Out of the Frying Pan: The Spook Squad get in trouble yet again.

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Re: Skyfallen

Postby Carl » Fri Sep 07, 2018 6:15 pm

Perception[90]:1d100 = 22
JIC D20:1d20 = 4; D100:1d100 = 38
Activated: OBERT device; Enchanted Earring - Casts Invisibility: Simple (4x/day (3 remaining); Motion Detector (40ft);Amplified Hearing (range 360ft) +3 init; Sound Suppression System; Enchanted Earring: Protection against all types of Fire (including magical); Telescopic (4-8x30 magnification, range 6000ft); Defender (ring) Protection from Undead, +1 save Protection from Spell Magic/Psionics Not activated: Thermal Imaging (range 3000ft); Armband: Time Slip talisman, 3 uses remaining, (lvl 5); (Sunglasses) Impervious to Energy Talisman, 3 use remaining (lv5)
Vheld wrote:To Carl, Vheld will say "I recommend we rift back to MercTown directly. We can retrieve the booster I cast into the void as some additional salvage and pick up the others later." Assuming they're still alive.

Carl turns his head and looks towards the open doors. *Getting in would be no problem, but could I get back out again? Returning with this cargo and if the ship leaves without anyone else getting access to it will be fulfilling our contract in my eyes. So I guess there is no need to rest my life without knowing if there is at least the possibility of gaining something worthy of the attempt.* On the outside Carl stays expressionless, but on the inside it feels like he let out a big sigh. To Vheld he says, "Yeah, as much as I would love to take a look inside that ship, you are right, we should take the offering and depart. After we get to town, lets find a place where we can examine them away from prying eyes. To see what is in them and to ensure that it is safe enough to turn over to our client."

*If the others are still alive, I hope they are smart enough to stay that way.*
Constant Effects
MDC: Main Body200/200;
Amplified Hearing (range 360ft) +3 init;
Armor: Shadow Armor
• Attackers are -5 to strike the wearer in darkness
• M.D.C: Main body 400/400
Force Field: N-F50A Superheavy 160/160
Weapon in Hand: Duel Concealed Palm Energy Generators - Particle Beams:
☞ Mega-Damage: 5d6 MD per single blast, a duel simultaneous blast inflicts 1d6x10 MD
Weapons: Duel Rune-Daisho Swords (hilts have wrist straps to secure them when used)
☞ The power of the Battle Fury can be summoned by the wielder of these swords. Both swords must be present for the power to work. (3 times per 24 hours))
☞ Katana: 5D6 S.D.C./H.P. to mortal foes, 5d6 M.D. to M.D.C. foes and 8D6 M.D. to supernatural beings.
☞ Wakazashi: 3D6 S.D.C./H.P. to mortal foes, 3d6 M.D. to M.D.C. foes and 5D6 M.D. to supernatural beings. (Can cure wounds and bestow 5d6 HP and 5d6 sdc (or 4d6 mdc) at the same time (3 times per 24 hours))
Flight: Jet Pack[/size]
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Re: Skyfallen

Postby Lahz » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:23 pm

Perception [39%]: 1d100 = 1 [+15% involving Electronics or Machines]
JiC D20: 1d20 = 11
JiC D100: 1d100 = 24

Conditions: Telemechanics (0 ISP, Constant, 5ft, 97%), Mind-block Auto-Defense (0 ISP, Automatic), Sense Supernatural Evil & Magic Energy (1600ft if using magical or psionic powers, 600ft if NOT using powers), Radiate Nature [Cautious], Gauntlets of Mastery [+30% to Wearer's skill ratios that requires use of hands]

Telemechanics [97%]: 1d100 = 41
Forcefield: 160/160

Ace of Spades wrote:A large doorway opens and out floats two large metallic crates. There is nothing but darkness within the ship. One crate is ten feet high, twenty feet long and about six feet wide. The second is three feet high, seven feet long and three feet wide. They stop right in front of Lahz. At this point the boosters start moving away from you, and unless you try to do something to prevent it they seem to be reattaching themselves to the ship. As the doors start to close you can see some movement from within. All but Vheld can see two featureless floating metallic objects moving away from the closing doors. The voice of the ship begins broadcasting once again in the same ridiculous amount of languages.

Photographic and geographic evidence has been taken as proof of the transaction. Have a nice day. You have exactly one hour to depart and then this ship will attempt to leave this world and return to the corporation. Please be careful as you exit because the ordinance that was launched will continue on their trajectory as soon as the current status of spatio-temporal uncertainty has ended.

As Joker issues his orders, Lahz offers a mechanical nod, then turns and walks his Marauder back into the APC before tapping his radio live, "Ray, Tony. Load up the floating crates. That thing just told us we are being filmed for proof of the transaction. Me? I don't think I want to meet whoever the purchasers were supposed to be, so I'll be right back. Please don't take us through the Portal until I am back in my damn body ..."

