have their name in bold type.
  • Items which have stats or images are fully listed under Gear Stats.
  • As such, there should be no stats or images above the Gear Stats header.

When it comes time for you to make out your wish lists please also answer the following questions.
:arrow: On a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being most important, please assign a value to each wish list category for this PC.
:arrow: Also, would you sacrifice an entire category to have a better selection in another?
:arrow: If so, which would you sacrifice and which would you improve?

Wish List Categories

Standard Categories

    Transportation Value = 3; would sacrifice
    Note: This category includes: RCVs (robot combat vehicles), PAs (Power Armor suits), and various other types of water, ground, and air vehicles
    super-duper Vehicle: black market CAN Hard Suit Power Armor (MiO, p. 70)
    fine Vehicle: A Typical Shuttle (MiO, p. 77)
    crappy Vehicle: Speedster hovercycle (RUE, p. 266) or equivalent

    Primary Weapon Value = 2
    Note: I leave this item to player discretion
    super-duper weapon: CA-320 Ceres Arms 320 "Classic" Laser Pistol here
    fine weapon: FN-I55 Light Ion Pistol
    crappy weapon: S255D SIG-Mauser “Viper” Dart Pistol

    Secondary Weapon
    Note: This item is never larger than a one-handed weapon. This category cannot be sacrificed for the improvement of another.
    super-duper weapon: FN-M2A1 Vibro-Sabre
    fine weapon: FN-M1A1 Vibro-Knife
    crappy weapon: Ceramic Sword (MiO, p. 88)

    Armor/Protection Value = 1; would improve
    Note: This category includes: Force fields, EBA (environmental body armor), and assorted other types of armor and protection from damage
    super-duper armor: N-F12A Light Force Field (Phase World, p. 121) or other ultra-lightweight armor
    fine armor: BRU-S706 Soft Vacuum Survival Suit
    crappy armor: CMAP-S02 Soft Vacuum Suit

Allocate your items into the categories listed in green!

Vehicles/Mounts are listed first.

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Utility jumpsuit

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Multitool
• Attachment: Pouch, containing Secure Universal Card: 1500 IOU
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: Vacuum Suit
• Space: Handheld computer
• Space: Handheld communicator
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Stored in Vehicle

Stored in Apartment
3 suits of clothes (Hawaiian-print shirts, cargo shorts, boots)
1 Footlocker with personal effects:
    Photos of mom and dad
    A variety of station-produced ashcan-style black and white comic books (the Adventures of Mikk 1313 - a mutant hawk; Tales to Perplex - a sci-fi/horror rag; and a couple of lewd tales better left undiscussed)
    A number of technical manuals
    various knickknacks (a rubber ball, a small wooden carving of a human for some reason, a small tin spaceship model on wheels, etc.)
    Non-Secure Black Card: 500 IOU

Gear Stats
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Re: Reggie (Rifts Orbit) WIP

Postby Reggie » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:16 pm

Background Story

Reggie (born Regulus Arcturus Thelonius d'Weazel) is the son of Gus D'Weazel (born Gus 1067 on Freedom station) and Lily D'Weazel (born Zapper on Outcast Station). Both of his parents were spacers - Gus a freebooter, Lily a pirate - and they met and moved to an independent station to raise their two sons. Reggie's brother, Banjomin Euphonium Theremin D'Weazel (AKA Ben or Dr. Ben) is a body fixer who got into the field not to help people, but because it is lucrative. Reggie, however, elected to follow in his father's footsteps.

He entered an apprenticeship with dad at an early age, and due to his ability to learn quickly, soon became a skilled crewman on his father's ship. He proved quite versatile, functioning easily as pilot, mechanic, navigator, or even doing miscellaneous ship work like securing cargo or operating load lifters. It was work he liked, because he was good at it, until tragedy happened. His father, "Pops", had taken on an unusual job, and insisted that Reggie stay with his mother Lily, citing her failing health (she is suffering the lingering effects of radiation sickness, and possibly cancer). Pops never returned. Leaving his mother in the care of his brother after he returned from a "house call", he attempted to track down his father, booking passage to all the usual haunts. On Outcast Station, he discovered Pops' fate. Pops had been killed, his head crushed, in a shoe repair shop in the lower levels of the station. The only evidence was grainy security cam footage of a mutant primate in the area (the shop's cams were nonfunctional as the memory had been full and the system had not either been backed up or purged in forever). Further, his ship is missing.

