Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

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Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

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Templar Farm
Home & Headquarters of the famous Templar Mercenary Company of Merctown

General description: A three hundred foot long dirt drive leads up to the farmhouse proper. Most of the surrounding edges of the property is covered by trees, but large swaths have been cleared and turned into growing fields for wheat, barley, and hops. The fields are separated with basic barb wire fencing with wooden posts and gates. As a whole the farm is a bit on the small side, sitting on a plot only twenty acres in all, and only fifteen of them are being used for any crops.

Main House: A two story farmhouse that includes a master bedroom on the ground floor, three additional moderately sized bedrooms on the top floor. Also includes small entryway with closet and large communal area that serves as a kitchen and dining room next to a smaller communal area that has a fireplace and several couches and chairs. The house also features a basement with a storm door to access it from the outside. Recent renovations have added an indoor bathroom and running water to it via a new septic system and integrated water pump.
The master bedroom is reserved for the team leader of the Templar while the three other bedrooms are designed to hold two teammates each. The rooms have been furnished with beds, dressers, nightstands, and lockers.
The kitchen has been renovated with newer accoutrements, though it still relies on a wood fueled stove and brick oven. This includes running water from a integrated water pump.

Jaccob’s Place: A small single story house that until recently had acted as a tool shed and storage. This house has two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a larger dining area/living room. The house is linked to the septic system and the water pump.
One of the bedrooms is Jaccob’s while the other has been converted into dormitory style sleeping area with bunk beds and foot lockers to house up to ten farm hands.

Green House: This small greenhouse is made of steel and glass, and is used to grow food during the winter months and herbs during the summer months.

Chicken Coop and Vegetable Garden: A small wood and wire chicken coop resides next to a small vegetable and herb garden that has been reserved for the current chef of the Templar to use and add to as he/she sees fit. All of this is surrounded bat a sturdy wood and metal mesh fence.

Well and Water Pump: A renovated well has both a hand pump and a more modernized commercial water pump attached to it.This pump and well provides all the water the farm uses to operate.

Large Barn: Formerly a horse barn, this building has been renovated to perform a few duties. It acts as a storage place for the crops farmed here. It also acts as a storage place for the farm equipment used here. Finally a third of the building has been converted into a brewing facility, primarily for beer, but other alcohol is able to be produced as well in smaller batches. This includes climate control in at least that portion of the facility.

Hanger: The newest building added to the farm is a hanger-like structure made of mega-damage resistant metal sheeting. Inside the building large enough to house the team’s Behemoth Explorer and a few other robots and vehicles as well. Inside the main hanger is a overhead industrial gantry with necessary catwalks for working on the larger vehicles and robots. The Hanger area has a machine shop and multiple workspaces to perform maintenance on any number of small projects. This building also has three additional rooms that contain a conference room with computer stations and a powerful long range radio, a secured armory with reinforced walls and heavy duty security systems, and finally an office space for the Templar to do important work in.
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