SPC4. Casper Wilpepper (Human, Vanguard Savant) [Level up]

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SPC4. Casper Wilpepper (Human, Vanguard Savant) [Level up]

Postby Casper Wilpepper » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:10 am

Player Name: RC
G-Mail: rcbrooks1138 at gmail

Character Name: Casper Wilpepper
Alias: None
Rank: Specialist 4th Class
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Vanguard Savant
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 4 [Level up! 10/1/19]
XP Points: 17,853 CSHC 10/1/19
Next Level @ XP: 25,921
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Demons, Deevils and their supernatural ilk need scrubbed from the earth. But who can blame normal D-Bees for wanting to be human? He would want to be human if he were them.
Sentiments/Coalition: The Coalition is and will continue to be humanity's champions. There are a few issues, once he ascends to his destiny, that he will fix in time once the Coalition is restored from its current dictatorship.
Disposition: Everything is a game and the military with its numerous rules are the easiest to play. He is constantly looking for the advantage, more influence and more power. However around "common" folk he is at ease as he enjoys conversation without manipulation hiding behind every word.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 18
M.E.: 20
M.A.: 24
P.S.: 10
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 21
P.B.: 18
Speed: 12

P.P.E.: 98
H.P.: 31
S.D.C.: 54
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Description: Tall, dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes are complimented by his deep pleasant voice. When situations get rough he flashes the winning smile that's sure to make any situation better.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 26%
Charm/Impress: 40%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 80%
Max. Encumbrance: 87 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 100 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 160 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 14' long, 1' high

Special Abilities
Sense Ley Lines and Magic Energy
    Sense ley line ☞ 30% (+5%)
    Sense ley line nexus ☞ 35% (+5%)
    Sense a Rift: 35miles (+5 miles)
    Sense magic in use: 300ft (+100ft/lvl)
    See magic energy: 500ft
Ley Line Transmission
Ley Line Rejuvenation
Ley Line Observation Ball
Ley Line Drifting (EP)
Streetwise (Special) ☞ 32% (+4) +20% in Burbs +10% places assigned to live for 6 months, +5% in a city or town

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 13
Globe of Daylight (2)
Lantern Light (1)
See Aura (6)
See the Invisible (4)
Sense Evil (2)
Sense Magic (4)
Cleanse (6)
Detect Concealment (6)
Levitation (5)
Manipulate Objects (2+)
Tum the Dead (6)
Armor of Ithan (10)
Breathe Without Air (10)
Energy Bolt (5)
Charismatic Aura (10)
Calling (8)
Charm (12)
Distant Voice (10)
Energy Disruption (12)
Eyes of Thoth (8)
Instill Knowledge (15)
Mend the Broken (10+)
Sustain (12)
Energize Spell (12)
Frequency Jamming (15)
Memory Bank (12)
Tongues (12)
Words of Truth (15)
Dispel Magic Barriers (20)
Heal Self (20)
Negate Mechanics (20)
See Wards (20)
Eyes of the Wolf (25)
Desiccate the Supernatural (50)
Transferal (50)
Purge Other (100)
Time Hole (210)

O.C.C. Skills
Basic Math ☞ 89% (+5%)
Advanced Math ☞ 79% (+5%)
Computer Operation ☞ 74% (+5%)
Land Navigation ☞ 54% (+4%)
Prowl ☞ 49% (+5%)
Lore: D-Bees ☞ 49% (+5%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters ☞ 54% (+5%)
Lore: Magic
    ☞ General Knowledge: 54% (+5%)
    ☞ Recog. Magic Circles, Runes, etc: 44% (+5%)
    ☞ Recognize Enchantment 37% (+4%)
Literacy American ☞ 94% (+5%)
Literacy Dragonese ☞ 64% (+5%)
Literacy Demongogian ☞ 64% (+5%)
Literacy Japanese ☞ 64% (+5%)
Speak Dragonese/Elven ☞ 85% (+3%)
Speak Demongogian ☞ 85% (+3%)
Seduction ☞ 36% (+3%)
Surveillance Systems ☞ 54% (+5%)
    Tailing ☞ 49% (+5%)
Basic Electronics ☞ 44% (+5%)
Research ☞ 74% (+5%)
W.P. Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Aikido

O.C.C. Related Skills
Radio Basic ☞ 69% (+5%)
Intelligence ☞ 49% (+5%)
Chemistry:Analytical ☞ 49% (+5%)
Archaeology ☞ 54%/44% (+5%)
Computer Operation ☞ 64% (+5%)
Computer Programming ☞ 54% (+5%)
Computer Hacking ☞ 44% (+5%)
Performance ☞ 59% (+5%)
Lore: Psychics & Psionics ☞ 49% (+5%)
Forced March (2nd level)
Boxing (3rd level)

