When North becomes East [TKaG pt.1]

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When North becomes East [TKaG pt.1]

Postby Aegis of No Retreat » Thu Jul 16, 2020 12:18 pm

Emperor Qin scrutinizes the construction with an impassive gaze that comes naturally. By outward appearance, he seems to be a vibrantly colored statue made of terracotta clay brought to life. Here, in the oft frigid North, his ascension in this foreign land was far from likely.

And yet...

With an imperious finger, he indicates the need for attention on one of the support struts.

Immediately, a massive Baalrog nods in acknowledgment and cracks his fire whip urging a gaggle of lesser demons to action. They collectively heave and reinforce a vertical pillar that then delicately balances an exotic asian pagoda arch. Satisfied, Emperor Qin nods once before turning his back to the activity and gazing out at the horizon. It was fortuitous that he appeared on this world through the dimensional gateway known as Calgary. The indigenous labor force, though brutish and barbaric, seemed to be quite malleable and susceptible to demonstrations of physical domination. They had fashioned a kingdom of sorts for themselves, but they lacked clear vision. He would provide that vision. And this world with untapped resources, a nexus of gateways to countless other worlds and dimensions, would become his launching point to absolute dominion.

”A messenger,” his steward announces in perfect mandarin with formality. Emperor Qin spares a backward glance and the slightest of nods. There is a flurry of activity and a human freshly dressed in ceremonial Chinese garb is ushered into the makeshift receiving space.

”I bring news, my Emperor,” the messenger states while kowtowing, drawing a moment of silent burning fury from the Emperor at the wasted breath repeating the obvious. Still, the Emperor knows better than to punish the messenger for such a small infraction without purpose, so he lets the moment pass. ”A bounty has been placed on your head. Fifteen million credits will be paid to the team with proof of your demise.”

Emperor Qin spares another glance at his steward who responds to the messenger without hesitation, ”Find out what more you can. What teams have been contracted and who is sponsoring the contract. You are dismissed.”

The door closes behind the messenger and his steward bears a worried look on his face. ”We do nothing.” Emperor Qin advises, sensing his servant's consternation, ”Like moths to a flame, we let our enemies reveal themselves.”

Over his shoulder, the grand arch is hoisted back into place. Once it settles, the perfect symmetry of the moment frames the terracotta dictator with an aura of destiny.
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