Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

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Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

Postby Captain Cook » Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:14 pm

WORK IN PROGRESS: Details are subject to change



Size: 20 acres
General description: A 300 foot dirt laneway leads up to the farmhouse proper. Most of the surrounding edges of the property has trees, but large swaths have been cleared and turned into grazing fields for livestock. The grazing fields are separated with basic barbwire fencing with wooden posts and gates.

Large Barn designed to house up to 20 horses

2 Story Farm House: Includes 1 master bedroom on the ground floor, 3 additional moderately sized bedrooms on the top floor. Also includes small entry way with closet and large communal area that serves as a kitchen and dining room next to a smaller communal area that has a fire place and several couches and chairs. The house also features a dirt basement with a storm door to access it from the outside.

1 small green house made of glass with metal frame

1 Small chicken Coop with no chickens (Appear to have been stolen?)

1 Outhouse

1 run down single story home that appears to have been converted into a tool shed and storage.

1 water well with hand pump

Equipment of note:
3 Sets of riding gear for horses (Tack and saddle), along with rakes, pitchforks, brushes, buckets and other basic necessities for the care and feeding of horses. (Approximate resale value of 5,000 credits)

200L of Gasoline stored in metal drums

1 Small gas powered generator hooked up to the farm house to power the lights. 6L fuel tank, consumes 2L per hour run time (Approximate resale value of 250 credits)

Assorted gardening tools and lawnmower (Approximate resale value 230 credits)

Wooden horse drawn wagon with seat and canvas cover (Approximate resale value 110 credits)

Assorted clothing and personal effects (Approximate resale value of 250 credits)
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