Adventure 5: The Old Ways

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Re: Adventure 5: The Old Ways

Postby Ernstweavel » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:02 pm

Perception : 1d20+1 = 21
JIC : [dice[1d20[/dice] / 1d100 = 41
Conditions: Sustain (14 days), Energy Sphere (32 days, 600 PPE)

After conferring with the other members of the group, Ernstweavel slowly made his was way to bed. Being exhausted from the days work made it easy for Ernstweavel to fall asleep. As Ernstweavel’s thoughts faded in to nothingness, he began to slip into a dream state. The first thing that comes into focus is a landscape view of some flat planes. The view seems to be as though Ernstweavel is flying or from some aerial position. After a short couple of seconds later the view begins a clockwise decent towards a black mass in the middle of the plains. During the decent the winds pick up, a haze begins to form in the distance and a mortifying fear in the pit of the stomach grows stronger the closer Ernstweavel gets.

During the decent, a murder of crows joins in on the spiral pattern. When Ernstweavel realizes that the black mass that he descending upon is the ending of a bloody battle. Upon noticing this, the speed of the decent accelerates exponentially. Several hundred feet upon landing Ernstweavel comes to terms with the fact the army that is winning are undead Native American warriors. The warriors seen to eating the entrails and severed limbs of the fallen. The feeling of imminent death grows like hunger pains. A thick fog rolls in as Ernstweavel lands on one of the carcasses, realizing he is viewing all this trough the eyes of a crow.

Ernstweavel lands on one of the dead. Hopping towards the head, he begins to peck at flesh. Tearing bits and pieces off. After a few hardy scratches and couple of good peck at the eyeball, tearing apart some of it from the eye socket, he stats to recognize the owner of the body. Hearing a couple of foot steps and swoosh sound, Ernstweavel turns his head and looks up. See an undead warrior swinging a tomahawk. The moment the weapon strikes Ernstweavel, he wakes up in a panic and a cold sweat. Also realizing the corpse in his dream was him.
P.P.E.: 122 / 122
H.P.: 27 / 27
S.D.C.: 31 / 31
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Re: Adventure 5: The Old Ways

Postby Daphne » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:39 am

Perception: 1d20+1 = 4
Just in Case: 1d20 = 17/1d100 = 18
Conditions: Haunted by Visions -1 to all rolls and -5% to all skills until you can rest/recover.

Bad Dreams wrote:Daphne walks along a washed out representation of the town the caravan is currently at, all sound seems muffled to the point of being eerily quiet. Until the near deafening cawing of a nearby raven startles Daphne. Upon looking at the bird, Daphne gets a feeling of deep dread, the raven seems just wrong somehow. It seemed abnormally large, with glowing blue eyes and seemed to consist of an almost insubstantial shadowy substance. The raven seems to regard her for a moment, before flying off. In the distance Daphne can now make out a low but discernible wailing, like a mother screaming over a fallen child. Daphne begins to see bodies strewn about her and registers the crunching sound beneath her feet. Daphne recoils in horror as she realizes she is walking on the dried bones of long dead natives. How she new this was just as baffling as the rest of imagery she's seen. Daphne shrieks as she sees the corpses around her begin to rise, and lunge for her.

Daphne awakens with a scream, her breathing ragged and her body covered in cold sweat. Nightmares... Why? Daphne thinks as she gets sits up slowly, her whole body sore from her terrible nights sleep. The images of the dream still half remembered on the back of her eyelids. Daphne slowly makes her way out of the rented bed and lethargically pulls on her clothes and buckles on her armor. What have we gotten ourselves involved with? Daphne thinks as she slips her utility belt on before reaching for her gun harness. The Natives seem to hate the very idea of us. Daphne thinks as she pulls her aviator coat on over everything before looking in the small mirror over the dresser in the tiny rented room. Daphne sighs as she sees she has bags under her eyes. Daphne takes several minute to apply makeup to her face and in the end shrugs at the mediocreness of her current appearance. I suppose some of the images from that dream would make pretty sweet tattoos.

Daphne makes her way down to the common area and is depressed at the news the group is given. Another murder... What the hell is going on? Daphne is relieved when Rocky offers to investigate the new crime scene. "I still should go and talk to the the Northern Gun and Titan reps. I wouldn't be much help in a crime scene investigation." Daphne says as she grabs a coffee and quickly burns her tongue on the hot liquid. "Ow!" Once Daphne has the coffee finished she looks for Walcott. "Do you know where the Northern Gun or Titan Reps are staying?" If Walcott has the answer Daphne thanks her, before making her way to where they are at. If Walcott doesn't know, Daphne will ask around town until she gets the information.