Officer Advanced Training Skills [Full Course]:
History: Pre-Rifts ☞ 54%/44% (+4%, main focus is Military History)
History: Post-Apocalyptic ☞ 64%/59% (+5%; main focus is Military History)
Literacy (CS): American (+20%, applied)
Military Etiquette ☞ 69% (+5%)
Public Speaking ☞ 59% (+5%)
W.P. Handguns
W.P. Sword

Secondary Skills
Climbing/Rappelling ☞ 44/34% (+5%)
Pilot: Automobile ☞ 68% (+2%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Aikido
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +0
Parry Bonus: +4
Dodge Bonus: +4
Auto-Dodge Bonus: +0
HTH Damage Bonus: +0
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +4
Bonus to Disarm: +1
Break Fall: +4
Kick: 2D4
Body block/tackle
Body Flip/throw
Break fall
Auto Dodge

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Energy Rifle -- +1 to Strike
W.P. Handgun -- +1 to Strike
W.P. Sword -- +6 to Strike, +5 Parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 12%
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): +0
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +0
Insanity (12+): +3
Psionics (15+): +3
Horror Factor (varies): +4
Possession: +4
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Re: Casper Wilpepper

Postby Casper Wilpepper » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:11 am


Bryce Motor Works Adder Off-Road Sportster

Carried/In Hand
Wilk's 457 Laser Pulse Rifle on strap (over shoulder)

Worn on Person
CA-JS9 RCSG Special Armored Jumpsuit
GEAR Load-Bearing Chest Rig
GEAR Utility Belt
Piecemeal Riot Armor
Branaghan Overcoat
NG-S2 Survival Backpack

GEAR Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
Developed by Coalition Munitions and Northern Gun, these chest LBHs often are only issued to favored troops or special forces.
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 small pouch, 2 attachment points will carry a medium pouch, and three will carry a large as explained here.
    • Binoculars Pouch (Med): Pair of Infrared Distancing Binoculars
    • Pistol Holster (Med): Custom Vintage NEMA Automag Pistol with 1911 style case
    • Pistol Ammo Pouch (Small): 1 Magazine with Silver Ammunition, 1 Magazine with Regular Ammunition
    • Multi-Purpose Pouch (Small): Silver Cross and Pocket Mirror
    • Radio Pouch (Small): Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie
    • Multi-Purpose Pouch (Small): Disc Recorder/Player and Language Translator
    • Attachment: 4 Note Pads, 3 Pens/Markers, Pen Flashlight
    • Grenade Pouch (Small): 2/2 Smoke GrenadesPlasma Grenade
    • Grenade Pouch (Small): 2/2 Plasma Grenade
    • Grenade Pouch (Small): 2/2 Fragmentation Grenade

GEAR Utility Belt
    • Pistol Holster (Med): NG-33 Laser Pistol Block II
    • Pistol Ammo Pouch (Small): 2/2 Pistol E-Clips
    • Pistol Ammo Pouch (Small): 2/2 Pistol E-Clips
    • First Aid Pouch (Small): Contains several rolls of gauze, four pressure bandages, antiseptic cream, protein healing gel, multi-tool (with scissors and razor knife), several rolls of medical tape, mechanical tourniquet and air-passage stabilizer. This is the size of a small all-purpose storage pouch.
    • Sheath: Vibro-Knife (Silvered)
    • Canteen Pouch, Medium: Holds one 1-liter (one quart) canteen securely.
    • Rifleman's Large Magazine Pouch: These pouches are standard issue for many infantry forces throughout the world. It has a drawstring pouch for spent magazines (holds 4 magazines, total, including both fresh and empty magazines), and has a weapon cleaning kit built into the pouch's frame. The pouch must be removed from the belt for the cleaning kit to be used, but allows the rifleman to maintain his or her weapon in the field. This is the size of a large all-purpose storage pouch and can be placed on the standard utility belt.
    •• 3/3 Rifle E-Clips

NG-S2 Survival Backpack
    • See Page 187 Game Master Guide for full details of prepacked gear
    • Space: Pocket Computer
    • Space: Spare Set of Clothes
    • Space: Spare Set of Clothes
    • Space: Spare Shoes

Stored in Vehicle
    • Space:
    • Space:
    • Space:
    • Space:
    • Space:
    • Space:

