Adventure Notes

Into the Breach: The 110th begins their operation.

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Adventure Notes

Postby Reaver » Tue May 11, 2010 8:22 am

This is where I will keep a summary of clues found, interrogation records, ect.

If there is something you want copied here let me know and I'll add it.

Re: Adventure Notes

Postby Reaver » Tue May 11, 2010 8:25 am

Bramwell's first interrogation of the Combat Mage captured in Jonesboro, AR wrote:
Bramwell wrote: The forces that you are part of, their numbers, location, leaders, abilities, their plans, their rivals.

“I am indeed the last survivor of the group that came to Jonesboro. We are the “True” Federation of Magic. Once Lord Valorgo has built his machine, we will crush the CS and rule all of North America!”

Bramwell wrote: Who was Moruddan and why were you going against the plans of Lord Valorgo?

“Moruddan was not going against the plans of Lord Valorgo, but merely summoning a demon for his own use for the trip back to the magic zone. We had every intention of returning the book to Lord Valorgo.”

Bramwell wrote: Who is Lord Valorgo, where he is and what is so special about the book?

“Lord Valorgo is a high ranking member of the “True” Federation of Magic and a veteran of the Tolkeen conflict. His castle is in the mountains to the east. With the tome we will be able to construct our rift machine and destroy the CS!”

Bramwell wrote: What other enemies of the state do you know about?

“Ha! More than you could possibly count, fool! But if you mean the ones working for Lord Valorgo…well that is a goodly number by itself. We have agents in the east, in the west, to the south and the far frozen north. Even as far as Atlantis! Even in your precious Chi-Town burbs, we have agents. You think you are so powerful, yet you are surrounded! Even as we speak there are agents heading to Atlantis to recruit a powerful ally. Once they return, construction can begin and you will be destroyed!”

Re: Adventure Notes

Postby Reaver » Tue May 11, 2010 8:28 am

Clay's object read of the magic tome wrote:
There is a short stout man with a long beard standing upon a mountain top. In front of him is a castle, like one out of the fairy tales he heard as a child. There are many turrets and minarets reaching up to touch the sky. A closer look reveals that some of them are not finished. Wait, one of them...changed. As if it were clay being molded by an invisible hand the turrets are forming themselves. Looking back, Clay sees the man...a dwarf, with his eyes closed and his hands waving in the air, as if shaping something. A book stands on a pedestal in front of him.

Suddenly there is a bright flash of light and three more figures appear. They are dressed in robes, clean shaven, and a good bit taller than the dwarf. One of them lowers his hood revealing pointed up-swept ears. Elves! What kind of place is this? "We'll take that, Umidus." the lead elf says. The book abruptly flies off the pedestal and into the elf's hands. "HEY! Give that back!" Laughing, the elf says, "Oh, I don't think so." Raising their hands up above their heads, the elves call lightning down from the sky. Bolt after bolt strikes Umidus until he falls. Then they begin striking his castle. On and on it goes, until the castle is reduced to a pile of rubble.

The vision fades...becomes...watery. As if from a television underwater. There is a ball of pure crystal in front of him. Looking around Clay sees what appears to be a study of some sort. But directly in front of him he sees the most hideous creature he's ever seen. It looks like some sort of humanoid lizard, with thick gold scales and a forked tongue. Looking up from the crystal ball, it seems to be looking straight at Clay! "Curiousss. Well, ith ssseemsss you know whath you have now, doesssn't it? I'll be coming for it, of can be sssure. Moruddan wasss a fool, but I am not. Now begone!"


There is a bright flash of light and Amelia sees Clay jump in his chair. Taking a shaking hand off the book, Clay rubs his temples...he has a splitting headache. He is left with the impression that this book is indeed very old, contains powerful magic spells, and apparently is wanted very badly by a very powerful mage. (Clay you are -5% to all skills requiring concentration for the next 2 hours.)

When he relates his story, Amelia can only conclude that somehow when Clay was reading the present impressions of the book, he was somehow drawn to the mage...who must want it extremely bad to be able to pull a psychic impression from that distance. If he was in the next room, maybe. But it shouldn't have been possible. Either he wants the book very badly, is extremely powerful, or both.

