Shen (Human Blind Mystic)

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Shen (Human Blind Mystic)

Postby Shen » Wed Dec 11, 2019 1:43 pm

Player Name: Ryan
YIM Handle:

Important Note: Anything highlighted in orange is purchased/boosted/altered via EP

Character Name : Shèngxián
Character Name/Alias: Shen
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Blind Mystic (Mang Wu)
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 14,661 CC-2/3/2020
Next Level @ XP:17,521
Sentiments/Non-Humans: It matters not whether something is human to me.
Sentiments/Coalition: While saving humanity is a worthy goal, destroying non-humans indiscriminately is not the way to achieve it.
Disposition: Thoughtful and serene, Shen exudes calm and patience, often listening. He still retains a mischievous and devious side from his days as a Demon Wrestler, which can sometimes result in (usually harmless) good-natured pranks.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 25
M.E.: 28
M.A.: 24
P.S.: 25
P.P.: 28
P.E.: 33 (fatigues at half normal rate)
P.B.: 10
Speed: 24 but Speed is reduced by 50% when blind

I.S.P.: 201 (reduced by 1/4 INSTEAD of 1/2 per FAQ ruling)
P.P.E.: 117
H.P.: 53
S.D.C.: 122
Age: 48 (appears older due to white facial hair - Shen shaves his head)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 pounds
Description: A man of clearly Asian (Chinese, if people can tell) descent with a shaved head, mustache and goatee (see photo) of white hair, and who wears simple clothing. Though not possessed of an outstanding physique that might give away his formidable and impressive physical gifts, Shen nonetheless moves with an Olympic gymnast's grace and skill, is incredibly tough (for an S.D.C. being), and is surprisingly strong for his size. His is obviously blind, and his eyes have a bright bluish-white tint to them that gives the appearance of glowing under the right light.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 50%
Charm/Impress: 0%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate:80%
Max. Encumbrance: 42 pounds
Max. Carrying Weight: 500 pounds
Max. Lifting Weight: 1000 pounds
Max. Jumping Ability: 12' across, 6' high

Special Abilities

  • The Body Is Flawed; But The Mind & Spirit Are Strong
    Though the eyes cannot see, the Blind Mystic knows many wonders. Opening the Third Eye lets the Blind Mystic literally see the supernatural world around him, a world most sighted people cannot see. As a result, they, better than most, understand the monsters who stalk and enslave mortals, both human and those from other worlds (D-Bees), and are prepared to do something about it. If their perceived vulnerability helps them get close to the enemy (demons love to pick on those they see as flawed, weak and helpless), all the better.The main goals are:
      • To see with one's heart and mind, and lead by example, helping those blinded by ignorance, greed, hatred or revenge to see the wider world.
      • To crush evil in all its manifestations, but especially the demon hordes, Goblins and Ghosts; who swarm across the land tormenting the innocent. Mercy is shown only to those who deserve it, evil is dispatched with relentless resolve.
      • To protect the weak and helpless from the evil supernatural forces that have invaded our world and ultimately do what one can to stop the Yama Kings and their mad scheme to spread the Ten Hells across China ... and beyond.
  • Blind Mystic's Combat Penalties
    Whenever the character is "blind" in combat, either because an opponent is not "visible" to Chi, or if the character is unable to use either the Third Eye or some other mystic means of detection, then there are serious combat penalties. They are not as bad as they might be for a sighted person, since the Blind Mystic has some experience at fighting blind.
    Note that a common tactic for a Blind Mystic is to try to grab on to the attacker, and change the combat to Wrestling, where there are no penalties.
    Combat penalties for a Blind Mystic fighting a sighted opponent that is mortal or mechanical are as follows (these penalties do not apply to combat with supernatural beings or creatures of magic, and are factored into combat bonuses below):
    • -4 on initiative
    • -4 to strike (-7 if attempting to throw or fire a weapon).
    • -3 to parry, dodge and entangle.
    • -4 to pull punch or disarm (only -2 to disarm when entangled or wrestling)
    • -2 to roll with punch/fall/impact.
  • Chi Sight
    This is the "default" condition that is in place at any given time. Any supernatural being, including Ghosts and Astral Travelers, within twenty feet (in any direction), will be noticed by the Blind Mystic, but only as a faint, hazy, diffused light in the distance, like a lantern in a fog. However, the hazy light is accompanied with a "bad feeling" that suggests the presence of the supernatural. In addition, the character can "feel" the Chi present in anyone, mortal or supernatural, within five feet of him. If a mortal, he can't see him, but he knows he is there. Automatic, no I.S.P. cost.
    To see these luminous supernatural beings clearly, the Blind Mystic must activate his Third Eye by expending positive Chi (I.S.P.). When he does this, the faded blurs of light come into focus with crystal clarity, filling the blind man's world of darkness with unmistakable images of light, born from a more sinister, supernatural darkness.
    Of course anything/anyone visible to the Blind Mystic can be easily targeted, though he usually continues the charade of being blind and/or drunk and will accidentally trip, hit, or blast an opponent.
  • Blind Mystic's Third Eye
    As a compensation for the lack of sight, the Blind Mystic has developed a hyper-sensitive Third Eye, capable of "seeing" the forces of Chi, thus all supernatural beings, including the Dead and Damned, the undead, demons, Goblins, Ghosts, Entities, and other spectral forms are luminous beings the Blind Mystic can see like neon signs in the night. Likewise, Immortals, creatures of magic, enchanted weapons, magic items, Dragon Lines and dimensional portals all glow with an unnatural radiance, though not as brightly as supernatural beings. The brighter the luminescence, the more powerful the creature, their bodies outlined and lit up as if they were made of solid light. However, mortal people, animals, insects, vegetation and buildings remain invisible to the Blind Mystic. Only occasionally is the normal outlined as a shadow or shape before the radiance of the supernatural.

