Travis Murdoc (Human Headhunter Techno-Warrior)

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Travis Murdoc (Human Headhunter Techno-Warrior)

Postby Murdoc » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:42 am

Player Name: James
Hangouts: jmarlow3737

Character Name: Travis Murdoc
Race: Human
Alignment: Unprincipaled

O.C.C.: Juicer - Detoxed
XP Level: 5 Juicer (Frozen)
XP Points: 25,521 (Frozen) (30,091 (Blackhaunt: 6/6/17))

O.C.C.: Headhunter Techno-Warrior
XP Level: 4
XP Point Apprentice: 2,101 (Frozen)
XP Points: 13.993 (Mad Scientist 10/01/2018)
Next Level @ XP: 17,201

Sentiments/Non-Humans: Conditional tolerance. D-bees don't belong here, but it ain't their fault. Treats them reasonably well, distrusts those he doesn't know, but may consider a D-Bee he knows and likes a trusted friend.
Sentiments/Coalition: Suspicious and Fearful of the CS.
Disposition: Gambler
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 23
M.A.: 14
P.S.: 40* (Robotic)
P.P.: 22
P.E.: 20
P.B.: 15
Speed: 88 (60 mph)

P.P.E.: 8
H.P.: 39/39
S.D.C.: 185/185
Age: 32 (looks 42)
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 6”
Weight: 485 lbs.
Description: Thickly built with a thump in his step and close cropped hair, dark eyes and usually a good bit of scruff on his chin. Looks older than he once did but is now somehow more distinguished.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 74% (+3%)
- Nightsight: +15% at night only
- Amplified Hearing: +15%
- Multi-Optic Eyes: +15%
Max. Encumbrance: 388 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 1000 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 2000 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 52' across / 43' high with short run, 31.2'/25.8' from dead stop
Running Speed: 5280' per minute, 1320' per melee

Special Abilities
1. Automatic Dodge
2. Ambidextrous (WP Paired)
3. Find Contraband: 65% +3%
- A variant of the standard Find Contraband skill narrowly focused on technological contraband, particularly bionics and weapons, to the exclusion of all else (drugs, magic, etc.)
4. No fear of heights
6. Character can throw objects 50% farther than usual with no penalty to strike
7. Character tires at 5% the normal rate of fatigue. Can stay awake and alert for 48 hrs then can rest with just 6 hours sleep.
8. Character can leap 12’ high and 20’ long from a standstill and twice as much with a running start.
9. Character’s skeleton is virtually indestructible (2000 MDC), further all vital organs are protected by the endoskeleton completely.
10.Character is impervious pain.
11. Character has a 'deadened touch' (-5% to skills requiring manual dexterity, applied)