Small Sack
Large Sack

Multi-Optics Helmet
M.D.C.: 50
• • Thermal-Imaging: 1,600'
• • Infrared: 1,600'
• • Nightvision: 1,600'
• • Targeting Sight: 1,600'
• • Telescopic Monocular Lens (2 miles)
• • Integrated Radio
Modifier: +1 strike with ranged weapons when Targeting Sight is engaged

Savings (from CS Pay):
Secure Universal Card: 2975 credits
Non-Secure Black Card: 3000 credits

Gear Stats

Wilk's 457 Laser Pulse Rifle on strap
• Range: 2000'
• Damage: 3D6+2 M.D. or 1D6x10 MD burst
• Rate of Fire: Single shots or 3-shot bursts only
• Payload: 30 single shots per LE-Clip
• Modifiers: +1 to Strike on an aimed shot

Custom Vintage NEMA Automag Pistol
• Weight: 1.6 lbs
• Damage: 5D6 S.D.C. per single shot or 1d6X10 S.D.C. Rubber bullets do 1d4 per round and 2d4 per burst; reduce range by 30%
• Rate of fire: Single shot or three round bursts.
• Effective Range: 200'
• Payload: 18 round magazine.
• Bonuses: +2 to strike on aimed/called shot. No bonus for bursts.

NG-33 Laser Pistol Block II
• Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
• Range: 800 feet (244 m)
• Mega-Damage: 2d4 M.D. per blast
• Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack
• Payload: 20 shots

Vibro-Knife (Silvered)
Damage: 1D6 M.D.

Smoke Grenades
Plasma Grenade
Fragmentation Grenade

CA-JS9H RCSG Special Armored Uniform
Handmade from natural sources by the RCSG itelf, this fully environmental jumpsuit comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, but the most common is that mirroring either the CS uniform or a more generic jump suit that mirrors the look of the Huntsman line of jumpsuits. Special gloves, boots, and helmets can seal the armor to make them fully environmental, though they need an external backpack for that to fuction. The suit are waterproof and airtight when sealed. The method by which they are made, incorporating certain PPE rich materials into the construction, allows magic to flow through normally, even when wholly environmentally sealed. Better, it is easily concealed under most armor and clothes. Although designed for the RCSG, the few vanguard who have gotten their hands on them treasure them.
M.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 15/15
• Arm (L): 5/5
• Arm (R): 5/5
• Leg (L): 5/5
• Leg (R): 5/5
• Main Body: 15/15
Mobility: Superior; No movement penalties of any kind
Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)
Special Features: Fully Environmental (currently lacking the backpack needed); Radio: 5 miles (8 km); Wrist Mini-Comp; Tracking Device

Piecemeal Riot Armor
M.D.C. by Location
• Helmet: N/A - None
• Arms: 35 each
• Legs: 50 each
• Main Body: 50
• Built-in Force-field: 45
Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5kg)
Modifiers: -5% to climb and -10% to movement & physical skills
Special Features:
• Only covers chest, 75% of arms, and 75% of legs
• 12 hour force-field duration per E-clip

Branaghan Overcoat
M.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 15/15
• Arm (L): 8/8
• Arm (R): 8/8
• Leg (L): 12/12
• Leg (R): 12/12
• Main Body: 28/28
Mobility: Good; -5% to all physical skills
Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)

Portable Language Translator
• Weight: 0.5 lbs.
• The device must be pointed towards the speaker(s)
• Can monitor up to 3 different voices and two languages or dialects at the same time with an accuracy of 98.7% with with a three second delay if pointed at just one individual, but drops to 78% with a six second delay when translating multiple speakers simultaneously. Translator can also be set to translate the operators words into the language of those he is speaking to.
• Transmits via earphones, broadcast over a small built in speaker or via connection to a cybernetic headjack.
• Comes Programmed with the nine common languages spoken in North America.
• Can hold up to 3 additional languages in memory.
• Up to 12 additional languages can be added with a supplemental language data disk.
• Conversations can be recorded onto a one inch size audio disk with a 3hr capacity (20cr per disk)

Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie with Wireless Headset and Sub-Vocal Throat Mic
☞ Weight: 1 lb.
☞ M.D.C.: 2
☞ Range: 10 miles
☞ Battery Life: A rechargeable battery provides 96 hours of continuous operation before needing to be recharged.
☞ Note: attempts to crack the encryption suffer a -25% modifier.

