Simonsezz "Sezz" Macintosh (Hurled into the Void!)

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Simonsezz "Sezz" Macintosh (Hurled into the Void!)

Postby Simonsezz » Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:32 pm

Player Name: Greg
YIM Handle: netwolf451

Character Name: Simonsezz Macintosh
Aliases: "Sezz" to friends & most Dreggies, called "Tosh" by the Dockers Gang and Boss Kuldini
Race: Human mutant (lizard boy to his friends). Samflynn determined he was actually a human mutant through genetic testing
O.C.C.: Salvage Expert
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 6861 (Edited by OM 11/2/13)
Next Level @ XP: 8201
Sentiments/Non-Humans and Mutants:
These people are my family. My people! At least... I thought they were.
What did we ever do to them? Are they responsible?
Sentiments/Freedom station:
Wow! Freedom Station is amazing! Maybe, once I find out who killed my family, I might live there. The people… eh, okay, but the station. Wow!
Sentiments/Laika Station:
Why do they hate us? Did they destroy my family?
Sentiments/Yuro Station:
Scary psycho people who turn people into monsters! Don't trust them. Avoid them. Don't go there!
Sentiments/Outcast Station:
I thought they were my friends! Why wouldn't anyone help me find out who killed my parents? I helped them. I've always helped everyone. Why?!!!!
They are like me… on their own.
Disposition: Once blindly optimistic, this friendly, engaging fellow with wore his heart on his sleeve and held great belief in 'humanity' at large. Now serious, forlorn, disillusioned. Always fearless in regards to exploration.

I.Q.: 23
M.E.: 21
M.A.: 28
P.S.: 14
P.P.: 16
P.E.: 14
P.B.: 11
Speed: 14

H.P.: 27
S.D.C.: 42
Age: 19
Sex: M
Height: 5'9"
Description: Green scaled humanoid wearing quality hand-sewn clothing beneath vac suit.

Human Mutant Abilities
Reptilian eyes provide Nightvision 300'

Human Mutant Powers
Chameleon: (HU2e pg255)
90% undetectable completely still
70% undetectable @ 2’/melee or less
20% undetectable @ 6’/melee or less
Duration: indefinite, can use at will
Bio-aura blends clothing as well.
Automatic climbing 90%
Only 75% w/ shoes and/gloves
Carry 140lbs weight
Hold Breath 10 minutes
Feign Death by lowering body temp and respiration. Requires 5 min prep. Maintained for 30 minutes. While feigning death, character is only vaguely aware of what’s happening around him but is fully aware of anything done to his body and snap out of fake death trance in a heartbeat.
Natural Prowl Skill: 94% +10% when prowling on walls/ceiling
Extraordinary Mental Affinity: mods added to stats

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +6, +7 when trying to analyze/figure something out
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 94%
Max. Encumbrance: 45 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 140lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 280lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 7’ length, 3.5’ height

Salvage Expert Abilities
1. Analyze Salvage: A skill-like ability that gives the salvage expert an edge in interpreting the value, functionality and viability of materials he or she encounters. (Modified from standard Rogue Scientist Analyze ability to better fit the Salvage Expert) +10% to appraise goods, salvage, recycle, jury-rig, sensory equipment, trap/mine detection & chemistry: analytical (bonuses already added to effected skills)
2. Quick Fix: (Modified from standard Rogue Scientist Hypothesize ability to better fit the Salvage Expert) Years of getting salvaged gear operable provides +20% to jury-rig
3. Find the Good Stuff: (Modified from standard Rogue Scientist Find the Exotic ability to better fit the Salvage Expert) +20% bonus to Find Contraband in home area (Outcast Station). Out of home area, the salvage expert gets a +10%.
4. Recognize Scientific Authenticity and Quality: (Modified from standard Rogue Scientist Recognize Scientific Authenticity and Quality ability to better fit the Salvage Expert) Years of digging up finds have honed the salvage experts knowledge of important scientific data. The Salvage Expert can tell the quality (new or used, defective, low or high quality) of science materials, research data, chemicals, drugs, specimens or if sample is genuine as well as a fair price and if it is exactly what he needs or not. Reduce by half when dealing with alien items. 75% (+3% level). 37% w/ alien material.