Bionics & Cybernetics
1. Nano-regeneration 3d6 M.D.C. or 6d6 S.D.C. per hour
2. Armor Graft: 100 M.D.C. A.R. 17
3. Multi-Eye:
Full 20/20 Enhanced Color Vision Has six different magnifications from 10x to 50x. 5000 foot (1524 m) and filters to reduce glare, comes with Passive Nightvision and Thermal Vision.
Spectra-Eye: A full-spectrum cybernetic eye, running all the way from light frequencies below infrared to well beyond ultraviolet, as well as microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays, and energy trails from weaponry discharges, heat and radiation. Bonuses: Ideal for scanning machines and metal for imperfections, damage and overheating, tracking (base skill of 40% or adds +15% to those with the tracking skill) and seeing the invisible (can see any being that generates heat or radiation, but not Astral beings or truly ethereal supernatural spirits or life essences). Range: 100 feet (30.5 m)..
Targeting Eye +1 to strike on ranged attacks
4. Universal headjack/ear implant with Full Augmentation
The amplified hearing also enables the character to accurately estimate the distance and location of the sound source, and recognize specific sounds and voices: 55% +5%
Bonuses: +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, +6 on initiative.
5. Amplified Audio
6. Built-in Language Translator
7. Built-in Radio Transmitter & Receiver (100 miles)
8. Cyberlink Vehicle Interface (2; one in hand and head).
The Cyberlink is meant for simple vehicles like hovercraft and PA but can be used with large and sophisticated military vehicles such as tanks, aircraft, ships, and giant robots, but only in a limited way. In this circumstance, the cyborg can only jack into one particular aspect of the vehicle, i.e. one specific weapon (with its related computer-targeting), or one specific computer, or the communications system (radio and sensory systems), or the specific piloting of the vehicle, and so on. It takes one action to link.
Cyberlink Bonuses and Special Abilities:
+1 on initiative when linked to a vehicle.
+1 to strike when using the vehicle or built-in weapon.
+1 to dodge when linked to a vehicle.
+1 melee action/attack when linked to a vehicle. This extra action involves the use of the vehicle, i.e. one extra evasive action, trick maneuver, blast from a vehicle weapon, etc.
• The Cyberlink gives the cyborg a base skill of 45% to pilot any small one- or two-man vehicle. Taking formal training in Piloting Skills improves the character's mastery over a specific class or type of vehicle (use the skill level instead of the base of 45%), and, in this case, provides a bonus of+10% to that particular piloting skill.
• The cyborg can also "tweak" the vehicle's speed, increasing its normal maximum speed by one percentage point equal to his I.Q. Thus, a cyborg with an I.Q. of 8 can increase the speed by 8%; a character with an I.Q. of 12 by 12%, and so on. This increased speed can be maintained for three minutes per M.E. point.
9. Enhanced Sense of Scent/Taste:
Recognize Common Odor/Flavor 88% Identify Specific 78% Track by Smell/Taste alone 68%
10. Bionic Lung with gas filter & oxygen storage cell. (1 hour)
11. Clock Calendar, Gyro-Compass, Personal Computer, Bio-Comp Monitoring System (Single system)
12. Gromeko Friend or Foe Identification Computer. (Enemy Profiling, North American Data)

O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 98% +1%
Language: Spanish 91% +3%
Language: Euro 91% +3%
Language: Dragonese / Elven 82% +3%
Literacy: American 70% +5%
Detect Ambush 75% +5%
Detect Concealment 55% +5%
Electronic Countermeasures 60% +5%
Land Navigation 74% +4%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 60% +5%
Pilot: Tanks & APCs 62% +4%
Pilot: Hovercycles, Skycycles & Rocketbikes 101% +3%
Pilot: Motorcycles & Snowmobiles 96% +4%
Pilot: Robot and Power Armor Combat: Basic
Radio: Basic 95% +5%
Read Sensory Equipment 60% +5%
Recognize Weapon Quality 70% +5%
Tracking: People 55% +5%
Wilderness Survival 75% +5%
W.P. Knife
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Sword
W.P. Handgun
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Acrobatics (Frozen)
- Sense of Balance 115% +5% (Frozen)
- Walk Tightrope or Highwire 107% +3% (Frozen)
- Climb Rope 123% +2% (Frozen)
- Back Flip 115% +5% (Frozen)
Climbing 115% +5% (Frozen)
- Rappelling 105% +5% (Frozen)
Running (frozen)

O.C.C. Related Skills
Prowl 100% +5
Pilot: Robots and Power Armor 68% +3% (5th level)
Pilot: Robot (and Power Armor) Combat: Elite: Light Power Armor (Ground) (4th level)
Trap / Mine Detection 65% +5%
Demolitions 91% +3%
Demolitions Disposal 93% +3%
Parachuting 60% +5 (2nd level)
Physical: Deadball (Frozen)
W.P. Deadball (Frozen)
Fencing (Frozen)

