Vacation Getaway! (Interlude)

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Vacation Getaway! (Interlude)

Postby CS High Command » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:40 pm

Vacation Getaway! Each of the crew is given two weeks of mandatory leave, all expenses paid, to a selection of ten locations within the states.

1. All expenses two week paid trip to the Battledomes of Ishpeming. You'll have a box for the bouts, dinner reservations every night (for up to four), a pass that allows you to tour the stables, one guided tour of the Northern Gun Robot and Power Armor Manufacturing facilities, and luxury accommodations for a week. Priority transport will be handled by the CS Embassy, and you will be an honored foreign guest of Ishpeming and will comport yourself in such a manner as to be invited back.

2. Two week's stay at the Chi-Town Athletic Association Hotel. Easily one of the most historic and luxuriously appointed hotels of all of the hotels in Chi-Town. Even the Imperial Family is supposed to have a permanent suite here (with all appropriate security). Everything is first class, and nothing is left to chance. Entertainment at the local theatres is available at a whim, meet with famous stars and celebrities, and dine with the elite of Chi-Town society. One week of all inclusive luxury awaits you.

3. Want to get away from it all? Test your fishing skills? Relax in the pristine woodlands of Missouri? Come relax in peaceful seclusion at one of our cabins on The Daizy Valley Reservoir, each with a boat house and small fishing boat, full selection of tackle and rods, and bait for sale at the local store. A SUV and ATV are parked at the cabin for your use. Just plug the boat and vehicles up each night to charge them. The cabin has all the amenities - full temperature control, air filtration, access to live television from New Chilicothe and selected programs from Chi-Town. The two week stay is perfect for the outdoorsman or the recluse who just wants to get away to enjoy a good book or the company of a special companion. Transport to and from the site is included.

4. Do you love Into the Flames? Are you drawn to the unfolding drama? Have you ever longed to meet the stars? Now is your chance! For two weeks in the summer each year, the production staff and cast of Into the Flames goes from their normal filming location to one of a dozen hotel sites. And for a very special few of their fans, you get to stay in the same hotel as the staff and cast, treated to the same amenities, and on at least two occasions, be treated to a special dinner with the cast, producer, and director; exclusions apply. The experience is always top notch, and its hard not to catch some hint as to the future of the show! Come join us!

5. Are you tough enough? Are you man or woman enough to handle dinosaurs? We are not your average dude ranch. We raise dinosaurs for sale to the meat markets of Lone Star City, Chi-Town, and the rest of the Coalition as well as Free Quebec. Come spend two refreshing weeks where you will learn to cook dinosaur the way it is meant to be eaten, dine with first class chefs, meet the leaders of industry as they try and get a handle for how they will market and sell the best meat in the Coalition. Provide vital feedback and dine on delicacies made more exquisite because of the work put in to making them happen. This is a working vacation, but far from your norm. Come experience the life and simplicity of a dinosaur rancher!

6. The Peoria Beach Resort is the kind of vacation you want to bring the kids to, but keep coming to once you've retired and the kids are all gone! With underground beach resorts, one for families and one for quiet reflection, we have the facilities to cater to nearly anyone. Nightly shows of all sorts will keep the family and yourself entertained. Five star dining, amenities, and accommodations are just expected at this sort of resort, and the Peoria Beach Resort fully delivers! Two weeks with us will be refreshing.

7. Are you single? While beaches are no longer something we can enjoy thanks to the horrors that the Coalition Army protects us against, we have the next best thing. Come to the New Peoria Beach Resort. Set up on the shores of Upper Lake Peoria, the real fun happens in the lower basement of our facility where a five acre fun park has been erected in the honor of pleasure. But this is not for the kids! No family outings here. We have other resorts for that! Everything is set up for the pleasure of adults exploring one another in whatever manner suits them, whether it's a quiet candle lit dinner, the nude beach, the suds pool, one of our hundreds of hottubs or four night clubs, or either of the two gentleperson's clubs [ooc: strip joints too classy to be called strip joints]. Between the other patrons and the professionals, every need is sure to be met. Five star dining, amenities, and accommodations are just expected at this sort of resort, and the New Peoria Beach Resort fully delivers! Two weeks with us will be illuminating.