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Postby Reaver » Fri May 21, 2010 10:25 am

Amelia feeds her questions to Bramwell over the radio while Bramwell and Clay go to work on the mage. Clay employs his telepathy to ensure the answers the mage gives are truthful, and then drains the mage of all his remaining magical energy and removes the gag, while Bramwell begins his questioning...

Blue text is what the mage says.
Purple text is the surface thoughts of the mage picked up by Clay's telepathy.

1. What is the primary goal of the "True" Federation of Magic? How many members are there?

The pirmary goal of the "True" Federation of Magic? To bring the CS to it's knees, of course.

2. Who is the primary enemy of the "True" Federation of Magic and why?

Again, the answer to your question is obvious. Lord Dunscon was betrayed by the CS many years ago. He is bent on revenge.

3. Why was Moruddan in Jonesboro and why stay and gain attention when he could have gotten what he needed and left for the Magic Zone a long time before we arrived?

He was there for the book. Lord Valorgo sent us after it. We spread discord throughout the town while Moruddan searched for the book. Once that was one, the plan was to summon this pet demon of his and leave. We were one day too slow it seems.

4. The Magic Tome I collected is filled with spells about building magical walls, which is defensive in nature. Yet you said you needed it as a weapon to crush the C.S. Explain.

Who am I to question the will of Lord Valorgo? I can tell you this though. The book is not the weapon...the book is supposed to help Lord Valorgo build the weapon.

Yes, with Mystic Bulwarks, Lord Valorgo can begin to build his rift machine. I must recover it somehow, or he will kill me. With the machine we can bring in the intelligence and crush the CS! No one will doubt Lord Valorgo's power then.

5. You said Lord Valorgo has a castle in the mountains to the east. Point to it on the map.


6. You said Lord Valorgo is a high-ranking member of the "True" Federation of Magic. Who is the leader and what do you know about him/her?

Lord Dunscon is the leader of the "True" Federation of Magic. He hates the CS. The way I hear it, him and Prosek go way back. Go ask your emperor, I'm sure he'll tell you all about it.

Crazy bastard. Once the rift machine in complete, none will challenge Lord Valorgo in his power.

7. How long ago did agents leave for Atlantis?

I'm not sure if they left yet or not. If we got back in time, I might have gone with them. But they won't wait on me. I think they were supposed to be leaving sometime in the next couple of weeks.

They must not have discovered the computer yet. I would have liked to have seen Atlantis.

What was their party composed of?

It's an independent party, so I'm not sure. A couple of mystic knights, and a shapechanger I think. I don't know the others.

What method did they use to get to Atlantis?

They'll probably go by ship.

If they don't just rift there that is.

What ally did they seek in Atlantis?

A stone master. Someone who can build mystic pyramids and other magical structures.

Sandror Mondul. One of the best.

Where in Atlantis did the agents go to retrieve this ally?

Splynn of course. You can find anything you want or need in Splynn.

8. Are there any agents of your "True" Federation in Merctown? And if so, how could we identify or locate them?

I'm sure there are, but I personally don't know of any. I know that you can identity Lord Valorgo's men by our tattoos. Here's mine.

Opening up his hand, you see the tattoo on his left palm. Image

Re: Adventure Notes

Postby Reaver » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:57 pm

Amelia asks, "What is your name, rank and local base of operations?"
The mage replies, "My name is Moag, scum. You thought you captured Erol did you? Ha! We are not so stupid as you think."
To that James says, "You know Lieutenant I've never had the pleasure of installing cybernetics in a patitent that was awake, it will be a new experience."

Amelia asks, "What is the purpose of the Atlantis operation?"
Looking at James a bit frantic, he says, "To bring the stone master back to the Federation of Magic."

Amelia asks, "Does this operation have the visibility and/or consent of the Splugorth or this a covert operation?"
"As far as I know, the Splugorth don't care what we do. We're too small to be noticed by them."

Amelia asks, "What was to be your role in the Atlantis operation?"
"The same as everyone else, to escort the stone master from Atlantis. We do not fall to the trappings of rank and insignia like your grand Coalition does."

Amelia asks, "What were your plans for the tome?"
"The tome contains powerful spells of construction. It will be a great aid to our cause of building the rift machine."

