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Group Catch-All Thread

Postby Tyrannosapiens Rex » Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:21 pm

This is not a chat thread.

AAPS Character Guideline

AA Professional Services is a group geared for low powered characters in an attempt to capture the feel of encounters in the original Rifts game. The only hard and fast requirement is that players must be S.D.C/H.P. Contact Ecks for any questions on this. -Ecks 4/17/17

This thread is used to keep track of things that you do not want to delete. Unlike the OOC thread, which is deleted periodically, this thread is intended to keep things around.

Table of Contents:
01. AA Professional Services Company Charter
02. AAPS Base
03. Group Equipment
04. Group Vehicle
05. AAPS Base Garage
06. Group XP Thread
07. Group's Tinkerers Thread
08. Pipboy-5000
09. Important Game Quotes
10. AAPS Logos
11. Maniacal Laugh's Guidelines
12. T-Rex's Rolling Rules
Of all the things encountered in the Megaverse, the most vile and evil are not the demons, or Alien Intelligences. No, even the Old Ones pale in vileness to the Human Tyrant King. For, only he treats his own kind, every day of his life, with the kind of careless attitude the Old Ones treated the so-called lesser races.
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AAPS Charter

Postby Tyrannosapiens Rex » Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:13 am

AA Professional Services Company Charter

AAPS is an employee-owned professional services mercenary company specializing in defense, retrieval, salvage and intelligence, with a focus in counter-supernatural operations. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with responsive, courteous and high quality service. We recruit only those individuals whom display the highest levels of integrity, a trait which is recognized in our government, commercial and civilian clients through repeat service. AAPS’ depth of resources and capabilities make us a single source solutions provider.

Mission Statement

To collectively improve each employees capability to provide mercenary service through coordinated support and sharing of resources, and to enable employees to take on larger contracts than each is individually capable of. To attract dedicated and hardworking professional mercenaries, provide fair compensation and benefits, and provide a safe base of operations.

Company Charter

Article 1. General Provisions

1.1 AA Professional Services was established on March 9, 110 PA. by the following founders:

(1) Cirene Cloudstalker (Aviane Ley Line Walker); (Mar 9 110 P.A-May 1 110 P.A.; left)
(2) George Foreman XXIV (Human Glitter Boy Pilot); (Mar 9 110 P.A- )
(3) Royal Ecks (Human Operator); (Mar 9 110 P.A- )
(4) Nicodemus Preston (Human NEMA Military Specialist); (Mar 9 110 P.A-May 20th 110 P.A.; May 30th, 110 P.A. NPC)
(5) Peta Chante (Wild Psi-Stalker); (Mar 9 110 P.A- May 30th 110 P.A.; KIA)
(6) Benjamin Kharr (Psi-Stalker Psi-Slinger); (Mar 9 110 P.A-May 23rd 110 P.A.; left ) and
(7) Kyros Lelantos (True Atlantean Ley Line Walker). (Mar 9 110 P.A-May 1 110 P.A.; left )

1.2 AA Professional Services shall be governed by the present charter (hereinafter the Charter) and the duration of AA Professional Services shall be unlimited unless reorganized or liquidated pursuant to the Charter.

Article 2. Name and Location

2.1 The full official name of the company is AA Professional Services.

2.2 AA Professional Services office location is 111 Wall Access Road in the outskirts of Merctown.

Article 3. Organizational Structure

3.1 Employees of AA Professional Services include:

Commanding Officer: Royal Ecks
Executive Officer:Sir Oliver Drake
Combat Specialist: Shane Kinnon
Supernatural Specialist: Brianna Clarke

3.1.1 Removing an employee from AA Professional Services (who does not wish to leave) requires a 75% vote.

3.2 Officer positions include CO (Commanding Officer), XO (Executive Officer)

3.2.1 CO's duties include deciding on a course of action from the options available and guide AA Professional Services policy. However, AA Professional Services is a democratic institution, when not on the battlefield, so the CO is expected to call a vote from all employees for any important decisions that will affect the entire team. Furthermore, the CO is expected to seek jobs for AA Professional Services. Any two AAPS employees can call for a vote of no confidence in the CO. Thereafter a majority vote will remove the CO from office and a new candidate will have to be selected.

3.2.2 XO's duties include assisting the CO, advising on strategies and leading a second team if necessary. A vote of no-confidence in the XO follows similar protocols as listed in 3.2.1 for the CO.