8. Are you set for a culinary tour the likes of which have never been experienced? All the top restaurants of Chi-Town have come together to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity! You will get a tour of their world class kitchens, see them prepare some of the top dishes, and get to sample them! Included will be trips to the market to find the best ingredients, including tips on how to choose the best for your own kitchen. After a wonderful dinner, you will retire to one of the nightly shows, or perhaps to more private entertainment, as the mood strikes. The next day you'll be up and out by 9 so as to see the next restaurant. The last two days will include brunch at the Chi-Town Athletic Association Hotel, lunch at your choice of five locations, and dinner at any of the locations you visited earlier in your visit. All expenses are included, all gratuities waived, and anything is on the menu. Come join us!

9. What happens in Springfield, stays in Springfield! At the Imperial Lake Resort in Springfield, and any of the shows and facilities on the Springfield Strip, you will experience your fill of exotic shows, gambling, sex, and all manners of hedonistic pleasure! Your wish is our command, and the video recorders are all off. What happens here is not for the family or the military to know. So don't tell! Two weeks of pleasure. Lodging, food, and other amenities are covered. Bring your credit balance for the games and the special friends you'll meet!

10. Are you a sucker for a cute puppy? Who isn't? Are you interested in a future in the sciences and have always been curious about genetics? Then this vacation is for you. The Chi-Town Genetics Complex is pleased to announce the opening of its premiere resort facility where vacationers and students alike will experience what it means to be a geneticist and how rewarding such a career can be. Cuddle with newborn dogboys! Watch them grow and learn right before your eyes! See the processes by which they are made, and hear from the dogboys themselves why they do it. Why they sacrifice everything for our safety. It's a heartwarming and educational look at the most overlooked and least understood component of our army against the alien and the demonic. Includes two weeks of lodging at a five star hotel, food, transportation to and from the site, limited access to the genetics labs, and a chance to do some basic work of your own! Come make history!

Note: Caesar and Mane will be handled separately. They get two weeks of tests, treatments, and breeding, including endurance "runs"; plus work, exercise, and combat drills that test even their abilities and limits. All in all they will come out of those two weeks feeling sated in ways that humans will not be able to comprehend. Most humans would call it exhausting, or maybe even torture - but they don't have the same limits as the mutants. And then they'll spend another week helping with the reality show. Note: Mane even gets to battle a juicer one on one and watch it die in a manner of his choosing - I expect that to be graphic and full of his thoughts on the matter. Note they will try and counsel him out of the focus; so make a save versus insanity. If you make it you can lessen the severity of the obsession or change it entirely. IM me and we'll talk about it.


I want a three or four paragraph interlude that includes what happens to you on any one of the above vacations. Include airport shenanigans, coincidental upgrades, unintentional, or intentional, hook-ups. Maybe you go spend time with family or a special friend, or you simply go stag and find what companionship you may. Sometimes you find it out on the lake as you relax and fish/read/whatever. Sometimes you bump into interesting people on the same tours as you. This is a time for your character to get out of his military shell and strut his stuff. Not everyone is who they are on duty. They should crave this as the thing they want to do when not at work.
XP chart - in addition to the norm
500 XP for 3-4 paragraphs
+50 if it uses visual aids
+50 if it involves dialogue between two or more characters
+50 if it involves action that stands out
+50 for 5 paragraphs; -50 every paragraph under 3 and over 5.
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Re: Vacation Getaway! (Interlude)

Postby Snoopy Toretto » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:57 am

Super Fan wrote:4. Do you love Into the Flames? Are you drawn to the unfolding drama? Have you ever longed to meet the stars? Now is your chance! For two weeks in the summer each year, the production staff and cast of Into the Flames goes from their normal filming location to one of a dozen hotel sites. And for a very special few of their fans, you get to stay in the same hotel as the staff and cast, treated to the same amenities, and on at least two occasions, be treated to a special dinner with the cast, producer, and director; exclusions apply. The experience is always top notch, and its hard not to catch some hint as to the future of the show! Come join us!

Have you ever heard the line that it's not cool to wear a band's t-shirt to their concert? Well cool hip people say that. Super fans don't.