    • Duration of limited sight with the Third Eye: One minute per level of experience (half outside China)
    • Range: 100 foot radius, +10 feet per level of experience (half outside China)
    • I.S.P. Cost: Three to activate for one minute per level of experience (duration is half outside China)
    • Demonic beings radiate orange and red, magical beings like dragons, white and blue. Mortal men of magic glow faintly as a dim turquoise color, though magic items often shine like lanterns and weapons as rods of white or blue brilliance. Likewise, Martial Artists and others who draw upon Chi may appear as a pale flutter of dim light barely discernible in the darkness and only noticeable if they are within 30 feet.
  • Sense Chi Movement
    The Blind Mystic is sensitive to the exact movement of Chi within a short range (about twelve feet; half outside China). This means that the amount and type of Chi in any nearby person will be registered. Also, in feeling the movement of Chi, the character can sense the movement of bodies, including hands and feet, well enough to engage in close combat with no penalties, but only at that close range. The flow of Chi around a character who is performing Xian Tai Chi Chuan (Chi Manipulation) or Ba Gua Kung Fu (Eight Trigrams) is also lit up and visible to the Blind Mystic, though it is the energy being manipulated that is seen (and felt like a cool breeze), the manipulator of Chi is little more than a shadow that appears for a moment outlined by the energy swirling around him. The Blind Mystic can feel and see the growing energy of someone as they recite a spell invocation before it is actually cast, and can see the faint glow around someone who is protected or under the influence of magic (mystical armors, magical empowerment, cloaking or disguises, as well as lasting magic effects, including Charm, Domination, Trance, Sleep, etc.). As usual, anything/ anyone made visible to the Blind Mystic can be easily targeted, though he usually continues the charade of being blind and/or drunk and will accidentally trip, hit, or blast an opponent.
    • I.S.P. Cost: Two per minute of sensation (duration is half outside China)
  • Spirit Sight
    By concentrating on any Chi image for one melee round (15 seconds), the character can identify the exact type of Infernal creature or specter it may be, as well as know if it is male, female, disguised in human form through metamorphosis or taken possession of a mortal's body. Furthermore, the Blind Mystic's psychic abilities will tell him the creature's alignment, approximate power level (low, medium or high), and sometimes even get a name. He can also tell if the being realizes he can see it or not. Note that most supernatural beings aren't too worried if a Blind Mystic can see them, unless he can blow their cover.
    • I.S.P. Cost: Four per minute. (duration is half outside China)
  • Prophetic Dreams
    The sensitivity of a character's Third Eye is sometimes even more powerful when the character is sleeping. For this reason Blind Mystics will occasionally get prophetic dreams, or vivid dreams where they seem to "see" events transpiring at great distances away, warnings or visions from the gods, and glimpses of the future. These events are random and beyond the control of the Blind Mystic, but when they happen, the character always has a good idea what they mean and how he should respond ("So and so is in need. We must go to the Kingdom of the fourth Yama King," or "I have seen the face of our enemy and she looks like ... " and so forth). And yes, the Blind Mystic can "see" the faces, people, and details in his dreams that are denied him in his waking hours. Automatic (no I.S.P. cost), they come unheeded.
  • Blind Mystic's Divination (Mo Ku)
    Called Mo Ku, which means "Touch Bones," the Blind Mystic foretells the future of a person by feeling the bones of their hands and fingers. As with all types of divination, Mo Ku results more in a series of warnings and impressions than any definite or absolute view of the future. Because the Blind Mystic has years of practice of reading hand bones, and manipulating the hands of those who seek divination, the character has become pretty expert at identifying certain things. For example, the Blind Mystic can tell from calluses (or lack of them) exactly what kind of work a character routinely performs (ditch-digging, writing, gardening, combat, etc.). He can also get a good sense of the character's age, physi­cal condition, strength (P.S.), and by feeling the lines in the hand, general alignment (very good/Principled, good, selfish, evil or very evil), level of experience (low, middle, high, very high), and even race. If the character is a Spirit Host or pos­sessed, Spirit Sight will indicate it even before he touches the character. Using Empathy and other psionic abilities will offer more information.
    As Kevin Siembieda states in Beyond the Supernatural, "The Game Master should never predetermine the outcome of a game, or any event in a game." However, since the Game Mas­ter has insights in what may lie in store for a character's future, it's possible to see what the choices are in some of the more likely crossroads, and give hints as to dangers that lie ahead.
    Typically the Blind Mystic senses the potential for interfer­ence by powerful supernatural entities (or by Enlightened Im­mortals) in the near future. The feeling will be particularly strong if the subject has been observed by the supernatural being (or Immortal) within the last 24 hours. Note: The Blind Mystic cannot use Mo Ku to do self-divination, it only works on others.
    • Duration: 1d6 minutes
    • Base Skill: 60% + 3% per level of ex­perience.
    • I.S.P. Cost: Five.
  • Radiate Nature
    All advanced Psyscape Psychics will radiate their nature and intentions to some degree, and with such magnitude that any psychic will feel it up to 100 feet away and nonpsychics within 12 feet. This radiation of their feelings and intentions is the equivalent of a weak empathic transmission.
    Generally, most Psyscape champions are at peace with themselves, compassionate and helpful. They tend to radiate a sense of the positive, contentment, compassion and caring feelings. They enjoy life and see beauty and potential in most everything. Most are very much "the glass is half full" kinda folks who care about the welfare of others.
    The following are some typical emotions and some of the signals they can send to those who feel them. Most don't have any particularly ill or dramatic effect other than making the people around them aware of their feelings, which may create some tension if these emotions are negative.
    • Genuinely helpful/kind/concerned: Sends the message he/she really wants to help or understand.
    • Calm: Peaceful and somewhat introspective. Others will sense genuine goodwill and peaceful intentions, putting them at ease.
    • Genuinely sympathetic: People sense they are good listeners and tend to open up to them.
    • Happiness: The feeling generated is positive, joyful and sometimes a bit giddy. It sometimes gets others to relax and enjoy themselves.
    • Positive: Conveys a feeling of confidence and may boost the morale of those around him.
    • Dislike: Ever get the feeling that somebody doesn't like you without him or her saying a word? Well, this is it. The character(s) can feel the psychic's doubt, distrust, dislike or disdain and instinctively tends to avoid him and reciprocate emotionally with either a similar dislike, or disappointment and a desire to earn his respect and acceptance if not actually being liked. This "feeling" is typically a response to somebody the psychic thinks is a liar, cheat, spy, or despicable person and is usually a reaction to something a character says or does.
    • Angry: The psychic is pissed off and radiates with seething emotions like a storm. Friends and allies around him will know to get out of his way or not to provoke him further. Anger is often a prelude to violence, like the cocking of a gun. The question becomes, will he pull the trigger and explode into verbal, psionic or physical violence? Anger is a natural emotion and not necessarily a bad thing. Depending on the situation, characters dealing with a Psyscape psychic should react as their individual conscience tells them; either leave him alone and let him cool off, be ready to support his inevitable attack on an antagonist, calm him down, or restrain him from doing something he may regret, etc.
    • Mean and/or Spiteful: The psychic is feeling mean and spiteful. This usually means he's in a nasty mood and either short-tempered or looking for a fight; verbal or physical. Wants to lash out and hurt somebody, so it's best to leave him alone and let him get over it, or try to reason with him and get him to snap out of it.
    • Vengeance: Those who feel this emotion may be surprised at its intensity and power. It can be frightening and intimidating, although it is likely to provoke a sense of reward and determined antagonism or similar vengeance within the person(s) it is directed at. Like all emotions, how the psychic reacts to his feelings may be entirely different than what he's feeling, but will serve as a signal that a potentially volatile moment has been reached.
    • Self-pity: The character is overreacting to something and feeling sorry for himself. This may be an opportunity for an ally to lift his spirits or the psychic may just be annoying and whiny.
    • Fear: To be afraid is another natural emotion and nothing to be ashamed about. Unfortunately, when others sense that a hero is afraid, it may also make them nervous or afraid and undermine other people's confidence and morale. Or it may provoke bravado and determination; varies with the personality of each individual.
    Note: All these feelings must be genuine and can not be disguised or hidden. Like any of us, these emotions change throughout the day in response to different situations and mental and emotional stimulation. In most cases, those around the psychic will know he is feeling a certain way, angry, sad, etc., but will not usually know exactly why or specifically who it is directed at. On the other hand, the specific person or people responsible for the feeling will secretly know it is them.
  • Dreamvision
    Psyscape psychics can speak to kindred spirits (only) - people like them, with the same goals, alignment, general outlook on life or personality and feelings - by appearing to them in a dream and talking. This is actually a form of telepathic communication and involves conversation, not visions, cryptic images, or a dreamscape - just the dreamer and his Psyscape pal talking, only the conversation takes place in a dream, and the dreamer can never be certain that it was real. The Psyscape psychic can talk about anything, just like real people, although the dreamvision power is typically used to give the dreamer advice, encouragement, something to think about, or a warning. When the dreamer awakens, that particular dream will be unusually vivid and the character will remember most (5d6 +70%) of what was said.
  • Transform Into Energy Being
    Can transform body and mind into pure psychic energy! In this form they can place themselves into stasis and exist inside a ley line for decades (minimum one year, maximum one hundred). This can be done for any number of reasons, but typically to meditate and resolve some problem or inner turmoil within themselves. While inside the ley line, they can focus on their own thoughts but are not aware of the passage of time or most things happening in the real world. They can be aroused and choose to awaken when a Rift opens on that ley line, if the energy of ley line drops precipitously (40% or more), or when they sense a powerful supernatural evil or intense desperation, fear or need of people on or near the line. They, as living beings, cannot be absorbed or used to cast magic as part of the ley line.
    The psychic can also tum into energy if he is flung into a dimension where the physical body cannot exist but energy can.
    Cost: requires intense concentration and the expenditure of 270 I.S.P.
  • Sense Supernatural Evil and Magic Energy
    Fundamentally the same as the Psi-Hound. Like a bloodhound smelling a familiar scent, the Psyscape psychic can detect the presence of supernatural evil and magic energy (P.P.E. used as a spell, in magic devices and large amounts in people; 80 or more points). The ability is constant and automatic, just like the ability to see and smell. The psychic can sense whenever a magic spell is used within the range of sensitivity. If the energy is being continually expended, like a series of magic attacks, or is of a duration/affect longer than one melee round (15 seconds), the character can trace it with relative ease to the source (i.e. the supernatural creature or the character using magic).
    Base Skill: 72% +2% per level of experience to identify the specific type/race of paranormal creature, and includes alien intelligences, gods, demigods, demons, vampires, entities and creatures of magic, like dragons. This ability can also detect whether a person is possessed by supernatural beings.
    Base Skill at tracking by this "psychic scent": 50% +5% per level of experience. 70% +3% per level of experience if the supernatural being is also using magic.
    Range: 100 feet per level of experience to sense the presence of a supernatural being when it is not using any special, magical or psionic powers. 1000 feet +100 feet per additional level of experience when the supernatural force is actively using its supernatural powers or magic.
    Duration: Automatic and constant.
    I.S.P. : None, automatic.
    Note: Close proximity to ley lines and nexus points disrupts these psychic senses, rendering them useless.
  • Extended Psionic Power
    The Psyscape Master and Major Psychics who have learned to use their Third Eye have double the range and duration of either all Sensitive or Healing powers (Shen's Sensitive powers were affected). Likewise, the Master character can have one Super-Psionic ability that is double its usual range, duration and power/damage/effect (this is TBD).

