Rate your...AGM?

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He's new! He's getting his feet under him! How's he doing?

Poll ended at Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:17 am

10. I never knew I was asleep until I was awoken by these amazing posts. I weep tears of joy.
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5. The game is moving along and nobody's died yet.
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1. Can't we just wait for SNAFU to get better?
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Rate your...AGM?

Postby Mad Scientist » Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:17 am

Dunno if I need one of these, but if nothing else I'm curious. ^_^
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Mad Scientist
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Re: Rate your...AGM?

Postby Jack Killian » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:46 pm

Slow on the uptake but then we started going. Things are moving now. You were put in a tough position but you made it through. How are you feeling?
"Flash Fry, put another Shrimp on the Barbie" Gmail: Sinder.JKing@gmail.com
OOC Comments
Jack Killian

P.P.E.: 4
I.S.P.: 196/196
H.P.: 37/ 37 MD
S.D.C.: 78/ 78

Armor: MDC Composite Animal Armor
A.R.: 14
M.D.C.: 35

Weapon Carried:
ATA "Super 10" Shotgun P200. 100ft range (1 MDC round left)
2 SDC Reloads
1 MDC reload

NeraTech Pn-50 "Splatter Gun": Range: 60', Payload: 18/clip,
2 clips (current)Acid: 4D6 S.D.C. or 2D6 M.D. to a 3 foot radius.

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Jack Killian
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Re: Rate your...AGM?

Postby William Summers » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:02 pm

The Man in Black
William Summers
HP: 55/55
SDC: 62/62
PPE: 142/157

TW Infiltrado Armor:
M.D.C. by Location
• Helmet: 18/40 • Main Body: 55/55
• Left Leg: 35/35 • Right Leg: 35/35
• Left Arm: 25/25 • Right Arm: 25/25

Features: Thermokinetic (thermal and kinetic attacks do 25% less damage), Forearm-Mounted Retractable Silver-Plated Vibro-Blades (1 each forearm): +1d6 M.D. to Punch Damage
TW Enhancements: Sigilo, Percatación, Cuerpo, Bravura. See sheet for descriptions.

Iron Sword: 5D6 MD.
Kisentite Sword: 2D6+6 MD. +2 to strike and parry.
TW Thundergun Revolver: 3D6 SDC to mortals, 5D6 MD to magic beings, 1D6x10 MD to supernatural beings. 6/6. Range: 200'. Recharge: 10 PPE.
MP-3 MageFire Bolt Pistol: 3D6+3 MD. 8/8. Range: 500'. Recharge: 12 PPE.
TW Horde Buster Rifle: 1D6*10 or 1D6 per projectile. +1 to strike. 5/5. Range: 1100'. Recharge: 20 PPE.

Grenade Bandoleers (2): 1 Seeker Bat Grenade, 1 Void Grenade, 3 Flashfire Grenades, 1 Acid Grenade, 1 Plasma Grenade, 1 Heavy HE Grenade, 1 Flash Freeze Grenade, 1 Smoke Grenade.

Wing Board Turbo

8th Ring of Elder
☞ Reduces by half the amount of P.P.E. required to perform any magical feat, ability or spell.
☞ Doubles the duration of any magic feat, ability or spell.
☞ Doubles the range of any magic feat, ability or spell.

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William Summers
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Re: Rate your...AGM?

Postby Murdoc » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:40 pm

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Re: Rate your...AGM?

Postby Bettie Houser » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:09 pm

Bettie Houser
M.D.C.: [180/180]
- ATEA-50 Supai Stealth Armor
MDC: [100/100]

- NG-33
- Kisentite Sword
- NE-700 Vulcan Mini-Gun

- Sunglasses
- Cred cards
- IRMSS kit
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Bettie Houser
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Diamond Level Patron
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Re: Rate your...AGM?

Postby Wakiza » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:31 pm

Voted. Thanks for stepping in!!!
OOC Comments
P.P.E.: 30/30
I.S.P.: 54/115
H.P.: 74/74
S.D.C.: 110/110
MDC from Psychic Body Field: 90/90 (Not Active)

Constant Effects
Advanced Combat Awareness
Sixth Sense (2)
Character is Very Difficult to See w/ Thermal (see Zen Combat, Naruni & Stalker armor)

NE-BA-26 Modified Special Body Armor
M.D.C. by Location
• Main Body: 103/103; Force Field: 75
• Helmet: 57; Arms: 46 each; • Legs: 57 each
• Masks Infrared & Thermal Emissions (Only 1-25% chance of showing up a thermal scan, even if deteced scan will be unclear)
• Kinetic Dampening & Cushioning System [1/2 Damage from Explosions, High Spd Impacts (rail guns, arrows, bullets)]
• 1/2 Damage from MD Fire/Heat/Plasma (Magic Included)
• Language Translator (American, Dragonese, Euro, French, Spanish, Techno-Can, Demongogian & Chinese)
• PPE Battery: 80 / 100

NG Stalker Suit (under clothes and armor) - 12/12 MDC
• Thermal detection systems suffer a penalty of -20% to the Read Sensory Equipment skill.

Cyber Armor Regenerates 1d6 mdc/hr
A.R.: 17, Main Body: 73, Upper Legs: 21 each, Forearms: 16 each, Shoulders: 14 each, Back/Shoulder Plate: 21 each

"If men make war in slavish obedience to rules, they will fail."

Some soldier name of Grant said this over 450 years ago

Blues Saraceno – Dogs of War
Man of Constant Sorrow
Nick Nolan - Life of Sin
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