Amelia asks, "Has the Atlantis team departed yet?"
James replies, " "This should be interesting and educational, no...?" The mage appears visibly shaken now, as James picks up a saw and appears to be testing the edge with his thumb.

Amelia asks, "Where are they located now and what is their point and time of departure? "
"We leave in 10, no 9 days now. We are traveling by rift of course. How else would we go?"

Amelia asks, "What is the strength and make-up of the Atlantis team?"
"Erol and I, a few others. I'm not sure of everyone. Most are mages though."

Amelia asks, "What is their mode of travel? What is their exact destination on the continent of Atlantis?"
"The stone master is in Splynn from what I understand. I don't know exactly where. Somewhere in the market."

Amelia asks, "What is the strength and make-up of the Stone Master's team in Atlantis?"
"I have no idea."
Again James chimes in, "Well unless you talk then I won't get to experiment, so please by all means keep your trap shut."
Trembling now, the mage replies, "Really, I don't have any idea!"

Amelia asks, "What is are the secondary objectives in Atlantis?"
"The only objective is the stone master. If we were to find something else interesting along the way though..."

Amelia asks, "What is the alternative plan if you fail your primary objective in Atlantis?"
"That would be a question for Lord Valorgo. I imagine none of the team returning to him without the stone master would be part of any other plan. They will be too busy being dead."

Amelia asks, "What is your method of communication with the Stone Master?"
"Lord Valorgo has been communicating with him, not me. Why don't you go ask him."

Amelia asks, "Describe the contact your team is supposed to meet upon arriving in Atlantis and any method of signal you were to give to confirm identity"
"The only name I ever heard of was Sunaj. I'm not sure who he is though. Erol is the only one who knows that."

Clay wrote:"What is the name of the stone master? I guess you can still cast with a cybernetic leg or two, as long as we don't take your arms right?"

James wrote:"Damn shame, I was hoping to at least give you one new limb."

"MONDUL! That's all I know! Honest!

At this last display the general chuckles to himself. "It's amazing how easy a mage is to break when threatened with cybernetics. Well, unless anyone else has any questions for him, I'll have the skelebots toss him back in his cell."

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Postby Amelia » Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:03 pm


Primary Mission: Stop the Federation of Magic from allying with a Stone Master named Mondul

Location of Target: Splynn Market, in the capital of Atlantis.

Enemy Forces: A powerful mage by the name of Lord Valorgo is sending a small team via Rift to Atlantis soon to meet with Mondul and bring him back... and we need to beat them there. His team is composed of some Mystic Knights and a shape-changer, among others. The Splugorth aren't actively helping the Federation, but they will be an obstacle we need to work around. Valorgo's men wear this tattoo:

Enemy Primary Mission: Valorgo has it in his head to create some kind of magical "Rift Machine" to destroy the Coalition, and we've already recovered one of the tools he intended to use to build it: an ancient magical tome that contains knowledge to erect huge, strong walls out of thin air.

Concept of Operations: Undercover infiltration. Disguised as a group of gladiator slaves owned by a monster. Jonathan is Rolyat, our Brodkil master. Amelia is Petra, his evil alien assistant. The rest of you are human, and thus property. James will serve as the team doctor, keeping you all in fighting shape and the senior among the slaves. Each of you is a gladiator and will be expected to act as such, and even participate in a game or two to keep up the facade.

Execution: Amelia has the maps, port authority instructions and business end all handled. We dock, we set up a bank account, rent a safe house in Ralaon and then set up a trade deal for the cargo. That will bankroll our entire operation. Amelia will take a few of you with her, and leave the rest with Rolyat to sniff around port for any sign of the Federation or clues about Mondul. Once we have passage booked to Splynn, we all go together. Using our new funds, Amelia will set up a safe house in Splynn and Rolyat will enroll our team in the gladiator arena. Our only clue to Mondul's location is that he is somewhere in the market of Splynn and the contact's name is "Sunaj." That's as far as the plan can take us for now. We'll have to gather information on the ground to track down Mondul in Splynn and keep tabs on the Federation team -- and Prosek willing, never the twain shall meet. Our end state is neutralizing Mondul's capacity to ally himself with the Federation of Magic.

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