Bryce Motor Works Adder Off Road Sportster
Offered by Manstique Imperium based Bryce Motor Works (a wholly owned subsidiary of Wellington Industries), the Adder is a hardy resilient vehicle that can get almost anywhere it would like. It is small in size and a truly “all-terrain” vehicle that can handle snow, mud, prairies, deserts, and even travel completely submerged underwater, though not at any great depth. It provides Mega-Damage protection, can accommodate one additional passenger, and has a suite of special features that make it a versatile companion out in the wild. First off, it has controls for altering tire pressure, operating each wheel individually and raising or lowering the body of the vehicle on hydraulics. Second, it has full environmental capabilities similar to those of robot vehicles. Third, it performs well in snow and mud, and can drive completely submerged in water. Forth, there is a winch and cable on the front and the back of the vehicle, and when working in combination, they can be used to “rope-bridge” the Adder across rivers or chasms.
Crew: 1 + 1 Passenger. 1 more passenger can be squeezed in under cramped conditions.
    MDC by Location
  • * Megaglass Cab Windshield (1, front) – 40
  • * Megaglass Cab Windows (L) – 20/20
  • * Megaglass Cab Windows (R) – 20/20
  • * Doors (2) – 50 each
  • Rear Hatch – 50
  • * M.D.C. Wheels (4) – 8 each
  • * Reinforced Grills (1, front) – 10
  • * Roof Rack (1, rear) – 20
  • * Winch (2, front and back) – 15 each
  • ** Main Body – 125
    * A single asterisk indicates a small and difficult target to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “Called Shot,” and even then the attacker is -4 to strike.
    ** Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the vehicle down completely, making it useless.

    Ground: 75 mph (120 km) maximum on roads and flat surfaces; half that speed (or less depending on conditions) on grassy plains, sandy deserts and rough terrain. Woodland environments and thick underbrush are likely to be impassable by this vehicle unless there is a well-traveled path to take; maximum speed is likely to be less than 10 mph (16 km) if passable at all.
    Maximum Range: Unlimited for Solid Oxide.
    Penalties: None on paved streets, short grass, dirt roads and stony deserts, -10% to piloting skill on gravel and tall grass, -15% on shattered roads, sand, and mud and snow as deep as eight inches (20 cm). Deeper mud and snow, as well as forests and dense vegetation, are likely to be impassable. This vehicle can ride across sand dunes and underwater!
    Flying: None.
    Water: The Adder can drive submerged along the lake floor at a speed of 18 mph (29 km). Maximum depth is only 100 feet (30.5 m).
Cargo: Cargo: The Ermine has numerous small cargo compartments, a 4x2x3 foot (1.2 x 0.6 x 0.9 m) trunk and exterior roof rack that can hold additional items. It also has a built-in water collection system in
the roof and a reservoir that holds up to 20 gallons (75 liters). Extra gear can be tied to the roof rail system in the back to carry backpacks and bags.
Sensor Systems and Features of Note: Same environmental and communications features as a robot vehicle, plus the following.
Lockdown Security System: The Adder has a unique built-in security system. When the driver has to leave the Ermine behind, the vehicle can be set on sentry mode. It will stay locked down unless a specific code is entered into a concealed keypad; doors and windows locked, ignition unresponsive even if the keys are used. The vehicle has a proximity sensor, and will send a signal to a small display device if it detects something human-sized or larger approaching.
“Alarm mode” can be activated at that point, flashing the Adder’s lights on and off and honking the horn. This is often enough to scare away unintelligent animals and monsters, but will also attract a lot of attention to the Ermine’s hiding spot. The system draws power from the Adder’s battery, and will remain active as long as the vehicle has power.

In Storage in Chi-Town
CA-JS9U RCSG Special Armored Uniform
Handmade from natural sources by the RCSG itelf, this fully environmental jumpsuit comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, but the most common is that mirroring either the CS uniform. Special gloves, boots, and helmets can seal the armor to make them fully environmental, though they need an external backpack for that to fuction. The suit are waterproof and airtight when sealed. The method by which they are made, incorporating certain PPE rich materials into the construction, allows magic to flow through normally, even when wholly environmentally sealed. Better, it is easily concealed under most armor and clothes.
M.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 15/15
• Arm (L): 5/5
• Arm (R): 5/5
• Leg (L): 5/5
• Leg (R): 5/5
• Main Body: 15/15
Mobility: Superior; No movement penalties of any kind
Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)
Special Features: Fully Environmental; Radio: 5 miles (8 km); Wrist Mini-Comp; Tracking Device
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Re: Casper Wilpepper

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Personnel Record
Name: WILPEPPER, Casper, Ichiro
Service Branch: Rifts Control and Study Group (RCSG)
Service Number: IL10-511-084-FE5B-1893
Pay Grade: Spec 4
Pay Rate: /month
Date of Birth: May 11th, 84 PA.
Primary Specialty: Scientist
Military Education: Chi-Town Military University, Command Orientation Course, Officer Advanced Training.
Decorations, Medals, Badges, Citations, and Campaign: Joseph Prosek Medal for Valor, Joseph Prosek Medal for Valor
Disciplinary data and court martial record: none.