So when Snoopy gets his traveling papers to go to the Into the Flames Fan Expo, he comes prepared. For each and every day he has two pieces of Into the Flames gear. T-shirts, hats, polo shirts, jogging shorts (sometimes they're the right thing for the occasion), track pants, tie, scarf, socks, and for the dressy dinner, he's got some gold cuff-links. The paraphernalia is as important as the outfit, so he makes sure to have the official autograph books, camera filters, peel-and-stick tattoos. He doesn't quite stoop so low as the special logo finger nails, even he won't go that far. But the true bonus is the tote bag with special gifts in the room. Not only does it come with special cast photos, a lanyard (who doesn't love a lanyard!), and a micro-disk recording of the cast's Prosek-Day Anthem rendition, but it's also got a never-before Season 13 cast photo on one side of the bag!

Two weeks! Snoopy rolls in, and from the time the cab dropping him off at the hotel entrance, he lights up like a kid at Christmas. If Snoopy was a history buff, or an enemy of the state, he might know of a place from the Old American Empire's history known as Wally World. Families would travel all over the country to vacation at this magical land (magic in the okay way). Soon after generations of families had been visiting together, the grown children began to go on their own. And their level of fandom far exceeded that of the children. The amount of money these adults would spend on this fandom was outrageous, competitive even. And that's the epic level of Into the Flames fan Snoopy is. So just being at the Fan Expo is a near life changing event. More like the fulfillment of a dream.

Awkward Dinner

The first dinner with the cast is a blur. Snoopy was in fan overload mode and could barely eat his food. Thankfully he knew all the cast members by heart and didn't make any embarrassing gaffs. By the second dinner though, after a week of intense on set experiences, inspiring panels, hands on tv production demos and hard core fan mingling, Snoopy was ready for the final cast dinner. Snoopy wasn't the type of fan to try and pretend to be the stars friends, instead he tried to be an intelligent conversationalist. Naturally he couldn't talk about his recent adventures, but he could discuss he military in generalities with a degree of authority. He tried to stay away from controversial topics, even in the CS, actors tended to have strange ideas. By the end of the dinner, he had accomplished his goal: making it through the meal without having a fan-freeze-up.
Wonderful Meal

About day seven, Snoopy started to get to know a few people. It was an organic process. The great thing about the Fan Expo was the diversity of the crowd. He enjoyed talking to most people, being generally gregarious and at ease in social situations. Eventually he got the reputation as the "real military guy" at the Expo. Other fans would come up and ask him "is this really how it's done" or "have you seen a d-bee?", often a variant of that question was "how many d-bees have you killed". Reflexively Snoopy responded with the typical propaganda--something he still believes is more or less the truth--which acted as a good buffer so he could put together thoughts and stories that would satisfy the other fans but not give away his new job. Sure he dropped the "I can't talk about it" line a few times, it's good for attention, but never about anything that really mattered.

Hanging Out with New Friends

Snoopy went alone, but he left with many friends. He hung out talking about the show and "stuff" late into the night on many occasions. It was fun to attend the planned events, which were packed, and also some of the unofficial parties and concerts. As much of a fan of the show as Snoopy was, he did not realize until the Expo how many bands were inspired by the show! Of course meeting the stars was amazing, but Snoopy found the fans to be just as much fun, adding a whole new element to his fandom. Lonestar just didn't have this sort of thing. So, he's putting in a leave request for next year right now!
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Re: Vacation Getaway! (Interlude)

Postby Mane » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:29 pm

CS High Command wrote:Note: Caesar and Mane will be handled separately. They get two weeks of tests, treatments, and breeding, including endurance "runs"; plus work, exercise, and combat drills that test even their abilities and limits. All in all they will come out of those two weeks feeling sated in ways that humans will not be able to comprehend. Most humans would call it exhausting, or maybe even torture - but they don't have the same limits as the mutants. And then they'll spend another week helping with the reality show. Note: Mane even gets to battle a juicer one on one and watch it die in a manner of his choosing - I expect that to be graphic and full of his thoughts on the matter. Note they will try and counsel him out of the focus; so make a save versus insanity. If you make it you can lessen the severity of the obsession or change it entirely. IM me and we'll talk about it.