Master Psychic
  • Alter Aura (2)
  • Bio-Regenerate (6)
  • Commune with Spirits (6)
  • Empathy (4)
  • Exorcism (10)
  • Intuitive Combat (10)
  • Mask I.S.P. & Psionics (7)
  • Mask P.P.E. (4)
  • Meditation
  • Mind Block (4)
  • Object Read (6)
  • Presence Sense (4)
  • See Aura (6; of supernatural beings revealed by Chi)
  • Sense Evil (2)
  • Sense Magic (2)

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 13
  • Armor of Ithan (10)
  • Cleanse (6)
  • Crushing Fist (12)
  • Light Target (6)
  • Mystic Portal (60)
  • Tongues (20)

O.C.C. Skills
Mathematics: Basic -- 91% (+5%)
Begging -- 66% (+3%)
Fasting -- 70% (+4%)
Language: Chinese -- 102% (+1%)
Paramedic -- 71% (+5%)
Play Musical Instrument: Chinese Flute (Professional) -- 81%/61% (+5%)
Play Musical Instrument: Pi'pa/Lute (Professional) 71% (+5%)
Sculpture/Identify Features by Touch (special) -- 47% (+4%); can memorize a person's facial, hands, and body features by touch, and render a sculpture of it; takes 15 minutes to do a rough clay "sketch" of a person
Swimming -- 76% (+5%)
Tea Appreciation -- 91% (+2%)
Lore: Western -- 63% (+4%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters 66% (+5%)
Demon Wrestling (Liang Hsiung)
Hand to Hand: Shao-Lin Kung Fu

O.C.C. Related Skills
Forced March
Acupuncture -- 66% (+5%)
-Acupressure -- 46% (+5%)
Escape Artist -- 56% (+5%)
Language: American -- 65% (+3%; 1st)
Lore: Geomancy & Ley Lines -- 61%% (+5%)
Lore: Psychics & Psionics -- 56% (+5%)
Radio: Basic -- 45% (+5%; 1st)

Secondary Skills
Barter -- 45% (+4%, 2nd)
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Knife
W.P. Targeting

Combat Data
Note: Format for the following bonuses is in this order: the first number is when Shen is either wrestling, or can "see" or sense his opponent, including supernatural creatures or creatures of magic, via his abilities (see relevant special abilities or psionics/magic above); the second number is when Shen cannot "see" his opponent at all through any means
HTH Type: Shao-lin Kung Fu
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +2/-2
Strike Bonus: +10/+6 (+3 if attempting to fire or throw a weapon with which he is proficient)
Parry Bonus: +10/+7
Dodge Bonus: +10/+7
Critical Strike: Natural 19+
HTH Damage Bonus: +12
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +7/+5
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +6/+2 (+4 when entangled or wrestling)
Bonus to Disarm: +2/-2 (+0 when entangled or wrestling)
Special Techniques Known: Dragon (Power) Punch (3d4), Tiger Kick (2d8), Leopard Hand Strike (2d4), Snake Snap Kick (1d10), Crane Elbow Strike (2d4); Holds (see Demon Wrestling); Punch, Elbow, Kick, Knee, Disarm, Dodge, Entangle, Body Block/Tackle, Roll with Impact, Power Punch, Pull Punch

Mystic Martial Art: Tien-Hsueh Kung Fu (Touch Mastery)
Tien-Hsueh, also known as Hien-Hsueh, is the Chinese art of "Touching Vital Points," and requires a complete knowledge of human anatomy, so students of the art are familiar with the flow of blood, the workings of the body organs, and, most importantly, with the junctions of the nervous system.
Note: The character must have the Acupuncture skill in order to take this Martial Art Power.
  • Healing-Tien Hsueh
    • Includes a thorough study of the art of acupuncture (healing by inserting needles into the body). The result is the ability to resuscitate a character by touch alone.
    • Healing Hit Point Injury: 4D6 Hit Points recovered.
    • S.D.C. (Body) Damage: 2D6+10 S.D.C. recovered.
    • Healing M.D.C. Injury: 3D8 M.D.C. recovered.
    • Cure Illness/Infection/Fever/Coma: 40 +4% per level chance of instant recovery.
    • Duration: Instant. Each act of healing counts as one of the character's melee actions.
    • I.S.P. Cost: 6 points per healing.
  • Tien-Hsueh Reversal
    • Can be used to instantly reverse the effect of any other Tien-Hsueh attack inflicted by the character, or any other Tien-Hsueh Master.
    • It can also be used to snap a character out of a knockout, stun, dizziness, blindness, paralysis, or any other form of temporary shock.
    • Reversing the TienHsueh inflicted by the character, or by anyone of lesser power, will take a single melee round. However, reversing the TienHsueh inflicted by those of greater power will be considerably more difficult, taking 2D6 melee rounds for every level of difference between the characters. For example, if a 4th level TienHsueh Master tries to reverse, say, the blindness inflicted by a 7th level Tien-Hsueh Master; it will take 2D6x3, our 6D6 melee rounds to do so.
    • I.S.P. Cost: 5 points
  • One Finger Touch: Does absolutely no damage but serves to channel any Tien-Hsueh attack.
    • Bonus: +4 to strike.
  • Tien-Hsueh Internal Practice Advancement: +2 to M.E. and+ 1 to I.Q. attributes (already reflected above)
  • Neural Tien-Hsueh
    • The ability to touch and paralyze different parts of the body. The attacker must declare which body part is to be paralyzed before the strike.
    • A successful attack does no damage, but automatically (victim cannot roll with punch/fall/impact) paralyzes that specified limb. It takes 3D6/2 minutes (6 to 36 melee rounds) to recover the feeling in a paralyzed arm or leg.
    • Attacking a limb requires a roll of 8 or better to strike, but the victim can attempt to parry with a weapon or object (if he parries with his own hand or foot it can be paralyzed) or dodge; high roll wins, defender always wins ties.
    • I.S.P. Cost: 8 I.S.P.

