This Going to the Dogs Already - Indigent Care

Into the Breach: The 110th begins their operation.

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This Going to the Dogs Already - Indigent Care

Postby CS High Command » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:02 pm

This Going to the Dogs Already - Indigent Care (Group 2: Doc, Codex, and Preacher)
    Date: January 9, 110 PA
    Time: 1830 by end of post.
    Temp: 3°, Bitterly Cold with a wind off the lake driving fog into the town of Hammond. The bar is a balmy 60 degrees by comparison
    Weather: Cloudy, Only a light dusting of snow and plenty of ice
    Ley Line info: A little over a half a mile from the nearest Ley Line; 2 miles from the nearest nexus to the North and 8.5 miles from the nearest nexus to the south.
    Location: Unknown, but currently in The Free City of Hammond inside a warehouse.

To say that none of the Black Market personnel expected to see a real doctor walk in and care for their patient was an understatement. Fang stares openly, while Oliver and the med tech at least mask theirs. The tech proves an able assistant and begins anticipating James after a few minutes. James finds no cyberware in her system, but he also can see she needs a few, even if only bioware grafts for skin and fur. Some places on her will never regrow fur naturally. Real or synthetic grafts can replace it easily though, so its more a matter of resources than danger. Looking at the scans he can do himself, he sees she is a freeborn (based on her lack of genetic markers) but is largely healthy on a genetic level. Her bloodwork shows some signs of infection (to be expected), but it's also mostly healing. He prescribes her some more anti-virals and anti-bacterial meds and hands this off to Oliver. He also hands off orders for a synthetic fur replacement with the correct pigmentation and fur color for her. Seeing the amount of pain she is still in, James does a quick bit of chemistry to enhance the pain killing aspects of some drugs they already have. It occurs to him such a mix tweaked slightly would sell well as a street drug, which amuses him slightly (given who he is helping here).

This is not a quick process. Mane and Codex pull Fang out of there and take up seats off to the side. Fang produces a deck of cards and the three of them, and Mr. Oliver play a few rounds of Spades to pass the time.

It's about half an hour later before James feels comfortable asking questions - now that the medicine has had a chance to work and her wounds are bandaged. Despite his calm behavor, she never really relaxes, but she does begin to trust him at least. And she definitely seems willing to take his medical advice. When he asks to get some information, she nods. Still her manner is reluctant. James does manage to talk her through the rough spots though. Both Mane and Codex recognize the trauma handling the CS psychs are so renowned for. The reason the CS had the force it did was because of how well CS trained therapists could talk people through their trauma. And, despite their ignorance of it, it seems their own CO is well acquainted with the methodology.

James Howlett wrote:"I know this is a difficult situation, and I sympathize with your plight. I will try to keep the questions short and respect if you don't want to answer them. I will let you know this first though, my team and I are going to find this monster and end him."

LeeLee nods and has a half smile on her face, but it is quickly turned frightened as she thinks of this healer at the hands of the monster she faced. "Be careful Doc. This guy loves screams. I can still hear him laughing and cooing at my screams.." she pauses unable to continue and then finally does. "Just make sure to end him, please sir." There is a pleading quality to her voice.

James Howlett wrote:"Where were you when you were attacked?"

"Um, well I was taken while I was on the way home from the bar, but I think this guy had been stalking me for a few days. He said things that gave me the impression he knew about me. I for Mr. Oliver. Massages, first aid, basic stuff. I'm usually the one patching them up or helping them past an injury. This guy was going on about how I put my filthy hands on human bodies, or got too close to humans or even d-bees. I mean I've never had sex with humans, or ever really been asked. Only one guy asked, and he was a bit of a skeev and I didn't have to follow through with that. Mr. Oliver and Fang made sure of that. I'm not a joy-girl, you know."

James Howlett wrote:"Did you see what he looked like, and if so what did he look like?"

It takes some time to get it out of her, but she eventually gives him a description. Juicer harness. Human - a bit on the short side, but built like a tank - much like Fang or Mane in terms of bulk. But he's quick - even quicker than most juicers she's seen.