As Mane walked into the large enclosed room, his eyes needed a moment to adjust to the bright lights. While his bionic eye adapted to the luminous fixtures much more quickly, his fleshy eye took longer. It was having troubles focusing at all, though he was warned ahead of time that may be a side-effect of the electro-convulsive shock therapy the doctors ran on all his muscles and brain. "Some of our overtly aggressive mutants find the experience rather pleasant", he was told by the pleasantly attractive nurse at the time; her name was Nancy. And while she wasn't completely wrong in hindsight, the preparatory process of inserting the hundred plus needle-leads deep into his muscles, from head to toe, was most assuredly not enjoyable. But that was then... this is now. With a glance to his left, Mane could see nurse Nancy from before through the observation window, along with a team of three doctors. The battle cat then glanced behind him and eyed the two Kill-Hound security dogs assigned to escort him to the room.

"So, what's the drill?" Mane asked the two dogs. In reply they remained silent. Instead the calm and sedate voice of nurse Nancy sounded over a speaker to answer his question. "Alright, Private Mane. Your objective in this exercise is simple. Terminate your opponent as expediently as you like, but you are not allowed to used your claws... organic nor bionic. But be forewarned, if he kills you, your opponent gets to go free. So he has every incentive to give it everything he's got." Mane looked down at his muscular body, covered only by a pair of sweat-pants, and made particular note that he was about to fight for his very life without the benefit of any body armor or weapons. "Greaaaaaaat." Mane sarcastically replied.

Across the room a metal door slid open, just as an identical door behind Mane closed shut. There before him stood a man covered in the tell-tale collars and I.V. lines of a person who had undergone Jucier augmentation. While his thick, black hair appeared to be that of a man still in the prime of his youth, his face looked prematurley aged with lines, creases, and scars. Clearly this person had been a Juicer for a few years, meaning he was skilled, experienced, and very dangerous! Undaunted, Mane stepped forward towards the center of the large room to square off against this opponent in an honorable manner; this was duel to the death, so a degree of decorum seemed appropriate. The Juicer seemed to have a difference of opinion as he charged the battle cat at dizzying speeds. He's a Hyperion! Mane thought to himself, realizing that he was at the disadvantage. With the room as large as it was and the Juicer's ability to dictate the range of every engagement, it would be futile to try to chase this man down.

The juicer charged headlong towards Mane, leaped into the air, and came down hard giving it everything he had. Mane tried to deflect the blow, but the power punch came at him just too fast. The Hyperion's fist crashed into the side of Mane's head with sufficient force to crack the M.D.C. alloy skull hidden under his skin. The bionic eye in Mane's left socket popped out of its mechanical orbital and flew across the room, smashing against the wall. Instinctively he countered with a punch of his own, but the blind blow connected with nothing but air. When the prideful mutant lion recovered his spinning dizzy head, the Hyperion was already far out of reach. With his depth perception severely compromised, and a bloody flap of torn skin occasionally obstructing the vision of his one good eye... still blurry from the earlier treatments... Mane did the only thing he could do; double down on the bravado and goad his opponent. "You hit like a sissy-ass bitch." He then spit blood on the floor, square his shoulders, and assumed a classic Come at me, 'bro stance.

The Hyperion simply gave a coy smile and started with a much slower side-ways pace, circling his would-be prey as though he were the lion in this contest. Looking for an opening, the Hyperion quickly assessed right that the same move wouldn't work twice, so he opted a slightly different one. Going form nearly zero to 70 mph in the blink of an eye, the Hyperion charged at hulking cat once more. Mane cocked back a low fist, ready to intercept the human missile coming at him, but before before he could stick the punch, the Hyperion did two cartwheels and launched himself high into the air, well over Mane's head. Upon landing behind Mane, the Hyperion lobbed a spinning power back-kick. Mane, knowing his spine was NOT made of steel like the rest of his bones, turned as fast as he could to protect his back; consequently, instead of crushing several vertebrae, the kick landed on his side, just below his steel ribs. Mane could feel the piston-like blow jutting into his side just below his kidney. For a lesser being this would have been a death blow; for Mane it was just inside the margin of survivable. Two things were for sure at that point; firstly, he"d be shitting blood for at least a week; secondly, a third hit of this magnitude would spell certain death.