The Psi-Tech will then do a quick mental-dive into his Marauder's Combat-Computer(CS War Machine Pg 105) and memorize some visual schematics Total Recall (2 ISP). Next, he once more commences Astral Projection (-8 ISP, 70 Minutes), assuming an intangible and invisible state so that he can sink through the floor, into the ground, and then through the ground over to the interior of the ship.

*Like HELL there is going to be a video of the Spook Squad when they get back to wherever this thing goes.*

Utilizing Telemechanics (0 ISP, 5'), Speed Reading (2 ISP, 42.00 Min), Telemechanic Mental Operation (12 ISP, 110', 7.00 Min) and/or Telemechanic Possession (50 ISP, 70', 14 Min), Lahz rises up through the structure seeking the surveillance systems and recording devices embedded within the massive ship. Thankfully, because he can fly at near-sonic speeds without disturbing the air, he hopes to to his destination quickly so that he can re-program/alter the images. Lahz has no concern with the transaction being completed, he just wants someone else taking the heat if the buyers come collecting.

To that end, if/when he is able to locate the correct systems and files (and thanks to his Formerly-Coalition-Marauder PA (a former Terror Trooper)) he replaces the transaction footage, and all footage and recordings he is able to locate of the Spooks, with images of:

A CTX-50 Linebacker Coalition Heavy Assault Tank (CS War Machine Pg 153), and a Deathbringer APC (CS War Machine Pg 160) flying up, deploying 2 Glitter-Boy Killer Power Armors (CS War Machine Pg 110), and a squad of black-armored Deadboys (1 for each of the Spooks or his own Bots, clad in CA-7 Special Forces Heavy Deadboy Armor (CS War Machine Pg 103). He replaces radar readings/signatures, whatever 'geographic evidence' is supposed to be, and every other setting/measurement he can locate, and wipes any audio-recordings.

Computer Programming 83%: EP Crit Success
Cryptography 60%: EP Crit Success
Electronic Countermeasures 51%: EP Crit Success
Read Sensory Equipment 83%: EP Crit Success

Then, the tech-ghost checks for whether he himself was captured on any interal monitoring and wipes it clean (leaving himself a 5 minute captured-loop of time on the systems where he can slip out unnoticed) so that he can return to the others. Upon return the Elf does not engage his radio "Back. Go go go ..."

-76 ISP[?]
Lahz D'Gemmel

ISP: 191/191
PPE: 22/22
HP: 32/32
SDC: 26/26

NG RA5 Arrow Ride Armor
MD by Loc: Helmet: 35/35, Main Body: 30/30
Arms: [L] 14/14 . [R] 14/14 & Legs: [L] 18/18 . [R] 18/18

N-F50A Superheavy Force Field - Not Active
M.D.C.: 160/160

Weapons: Wilk's 325 "Mariner" Pulse Pistol 2D8 MD or 4D8 MD, 900'

Other: Drone Command Gauntlet (NG2 pg 245) [Left Forearm, 10 MD, 5 Mile Wireless Range], Vibro-Knife [1d6 MD], Laser Eavesdropping Device, Multitool, Talismans from Vheld (several)

Accompanied by Ray the Droid (( NG-B50 ‘Thunderer’ BigBore Combat Hammer, Wilks Laser Sword & NG-SE9 Sharpshooter ))
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Re: Skyfallen

Postby Vinograd » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:23 am

Perception:1d100 = 41/29%
Just in Case: 1d20 = 1/1d100 = 24
Conditions: Sixth Sense.

Vinograd yawns at the whole scenario. "This was really anti-climactic." Vino says mimicing only what the others seem to be expressing. Vino shrugs and moves away from the ship. "So back to MercTown it is then?" Vino asks while following Vheld around, not having anyone else to really bother. Vino is amused by Minerva's display of psychic might and lets out a small child-like giggle.
"We are a product of our upbringing, not of our genetics." Vinograd
M.D.C.: 422/422
P.P.E.: 129/129
I.S.P.: 88/88
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Re: Skyfallen

Postby Ace of Spades » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:47 pm

There is no place like home!

Carl gives the orders and while the others pack up the crates, Lahz does a little recon. He only sees what he thinks are robots of various shapes and sizes. It takes him about 45 minutes of the hour to find and do what he needs to do. He is surprised at the ease at which he breaks through completely alien code, deletes their images and replaces it with coalition images. He is a programming freak and it looks like he is completely successful at covering the aliens' mistake in the transfer of the crates. He heads back and Vheld opens a rift to the Haunt. They make it home safely with two completely unknown crates and a massively oversized ego from the psychic elf. (Subtract the ISP and PPE used from all parties.)

What do you do??
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