3.2.3 Any employee may start a petition to apply for an officer position between missions. If the job is currently filled it requires a 75% majority to change, otherwise 50% is sufficient.

Article 4. Compensation

4.1 75% of revenue from each contract including salvage shall be distributed to all AAPS employees as equal shares.

4.1.1 Before sale, salvage shall be made available to all employees for use, replacement or repair of personal equipment. If disputes between salvaged equipment cannot be settled amicably, the CO shall make final decisions.

4.2 25% of revenue from each contract shall be deposited into the AA Professional Services Group Fund.

4.2.1 All purchases from the group fund are property of AA Professional Services and may be issued on a per mission basis by an officer of the Company.

4.2.2 If ever the group fund exceeds 20 million universal credits the excess above 20 million will be disbursed to current employees in equal shares.

4.2.3 Both the CO and XO must approve any disbursement from the group fund. Any AAPS employee may make transactions at the MercTown Bank by assignment from the CO or XO.

4.2.4 Standard items paid for out of the group fund are as follows:
-Compound Security, including live monitoring and/or magical or technological defenses;
-various household provision such as food and drink;
-cleaning services within the compound;
-100% of basic ammunition replacement expenses;
-50% of missile replacement expenses;
-all reasonable medical expenses, including, but not limited to, limb replacement; and
-100% of the repair costs for armor (repairs to be completed in-house if possible).

Article 5. Employee Expectations and Requirements

5.1 All employees of AA Professional Services are to conduct themselves in a professional fashion, and are to adhere to proper codes of conduct in regards to non-combatants and prisoners of war.

5.2 AA Professional Services operates within the laws of MercTown. This includes, but is not limited to, responding when called regarding the defense of MercTown itself. We also abide by the strictures of the MercTown Magic Guild where applicable. We require all magic users to become guild employees.

5.3 All employees are required to provide their own basic equipment including weapons and armor.
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Postby Tyrannosapiens Rex » Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:40 pm

In homage to Fallout, the groups assigned/discovered/self-designated tasks will be updated here, in the 'Pip-Boy' format. I will update this regularly. If the characters give themselves tasks in character, or the players give the characters tasks OOC, I'll put those in as well.

(Tasks you start and tasks directly assigned by your current employer are not listed as 'optional', and are on the top of the list.)

Pip Boy 5000 wrote:-Recover Stolen tapestry.
-Investigate Horsemen mysteries.
-Eat Pizza without a Fight
-Recover Peta's belongings
-(Optional) Recover Damaged 'Hefty Glitter Boy'
-(Optional) Brawl with Horsemen
-(Optional) Hire a Shifter
-(Optional) Figure out who attacked Nicodemus.
-(Optional) Upgrade Ecks' body armor.
-(Optional) Recruit Long-Term Help
-(Optional) Repair Sled (1/3 Systems Repaired)
-(Optional)Eliminate 4 orbs or what hatches from them(1/4 Destroyed, hatching by Jun 1, 110 P.A. dawn)
-(Optional)Warn other 'champions of MercTown' about demonic assassins
-(Optional)Hire a City Rat
-(Optional)Investigate the mysterious black armored figures seen with Horsemen
-(Optional)Make Nicodemus' SAMAS
-(Optional)Investigate Fort Bragg

-Completed: Avenge Peta!
-Completed: Defend Hamilton
-Completed: Find Nicodemus Preston
-Completed: Ambush Demons outside Hamilton
-Completed: Recruit Short-Term Help
-Completed: Repair Glitter Boy
-Completed: Seek Advice Regarding Orb-Eggs.
-Completed: Kill Reggie (again)
-Completed: Escort Convoy to Dinosaur Swamp
-Completed: Scout Ley Lines with Connor
-Completed: Save Beanpole from Demon sacrifice!
-Completed: Figure out what's up with Peta's rock marble.
-Completed: Do Maintenance on Convoy before Departing
-Completed: Defend MercTown!
-Completed: Custom-made AAPSmobile
-Completed: Raid Outskirts Warehouses
-Completed: Capture or kill two of: Kittani, Two Shape*, Mardoc, Timmy Kilgore*, and/or Monster
-Completed: Investigate the Pit
-Completed: Speak to the MercTown Defenders at their HQ
-Completed: Retrieve Horsemen Dossier from Defenders
-Completed: Deliver Dossier to Fixer
-Completed: Investigate the 'Hells Rejects'
-Completed: Investigate the 'Screeming Deevils'
-Completed: Investigate the 'Mephistos Horsemen'
-Completed: Eliminate the T-Archers attacking the JMC