Before the Hyperion could make good on another tactical retreat, Mane pressed his momentary advantage of reach. Pivoting around, Mane shot out a simple straight punch to the Hyperion's head...
On impact the man's eye exploded in a spray of red mist. The skin and muscles of his face flopped away from his own skull as the bones in his head were pulverized, caving in on itself. A back-spray of blood, chunky meal-pulp, and brains painted Mane's face and body, jetting a crude outline of the savage battle cat on the floor behind him. And finally, as the Hyperion's lifeless body collapsed to the floor, Mane dropped to his knees right beside him. While only suffering two hits, the Hyperion hit hard! But it wasn't only the pain that drove him to his knees, but some inner turmoil was rattling in his soul. Feelings he didn't know how to process immediately. Was this because of the therapy treatments he endured beforehand? He wasn't sure, but in the corner of his eye he noticed nurse Nancy proudly smiling at Mane while the trio of doctors were busy jotting down notes about their observations. None of that reassured him. What did this mean?!?!?

Save Vs Insanity (12 or better; no bonuses): 1d20 = 7

Just as quickly as the feelings came over him, the cascade of confusing emotions rapidly evaporated. Though bleeding and battered, Mane rose to his feet and looked down at the Hyperion corpse. He cocked his head in curiosity and appreciation of this glorious... ART! He nodded his head in approval and then turned around. It was then he spotted the grotesque spray on the ground. Lowering to his haunches, Mane extended a finger and signed his name in the gore, claiming full credit. He then turned to nurse Nancy and asked, "Can I have a picture of this?" In reply nurse Nancy's smile of approval melted away, replaced by disappointment.


The show's producer spoke to Mane in slow, condescending words. She was used to dealing with mutant puppies, so Mane found it easy to forgive her for the disrespect. After all, with the bulk of his work being classified, how could she possibly know what a magnificent specimen of lionhood she was speaking to? In stead, Mane stood there only half listening as he fiddled with his new modular bionic eye; a replacement for the one lost the exercise with the Hyperion a week earlier. The producer told him some important stage directions... "wan wan wan wa, wah wa wan wah wah..." he heard, only giving her due attention when she mentioned his name. "Got it, Private Mane?" In reply Mane blew on his mechanical eye and popped it back in its bionic eye-socket, eventually saying, "Got ya, one-hundred percent."

Today they were recording outside in an open field, learning the finer points of handling the first weapon any Dog Boy soldier is ever assigned; a vibro-knife. Of course the training knives the pups are issued were made of rubber to prevent any accidents, though that didn't prevent a few of the wee ones from playing around with them. Play which came to an end the instant their drill instructor blew his whistle. Within seconds the young dog boys formed a circle and sat down on the mowed grass lawn. Once assembled, the drill instructor addressed the pups. "Today you are in for a treat. We have a guest who is going to show you the value of weapon in your hands. I want you to show our guest every respect, even though he is not a psi-hound like yourselves. Do you get me?" The assembly of juvenile trainees replied in unison, braking out, "We get you, sir!"

When the producer gave Mane a nudge, he knew it was time to do his thing. Walking tall and proud, the hulking murder-cat stepped into the circle. While he paid minimal attention to the producer's instructions, he was aware that there were no second takes and they liked to record things as raw and real as possible, so he knew not to use any profanities or do anything inappropriate. For showmanship, he opted to talk in the tone and cadence of the drill instructors he knew during his indoctrination into the C.S. "My name is Private Mane. I have been asked to impress upon you the importance of the weapon in your hands now. And, yes, while what you have now is actually as harmless as a raging erection on a fly, the real deal will save your life more times than you can count." The producer winced face-palmed, with Mane clearly not on the same page as her about what constituted 'inappropriate'. Even so, Mane continued, unsheathing a training knife provided to him earlier. "This here is more than just an implement of killing. It is a tool useful for a variety of tasks."