"Hello, I am Daphne Ross with M.A.R.S. and I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time to ask some questions."
Daphne "The Phoenix" Ross.
P.P.E.: 6/6
H.P.: 28/28
S.D.C.: 43/43
NG RA20 Roadrunner Ride Armor
M.D.C. by Location
Head/Helmet: 35/35, Left Arm: 20/20, Right Arm: 20/20, Left Leg: 11/11, Right Leg: 11/11 each, Main Body 32/32 (+10 to the chest and neck area).
NG-33 Laser Pistol Block II (Underarm Holster)
• Payload: 20/20
• Extra Ammo: 3/3 E-clips.
NG-B10 Bangstick (Clipped to belt)
• Payload: 1/1 Shot.
• Extra Ammo: 0

Under Construction RCV
• **Head: 75/75
• Right Shoulder Hard Point: 50/50
• Left Shoulder Hard Point: 50/50
• Chest Hard Point: 50/50
• Waist Hard Point: 50/50
• *Sensor Turret (left shoulder): 50/50
• Right Arm: 70/100
• Left Arm: 5/100
• *Left Hand: 50/50
• *Right Hand: 50/50
• Left Leg: 100/100
• Right Leg: 100/100
• Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment: 100/100
• ***Main Body: 58/200
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Re: Adventure 5: The Old Ways

Postby Raga Grimcrow » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:15 pm

Raga Grimcrow
Info and Stats
Perception: 1d20+4 = 6
JiC d20/d100: 1d20 = 6 /1d100 = 51
MDC: 137/137 PPE: 113/113 ISP: 48/48
TW Infiltration Armor:
    • Helmet • 60/60 • Arms • R: 42/42 • L: 42/42 • Legs • R: 66/66 • L: 66/66 • Main Body • 100/100 • Armor of Ithan • 50/50
Conditions:] Sixth Sense (Constant); Enhanced Perception 25:00 / 25:00 (-10) (bonuses) Telepathy 10:00 / 10:00 (-4) (at end of period)
Trying to remember local geography so he has something to talk about:
Land Navigation--62% /1d100 = 97
Keeping an eye on things:
Intelligence--38% /1d100 = 26
Detect Ambush--60%/1d100 = 83

A great tree burdened by the roosting of uncountable crows, black eyes beading down on the dwarf below. To Raga Grimcrow this was no cause for alarm in of itself. For a moment he figured he was being visited by his one-eyed Lord, himself. But these crows were strange. Foreign crows, with death and not mischief in their eyes. And from behind the tree which was itself dead came the stumbling walking corpses of native warriors. Raga is alarmed but cannot raise voice nor fist. He is trapped, under the tree of death.

"Baaah!!! Begone you blasted specters! By Thor's fuzzy balls! The evil spirits got me!" Raga wakes with a start before joining the others for breakfast.

"He's one of the dwarfs from the crew. Found him last night standing over the body, knife in hand, still dripping blood. He claims he didn't do it and can't remember nothing," the Sheriff gives a sideways glance at Raga, "Says the crew drank more than humanly possible yesterday and he blacked out. We're done with him and the scene if you want to go have a look or ask him more questions."

"Let me have a talk with the lad, I met no murderers last night, some fool sorcery is to be blamed, no doubt." Raga frowns.
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Re: Adventure 5: The Old Ways

Postby Venatus Vinco » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:26 am

The Crime Scene (Rocky, and?)
Heading to the crime scene, Rocky sees the same sight as before. Dead bodies with black crow feathers stuck in their mouths. His psychic senses are aware of a terrible presence of evil and death in the area, but it isn't specific to one spot. The whole pale radiates with supernatural ill will. Just outside the crime scene the Sheriff's deputies are having a hard time holding back a crowd of traditionalist protesters. The shaman, Mukuroo, is there leading them, "The spirits are speaking. Return to the old ways or what befalls the outsiders will befall each of us!"

The crowd is peaceful enough but certainly spooked.