Liang Hsiung, aka Demon Wrestling
  • Body Block/Tackle does 1d8 damage. The opponent must dodge or parry (push away/deflect attacker) to avoid being knocked down. If knocked down, the opponent loses one melee attack/action and initiative for the rest of that melee round.
  • Pin/Incapacitate on a roll of 14+ at 4th level, 13+ at 8th level, and 12+ at 12th level. This means that the Demon Wrestler can hold his opponent in such a way that his opponent cannot physically attack or move. However, the character who is using the "pin" hold cannot attack or move without releasing his opponent.
  • Crush/Squeeze does 1D6 damage or can crush/squeeze for pain, such that the victim will have to save vs pain. Each "squeeze" counts as one melee action/attack. Save vs Pain: Failing to save vs pain means the character suffers only 1D4 points of damage regardless of size or strength of his tormentor), but hurts so badly that he can barely move (attacks per melee reduced to one, and no initiative, and no combat bonuses; natural die rolls only) or think about anything but the pain (can't perform skills, cast spells, use psionics or think up strategies or tactics to escape).
  • Crush/Squeeze Soft Parts!: This is a dirty move aimed at the groin, nose or throat. Once the "soft part" is grabbed and squeezed, the opponent can usually be led along by pulling on it and squeezing harder. The victim sees all combat bonuses drop by 50% and loses all but two melee attacks, which are usually spent on trying to break free. A successful, quick slashing disarm move (roll to strike using disarm bonuses) rolling higher than 13 will do the trick, but it inevitably inflicts 2D6 damage to one's own "soft part" while it succeeds in breaking loose.
  • +20% to Conceal Illegal move: The character learns to surreptitiously deliver a gouge, jab, poke, or otherwise attack a pain sensitive area (victim must save vs pain). Also includes practicing feigned innocence when accused of a foul ("Who? Me? What?")
  • Feign Illegal Injury: The character learns to convincingly act like a foul blow did grievous pain and damage, complete with wincing, staggering, bending over in (apparent) suffering, moans and groans, in a way designed to impress bystanders, spectators and referees. Base Acting Skill: 65% +5% (includes +1% for every M.A. point above 15).

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Blunt - +2 to strike, +2 to parry
W.P. Knife - +2 to strike, +2 to parry, +4 to strike when thrown (W.P. Targeting)
W.P. Targeting - +2 to strike; may combine the bonuses with W.P. Knife when thrown

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +33%
Magic (varies): +10
Lethal Poison (14+): +8
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +8
Insanity (12+): +11
Psionics (as a Master Psionic, Shen needs 10+ to save): +7
Horror Factor: +4 if HF is based on sounds, smells, and things he can see via Third Eye or feel via psionic abilities
Possession: +5
Demonic Curses: +3
Despair-based attacks: +2
Pain: +3
Impervious to magic illusions and Horror Factor from things the character cannot see
Effectively immune to disease
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Re: Shen (Human Blind Mystic)

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Carried/In Hand

Wilk's Laser Cane
simple wooden staff (2d6 S.D.C. damage)

Worn on Person
Armored M.D.C. Sharp Duster/Long Coat
Streetwolf M.D.C. Combat Pants
Firestaff, slung across back
Rugged traveling clothes made of cotton, wool and/or leather, including boots, hat and gloves
pair of sunglasses
pocket knife
small neck pouch containing Secure Card with 2300 credits

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
  • 12 attachment points
  • Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: an ugly folding fan (it's as if a blind person picked it out)
• Attachment: Identification documents (in Chinese, of course), including a passport from one of the Yama Kingdoms and letters of recommendation praising the character's skills as a teacher or teller of stories
• Attachment: 2 large wooden spoons (1d4 S.D.C. damage as weapons) with one end sharpened to a point (can be used as a stake)
• Attachment: high-quality micro-cassette recorder
• Attachment: small pocket mirror with bagua symbols (scary to some demons or spirits who think they can be trapped within)
• Attachment: throwing knife (1d6 S.D.C. damage) x2
• Attachment: throwing knife (1d6 S.D.C. damage) x2
• Attachment: throwing knife (1d6 S.D.C. damage) x2
• Attachment: throwing knife (1d6 S.D.C. damage) x2
• Attachment: Acupuncture Kit (with 100+ needles)
• Attachment: specialized card reader that verbally confirms the amount on the card when inserted
• Attachment: good quality bamboo flute

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: six blindfolds, and six silk handkerchiefs
• Attachment: a traveler's tea bottle
• Attachment: two sets of chopsticks (one rough, the other delicate) and a cooking knife
• Attachment: bamboo canteen of water

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space (x2): A complete suit of lightweight, embroidered silk indoor clothing, including slippers, pants, shirt, long jacket, hat
• Space (x2): set of heavy winter/mountain over-garments
• Space: 20 sheets of blank paper (mainly for others to use on his behalf), solid ink & ink block, (just add water), 3 bamboo brushes
• Space: several packages of tea, a collection of herbs (for tea, for flavoring food, and for emergency medicine)
• Space: tea kettle
• Space: a bar of soap and a Zippo lighter full of lighter fluid
• Space:
• Space: 2 small sacks and one medium sack
• Space: bedroll

Stored in Vehicle

Gear Stats

Dragonbane Blade (Patron Item)
Legendary Enchanted Knife
M.D.C.: 200
Damage: 1D6+7
Weight: 1 lb.
Magic Features
  • Dragon Slayer: double damage to dragons and sea serpents
  • Eternally sharp blade: Weapon never dulls and is +3 to damage
  • Super-Sharpness: +4 to damage, but more importantly it lowers the required roll for a critical strike by two points
  • Armor Piercing: bypass the A.R. of their targets. If used against targets wearing body armor, the armor will not be harmed by this weapon, as it will automatically seek out gaps and chinks in the armor through which to strike. When used against creatures with a high natural A.R., this weapon simply goes through the natural defenses.
Curse: None
History: During the great Elf-Dwarf war, a singularly exceptional Elven alchemist created a number of identical enchanted knives used to add some gravity to the Elves' negotiations with the dragons of their time. From time to time across the ages, these knives have surfaced in the hordes of ancient dragons, and among ruins from that era. They are often associated with the appellation "folly" as those who bear them have frequently overestimated the power of the weapons, and underestimated the might of dragons.