Just then Mane overheard one of the pups whispering to another, "Laaaaame. When are we going get the guns?" Mane's sensitive ears instantly rotated to the pups voice, followed instantly with snap of his head. With a narrowing of his eyes, the pup was easily scared. He held his angry gaze for a moment longer before speaking, "You. Come here." Slowly the young dog complied, not knowing what to expect. One of the people behind the camera looked to the director to see if they should stop this, and the director looked to the producer. The producer held up her hand to calm them down, curious to see where this was going. She was assured by Major Givens that this wasn't some psycho, murder-happy, killing machine they were letting loose on the set, and was placing her faith in that assurance. Mane lowered to his haunches, but still towered over the chatty pup. "Guns may be useful, but you can't count on them like a good edge." Mane then drew a training pistol from a tactical holster on his thigh, and then handed it to the pup. The pup accepted it, though held it wrong. Mane took a moment to correct his grip, manipulating the young dog's hands with gentle care. "Okay, now shoot me." Mane could see the future killer in the pup's eyes as he started to finger the trigger, but before the pup could fire the training blast, Mane suddenly slapped the pistol out of the pup's hands.

The puppy's eyes turned from sinister to frightened in an instant, half expecting the massive mutant lion to pound him, but Mane did nothing more. "Now... what are you going to do?" The pup trainee shook with indecision, but was starting to get the lesson. "If you have a good vibro-knife, you're not dead. So use it." At that point the pup picked up his training knife and stabbed at Mane, plunging the rubber blade square in the big cat's chest. "Good! Again!" Mane happily said, encouraging the murderous instinct. But as the pup tried to stab him once more, Mane slapped the training knife out of his hands. At that point the pup didn't hesitate and threw a punch, scoring a body shot with all his might. "Good!" Mane continued to encourage as he once more resumed his full height. "... never give up! But also keep this in mind..." He then raised one of his arms into a curl, and then then sprung out his very real bionic vibro-claws from the back of his hand. "... the more you can make your weapons part of yourself, the harder it is for your enemy to take them away. A knife or sword is good, but vambrace blades are better. And while gun will eventually run out of ammo, a good blade can slice a thousand throats and keep on going. Learn to love your blades. And when in doubt, kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out."


The producer and director exchanged looks, with the producer giving a 'so-so' hand gesture, as if to say, that wasn't so bad. But then Mane started to speak again, addressing the assembly of pups. "NOW, back to the utility of a good vibro-blade.... Who here knows how to make a good ear-trophy necklace?"

OOC Comments
Okay, so it's a little more than five paragraphs. But it's not that much more per section. :D
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Re: Vacation Getaway! (Interlude)

Postby James Howlett » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:39 pm

James is a little surprised when the call comes down for a vacation for the team at large. It doesn’t take long for James to decide on which trip is for him. A strange idea crosses James’ mind after he makes his decision. James sits down at his comm terminal and keys in a number he recently received. After ringing a few times, a woman answers the call. ”Hello?” James swallows hard before speaking. ”Yes hello, this is James Howlett, we met at the award ceremony…” James started talking with Major Miranda Taylor, where several minutes passed of pleasant conversation, before James asks a strange question. ” I was offered a two week vacation to a cabin near a pleasant reservoir in missouri, and I was wondering if you would like to join me?” James says, unable to hide the sheepishness in his voice. The line goes silent for several long heartbeats, James is almost certain he has done something wrong, when she responds. ”I’d love to James, I have a bunch of accrued vacation time and Colonel Black is always telling me I need to take time off. Just Email me the information and I’ll make arrangements on my end. I’ll talk to you soon.” The call drops and James is left with his heart beating and a feeling he is unsure what to do with.


James sits on the porch of the cabin, the dark surrounding him like a cool blanket, a glass of whiskey cupped in his robotic hands. The hour is very late, but he’s not tired, his mind races with new ideas and concepts. James thoughtfully sips his drink and thinks on the afternoon’s events. The trip to the site was pleasant with good conversation and laughing had. Once at the cabin it took a short while to square away their things before James cooked a gourmet steak dinner with all the fixings. James wasn’t really a good cook, but the data file of top-quality recipes and his meticulous nature made it a simpler task. After the dinner, Miranda had felt tired, so she went to bed early, promising to make up for it in the days to come. James didn’t mind, he needed some time to process the feelings he was having, never really having a relationship with anyone before, it had always been work and discovery for him, just never the time. This was all followed up by the attack and his disfigurement, so he just really gave up on the concept of having a normal life really. James continued to contemplate things well into the night, before eventually crawling into bed next Miranda, careful not to disturb her.