She's also sure he invaded her mind a few times. He would paralyze her, make her blind, deaf, and feel pain randomly, sometimes while cutting, and sometimes not. She could feel his hatred, his need to eliminate her and all psi-hounds. She'd never heard the term outloud, but she heard him say it often enough. He seems to hate the CS and the PRP specifically. Again, she'd never really heard of them with her ears, but he said and thought them so much she understood it was important.

He wears a cloak that looks like it's made of darkness come to life and uses paired neural maces to bring down his prey. She remembers that he wears Naruni body armor, the really heavy stuff - but she can't get more specific than that. She can describe his knives in great detail though, though in doing so she ends up crying out in fear and it takes a few minutes to get herself under control. It's after one of these outbursts that Mane puts forth his tender, yet savage promise to make this animal pay, and she nods with a look of thanks.

James Howlett wrote:"Did he take you anywhere, and if so where?"

"I know he did, but I can't tell you where I was blind and deaf at the time. I didn't know we'd even stopped until he tied me to the chains and began stripping me. At first I thought maybe he was just some sicko that wanted to get his jollies off on a dog girl, maybe even the guy they'd turned away, but that was before I started getting flashes of emotions and thoughts that weren't mine. And then I was able to hear again, and see. I was in some alley, tied to a fire escape. He told me I could scream all I wanted. No one would hear me, or care if they did. I think Fang said they found me near the docks, way out of the way. I mean I screamed, for mercy, for him to stop, for him to die, for me to die, for..... Sorry. But it was some alley. If it hadn't been for that patrol boat shining that light down the alley, I'd probably be dead. He said something about needing a better spot, but left me alone when they started yelling down the alley.

With that, Mr. Oliver adds, "Yeah, some of my boys were out doing basic patrols in one of the abandoned parts of the docs. Some idiots had been using those old warehouses as a place to stash stuff stolen from me. Guess this guy just had a bit of a run of bad luck. Hell if it had been pretty much anyone else, I figure my guys would have just put her out of her misery. But Lee-Lee here has patched up way to many of my boys for that. Before you ask, we searched there high and low. This guy seems like the mobile type. Still Naruni armor isn't that common. I know maybe half a dozen crews that allow it now. None of mine. Too easy to get a CS inspection boat to shake you down over it. I'll put out a call to my boys over it. Be right back." He steps out of the medical care suite and gets in the vehicle that brought them there.

Casper Wilpepper wrote:"is there anything suspicious you remember when taking the job? Any pieces that were out of place? Working with a new client?"

"Well it wasn't a job, but now that you mention it, I do remember a juicer getting in that skeev's face. The one that hit on me. There was one guy who had been giving me the stink eye all night and was real mad at this guy for hitting on me. But I mean there wasn't anything about him I'd remember. He was short and stocky, but so are a lot of guys. He didn't stick out. Maybe Fang remembers.

Asking Fang is prefunctory at this point and he shrugs. "I mean, she's right, he didn't stick out. I didn't know about him giving her the stink eye, but he did what most of us did to the pervert and called him sick for even thinking about it. Sides, most guys know she and I are a thing. But she helps take care of everyone. I could probably recognize him if I saw him though. Guy I saw was in Northern Gun juicer plate though, nothing Naruni. He did have a funky helmet though. Didn't look that protective to me, but what do I know about juicers. Could be he uses that only to hunt in, not work. About the only Naruni thing you'll see anyone use is one of those Ripper Blades they make. There's a few crews that give them out as trophies."
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Re: This Going to the Dogs Already - Indigent Care

Postby James Howlett » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:33 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 26/75%
Just in Case: 1d20 = 18; 1d100 = 57
Conditions: None really pertinent.

Lore: Psychics & Psionics 1d100 = 51/59% (ID the Villain.)
Juicer Technology 1d100 = 75/84% (ID the Villain.)