-Failed: Find the center of the storm
-Failed: Hire Timmy
-Failed: Investigate Hamilton
-Failed: Eliminate 85th C.S. S.O.G.
-Failed: Make Rounds for Peta Chante's shotgun
-Failed: Capture or Kill Mick Thurson for MercTown.
Of all the things encountered in the Megaverse, the most vile and evil are not the demons, or Alien Intelligences. No, even the Old Ones pale in vileness to the Human Tyrant King. For, only he treats his own kind, every day of his life, with the kind of careless attitude the Old Ones treated the so-called lesser races.
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AAPS Logos

Postby Beanpole » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:54 am


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Important Game Quotes

Postby Captain Marks » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:49 am

Merctown Favored Status
Nicodemus Preston wrote:
Merctown Defenders wrote:The firefight begins fast a furious between the groups, and as the Sargent finishes falling to the ground the first of the horsemen is killed when a smoking hole is blown through his chest armor. "Thats for the Sarge" you hear one of the defenders yell out. While everyone else moves into position to return fire, the quick actions of the members of AAPS do not draw any attention for now.

Ecks closes the hatch and returns to his seat to get into the fight, while Crash straps on his helmet. Peta and Nicodemus head for cover and Cirene takes to the air. As the laser blasts continue to fly back and forth Cirene causes a couple of Horsemen to have a case of sticky feet, and leads to a follow up blast from Ecks' railgun. Crash and Peta tag team the closest target and with the firepower from the Defenders he drops like a sack of potatoes.

Some light scorch marks are made against the NG-V7, and the continued exchange of gun fire causes the Horsemen to finally decide enough is enough. As they withdrawal and the clean up begins the CO approaches AAPS. "Gentlemen, thank you again for your help. I want to offer your group a favored status. This means you'll be able to take your gear right to your base and not have to leave it at the gate."

Mephisto's Horsemen, not what they appear.
Beanpole wrote:
Summary wrote:Mephisto's Horsemen seem to be some sort of magically empowered criminal organization. According to information, they were founded in Tolkeen back in double o. They seem to move around setting up satellite clubs within range of electric hoverbikes. No police agency MercTown shares intel with has successfully infiltrated their ranks.

They seem to somewhat base themselves on the biker culture of the 20th century outlaw motorcycle clubs, but these guys are half ogres, and have a few elves among their number. Their typical crimes consist of racketeering, extortion, narcotics trafficking, weapons running, robbery and murder.

About six months ago, the Horsemen had a run-in with a locally based Merc team called Spook Squad. A warehouse in the Outskirts was destroyed in the action. Details are fuzzy, but the Spook Squad made allegations of collusion with the Splugorth.

About a month ago, two new allied clubs have appeared- The Screeming Deevils and the Hells Rejects. The Horsemen in MercTown have been acting differently since. The Horsemen seem to also be into prostitution and seem to be extremely ruthless in collecting their debts recently. Non members who have associated with the Horsemen have been disappearing at alarming rate, and signs of human sacrifices have been popping up in the countryside.

The Horsemen seem to headquarter themselves out of the Pit in the Warrens, but we've also traced them to a trio of warehouses in the Warrens. Addresses are in attached surveillance files

This isn't the Golden Age of Man. America wide gangs just don't spring up anymore. The working theory until a month ago was that the Horsemen were a front for the Splugorth, based mostly on the account of the Spooks, and the evidence at hand. Now, the Defenders are lost. Maybe they are worshippers of the so-called Deevil Lords.
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AA Professional Services Base

Postby Captain Marks » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:58 am

111 Wall Access Road, AAPS Base -7a
North by northeast of the Rat Race Derby, along a hovercycle racetrack, this garage functions as AAPS' base of operations.

The building is built on a tallish scale.

The larger section has 57' of clearance in the center, and has 52'*'52' of useable floorspace inside of a 55'*55' structure. It has two entrances to the front section, and a large bay door that rises to 45'. There are support struts built for rigging attached to the ceiling in various locations. A portion along one wall has been converted to quarters, with rooms for each member of AAPS.

The front section of this building is currently set up with a set of bunk beds in a single long room, a large entry that doubles as a lounge, two restrooms, three offices, and a small basic kitchen. Ceilings are 16' tall throughout, and 21' in the center.