James and Miranda had what could be considered a brilliant next few days, hiking and driving around the picturesque location. Around the fifth day of the trip, the two of them decided to go on a boat trip, James offering to try his hand at catching their lunch, which for reasons unknown to him, Miranda seemed to enjoy. James wasn’t a good fisherman by any means, having last fished when he was a boy in Lonestar. Luckily for James, the Coalition States stocked the lake with hungry fish and made his job less difficult. While cooking their lunch a discussion began between the two of them that would likely change James’ life in the near future. ”Why haven’t you gotten the cosmetic surgery to fix your scars?” Miranda asks, a curious tone to her voice versus some ulterior motive. ”I rightly don’t know, I have just been very busy with work and have not really thought to spend the time to think about it. Am I horrifying to you? James replys his question a little mocking. ”Not horrifying, I’ve seen far worse looks, and it certainly isn’t your face that attracted me to you.” Miranda says with a mischievous smirk. ”It would likely blow the minds of my subordinates, for my face to look normal again. I am certain they could not even fathom the thought really.” James says with a smile. ”I will think about it.” James says as he plates their meal.

James and Miranda have become inseparable in the nearly two weeks they’ve been at the cabin. It almost seems as another lifetime has passed to James. The two talk of all manner of topics, from philosophical and technical, to just the downright absurdity of puns and jokes. It’s later in the evening after a fine meal of wild game hare and sweet potatoes that the two lay cuddled on the couch in the living room of the cabin. The fireplace has a small fire going and the surround sound plays soft orchestral music from some long dead composer. ”I never thought I would be happy in this life.” James says almost wistfully to Miranda, his chin resting upon the top of her dark hair, James can almost sense her smile from below. ”It has been a while since I could say I’ve been happy as well.” Miranda answers back. ”I would like to keep this going between us, after this is over. Though I am unsure of how that works with me being a special forces commander and you being a research and development scientist.” James says his voice expressing concern. Miranda softly chuckles and rotates her head to kiss James. ”Shouldn’t be too much of a problem dear Doctor Howlett, I am no stranger to this kind of relationship. We’ll have our time together and when you’re away, we’ll long for more time together. Gives you something to fight for.” Miranda says with a salacious smirk. Miranda gets up from the couch and leads James into the bedroom.


The two weeks have come and gone and James is filled with sorrow that they’re over. It’s quaint to watch the two of them clean up their cabin. The cleaning crew that comes in to go over it, likely will wonder if anyone actually stayed in the building at all. The couple spends the last hour of the trip before their ride comes to collect them, sitting at the end of the dock, whispering sweet nothings to each other. As the hovercar approaches, James looks over his shoulder forlornly before getting up and walking back hand in hand with Major Miranda Taylor.
James Howlett
"Out of all the people you meet I may be the only one who understands what you are thinking, Take one good look at my face. This is the price that I paid to bring foot to the collective asses of our enemies. There are many more who have sacrificed much more to do far less. ~2nd Lt James Howlett EP
HP 30/30 SDC 51/51
M.D.C. by Location: Hands (2): 50 each, Forearms (2): 50 each, Upper Arms (2): 70 each, “Concealed” Forearm Weapon: 40, Legs (2): 90 each.
Constant effects: Amplified Hearing, Sound filtration system, Targeting Sight, Motion Detector, Gyro-Compass, Clock/Calendar
Current Conditions: None.
Armor & Weapons/Ammo
LI-B2 Light Infantry Armor
M.D.C. by Location: Helmet: 15/15, Left Arm: 20/20, Right Arm: 20/20, Left Leg: 35/35, Right Leg: 35/35, Main Body: 150/150
WI-LP3 Pepperbox Laser • Payload: 4/4 • Extra Ammo: 4 4-round "Speed Loaders".
Bandito BigBore BB-2 "Holdout" Derringer • Payload: 2/2 • Extra Ammo: 8 rounds.
Bandito BigBore "Big Boss" Magnum Revolver • Payload: 4/4 • Extra Ammo: 8 rounds.
C-20 Laser Pistol • Payload: 30/30 • Extra Ammo: 2 Long E-Clips (Pistol).
Remington 870 Police Magnum • Payload: 4/4
Plasma Grenades • Payload: 2/2
Smoke Grenades • Payload: 2/2
CS Stun/Flash Grenades • Payload: 2/2
NG Grenade Vibro-Knife • Payload: 2/2
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