Diplomatic Relations: Sovietski Edition.

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Diplomatic Relations: Sovietski Edition.

Postby Consumer » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:53 am

The Mission:

The group has been tasked with investigating and hopefully finding survivors from a Sovietski Diplomatic mission that has crashed on the polish border.

The group has received the following information:
  • Location of the crash site.
  • Ariel reconnaissance photo's of the crash site. (Not much can be seen from the photos, the Air Craft is smoldering and half buried in a snowy tree covered hill.)
  • Lead Diplomat's name is Lieutenant Alexi Verminov.
  • There were 6-12 people on the aircraft dependent on the crew of the vehicle and the size of the Lieutenant's retinue.
  • Brodkil have been known to operate in the area and are likely the culprits behind the crash.

Item's Requisitioned from the NGR

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