Armored M.D.C. Sharp Duster/Long Coat
  • M.D.C.: 28
  • Weight: 8 lbs

Streetwolf M.D.C. Combat Pants
  • M.D.C.: 8
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Wilk's Laser Cane
  • Range: 800'
  • Damage: 2D4 M.D.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 20 shots per E-Clip
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Features: M.D.C.: 25; W.P. Blunt, W.P Energy Pistol
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.210, WB14

TW Firestaff
  • M.D.C.: 100
  • Damage: 2D6+2 M.D. as a blunt weapon; 1D4 M.D. from a slight touch of gold-caps, 1D6 M.D. if caps grabbed
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
  • Description: The staff is approximately 6-7' long, made of dark wood and capped on each end with gold along with some sort of figure, symbol or design on one end.
TW Characteristics:
  • TW Functions: [insert bulleted sub-list, if needed]
  • Can cast the following Fire Elemental spells at 5th level strength but requires the P.P.E. for each spell (cost in parenthesis):
    • Ignite Flame (5)
    • Fire Ball (10)
    • Fuel Flame (5)
    • Fire Blossom (20)
    • Fireblast (8)
    • Ballistic Fire (25)
    • Ten Foot Wheel of Fire (40; 5D8 M.D.)
    • Extinguish Fire (8) cast up to 150' away and affects a 100' area.
  • Activation Cost: 15 P.P.E. or 30 I.S.P.; plus additional P.P.E. to cast any of the available spells.
  • Device Level: Unlisted
  • P.P.E. Construction Cost: 2,000
  • Spell Chains Needed: Ensorcel (400), Ironwood (150), Firequake (160), and Enchant Weapon (1000)
  • Physical Requirements: long staff made of dark wood & capped on each end with gold & some figure, symbol or design on one end
  • Duration of Charge: 5 minutes per user's XP level
  • Construction Time: 1 month
  • Construction Cost: Unlisted
  • Book Reference: p.319, BoM
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Re: Shen (Human Blind Mystic)

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Background Story

Shèngxián, also known as Shen, was not always a virtuous and righteous person. The enigmatic and strange man is rumored to have been a Demon Wrestling champion of several decades past; if you ask him about such rumors, however, he is cryptic and generally closed-lipped about his past - at least prior to his entering the Shao-lin monastery and becoming a Mang Wu.

What is known, however, is that Shen is a capable melee combatant, and confidently knows how to handle himself - whether using Shao-lin Kung Fu, Demon Wrestling skills (with which he appears quite well versed) or the mysterious art of Tien-Hsueh, an oft-misunderstood and maligned art that deals with the manipulation of an opponent's chi, or "life force".

The Shao-lin monastery is similarly cryptic when approached about Shen, only confirming that he was blind when he arrived and was trained there.

In this case, the rumors are true - Shen was a great Demon Wrestling champion... decades ago, rising to the apex of the artform as a vicious and brutal combatant who took no prisoners and used every dirty trick in the book to defeat his foes. Truth be told, Shen (though he did not go by that name during those days) was also brash and decadent, had a temper and arrogant bearing to match his prowess, and often got into fights (provoked or otherwise). He was boisterous and obnoxious, picking fights for little or no reason, and had few friends.

Eventually, as often happens with this type of individual, he picked on the wrong person - an important noble - and, after defeating the noble soundly, but publicly, Shen received the distinction of being moved to the top of the noble's "shit list." Over the next few weeks, his popularity soared, and it seemed that everyone wanted to party with him. Unbeknownst to him, much of this was a ruse - the noble had carefully planned an ambush and, when the right time came - when he was staggeringly drunk, courtesy of his new "friends" - Shen was jumped and beaten within an inch of his life, permanently losing his sight.

Despondent, the once-mighty champion lost everything and became a lowly beggar - an outcast. Because he had made so many enemies and so few friends in his "glory days", he had quite a difficult time of it, and was harassed, bullied, and often taken advantage of by passers-by... who treated him the way he had treated others for so long. Despairing, he fled his home town and tried to make his way to a place where he could begin anew. He eventually stumbled into a Shao-lin monk, who showed the blind beggar compassion and offered to take him in.

With time, the humbled man's rough edges were smoothed. He asked and was accepted into the Shao-lin monastary to learn a different path and begin life anew. As it turns out, the blows that had nearly killed him - depriving him of his sight - had also unlocked mystic and psychic powers within him that he had never been aware of before. The Shao-lin priests developed and encouraged these gifts in him, and he made a complete change into a principled, virtuous, saintly and benevolent - though, at times, still mischievous (some things never change) man. Still possessed of fearsome fighting skills, he now had the added discipline of Shao-lin kung fu to help harness and sharpen his physical prowess, and his mystical and psionic talents ballooned. He learned to see with his "Third Eye" and develop his chi sensitivity. Due to his particular handicap, he chose to learn the advanced mystical kung fu of Tein Hsueh, or "Touch Mastery", giving him advanced knowledge of the flow of vital points and the chi that he could so easily perceive.

All things must come to an end, and eventually, it became time for Shen to leave the Shao-lin monastery behind, traveling and wandering to help those in need: a healer and fierce foe of evil who foiled supernatural darkness wherever it was found.

During one such confrontation with an evil demon, Shen was thrown into a portal. He emerged in a strange and unfamiliar land. Disoriented, he wandered for 3 days before being discovered by a kindly person. Fortunately, due to his Tongues spell, Shen was able to communicate with the person, who informed him that he was now in what was once known as North America. The kind-hearted stranger took Shen in and helped him learn the American language and culture, and Shen shared his knowledge and particular gifts freely as well.

As fortunate would have it, Shen had stumbled into a member of the fabled city of Psyscape. As a place where he, as a benevolent psychic and foe of evil, was freely welcomed, Shen found kindred spirits in the psychics of Psyscape, who were famed for their knowledge of how to open their "Third Eye". As Shen's training also focused upon opening and utilizing his spiritual Third Eye, the psychics of Psyscape were interested in learning about the Chinese interpretations of the powers of the Third Eye. Thus, over a period of several years, and with advanced training, Shen became the first known person to have his Third Eye opened in both the Eastern and Western traditions, and was highly respected as such.

Eventually, all things come to an end, and it was time for the wandering Mang Wu to journey on and help others. The people of Psyscape graciously offered to transport him anywhere (within reason), and presented him with a gift: a secure card with a modest sum, and a specialized card reader that would verbally confirm all transactions to him out loud in American and Chinese. Ever grateful, Shen asked that he be able to go where he could best utilize his talents, and a place called "MercTown" was mentioned.

A group took Shen to the gates of the wondrous place known as MercTown, where he was told many others needed his assistance. "This is it, my friend," said Shen's Psyscape ride as he helped the blind man out of the vehicle. "MercTown... a city of mercenaries, full of adventure and excitement. I've got no doubt that some people here could use your talents and skills. I wish I could come with you, but my path lies in another way. Do keep in touch, though. The people of Psyscape look forward to hearing about your good deeds. Best of luck, Shen!" said the the pilot, before zooming off in a different direction.

Shen turned to face the city gates, a remarkable man beginning a new chapter in his life...
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Re: Shen (Human Blind Mystic)

Postby Shen » Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:11 am

Experience Chart

Blind Mystic

Level I: 0,000
Level 2: 2,141
Level 3: 4,281
Level 4: 8,561
Level 5: 17,521
Level 6: 25,541
Level 7: 35,581
Level 8: 52,601
Level 9: 72,801
Level 10: 98,201
Level 11: 136,401
Level 12: 188,801
Level 13: 236,201
Level 14: 288,401
Level 15: 342,801
Shen, the Blind Mystic
Current Status
S.D.C.: 122/122
Hit Points: 53/53
P.P.E.: 117/117
I.S.P.: 201/201

Armor and Weapons Carried and Locations

Always On
  • Chi Sight (default condition; any supernatural being, including Ghosts and Astral Travelers, within twenty feet (in any direction), will be noticed by the Blind Mystic. ANY being, supernatural or otherwise, will be sensed within 5')
  • Blind Mystic's Third Eye (can see supernatural beings and creatures of magic with clarity, and at longer range)
  • Sense Chi Movement (can sense the movement of bodies, including hands and feet, well enough to engage in close combat with no penalties, but only at that close range. Can also "see"/sense magic energies involved in spells being cast, or already in play)
  • Spirit Sight (I.D. any infernal or spirit creature by concentrating for a round)
  • Prophetic Dreams (will occasionally get prophetic dreams, or vivid dreams where they seem to "see" events transpiring at great distances away, warnings or visions from the gods, and glimpses of the future) - entirely DM dependent and outside of his control.
  • Radiate Nature (radiates his nature and intentions to some degree; any psychic will feel it up to 100 feet away and nonpsychics within 12 feet. Equivalent of a weak empathic transmission)
  • Sense Supernatural Evil and Psychic Energy (can detect the presence of supernatural evil and magic energy (P.P.E. used as a spell, in magic devices and large amounts in people; 80 or more points); constant and automatic, similar to Dog Boy's senses)