O.C.C. Skills
Langauge: American, 98% Literacy: 98%
Langauge: Euro 88%
Langauge: Technocan 88% Literacy: 88%
Langauge: Gobbely 88%
Salvage 89%
Appraise Goods 98% (purchased twice- the second slot allows him to appraise technology as well)
Contacts 24% Outcast Station/ 12% elsewhere (44%/22% if the Extraordinary M.A. bonus applies to it)
Recycle 84%
Find Contraband 77% / 87% on outcast station
EVA 74%
Pilot spacecraft 71%
Astronomy & Navigation 79%
Basic Radio 78%
Micro/Zero-G Combat
Basic Math 89%
Advanced Mathematics 89%
Basic Electronics 74%
Computer Operation 79%
Pilot Automobile: 85%
Chemistry 59%
Chemistry: Analytical 64%
Chemistry: Pharmaceutical 59%

O.C.C. Related Skills
Trap & Mine Detection 59%
Jury Rig 94%
General Repair and Maintenance 74%
Electricity Generation 84%
Oxygen Systems 98%

Sensory Equip 69%
Surveillance Systems 64%
Paramedic 74%
Entomological Medicine 74%/54% a number of sentient insectoids on Outcast station and a few ‘trained’ big bugs.
History: Post-Flash 74%/69%
Rope Works 69%
Barter 74%
Mechanical Engineer 44%

Secondary Skills
Concealment 70%
Streetwise 51%
Gambling (Standard) 64%
Mining 59%
Physical Labor

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +0
Strike Bonus: +1
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3
HTH Damage Bonus: +0
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Other: Kick 1d8

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Energy Pistol
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

Saving Throw Bonuses
Insanity (12+): +6
Disease (?): +2
Psionics (15+): +3
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Re: Simonsezz "Sezz" Macintosh, Outcast Station salvage expe

Postby Simonsezz » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:35 pm

Simonsezz Macintosh Background

The Labyrinth: the byzantine maze of tunnels throughout the asteroid part of Outcast Station, dug, collapsed and re-dug over the centuries.
Dreggie: a (semi) sentient butt-scraping of the verse; an occupant of Outcast Station.
Drek/Drekhead: an invective adjective; a name you would not call your mother.
Macintosh: a Pre-flash computer company specializing in portable silver rectangles.
Simon: a Pre-flash game in which the operator repeats patterns of increasing degrees of difficulty; probably inspired the 'computers-are-evil/computers-take-over-the-world' genre of fiction writing
Philo's: the bastard children of hippy freaks, tibetan monks, greek philosophers and brilliant mutants; a subculture of Outcast station adopting a non-violent, Sophist attitude. Philo's often act as teachers and surrogate parents to the endless number of disenfranchised Dreggie youth. The jury's still out on Philo's; They are just as likely to create cults of personality around themselves as they are to educate benevolently.
Merch: an item of value that may be bartered or sold

Who'm I? I'm yer friggin barkeep, that's who. Shut-up, drink-up, n' listen-up! You asked about the kid, so you best not interrupt me!

Simonsezz's earliest memories were crawling through the Labyrinth farther and deeper than any of his friends would. The shiniest merch was lost in those half collapsed tunnels. You shoulda seen the gleam in his eyes when he found some good wiring down there! Most of the time his 'friends' would beat him up and take the merch to trade for themselves, but he didn't care. The thrill was in the finding! That's what he said, all right. The thrill is in the finding.

That ain't to say the boy liked getting beat up. I mean, drek, its a might-makes-right world for a Dreggie- everybody takes a beating here and there. The trick is learnin' how to keep a step ahead of the beatin's. "Sezz" got real keen on the hidin' and the knowin' rather than the fightin'. He wuz a smart kid, quick on his feet. Even so, no matter how many beatin's he got, nothing kept him down! This kid had rose-colored glasses from the get-go! One cup-o 'glass-is-half-full', coming right up!