It has usable floorspace of 38'*37' inside a 40'*40' Structure.

(M.D.C.- Front Section 275 (30 per 10'*10'), Rear Section 800 (30 per 10'*10') Garage Door 50, Front Door 15, Windows 10 each)
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This is how I roll...

Postby Maniacal Laugh » Sat May 02, 2015 2:23 am

All House Rules of the site plus the following.
My Way

This is how I roll...
  1. Failure to follow site rules or my rules CAN AND(most likely) WILL end badly. This doesn't always mean dead characters. If you can't come back after experiencing the consequences, what good is done? :scratch:
  2. Once I post, it is written in stone. (unless a higher being says otherwise)*
  3. Make sure to follow along with the story. If someone posted before you, factor it in.
  4. I will post one major post a week with updates to time and so on. Posts will happen every weekend between Saturday late and Sunday late. :sunny:
  5. I am on EU at least once a day, so PMs will catch me.
  6. If for any reason I will be unable to post, I will let you know. I expect the same respect.
  7. If you flake your character will die a most horrible death. So if you are going to be away, you need to post to the status tracker. Telling me is one thing, but follow the site rules and post in the tracker. Okay, this is fun to say, but I will give a couple chances, and most likely just have the character go AWOL unless the aforementioned horrible death moves the story along. If that's the case, hello horrible death!
  8. Behind the GM is a Human. I will not change the story to fix mistakes(unless they are particularly glaring), so just go with the flow, it is RP after all.*
  9. I will not go out of my way to kill you, with the exception of flakes. I will not, however, override the dice.
  10. Experience Points will be awarded per site rules. :santa:
  11. I do not play your characters for you and my story-lines are never written in stone. I will however, take liberties with your characters to cover downtime or introduce a scene.
  12. The more you put into your post, the more fuel I have for mine. Short character posts equal short GM posts. See #10, they work together. :dj:

Posting Format
  1. Post using the right account. (That goes for me too. Many EU members have more than one account. In Character, post as your character.)
  2. Spoken words should be posted in plain black bold with “quotation marks”.
  3. Non spoken thoughts should be posted in Italics .
  4. Skills should be posted in easy to see colors. Example: First Aid: skill 46%, Rolled 34% – Pass. Detect Ambush: skill 34%, Rolled 98% - fail. (This is optional now, but will bump your post up a catagory if done.) :cheers:
  5. The only human language I understand is English. If you wish to post things in another language I expect an OOC translation in the same post. I also don't know guns and shooty fighty things, so no jargon, plain English please. :albino:
  6. If you have bonuses, show your math. :rambo:
  7. Carrying over Perception & JIC rolls from the last post is acceptable ONLY if there isn't a post from your GM between the two posts.
  8. One post a week is the site rule minimum. However, the more you post, the better the game goes. A post is a post, so you can post as many as you like between GM updates and still get all that wonderful XP!
  9. Please include a link to your character sheets in your signature.
  10. Stats and constant effects need to be posted, either in the signature or at the top of your posts. Temporary effects need to be posted in the top of your posts.
  11. Radio Transmissions should be colored. With bold and quotation marks. Example: Bob radios the other watch member "Alpha one to Alpha two, all's clear."
  12. Telepathy Transmissions should be in italics, bold, color, and quotations. Example: George uses his mind to tell the group "Look out guys, here they come."

Combat Posts
  1. Any posts over One per Melee (between my posts in combat) will result in extra posts being ignored for that melee.
  2. Per TGM's ruling, the site's new built-in diceroller is mandatory.
  3. Just because you tried to chop the SAMAS to pieces with a butter knife does not mean it happened until I post that it did. Ergo, you post your character's INTENTIONS, I post the results.
  4. Combat action posts should be in the order you want them to happen. I will only change them if you reserve some for defensive action or whatever to help keep you alive and to go with the story line. If you have auto defense skills (parry, auto-dodge), please include rolls for those; else they never happened.
  5. During combat you need to post Perception, JIC, and Initiative rolls. Failure to do so will result in the worst possible roll being assumed.
  6. If you wish to fight amongst each other, I will not stop you. Use the site's built in dice roller.