Saving Throws, Bonuses, and other handy information
Coma/Death: +33%
Magic (varies): +10
Lethal Poison (14+): +8
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +8
Insanity (12+): +11
Psionics (as a Master Psionic, Shen needs 10+ to save): +7
Possession: +5
Demonic Curses: +3
Despair-based attacks: +2
Pain: +3
Horror Factor: +4 if HF is based on sounds, smells, and things he can see via Third Eye or feel via psionic abilities
Impervious to magic illusions and Horror Factor from things the character cannot see
Effectively immune to disease and fatigues at half the normal rate.
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Re: Shen (Human Blind Mystic)

Postby Shen » Fri May 22, 2020 6:50 am

Shen's Psionic Powers and Magical Spells

Master Psychic
  • Alter Aura (2)
    Range: Self.
    Duration: One hour per each level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 2
    Saving Throw: None.
    According to psychics who can see such things, all living beings possess an aura - a colorful energy field that is invisible to the naked eye and most conventional forms of photography and sensors. This psychic ability does not allow the psychic to see auras, but to alter his
    own. The psychic can manipulate his physical energy field to appear different (stronger, weaker, sickly, lacking psionics, evil rather than good, etc.). The altered aura sends the wrong message to those humanoids and supernatural beings who can see auras and use the information they glean from them to assess an opponent or find a kindred (evil or psychic) spirit.
    Alterations include :
    • The general level of experience can be made to seem lower (level 1 or 2) or much higher (1D4+3 levels higher) than it really is.
    • Conceal one's true alignment and cover it with a false one (any).
    • Conceal the presence of psychic ability (the aura appears to be normal for that race) or shows L S.P. levels to be much lower than they really are (but not higher).
    • Conceal the amount of base P.P.E.; seems to be only 1 -2 points.
    • Conceal the presence of magic.
    • Conceal true physical attributes, making them appear to be half of what they really are, or 30% higher.
    • Alter Aura to appear weak and fatigued or sickly.
    • Alter Aura to appear emotionally or mentally agitated or unstable, or depressed (not aggressive or alert).
    • And for triple the usual I.S.P. (6 points) the psychic can adjust the aura to appear as if he is possessed or terminally ill.
  • Bio-Regenerate (6)
    Range: Self.
    Duration: Permanent.
    I.S.P.: 6
    Saving Throw: None.
    The ability to will oneself free of disease or poison and back to health, and heal physical damage and injury. Unfortunately, this ability cannot be used to heal others. The process requires one full minute of concentration, which means the character cannot use any other psionic
    power during that time. Bio-Regeneration does not restore missing limbs, but it does restore 2d6 Hit Points or 3d6 physical S.D.C. points per melee round. In addition, when cuts and scrapes are healed through Bio-Regeneration there is no scarring. This power can be used as often as once every two minutes (every eight melee rounds). Note: Recovering more than half of one's Hit Points or S.D.C. this way in less than an hour takes a toll on the character, causing some weakness for 1d4+2 hours: reduce the P.S., P.E. and Spd attributes by 30%. Adjust attribute bonuses accordingly.
  • Commune with Spirits (6)
    Range: Self.
    Duration: Four minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 6
    Saving Throw: Standard.
    Using this power, a psychic can "feel" (not see) the presence of spirits. The term "spirit" includes Entities (including ghosts and possessing ones), invisible Astral Travelers/Astral Beings the splintered life essence of a god or Alien Intelligence, the mysterious Indian Spirits, a
    spirit or demon (or god) possessing a Familiar or Witch, and imprisoned souls and life essences in rune weapons and similar magical prisons. The psychic can ask the spirit questions by speaking aloud, although the creature often understands the question on an empathic or intuitive level. Only the psychic hears the answer (unless he's using a group trance) and the answer can be in words or powerful emotions (he suddenly feels its hate, fear, anger, sorrow, etc., instead of a verbal response). It is important to note that the spirit is under no obligation to answer truthfully or to answer at all. An angry and uncooperative spirit may lie, pretend to be somebody else, lash out at the psychic with its own psi-abilities or cause mischief. Likewise, the psychic cannot "feel" or sense the creature's alignment, or magic energy, nor can he use any of his other psionic powers while he is in communion with the spirit. Furthermore, the spirit may break off communication at any time, although the psychic can still "feel" if it is within the immediate area (30 feet radius). The psychic can also break contact at any time, but when he does so, he can no longer tell if the spirit is still hanging about.
  • Empathy (4)
    Range: 200 foot area.
    Duration: Four minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 4
    Saving Throw: Standard; a save vs Empathy means the psychic can not get a clear sense of the emotions of that particular person. To save vs Empathy the person must roll to save once each melee that the psychic is using Empathy. Mind Block will prevent any empathic emanations from the blocked person. Empathy is a psi-ability that makes the psychic aware of, or feel, the emotions of other people, animals and supernatural creatures. The strongest emotions are easiest to sense : hate, anger, terror, love. Feeling for emotions can often be used to establish that somebody or something is nearby, but can NOT be used to pinpoint an invisible or hiding person/creature. Empathy can be especially helpful in recognizing and communicating with ghosts and other supernatural creatures. Questioning a person/being while using Empathy can be very handy in establishing how they are reacting to you. In a limited sense, Empathy can be used like a lie detector to see if the emotions match the verbal response. For Example : "Did you know the deceased?" The verbal
    answer is no, but there is a sudden flare of nervousness and fear (or hate). This doesn 't mean the guy is the killer, but it might mean he is lying about knowing the dead man. Further questions might pull out a strong emotion such as anger or hate (or happiness), which may confirm the psychic's suspicions that this man might be involved in the murder. However, remember that this is, at best, circumstantial evidence and definitely inadmissible in court. Physical proof must be found, but the empathic readings may put characters on the right track.
    Also, remember that the empathic psychic is feeling the person's real emotions, but interpreting their significance. A very nervous person may always radiate fear or anxiety, while a cold-blooded, pathological killer may feel nothing at all and stay calm and cool as he lies through his teeth. The feeling of hate may mean that the person did know the murder victim, or knew of him, and hated him for any number of reasons. That does not mean he killed him. As you can see, interpreting emotions can be a tricky thing. Haunting Ghosts and Entities rarely mask their emotions. Thus, the psychic can easily tell if one or more is nearby (within 100 feet) and what it is feeling. "I sense great sorrow." or "Do as it says ! It is angry, almost crazed. I think it will carry out its threat if you try to stop it."
  • Exorcism (10)
    Range: Immediate area, touch or within 8 feet
    Duration: Instant, if successful.
    Length of Trance: 30 minutes of preparation and 6D6 minutes with the possessed person or animal. Note: Can only exorcise the living.
    I.S.P.: 10
    The healer can perform a Rite of Exorcism that uses psychic energy to expel the loathsome being fr om its mortal, host body. A completely successful exorcism will free the victim of the supernatural force that controls him and send it back to its own non-earthly realm. A partially successful exorcism will drive the evil force out of the possessed person or animal, but does not send the damnable thing back to its own dimension. Thus, it can try to possess the psychic healer or flee to wander the Earth in search of a new victim. An exorcism can only be used on living people and animals whose bodies are inhabited by a supernatural entity or other type of invasive spirit, not symbiotes or psychic possession. Roll to determine success for an exorcism at the end of the time period. First, roll to see if the being has been expelled from its victim's body.
    Success Ratio: 28% +7% per each additional level of experience.
    Second, roll to see if the thing is forced back into its own dimension.
    Success Ratio: 21% +7% per each additional level of the psychic's experience. A failed roll means the creature remains in our dimension, but it must leave the area and cannot possess the same individual for at least six months. Note: The chance of a successful exorcism on a Nega-Psychic is reduced by half, as is the success ratio for sending the being back to its own dimension. The same is true of some of the more powerful supernatural beings capable of possession. (See Rifts® World Book 12: Psyscape™ for info on the Nega-Psychic and other psychic player characters.)
    During the exorcism the possessing force can use whatever powers it may have, as well as physical attacks or any special psychic abilities of its host body. Fortunately, the Rite of Exorcism weakens the creature, reducing its number of attacks per melee by half. It is wise to always have one or more assistants to help defend against the being's attacks and actions. Sedating the physical host body will immobilize it, but will not prevent psychic attacks or the creature 's use of its own natural powers (if any). Too many assistants or spectators can be a liability, for the creature may attempt to flee by possessing one of them. An exorcism can be attempted on the same individual as often as the healer desires.
  • Intuitive Combat (10)
    Range: Self.
    Duration: Four melee rounds per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 10
    This is a form of telepathy geared to give the psychic an advantage in melee combat. To put this ability in place, the psychic must concentrate for one melee round (15 seconds), putting himself in a Zen-like state of awareness. For the next two melee rounds, the Intuitive Combat sense makes the character one with his body and weapon, reacting quickly and efficiently with amazing reflex action, balance and grace. Note: The psychic is unable to use any other psionic power, including Mind Block, while this power is in use. He can cancel it with a thought.
    Bonuses: +3 on initiative, + 1 to strike, + 1 to parry, +4 to dodge, +4 to pull punch, +2 to roll with punch, fall or impact, and +2 to disarm.