So where'd this wide-eyed optimist come from? Outcast Station you say? You've GOT to be drekkin' me, boy! Everybody knows those Dreggie's got jack and shite for resources. They ain't got nuthin' to be cheery about. What kinda fool lives all grinning ear to ear and talking all friendly to folks and making friends and shite? Sezz, that's who. That boy iz plum loco. Capiche?

Sezz who? Simonsezz. Says me! Ya heard me right, drekhead! Simonsezz. Simonsezz Macintosh. Frellin' open yer ears, bucko. I'm tryin' ta learn ya something.

He comes from deep in the Labyrinth. Down in the narrow pits, those little tunnels ya gotsta crawl through. Way down in the belly of the Labyrinth there's a hippy Philo commune led by Samflynn. They raised the adventurous lizard boy. Hell, they might've spawned the kid. Never know with those sorts. Them trio of hermit natural geniuses had the knowing how to survive and survive well. "Sezz" grew up having more than most Outcasts. He grew up loved, protected and educated. Who the hell 'round here grows up getting hugs and bedtime storied? That's what I frigging wanna know! Even ate good, he did! Fungus for breakfast, vita-paste for lunch and fried dirt for dinner! The best!!!

Those Philo's ways rubbed off on him in spades. He lived with rose-colored glasses, seeing his armpit of the universe station as a wonderful place with wonderful people. Can you believe that drek? An arsehole like me wonderful? Bologna, I say. But space me sideways, I always liked the kid. Took a shining to his wide-eyed grin. I made sure he was treated right, 'round here. Easy job, I gotta say. Everybody loved the kid!

Hold on now, let me think. I seem to recall he wasn't spawned by them Philo's. Nope, nope, I 'member now. His mother died of exposure when he was a tadpole. Samflynn told him he found him chewing on a shiny button in a corridor all by his lonesome, happy as a clam with a toy. I swear, that kid always was in good sorts.

Them Philo's, weird as they are, they taught'm good. That boy's sharp as a needler, I tell you what. He kept on scavenging, learning proper salvage. Damn it, the kid fixed my air-recyc when he was just 10! Never saw nuthin like it! Had a good heart too. He saw Dreggie's in need so he scavenged for them too. He fixed things for people. He was good at it. He cared for people. Really gave a frell about people, you know what I'm saying? You ask about 'Sezz' on Outcast Station and folk'll tell ya 'bout a genuine article. A real good bloke.

He was good at it. He helped those in need. It’s what he’d been taught. When he saw the hate from others he helped 'em out. The kid couldn’t accept that some folk are just mean. Hateful. Like them Loonies. Here is a Dreggie, the butt-scrapings of the verse, and he’s positive and upbeat and believes people are really good inside. Maybe not the brightest, come to think of it, but damn good to have 'round.

Word got out the kid was good. Kuldini sent for him. You heard me right. Is your O2 filter clogged? Dizzy? You spacey? No? Then shut yer trap and listen. Like I said, Kuldini, head of the Dockers Gang, sent for him. A Freebooter came in with some hot merch. Kuldini's best guys weren't available on account of being dead, so he calls for this kid he's been hearing about.

They says to Kuldini, Sezz knows. And Kuldini says Sezz who? And, well, you know how Kuldini got no patience for funny business? He shoots the mook in the face. The next guy says it straight- Simonsezz Macintosh. Kuldini says 'Bring me the Tosh kid'.

Once Kuldini vouched for him, everybody asked for him. The dock Gangs called on him to check the value of items people bartered with. Everybody owed him for the work he did. Not that he ever expected them to pay up. He just liked helping folk. He spent all his time helping Dreggies. Why ya think we look out for him?

He got off-station a fair bit. Scavenging for stuff with Freebooters he'd done right with. Freedom Station blew his mind. Tie me to the bulkhead, you shoulda seen him go on and on about Freedom Station when he got back! 'It was so big! And Shiny! Everything was shiny!' He sounded like a bleeding tourist.

