Episode X: A Night in Merctown

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Episode X: A Night in Merctown

Postby Underguard » Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:46 am

Local Conditions wrote:Location: Merctown (New Paducah), KY
Population: Unknown
Date/Time: 7:15pm, June 4th, 111PA
Ley Line Activity: Nexus within 1 mile
Weather: Overcast, cloudy night.
Visibility: 100%

Margaret has had a little around a week to get herself orientated to the sprawling city-state that is Merctown, formerly known as New Paducah after the city was rebuilt after the rift expansion. Her room for the past couple nights has been in the Spooks Motel. Her trading associate, Vaughz, has been generous in sharing his knowledge of the state of the world from a more general perspective. Vaughz, who Margaret has only seen act in a timid or meek nature, respects the Margaret's physical capabilities, and has put her up at the Spooks Motel in a room a few doors down from him; he is patently obvious with his reasons, he's weaker with a valuable product, so an easy target.

Moreover, since arriving in Merctown, she has found a much needed tour guide for the city in a Headhunter who has recently graduated from the infamous Headhunters Academy named Orianna. Simply put by Vaughz, this organization is... 'organized bounty hunting and other things illegal, made legal due to overt supply and its exorbitant demand.' True to this statement is, the demand for such things in this city-state alone is staggering; finding work isn't the problem here. It seems like half the city has a mark on the other half, with bounty hunters only keeping the peace within city limits due to swift retribution from the Merctown Defenders.

Margaret received a ping from her headhunter associate, Orianna Harper, requesting her to meet her at the Flight Room in the Air Field on the Outskirts of the city at around 7:30 pm; and it seemed rather urgent. Margaret's heard about, thought not visited, the Flight Room, and has heard it turns into one of the most popular bar scenes in Merctown at night with different forms of entertainment such as cage matching, gambling, billiards and other type sports.

Vaughz has also expressed interest in meeting tonight to discuss the next phase of his visit to Merctown, the prototype she's heard so little about. He mentioned it was time sensitive, though hardly expressed any need for urgency. Vaughz was located somewhere in the Market district, though finding his exact location is a challenge as it moves every time he resets his stand.

Margaret finds herself in her room on the second floor of the Spooks Hotel where the clock reads 7:15pm. She has time to make it too the airfield before 7:30 to catch Orianna as she arrives. Vaughz is somewhat on the way to the Air Field, however looking for him right now might make her miss her hit time that Orianna wanted.

The night is beautiful, though overcast, and the magical ley lines that run the course of the city provide a gorgeous skyline to those who haven't lived with them for their entire life. The Merctown Nexus is visible from her window near one of the tallest buildings in the city.

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