Secondary Skills
Gambling (Standard) 65% +5%
Mathematics: Basic 80% +5%
Computer Operation 75% +5%
Rope Works 55% +5%
S.C.U.B.A. 45% +5%
Undersea and Sea Survival 45% +5%
General Repair & Maintenance 55% +5%
Weapon Systems 67% +5%
Swimming 90% +5%
Literacy: Spanish 35% +5% (2nd level)
First Aid 50%+5% (2nd level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts (lvl 8 )
Number of Attacks: 8
Initiative Bonus: +7
Strike Bonus: +7
Ranged Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +10
Entangle: +2
Dodge Bonus: +12
Auto-Dodge Bonus: +0
HTH Damage Bonus: +25
Bonus to Roll: +14
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +12
Bonus to Disarm: +3 (called shot with WP)
Kick Attack: 2d6
Body Flip/Throw: 1d6 victim loses init & 1 attack
Karate Punch: 2d4
Leap Kick: 3d8 (2 melees)
Critical Strike on an unmodified roll of 18, 19 or 20
Can preform Holds
Back Flip and Back Flip Escape

Robot and Power Armor Combat: Basic
Number of Attacks: 9
Initiative Bonus: +7
Strike Bonus: +8
Ranged Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +11
Entangle: +2
Dodge Bonus: +15
Auto-Dodge Bonus: +0
Bonus to Roll: +18
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +12
Bonus to Disarm: +3

Robot and Power Armor Combat: Elite: Light Power Armor (Ground)
Number of Attacks: 9
Initiative Bonus: +8
Strike Bonus: +10
Strike Bonus (energy and long-range weapons): +4
Parry Bonus: +12
Entangle: +2
Dodge Bonus: +14
Auto-Dodge Bonus: +0
Bonus to Roll: +19
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +15
Bonus to Disarm: +7
Power Punch: Double damage, but counts as two melee attacks.
Tear or pry with hands: 1D4 M.D.
Punch Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
Kick Damage: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S.
Body Block/Ram: As per Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage.
Full Speed Running Ram: Double Robot (or Augmented) P.S. punch damage, plus 01-50% likelihood of knocking an opponent off his feet if the opponent is the same size or smaller (reduce by half if twice as big). Victim takes damage and is knocked off his feet, losing initiative and two melee attacks/actions.

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Knife; +3 to Strike, +3 to Parry, +3 to Strike w/Thrown (lvl 8)
W.P. Energy Pistol; +4 to Strike (lvl 8)
W.P. Energy Rifle; +4 to Strike (lvl 8)
W.P. Sword; +4 to Strike, +4 to Parry, +2 to Strike w/Thrown, +1d6 to DMG (lvl 8)
W.P. Handgun; +4 to Strike (lvl 8)
W.P. Deadball (frozen)
W.P. Paired Weapons (per Hth:MA)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +40%
Magic (varies): +3
Lethal Poison (14+): +9
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +9
Disease: +6
Insanity (12+): +6
Psionics (varies): +10
Possession: +2
Mind Control (Psychic & Chemical):
Biomanipulation: +2
Horror Factor: +6
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Re: Travis Murdoc (WIP)

Postby Murdoc » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:40 pm


(1) Unsecured Universal Credstick: 160,000 (020415 - SNAFU)
Secure Universal Card: 1,500 credits
Non-Secure Black Card: 1,600 credits

Worn on Person
IDF Commando Wristwatch (MercOps, 116)

Optic Glasses, tinted goggles; Passive Nightvision Range; 300 ft (MercOps, 119)

Camouflage Fatigues, gray

Ivory Charm
M.D.C.: 5
Magic Features
• Impervious to Horror Factor: 30/30 minutes; 2/3 daily.
• Nightvision 60': 60/60 minutes; 2/3 daily.
History: A trinket of protection, for those who must work in the dark, alongside monsters.