Yuro station scared the piss outta him though. They got those deranged juicer mutant dogs. One o' them critters had rabies or something, went berserk when Sezz came off the docks. Scared the poor kid so bad he shudders when ya mention Yuro. Don't mention I said that last bit. I don't mean to spout off 'bout his business, you know.

He's been to Laika too. I tell you what, I don't think the boy is ever gonna understand why the Russkies and the Loonies hate our kind. It’s a good thing he can hide really well. Well, maybe he'll get it, considering …

Considering that rude awakening… breaks my heart to say it, it does. He got back from a salvage run. It was a good run, out to Jap-space. Jap-space? That's what my mammy called that old Japanese station wreck pile. Jap-space. You like that eh? You give me credit when ya use it. Probably about the only thing I gonna get credit for in this life, right? Yeah, yeah, I'll get back to the story.

So he gets back, got a good haul. Good merch. Freebooters at the docks with Ice to spend. He had that gleam in his eyes. Treasure hunter with a new nav-coordinate, I tell you what. That gleam in his eye wasn't meant to last. He crawls back down into that hole he called home in the Labyrinth to find his trio of benefactors robbed and murdered. All the good in his world got ripped out from under him. Cue crisis of faith here. He searched for clues, asked for help- got nada. I didn't know drek. You know if I'd have known something I would've told him, but I dunno if anybody did.

That's the raw of it. We've all got a story like that here. Hate to say it, but its the real world. Here's a kid with all the heart in the world, great brains and all shiny-eyed thinking Outcast Station is paradise. Its a rude awakening to find out what the rest of us been living with our whole lives, you scan me?

Drek, I dunno. Maybe somebody knew something out there. But they was too scared to help him if they knew anything. The smart drekker keeps his head down. Like I said at the beginning- you learn how to avoid the beatings. Best way to do that is shut yer mouth and keep outta trouble. Scan me?

I heard rumor that those Philo's he grew up with mighta had some secrets that caught up with 'em. Maybe that got killed for that. Maybe it was just some crazy. Maybe just bad luck. It happens here. All the time. It ain't luck on Outcast. It's life. Ya live it 'til it gets you. Whatever it was, your guess is as good as mine.

So the boy… you shoulda seen how he changed. Near broke my heart. Went from all shiny and nice to straight burned. Burned mad. Got the vengeance in 'm now. The kid with love for everybody got took up with the keening to put a hurt on those that hurt him. I say, makes no sense to me either, scan? Here's a kid who never really hurt nobody, scan me? Could barely fight to protect himself! And now he wants to go head-knocking?

Anyways, so now Sezz is looking for answers. Got a bone to pick with somebody. Just doesn't rightly know who yet. He's disillusioned with his people too. He followed the trail as best he could. Now he’s got a reason to leave. I guess somebody clued him. I don't know. Maybe they just wanted to get the kid off station cause he'd lost all sense. No telling. So if you're looking for him, that's where you'll find him. Somewhere off station. I gots no idea where. Scan me?
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Re: Simonsezz "Sezz" Macintosh, Outcast Station salvage expe

Postby Simonsezz » Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:28 am

Simonsezz's Gear

OM NOTE: so you should have listed off a wishlist but most of this seems very reasonable. I'll go with it for now.

He don't carry much and what he has is mostly scavenged, but he gets the job done.


Concealed-carry Dart Pistol
A Dreggie knock-off, ideal for the confined space of Outcast Station. Maximum range 50 ft. Single shot, 8 darts per magazine. Sezz makes his own sleep darts with his pharmaceutical chemistry skills. MiO pg 88. Concealed in a tool pouch on utility belt.

8 Smoke Mini-grenades
Half dollar sized defensive grenades. Smaller area of effect- 12' area (ideal for close-quarters of Outcast Station). -4 to hit in hth combat, -8 at range, blocks all laser beams. MiO pg 89. Concealed in left wrist bracer.