Now Reggie was faced with compounding dilemmas. His mother is in failing health, and his brother can't be trusted to do what's right for her, due to his natural greed. The family lives on an independent station populated by a number of peaceful anarchists. They, by and large, see themselves as "sovereign citizens" - adhering loosely to a code to harm none of the residents. This is not a Utopia. The station suffers from perpetual scarcity of resources, and often, work that needs to be done goes undone until the repair is titanic in scope. Reg wants to move his mother to a more stable independent station (she refuses to go back to Outcast station as it's too lawless, or Freedom station because the rules are too strict for her). His brother Ben is content there, and travels frequently about the independent stations, administering medical assistance to those who can afford it. And his fathers' killer - and the motive for the killing - must be uncovered. Reggie has no choice but to seek work to support his mom, and hope that work leads him to his father's killer, and his father's ship.
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Re: Reggie (Rifts Orbit) WIP

Postby Reggie » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:17 pm


4, 5, 6, 1
= 15
1, 2, 4, 2
= 8
5, 3, 5, 6
= 16 + 1d6 = 3 = 19
2, 6, 6, 3
= 15
3, 6, 5, 1
= 14
2, 5, 2, 1
= 9
4, 6, 1, 6
= 16 + 1d6 = 6 + 1d6 = 5 = 27
1, 6, 6, 5
= 17 + 1d6 = 2 = 19

4d4 = 13 Speed (from Running skill)
1d6 = 2 SDC (Running

3d6 = 5 Hit Points

Mutation Determination:
1d100 = 58 (Psionic)
1d100 = 3 Minor Psionics: Select 1d4+2 = 3 powers from any one category, except super-psionics. Add 4d6 = 17 I.S.P to the usual number. No new powers are gained with experience, but powers and I.S.P. increase with experience growth (add 1d6 I.S.P. per level).

ISP = ME + 2d6 = 8 + 17 + 2d6 = 12 (level)

Unusual Characteristics
roll 1d2 = 1 times
1d100 = 44 Hair Growth Stimulated; all body hair tripled

Perception calculation: 25% + 2*3% (level) + 10% (IQ bonus) + 15% (adv. hearing + 15% (adv. smell) = 71% + 20% (in space, per Spacer); + 15% (at night, Nightvision)

2d6+8 = 20 X 100 IOU

2d4 = 3 suits of normal clothing


Weasel (ATB#1, p. 139)
Starting Bio-E: 80

Attribute bonuses
+2 MA
+2 PS
+3 PP
+5 spd

-10 Bio-E (to size 5) Height: 3d6+36 = 46 inches; Weight: 4d6+20 = 31 pounds ; -1 P.S., 25 SDC
-5 (full hands)
-5 (partial biped)
-10 (full speech)
-20 (Increased Metabolic Rate) +2 init, +2 dodge, +5% escape artist, +1 APM - be's a fidgety, hungry little dude.
-5 (Nightvision) 1000' range
-10 (Extra IQ) +5 IQ
-5 (advanced smell) track by smell 50% + 5%/lvl, recognize individuals/emotions 60% + 2%/lvl
-10 (Advanced Hearing) + I on initiative

OOC Comments
ELECTING NOT TO DO THIS. DON'T NEED THE BIO-E. +10 (Musk glands) 1d100 = 53 = Strong and Stinky Musk. (Bloodhounds, ordinary predatory animals and mutant animals using their "sense of smell" to track are +I0% to track this character in the hours after a bath, and +20% after the musk returns to full strength.)

Save vs. Insanity 1d20+2 = 5

Possible insanities (in order of Preference):
Mania - Highly motivated and positive about himself (verging on megalomania). I mean... have you SEEN me? I'm AWESOME.
Worried about Germs/disease/ obsessed with cleanliness - DUDE. I live in SPACE. Can you imagine the cataclysm that would result if, say CHOLERA broke out? *shudders*
Phobia (Mutant Primates) - His father was murdered, and the only evidence is some grainy security cam footage of a mutant ape in the area.
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