Arkhon TB-Prime Tri-Beam Energy Rifle
• Range: 2000'
• Damage: 1D6x10 M.D. 5D6 M.D. vs. force fields and Arkhon Cerasteel armor; Grenade: 4D6 M.D. (12' radius).
• Rate of Fire: single shots only
• Payload: 30 Tri-Beam blasts per long e-clip, and 3 grenades

Utility Belt
E-clip (spare - full)
E-clip (spare - full)
2 - clips of silver ammo (30 rounds each) for Caseless Pistol
1 - Long E-Clips
3 - Arkhon rifle grenades

(1) AN-M14 Incendiary Grenade
Blast Radius: 120'
Damage: 3d4*10 within 12', 1d6*10 at 13'-24', 5d6 at 25'-36', 2d6 at 37'-120'
Burn Duration: 10 melees
Fuse Delay: 4-5 seconds

Goblin Bombs
(BoM, 328)
(1) Globe of Daylight flare, hand held; 3d4 minutes
(1) Globe of Daylight flare, launched; 3d4 minutes
(1) Extinguish fire G-Bomb; 20 ft radius

NG-45LP Long Pistol
• Weight: 5 lbs (2.25 kg)
• Range: 1,200 feet (366 m)
• Mega-Damage: 5D6 M.D. per shot
• Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack
• Payload: 8/3 shots

Underarm shoulder holster

Modified Caseless-Pistol
• Range: 1,500'
• Damage & RoF:
• • Single Shot: 4D6
• • 10-Round Burst: 2D4x10
• Payload: 30 round magazine
• Modifiers: +2 to strike (custom grip, adjusted balance)
• Weight: 2 lbs.

Phase Sword
∙ Damage: 4D6 M.D. or S.D.C./Hit Point damage, plus the wielders' P.S. bonus, if any.
∙ Note: See page 122 of Phase World sourcebook for details on phase weapons

TFRC-02 FreeRunner Combat Exoskeleton
M.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 30
• Arms: 30 each
• Legs: 40 each
• Main Body: 70
• Force Field: 75
Modifiers: -5% to prowl
Combat Bonuses: +1 attack per melee, +3 on initiative, +1 to parry and dodge, +3 to disarm, and +6 to pull punch and roll with impact.
• All Features of Triax EBA
• +6 to PS, +4 to P.P.
• Speed: Triples the wearer's normal running Spd, and the act of running tires the user at 20% the usual rate of fatigue.
• Leaping: Increases the wearer's usual ability/range by 50%.
• Masks infrared and thermal emissions, only 21% chance to be detected by such devices. +10% to hide/camouflage.
• Molecular Adhesion Pads on hands and feet.
• Impact Absorbing Systems: (see page 89 of MercOps)
• Bonuses do not stack with those provided by other suits worn beneath
•Powered by 4 E-Clip (one month of regular use)
N-F20A Medium Force Field
• M.D.C.: 75
• Weight: 10 lbs.
• No movement penalties
• 10 hour duration per E-clip

Mission Gear

Montezuma's Crown
Rare Enchanted Headress
M.D.C.: 10
Magic Features
• Armor of Ithan
•• 50 M.D.C.
• Charges: 1/3 daily
• Globe of True Daylight
•• Illuminates a radius of 60'
• Duration: 10 minutes.
• Charges: 2/3 daily

Hummingbird’s Mahautl
Greater Holy Warclub
Damage: 6d6 M.D. (x3 to creatures vulnerable to sunlight or the undead)
1. Unusually tough; seldom break — it takes a lot to destroy one of these weapons and the blades rarely dull.
2. Made of ordinary metal but glow with a halo of energy that is yellow, registers as magic.
3. Adds +5% to all prayers to one's deity.
4. Its bonuses, doubled damage capacity and special powers will not work when used by creatures of magic, supernatural beings, undead or animated dead!
Greater & Special Abilities
• Runes of courage and Willpower: +2 to save versus Horror Factor and +1 to save versus Magic.
• Circle of Protection (When held overhead in both hands)
• Sense ‘Enemies of the Sun’ or the undead
• • 120’ glows in proximity to creatures vulnerable to sunlight or the undead
History: An Aztec Warclub created by Huitzilopochtli to keep Murdoc alive.
Note: W.P. Sword is applicable.