Serrated rusty metal shiv
With wrapped handle, 1d6 sdc. Concealed on utility belt.

Only holds a charge for short periods. Kept stashed in his toolkit.

Armor/Vac Suit:

Standard Vac Suit
Properly fitted, well worn, patched. Mag boots, 820' umbilical cord, 2-way radio w/ 10 mile range, chest mounted light and a wrist mounted beam light, 10 hour O2 supply, cooling system, water supply, tool patches n pockets, emergency radio beacon.
Tool bracer on left wrist (designed for tool and velcro attachments for working drekkers)
One auxiliary O2 pack on back
Four pouches of Vita-paste rations, with mini-straw. He rigged a straw so he can sip on them when he drinks. He has one hooked up and three extra kept inside vac suit in breast pockets. He hates it when they freeze.

Leatherman style Multi-tool
Given to him by Samflynn, his prized possession. He's often seen with the tool clenched between his teeth as he wiggles his way into a spot to dig out good merch! Lovingly holstered in handmade sheath on his utility belt.

Hodgepodge mix of EVA and internal repair tools Sezz has scavenged and traded. He's added a lot of specialty tools, either hand-made or bartered, for the type of work he usually does. Toolkit has 10 heavy duty ziplock bags in it for who-knows-what. It velcroes to his back or underneath the auxiliary O2 canister. He has it tethered to his belt as well, just in case. His spacer satchel folds up and secures to the toolkit while he's in vac suit.

Chemical analysis kit
Mostly assembled from scraps and make-do stuff. Used to determine water quality and general composition of materials or chemicals. The small pouch-sized kit velcro's onto the left thigh of the vac suit. 3 Small specimen vials included.

Laser Distance Finder
Sometimes ya gotta shake it to make it work. Velcroed to left wrist tool bracer.

1000' of high tension cargo cord
Used to secure salvage in low grav ops. Six grapple clips allow it to be configured in multiple functional arrangements. Worn like a bandolier.

Sensors & Communication devices

Environmental Tricorder
Hand held equivalent of environmental sensor: detects atmospheric composition, presence of poisonous chemicals, atmospheric pressure, radiation, temperature, light levels and presence of IR and UV light sources. A friend on Outcast programmed additional features: it shows time & date and can act as a GPS locator based on its location in relationship to a set radio beacon up to 100' away. Useful for navigating space hulks and derelicts.
Tricorder is holstered on utility belt. It has velcro on it also so he can put it on his left wrist tool bracer when he's working.

5 Radio beacons
Walnut sized radio emitters with a 5 hour battery life. They emit signal up to 500' away in optimal conditions. All 5 are set to the Tricorder GPS frequency. Stashed in a pocket on vac suit.

Video cam on a helmet mount w/ radio link
Radio link has a 2 mile range. A properly equipped monitoring station can receive the visual data stream to see what the camera sees. A cautious freebooter pal called Geistig hooked him up with this nice piece of gear so he could monitor the kids progress in salvage ops. Sezz tends to go in without too many precautions. Geistig didn't want to lose his meal ticket. Sezz forgets he has the thing most of the time.

Personal Affects:

Digital Camera flipphone
About 6 megapixel resolution. The phone feature doesn't work, but it still takes pictures and plays video games. He constantly spends Ice to get new batteries for the thing. Two extra batteries. Stored safely in a breast pocket inside his vac suit.

One well-worn photograph
Showing Samflynn - a middle aged, dreadlocked, caucasian human wearing the dye robes grinning wide and giving a thumbs up to the camera. His other arm is around the shoulders of an humanoid insectoid woman with a friendly smile. She holds a young Simonsezz in three of her four arms (the other wrapped around Samflynn). Sezz stands just in front of the woman, looking thrilled and happy. Crouching down near Simonsezz, holding some science-fair looking creation Sezz built, is a hunchback looking sasquatch of a man. He grins proudly at Sezz. Kept in wallet inside breast pocket of clothing.