Northern Gun ICMN Mercenary Report
Name: Ken Kusanagi
Callsign or Nicknames: Codex
Rank: Warrant Officer
ICMN ID Number: 7D38-84AF-5CD0-93DE (make up a sixteen digit number parsed like the example - you can roll use
Specialty: Historical and Supernatural Consultant
Trained: ICMN School of Soldiery 10/10 thru 12/15 109 P.A.
Experience: Prolonged skirmish with merc forces after securing archaeological site. Minor casualties
Major battle after Federation of Magic forces open rift to move forces in attempt to capture artifact. Major casualties.

Evaluation: Laser focused on task but neglecting of secondary details.

Extra-Martial Accolades: Consultant to Ishpeming Museum of History.

Background Story

In a dark room with comfortable appointments, two people are seated across from one another in leather arm chairs. The room is trimmed in beautiful hardwoods and contains many books, a rarity in the Coalition. Their faces are barely visible to one another. One of the figures is a woman in her sixties with long, well dressed, greying hair and tan complexion. The other person is a tall man in his twenties with short, dark hair and a slightly darker complexion.

”War. What is it good for? Well, quite a bit more than most imagine. It is an awful thing, yet it is also a crucible in which we all are refined. The pleasantries of society are melted away leaving us to look at the bare soul. Some people go mad once they realize who they really are, unable to accept their unknown nature. Others, and in truth many, already know the nature of man. Rather than be consumed in the furnace there are those that take the temper and become useful to all of mankind; tools for victory. Any tool must be skillfully wielded and so too the wielder must be selected and refined, Mr. Wilpepper.” she says, picking up a glass of wine from a table next to her arm chair. The man sits quietly but attentively.

He wears an interested expression as his eyes intentionally admire her. She enjoyed his attention and it was enough to distract her. A game of his own, even if small. However he was under no delusion. She speaks of tools and the wielder but he knows that she views him as a tool and she his wielder as much as she means that others should be his tools. The woman, Gloria Argent, has molded him since he was a teen. His family is influential in Chi-Town and has been for many generations. He first met her in prep school at a dinner. While a supporter of the school, she was also shopping for candidates. All throughout prep school she would pop in occasionally, guiding, encouraging and opening doors.

There was another side as well; secret meetings, faces hidden behind masks, forbidden knowledge, all secured with promises of greatness as well as torment and destruction if divulged. It is a secret society that is bound to the future of Chi-Town and rooted in its past. Amongst his family lineage had been others in this clandestine fraternity of the elite, the Skulls. Manipulators and power seekers they have their fingers in everything, especially where power collects, the Vanguard not the least of which. He had never heard of any of it but he would learn. Unfortunately his progress was slow. Very slow. He just wasn’t grasping magic. After graduation he joined the RCSG as his mother’s stories always interested him. His father and brother were soldiers in the classic sense. Capable, dedicated and determined, he admired them though that life wasn’t to be for him.

War, real war, did what no amount of training could. It was in his second tour in Old Chicago where his arcane training would awaken. Perhaps it was the desperate fight for survival or the elevated energies during the winter solstice, but as their position was overrun a new thing awoke in him. Casper Wilpepper doesn’t talk about that day to anyone beyond the report taken. They awarded him the Medal of Valor for that day for holding the position despite the loss of everyone else in his company. He would even go on to save the day again and that time also save many of those with him gaining yet another polished medal tucked in a little used drawer. Even as he was heralded as a hero in the news of the day, there were those that once again looked upon him as an opportunity to bolster their own power.

”You’re doing quite well. Twice you have been awarded the Joseph Prosek Medal of Valor. That’s very impressive. Your publicity has been excellent. You had excellent marks in school, graduated top of your class at the academy and your slate is immaculate. You completed both officer candidate school and advanced officer training. You have the most potential out of anyone I’ve seen in my entire life. You’re being sent to Merctown. It’s an opportunity to make new inroads. Don’t disappoint us, Casper.” she says, standing with her glass of wine, motioning for him to follow. They walk out of the dark room into the bright light of day to a social aboard her yacht on Lake Michigan. She smiles maternally at him for the crowd to see. He returns a well-crafted smile himself and begins mingling with the wealthy and influential of Chi-Town.

Of course that assignment hadn't lasted long. Soon he was given a vehicle by a contact and sent up to rendezvous with an undercover operative in Hammond. It seemed some chance had come up, and this was his in.
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