James nods at LeeLee. "All right you should get some more rest, with the stuff I got set up for you, you should be back on your feet in no time." James says in a fatherly voice before making his way over to Mr. Oliver and Fang.

"Do you have footage of this man?" James asks, the kindness dropping from his voice leaving only the killer behind. Delphi Juicer, and a sicko to boot. Black Market job likely. CS does not use them and screens for instabilities in either case.

If they can get James the footage, he will look at the picture, sending the image via video link to all of his men.

If they can't get him the footage, James nods.

In either case: "I have got his scent, now to sick my own hounds on him. Mr. Oliver if you would message me the particulars and get me an my men on our way I would appreciate that, this scum is going to have very little time to enjoy what is left of his life."

"Preacher, Codex, we are moving out." James says as he approaches his men.

Once the group is underway to to their operational base, James radios the group as a whole. "We have a target. We are hunting now. Will be arriving at the FOB shortly."
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Re: This Going to the Dogs Already - Indigent Care

Postby Mane » Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:24 pm

Perception (52% Normal Bar, 90% IFF Bar): 1d100 = 11
JIC Rolls: 1d20 = 16, 1d100 = 54

Mane listened to LeeLee's account with great interest, taking in the details of the monster he was hunting. Short... Stocky... Juicer... Master psychic... Hatred of the PRP... Loathing of Dogboys... Naruni gear when hunting, but traditional juicer gear when not to blend in... all but a strange helmet.

While his knowledge of juicers and their lore was not as strong as the others', he did have passing anecdotal knowledge. With that much, thoughts and theories came together.

When Howlett gave the order, Mane slowly rose from his seat as to not alarm LeeLee. She had been through enough. It was time to let her rest, and give the wounded Dog-girl reason to rest easy. The big cat had murder on his mind, but it was cold and calculated, not giddy for the blood and death. Those would simply be the byproduct of what was to come. Mane briefly wondered if that was him or the chip in his head, and then he wondered if it even mattered. Today, for now, he and the chip were in agreement.

As he, Codex and the boss were on their way back to the FOB to regroup with the others, Mane shared his theory. "Okay boss, call me crazy but I think I know what's going on with our perp. He was, like, one of those special Psi-Stalkers... those one-in-a-million ones with the extra powers. Then he was pulled into a Chop Shop... maybe one of those secret ones in the Chi-Town 'burbs that rumor says the CS used before... before the war made Juicers legal... for the military anyhow. And then they made him one of those Super Juicers with the tough-as-steel skin and a little mojo shine. But because he had super psychic mojo, he somehow kept those extra powers! And then when he went off to war, a Dog Pack turned on him. And now he wants his revenge before his jucer stuff burns him out. ... That's the theory anyhow."

Mane looked at his two companions as they continued to walk, then added, "I don't know... I'm better at supernatural stuff than all this juicer shit."
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  • Arms: (R) 100/100, (L) 100/100
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  • Damage:4D6+4 MD; Range: 200'
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  • Damage: 2D4 M.D./single, 4D4 M.D./burst of three, 5D6 M.D./burst of six, plus Knockdown Effect; Range: 2,000'
  • Payload: 240/240 Big Bore shotgun shells
Munition Reserve:
  • Long E-Clips: 6/6
  • Big Bore shotgun shells: not carried on person
  • None at this time
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Re: This Going to the Dogs Already - Indigent Care

Postby Casper Wilpepper » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:19 am

Perception: 1d100 = 91/26%
JIC:1d20 = 10/1d100 = 45

Casper thanks Lee-Lee for her time and offers what he hopes is an empathetic smile.

At James' queue, he leaves. Mane's scenario was plausible but perhaps too detailed or too restrictive for search parameters. Still, that could be it, even if somewhat obvious. Casper himself wasn't over comfortable with dog boys, let alone the genetic programs undertaken to develop them.

"Naruni armor is a solid lead. Someone has to supply parts around here. And I'd suspect it's just one person. From there the leads would be much more focused."
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