Handmade clothing
Lovingly made by the humanoid insectoid Philo he calls Mom. Spun from her own silk pouches.

Plain clothes gear allocations:

Carries a Spacer Satchel over shoulder:
Contains his folded up vac suit (w/ auxiliary O2, helmet cam & vita-paste ration packets). The spacer satchel has his toolkit tethered to it also.

His utility belt
Detaches from the vac suit and harnesses around him in station clothes.
Utility belt contains: Concealed dart pistol, concealed rusty metal shiv, multi-tool, tricorder, 5 radio beacons. He attaches the chemical analysis kit to the utility belt

The left wrist tool bracer
Another multipurpose item, detachable from the vac suit and worn on the left wrist as normal in either uniform.
8 concealed mini smoke grenades underneath bracer
laser distance finder, velcro mounted to bracer

In homemade tunic:
Camera flipphone
well-worn photograph
usually carries one or two extra vita-paste ration packs in tunic also and various snacks
900 IOU card stuffed into a deep inside pocket
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Re: Simonsezz "Sezz" Macintosh, Outcast Station salvage expe

Postby Simonsezz » Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:50 pm

Simonsezz Links to PCs and Major Contacts

(Let me know if I need to tweak the links n stuff. I'm sure I messed up details somewhere in here)

Atilla- Sezz has heard from Codex that Atilla is known for hunting down criminals. I'm hoping he'll help me with my problem.
Benny- No known connection.
Eddie- I heard about what happened to the 'Livins. I didn't know anybody made it out of that alive.
Irish- He bought a 303 Daimler-Benz Mark II ion drive core I salvaged a few months ago. I hope the patch I put on the regulator plate held.
Kiska- I've made info trades with Kiska the Trader on the Link. Codex said she's righteous.
Phaedrus- Everyone has heard of crazy Phaedrus.
Serafim- I've supplied parts to the crew of the Homestead that Serafim was once working with. We'd recognize each other even if we didn't remember names to go with faces.
Sylvie- Nike gave Codex buyer info for a job last year on a pre-flash military spy satellite. It was a dead hulk satellite, but the batteries had just enough juice that the data core still had intact memory. A Freedom Station chap brokered the deal through proxies to get his hands on the data core. It was a good haul for me.
Decoy- Decoy's like a traveling big brother to Sezz. They originally met through Kuldini, leader of the Dockers gang on Outcast station, when the gangster called the young Dreggie in to look over a shipment of parts that Decoy acquired for him. In the time since, Decoy's made some special runs for Sezz, including getting some hard to find parts and equipment and some specialty comfort items for the people of Outcast station.

Major Contacts:
"Kuldini", Dockers Gang leader (the gang that controls Docks most of the time), Outcast Station. Kuldini calls on Sezz often to do work for him. The Dockers like to get first dibs on new salvage so they don't mind shining the overly generous Sezz on to keep them getting the best merch.

"Codex", a Link fixer type dude who hooks a bruthah up w/ buyers. Sezz has no knowledge of true ident. Based on Codex's unusually helpful attitude toward Sezz, it is likely that Codex actually knows Sezz out of the Link as well. Sezz tends to help people out is a genuinely likable dude. Mere speculation.

"Freetibet," Freebooter pilot that frequents Freedom station. Jobs with the Freetibet always go well. He's lucky.

"Kov" Laika station Dock Security Guard I befriended during an overhaul of the DaVinci. I was working with the DaVinci's crew on an extensive salvage op. The ship was a deathtrap. I spent a lot of time playing cards at the Docks waiting for the ship to be fixed. Kov owes me 5 ice.

"Uncle Al", the ogre-like bartender and info broker on Outcast who took me under his wing. He came out of the blue-lines on Mars and ended up on Outcast. We speak Gobbely to each other.

Re: Simonsezz "Sezz" Macintosh, Outcast Station salvage expe

Postby Simonsezz » Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:20 pm

Arg... trying to post more pics of Sezz... how da 'ell do I link 'em?

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