The Suspect (Raga, and?)
At the sheriff's outpost, Raga meets with the dwarf - Oin Ironfist. He is visibly shaken and wild eyed with disbelief at his predicament. When questioned he gives a story consistent with what the sheriff already said, "Look, I didn't do nothing. We drank, I passed out. I woke up in the morning looking at a pair o' dead bodies. Why would I hurt my own clan and ruin our job. This is our livelihood. I tell you, I didn't do it."

The Groups of Interest (Daphne, and?)
Walcott points Daphne to another, nicer, hotel in town where the representatives of NG and Titan are staying. She's even kind enough to call ahead and set-up a meeting, using her MercTown Trade Delegation credentials to get an audience. They both meet her for breakfast in the hotel lobby. The Northern Gun rep is a slick saleswoman in a classic business power suit named RIia Black while the Titan Robotics guy, Big Jim, looks like he just rolled in off a ranch, with a hat, chaps, and vest common across the New West. After some polite banter Big Jim cuts to the chase, "Heard there was a another murder this morning. Kinda thing you'd expect from a Black Market operation like Bandito."

XP Note
+250 to Raga, Ernst, Daphne

I'll leave this post open for 7 days, then issue warnings to start the new year off right. I was hoping to wrap this adventure by the end of the quad but my schedule and the holidays didn't make that possible. I am in negotiations with a very good GM to pick up this group next quad, so let's make sure things are in working order for him.
Venatus Vinco
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Re: Adventure 5: The Old Ways

Postby Rocky » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:41 pm

Perception: 1d20+4 = 6
JIC d20: 1d20 = 3
JIC d100: 1d100 = 27

"The spirits are speaking. Return to the old ways or what befalls the outsiders will befall each of us!"

Rocky wasn’t sure what he was going to do. But this one might be able to lead him someone who could help. So, he approaches this one speaking and ask. “Excuse me sir. I’m Rocky, I have some information about this scene. Is there a shaman, mystic maybe some old wise men, uh people, of your group here?” He would like his group there to. “My group is here to help. I would like them to come with me so we can share or gather information.”

Rocky gives the feelings of truth and helpfulness.
OOC Comments
P.P.E.: 11/ 11
I.S.P.: 216/ 216
H.P.: 49/ 49
S.D.C.: 81/ 81
Active Powers
Heightened Presence Sense:Range: 70’ (+5’), 76% to get precise # and To pinpoint location of a presence.
Duration: Permanent effect, automatically sense all presences concentrate 1d4 melees to get exact location
Horror Factor: 14 when intangible
Sense Supernatural Evil Range: 1000' (+100') Duration: Permanent effect
Sense Magic Energy Range: 1900' (+100') Duration: Permanent effect
Sixth Sense
Shadow Cloak M.D.C.: 15/ 15
AOI 60
Crystal Armor (PW, 128)
• Main Body - 35
• Forcefield - 70 MDC 4 times per 24 hours or 20 ISP
UTI Zapper Gun: 15 shots per E-clip
Crystal Assault Rifle: 40 shots/ must use 8 ISP/shot
2 Phase Swords

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Re: Adventure 5: The Old Ways

Postby Ernstweavel » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:46 pm

Perception: 1d20+1 = 11
JIC: 1d20 = 18 / 1d100 = 100
Conditions: Sustain (13 days), Energy Sphere (31 days, 600 PPE), Haunted by Visions -1 to all rolls and -5% to all skills until you can rest/recover..

Ernstweavel waits patiently while Oin Ironfist explains his actions from the preceding night. During this time, Ernstweavel tried to shake off the terror from last night’s dream. Forcing his mind into high gear.
Lore: Demons & Monsters 65% / 1d100 = 55 and Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic 50%/ 1d100 = 2
Lore: Magic
--General Knowledge: 55% / 1d100 = 62
--Recognize Enchantment 38%/ 1d100 = 12 -> To think of creatures or anyrhing that does possessions or mind control.

After Oin finishes Ernstweavel produces a genuine smile. ”I know this must be difficult for you. We're here to help. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering for me, it might help jog your memory? Do you know of any one that has a grudge or vendetta against you or want to frame you? Have you ever walked out of a job or screwed over a company that might hire some mercs to ruin you?”
I.D. Undercover Agent 30% / 1d100 = 57 Just in case Oin is double crossing.
P.P.E.: 122 / 122
H.P.: 27 / 27
S.D.C.: 31 / 31
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