    • Cannot be caught by surprise, even by attacks from behind or from long-range, which means he can try to parry or dodge all attacks leveled at him.
    • +10% to abilities (balance, etc.) provided by the Acrobatics and/or Gymnastic skills, as well as + 10% to Climb and Swim skills.
  • Mask I.S.P. & Psionics (7)
    Range: Self.
    Duration: 20 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 7
    This is a psionic power that enables the character to completely mask all spiritual aspects of his psionic energy and powers. Even the aura is temporarily altered. As a result, other psychics, Dog Boys, Psi-Stalkers, and creatures who can Detect Psionics or See Aura will not
    sense psionics in a character who is masked. However, the masked psychic must "block" himself from the world, which means he cannot use any of his psionic senses or abilities, nor receive Empathic or Telepathic impressions until he lets the mask go.
  • Mask P.P.E. (4)
    Range: Self.
    Duration: 20 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 4
    A psionic power that enables the character to completely mask all but 1d4 P.P.E. of his personal P.P.E. base. Characters who can sense magic energy or see aura will regard this character as having an insignificant amount of P.P.E. This power is especially good as protection against Psi-Stalkers and other P.P.E. vampires. Mystics can easily hide their magical powers through this psionic concealment.
  • Meditation
    Range: Self.
    Duration: As needed; at least one hour of meditation is required.
    I.S.P.: None, zero.
    Meditation is a trance state of consciousness in which the individual can calm his emotions and fo cus on relaxation of mind and body. In a meditative state, the psychic finds peace and harmony between mind, body and spirit, and it is in this state of being that he can regenerate his Inner Strength (I.S.P.). Recovers Base I.S.P. at a rate as indicated under each psychic O.C.C., otherwise six I.S.P. per hour of meditation.
  • Mind Block
    Range: Self.
    Duration : 20 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P. : 4 (per each duration period).
    This is the ability to completely close or block oneself from all psychic/mental emanations. When intentionally closed to supernatural or psychic forces the character can not sense anything, can not use psychic abilities, nor be influenced by others. A Mind Block will prevent penetration of Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, Day Dream and Empathic Transmission. It can be an invaluable protective mask when dealing with malevolent psychic forces. Adds a bonus of +1 to save vs all psychic and mental attacks. Note: Mind Block only blocks psionic attacks that affect the psychic's mind or emotional state (Le. Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, etc.). It offers not protection from magic.
  • Object Read (6)
    Range: Touch.
    Duration: Varies; usually about 4d6 minutes.
    I.S.P.: 6
    Saving Throw: None.
    Base Skill: Impressions: 56% +2% per level of experience. Images: 48% +2% per level. Present : 38% +2% per level of experience.
    Also known as Psychometry, this uncanny ability enables the psychic sensitive to receive impressions and images from an object regarding its use, history and last owner. This is done by holding the object and concentrating on a specific line of thought or opening up to general
    impressions (the latter is always more vague and random). Just as a psychic must open himself to sense evil or magic, he must open himself to the object. If successful, he will receive impressions and/or images revealing bits of information.
    Impressions include: General alignment of its last owner (good, selfish, evil), general emotional state of mind (angry, happy, sad, hate filled, confused, etc.), the object's general purpose (what it is used for), whether or not the last owner is living or dead, and whether the item has been used with/by magic or supernatural forces. Object Read will also conclusively indicate whether the item is currently enchanted or contains a supernatural force/entity (as well as its alignment and emotions). If the item is possessed, an Object Read makes the reader totally vulnerable to psychic attack (no bonuses to save).
    Images: The psychic can also see images of isolated events which have happened in the past. This will provide brief snippets of images and events that will offer glances of the previous owner and others close to him. Traumatic and emotion filled events/images are the easiest to see. Impressions will accompany the images, adding to the story as it unfolds. Information includes: approximate age, height, weight, build, race, sex, sometimes occupation, hair color and length; special facial or body features such as a scar or tattoo or beard (very often the exact facial features are out of focus, blurred or obscured); the object's use/purpose; and some special event, usually very traumatic, important or happy. Often the event image will be fragmented as if it was a piece of movie film edited by a crazy man. The event will always be one in which the object was involved in some way. The success or failure of n Object Read: Roll percentile dice once for impressions and once for images. The roll must fall under the character' s base skill ability to succeed. A roll higher than the base skill means a failure and the psychic feels and/or sees nothing. Impressions and images are two different things, so roll for each. The psychic may get no impressions, but see images or vice versa. The present can not be seen unless the psychic was successful on at least one of the previous read impressions or images rolls. Once an object has been read it can not be read again by the same psychic, even if he did not see or feel a thing. Of course, the psychic can attempt to Object Read other items, but each attempt will cost 6 I.S.P. The present can also be glimpsed, but costs an additional 4 I.S.P., with no guarantee of success. Sometimes the psychic can focus in to see and feel the last owner as he or she is at that very moment. This will provide an idea of what is his current state of mind/emotion, appearance, dress, general location (that is to say, a bedroom, office, street, outdoors, etc.; no address or sense of close or far is provided), general features (shaved his beard, dyed hair, etc.) and so on. The psychic may be able to identify a place or person by feature if he has seen it before or runs into him in the near future.
  • Presence Sense (4)
    Range: 240 feet area.
    Duration: 4 minutes per level of experience.
    Saving Throw: None.
    Presence Sense is a psionic probe and awareness that alerts the psychic to the presence of supernatural beings, creatures of magic and other monstrous life forms. The ability cannot pinpoint the location of the presence, but will give the psychic the impression of whether it is
    near (within 50 feet) or far (beyond 90 feet). It will also give the character a vague idea of how many presences there are; one or two, a few (3 to 6), several (7 to 15), many (20-70) or an army or a swarm (100 or more) . The psychic can also tell if one or more of the supernatural presences is small (something not too powerful), medium (Lesser Demon and most Supernatural Predators), big (Greater Demon and nasty monsters) or huge (Demon Lords, Dark Gods, Ancient Evil or Alien Intelligence).
    The psychic can also sense human or D-Bee presences, but with much less accuracy. It is more of a feeling of "We are not alone." The person's distance is indeterminate and the number of people is limited to a sense of one or two or many, and that is only right half of the time.
    The only exception is if a place has been deserted, cleared out of human and animal life, then, the psychic can sense that one or more humans are above, below, north, south, etc.
  • See Aura (6; of supernatural beings revealed by Chi)
    Range: 120 feet and must be visible.
    Duration: 1 minute
    I.S.P.: 6
    Saving Throw: None, but a Mind Block will hide the presence of psychic abilities, the level of P.P.E., and possession by a supernatural force.
    All things, organic and inorganic, have an aura. The aura has many distinctions and indicates things to the psychic normally invisible to the ordinary eye.
    Seeing an aura will indicate the following:
    • Estimate the general level of experience. Low (1-3), medium (4-7), high (8th and up).
    • The presence of magic (no indication of what type or the power level).
    • The presence of psychic abilities (again though, not the type or power level).
    • High or low base P.P.E.
    • The presence of a Possessing Entity.
    • The presence of an unusual human aberration and/or indicates a serious illness, insanity, or that the individual is not-human, could be mutant or supernatural, but does not specify which.
    Note: A psychic can not tell one's alignment by using this power.
  • Sense Evil (2)
    Range: 280 feet area.
    Duration: 4 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 2
    Saving Throw: None.
    This psi-power is a much more refined ability to feel the presence of evil. All supernatural creatures radiate their alignment, good or evil. A psychic sensitive will automatically feel supernatural evil without spending a single I.S.P. point. However, to get a clearer picture of the
    evil force(s) the character must open himself and use the Sense Evil ability.
    Sense Evil will indicate the general number of supernatural evil: one, a few (2-6), several (7-14), or many (15 or more). It can also register the intensity of the evil and pinpoint the general location of the source(s) to a particular room(s), possessed object, character, and distance; i.e. very near (within 15 feet), near (within 50 feet), or far (60 to 280 feet). The character can track the source of supernatural evil, like a bloodhound, by sensing how close it is to him.
    Evil emanations from human beings are much less distinct and can not be felt unless the source-person has an immediate evil intention and has psychic powers or is psychotic . The former can mask his evil intentions with a Mind Block.
  • Sense Magic (2)
    Range: 240 feet area.
    Duration: 4 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 3
    Saving Throw: None.
    The ability to sense magic enables the psychic to feel magic energy, tell whether it is near (within 20 feet) or far (up to 120 feet away) and follow the emanations to pinpoint their source as a particular place, room, person or object. Note: Invisible, magical or supernatural creatures or objects can only be traced to a general area, like a specific room or area. The psychic will also be able to sense whether or not an object has magic powers, if a person or item is enchanted/under a magic spell (this does not include psionic influences), when magic is being used within the area (120 feet) and when a person is casting a spell (human users of magic do not radiate magic energies until they call upon them).