Maniacal Laugh wrote:Yo...
So it's more permanent than chat:
Chat wrote:And for comprehensiveness sake, because it addresses the situation we're dealing with, I'm using Patrick's ram damage table, so Staci vs Mysterious Knight (none of ya'll actually made Lore: Magic rolls successfully, you have no idea! And knowing that there is a good guy version is totally absolutely not common knowledge and will have a SERIOUS penalty to figure that out.) will be 3d6 MD + Knockback per the chart [from] GMG page 35 (so probably a 20% chance of knockback)

And until something better comes along:
Chat wrote:if it fires a shell, regardless of what's inside the shell, it's a physical weapon. [W.P. Pistol, W.P. Rifle, W.P. Submachine Gun, W.P. Shotgun, W.P. Heavy Military Weapons]
If it ejects energy from a battery, it's an energy weapon [W.P. Energy Pistol, W.P. Energy Rifle]
W.P. Heavy Mega-Damage Weapons is its own animal and follows none of the logic here.

Skill Use
  1. Skills and powers that are applicable or potentially applicable should be rolled once each scene.
  2. Certain skills- piloting, mechanical, and electrical mostly, but also Weapon Systems, must be rolled for every round of combat or for each attempt for longer tasks. Certain other skills- communication mostly, may be rolled at every attempt until 6th level for a greater share of XP, and the risk of occasionally humorous failures to transmit.
  3. I do not reward experience for JIC rolls used to determine skill success. Use common sense: You may pass your detect ambush roll with that JIC, but I won't notice that when calculating XP. If your wandering in the woods, detect ambush and wilderness skills are potentially applicable, and you will likely want to post them.
  4. I think skills are an important part of the RP gaming experience, especially in a skill heavy game like Rifts. Use lots of skills. When in doubt include a skill. Five or six skills in a post? GREAT!
  5. Either the AGM or I will determine what's useful and what's not for XP purposes.
  6. It IS okay to post more skills in a followup post. For example, Bob is flying in lazy circles (He rolls Piloting). Bobby says, "Bob, fly a loop de loop." Bob says, "Sure thing Bobby! and flies a loop de loop (He rolls another Piloting roll. Both are valid. Both also might result in a horrible crash.

(If this changes I will let everyone in the party know.)
(I like smilies, I ran out.)

*That being said, a retcon here or there isn't necessarily out of the question....

Rolling Rules:

Piloting/Weapon Systems and Read Sensory Equipment Dice Rolls: Required every combat post, and at the opening of every scene, and/or as GM prompts. Starting at 6th level, GM will prompt much more rarely, and may not ask for it at the opening of every scene where you are driving. Without a Combat post skill success for Weapon Systems, you do not get the strike bonus for having the skill- this will persist after 6th level.

Radio: Basic Rolls: Only needed once per scene. However, GM will allow you to roll more often until you reach 6th level, at the chance of failure to transmit. After 6th level, its just XP farming and success is rather assured- unless GM mentions the need for rolls to attempt to avoid interference.

Maniacal Laugh wrote:Another bit of administrative crap. Several of you have multiple accounts, including mod accounts. When I send pms about your character it will most likely be sent to the character account. If I send a pm it's probably important. Sometimes I'm just trying to be witty though. Either way you certainly don't want to miss it!

Combat actions:
Include dodges!!! Do it like this:

1. fighty stuff numbers numbers
2. more fighty stuff numbers numbers
3. different but yet still more fighty stuff numbers numbers
4. Dodge numbers
5. Dodge numbers

List your actions first, then dodges at the bottom of the list.

List your parries and auto-stuff in a separate numbered list as well. I like a stacked list, but if the waste of space offends you, a comma spaced list is okay too.

Signature stats minimum:
HP, SDC, Armor MDC by Location
ISP, PPE, etc.
Permanent conditions (in addition to list at top of post)
Primary Weapon MD, Ammo
Link to Character Sheet

Drake's and Ecks' are top notch examples.

For every skill roll include the target skill percentage. E.g. Be Bitchy Invalid dice code!/90%
Going back and color coding success or fail is very nice indeed. It's a pain in the ass so I won't roll Be Bitchy if you don't do it.

All I can say is add everyone in the group to your chat (please use Google's IM thing - it is so much better that yahoo's, that said both are available on either my GM (CS High Command) or player accounts. Shane and I are both GMs and love to help folks out, ML is a good GM and a great helper to others. Captain Marks has been all on trying to help integrate new players, and Ecks is a great group leader (haven't interacted with the other two yet). You've got all the tools to succeed and have a blast. Your writing will improve with time (I've seen even published authors struggle with the play by post format before, so don't feel bad), as long as you are willing to take constructive criticism and use the edit button until you get it right. Here are some tools to help you out. JIC is Just In Case. They are extra rolls your GM can use for saving throws, extra skill checks, extra perception rolls - anything really. More info can be found here. This is a cool tool for helping you with your descriptive writing. There are a lot more. I recently shared this on the EU Facebook group. Point being there's help ready for you. :) New just means ready to learn!