Grenade: Dead-ball: 2
• Range: approximately 40 yards/120 ft/ 36 m
• Mega-Damage: 3d6
• Blast Radius: 20 ft (1.8 m)

Pug's Vamp Special
.50 Caliber Silver Plated (1d4 as a blunt weapon)
Weight: 4.6 lbs.
Damage: 6D6 S.D.C. (Single Shot) or 1D6x10+12 S.D.C. (3-Round Burst)
Range: 200 feet.
Payload: 15/15 Round Clip. (silver)
Bonuses: +2 to Strike on Called/Aimed Shots.
Modifications: None

Juicer - Assassin Plate Armor (Not EBA)
M.D.C. by Location:
• Head/Helmet - 30
• Arms - 12 each
• Legs - 24 each
• Main Body - 45
Modifiers: -5% to Prowl, Climb, Swim, Acrobatics and similar physical skills.

Wingrider Flying Wing
Manufacturer: Unknown
Class: Hover Vehicle.
Crew: One.
Main Body M.D.C.: 180
Chulki Hooks (4) M.D.C.: 5
Strafing Lasers (2) M.D.C.: 20
Rear Jet Engines (2) M.D.C.: 75
Railings (2) M.D.C.: 25
Pilot Harness System M.D.C.: 50
Wings M.D.C.: 130
Maximum Speed: Flight: 300 mph (480 km); max altitude is 6,000 feet (1,828m).
Maximum Range: unlimited.
Bonuses: +1 on initiative, +1 to parry, +2 to dodge.
Chulki Hooks (2): SPECIAL! These are used as grapnels for the Wing to hook onto things and make incredibly tight turns. They are not meant as a weapon. Chulki Hook, however, can be used for various combat moves (1D6 M.D. or 2D6 M.D. per 50 mph/80 km).
Strafing Lasers (2): Mega-Damage: 2D6 M.D. (single shot); 4D6 M.D. (double shot). Rate of Fire: Equal to the umber of attacks per melee round. Range: 1,200 feet (366 m). Payload: unlimited.
Folding Wings: Wingboard is 50% it's normal width in 'storage mode'
Glovebox; 1' volume of storage space.
Gunrack Attachment: up to two rifles can be attached

Drug Harness and drug supply (12 months)

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Stored for transit in Submarine

Other Gear
Stored at Roughnecks HQ


Powerful Contact: Thirsty Pete - Techno-Wizard extraordinaire
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Re: Travis Murdoc (WIP)

Postby Murdoc » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:41 pm


Travis had his eyes closed, the drugs coursing through his system lulling him to sleep as he thought about his birth. The day his Juicer conversion was complete, not the day his mom whelped him. Those days were gone. Years wasted as a grocery clerk job in Los Alamos. Years wasted watching the Deadball games as the talented juiced players lived lush lifestyles.

Though he conceded his conception was the day he won on the long odds of a Deadball tournament, the seed of his birth.

His new childhood was the weeks it took to master his new, wonderful abilities. His adolescence was the six weeks he spent in the Deadball League, being told he was no more than an average player. Wasted time, much like his actual adolescence and his twenties for that matter.

Travis' eyes popped open. The small room was dark and empty and time was slipping away from him. The time since he left the Deadball League when he tried his hand at being a Deputy. The thrill was there, sometimes, but there was nothing lucrative about it.

But now. Now Travis had a plan. He saw how the mercs lived. Weeks of excitement out in the world and fat paychecks when they made it back.

It was time for him to start burning the candle at both ends. He sprang out of the bed, unsure why he rented the room for the night. Grabbing his gear, he was ready. He had Merctown in his sights and he wasn't going to stop until he got there.
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