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 13
  • Armor of Ithan (10)
    Range: Self or other by touch.
    Duration: One minute (4 melee rounds) per level of the spell caster.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Ten
    This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic armor upon the spell caster. Or the magic armor can be instantly created upon anyone, as long as the spell caster invokes the spell while touching the intended recipient. Named after the magic armor of the Dwarven King Ithan, this mystic armor has an M.D.C. of 10 per level of the spell caster' s experience. Magic fire, lightning, and cold do half damage to it.
  • Cleanse (6)
    Range: Self, one person and the clothes he' s wearing up to 10 feet away, or two people by touch.
    Duration: Instant.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Six
    This is a simple but useful spell designed to remove dirt and grime from the body of a living being and the clothes he wears. Magic energy flows over the person and magically removes dirt, grime, stains, and just about anything that the spell caster considers "unclean." The recipient of this magic instantly becomes spotless, from head to toe. The hair and body look as if right out of the shower (only dry) and the clothes as if freshly washed and dried. The spell cannot be used on body armor, buildings, vehicles, streets, or anything else, only living creatures and clothes/fabric. One pile of clothes, weighing no more than 25 pounds can also be washed in place of a specific character' s clothes. Note: This spell only cleans off the surface of the target and will not rid them of diseases or poison, although it will kill most surface parasites, such as ticks and fleas.
  • Crushing Fist (12)
    Range: Self or 50 feet per level of experience.
    Damage: +2D6 M.D.
    Duration: One minute per level of the spell caster.
    Saving Throw: Dodge.
    P.P.E.: Twelve
    This spell has two possible applications, but the spell caster must pick one, he cannot switch from one type of attack to the other.
    Hand to hand combat (self): The sorcerer's fist glows with energy and can inflict 2D6 M.D. (2D6 additional M.D. if already a Mega-Damage creature) with each punch of his fist. This spell does not
    add to weapon damage, but is +2 to strike.
    Long-Range Attack: The mage must be able to see his intended target, and, by pointing with his hand balled into a fist, send a blur of magical force to punch an opponent at a great distance. Note: This attack can only be used to hit something, and can not be used to grab or bring something to the mage. The intended target of the pounding attack must be visible to the spell caster. + I to strike from a distance.
  • Light Target (6)
    Range: One target up to 10 feet away or two by touch.
    Duration: Two minutes per level of the spell caster.
    Saving Throw: Standard.
    P.P.E.: Six
    This spell may seem quite harmless but is designed for ill intent. The sorcerer can create a rather bright glow of light around any one victim (two if by touch). The glow is intended to mark the character and make him stand out in a crowd (as a thief, outsider, fool, troublemaker, enemy, or target); it is especially effective at night. Covering oneself with other clothes, blankets, rags or armor in an attempt to obscure the glow is fruitless, for the glow remains - it is the person, not his clothing that is "targeted" and the aura of light remains around him no matter what he wears (this magic does not work on inanimate objects). Hiding behind closed doors, in a closet or trunk, or inside a vehicle may conceal the character, provided that the radiating light can not be seen through cracks, keyholes, windows or other openings through which light can be seen. A simple yet potentially nasty spell.
  • Mystic Portal (60)
    Range: 20 feet away.
    Size: 10 feet wide by 20 feet tall portal/opening.
    Duration: Four melee rounds per level of the spell caster.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Sixty
    This spell creates a dimensional Rift in the fabric of space allowing the spell caster to use it in the following ways:
    Pass through solid walls: The mage has but to weave the spell targeting a particular, blocked area. The area will shimmer bright and suddenly, a portal or passage will appear as if cut out of the very stone. The portal can create a 12 foot deep passage per each level of the spell caster in any substance.
    Teleportation: The portal can be a doorway to a nearby location known to the spell caster, flawlessly traveling hundreds of feet in an instant. The portal can be placed on a vertical wall, the floor or ceiling. Looking into it reveals what is on the other side. Stepping through it will instantly place the character in that location. Range is a meager 100 feet per level of experience.
    One-way passage: Once a character steps through a Mystic Portal, the opening behind him is gone (although people on the portal side can see both the portal and the person who just stepped through it). To return, a new portal must be made on the other side by invoking another Mystic Portal spell. When the spell duration ends, the Mystic Portal vanishes. As usual, the mage who created it can make it vanish at will. A Negate Magic may also eliminate it if the spell is successful.
  • Tongues (20)
    Range: Self or others by touch.
    Duration: 3 minutes (12 melees) per level of experience.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Twelve
    The magic enables the character to perfectly understand and speak all spoken languages; 98% proficiency. An understanding of written languages is not provided by this magic. See the Eyes of Thoth.
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