A basic post template
Code: Select all
[b]Perception[/b]: [dice]1d20+0[/dice]
[b]JIC[/b]: [dice]1d100[/dice],[dice]1d20[/dice]

Text of post here.

Skill Rolls listed here 00/[dice]1d100[/dice] - List what you're trying to accomplish (the more specific you are the greater the chance you'll get the info you are looking for)
Tracking People 50/[dice]1d100[/dice] - Find where that bad guy ran off to while your back was turned.

This is speech.
Code: Select all
[b]This is speech[/b].

This is thought.
Code: Select all
[i]This is thought[/i].

This is action.
Code: Select all
This is action.

This is radio communication.
Code: Select all
[b][color=blue]This is radio communication[/color][/b].

This is telepathy.
Code: Select all
[color=blue][i]This is telepathy[/i][/color].

Combat posts go like this:
Code: Select all
[b]Perception[/b]: [dice]1d20+0[/dice]
[b]JIC[/b]: [dice]1d100[/dice],[dice]1d20[/dice]
[b]Initiative[/b]: [dice]1d20+0[/dice]

Text of post here.

Combat Actions:
Action 1: Do stuff Strike [dice]1d20+0[/dice] [u]Damage[/u]: [dice]1d6+0[/dice] [u]Parry[/u]: [dice]1d20+0[/dice]
Action 2: Do stuff [u]Strike[/u] [dice]1d20+0[/dice] [u]Damage[/u]: [dice]1d6+0[/dice] [u]Parry[/u]: [dice]1d20+0[/dice]
Action 3: [u]Reserved for Dodge[/u]! [dice]1d20+0[/dice]
Action 4: Do stuff Strike [dice]1d20+0[/dice] Damage: [dice]1d6+0[/dice] [u]Parry[/u]: [dice]1d20+0[/dice]

Extra Dodges (abort actions if I am going to be hit) [dice]1d20+0[/dice], [dice]1d20+0[/dice], [dice]1d20+0[/dice]

Skill Rolls listed here 00/[dice]1d100[/dice] - List what you're trying to accomplish (the more specific you are the greater the chance you'll get the info you are looking for)
Read Sensory Equipment 50/[dice]1d100[/dice] - Find that radar contact that disappeared
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Group Equipment

Postby Captain Marks » Sat May 02, 2015 2:35 am

MercTown Bank Account

Stored at 111 Wall Access Road

Repair Shop
132 M.D.C. worth of Plastic Man armor remnants- no full suits, but limbs and some helmets
An unspecified quantity of scrap armor plates from Plastic Man and DPM armor (Looted from Demon Worshipers and Demons near Hamilton)
Torso (80%) "Vindicator" Samas (__/__)
Head (80%) "Super" Samas (__/__)
R Arm (78%) "Pale Death" Samas (__/__)
L Arm (78%) "Pale Death" Samas (__/__)
R Leg (78%) "Pale Death" Samas (__/__)
L Leg (78%) "Pale Death" Samas (__/__)

Damaged Skinny Unusual Glitter Boy
--To remain un-statted until further inspection


Talisman of Teleportation
Teleports the wearer and his personal belongings (no more than 75 lbs.) anywhere the wearer concentrates on while rubbing the talisman. 85% chance of success.
-Range: 50 miles
-Useable 3 times within a 24 hour period.

3x Vibro-Knife
Damage: 1D6 M.D.

Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie (x15)
☞ Weight: 1 lb.
☞ M.D.C.: 2
☞ Range: 10 miles
☞ Battery Life: A rechargeable battery provides 96 hours of continuous operation before needing to be recharged.
☞ Note: attempts to crack the encryption suffer a -25% modifier.

Ammo Locker
34 Empty or Partially Charged Full Size E-Clips
16 Full, Full Sized E-Clips
18 Full, Short E-clips
6,000 NE-003PC 'Standard' Plasma cartridge rounds
8 Clips for NE-4
6 Clips for NE-10
1 Belt for NE-200 with 30 rounds left
1 Belt for NE-200 with 200 rounds left
6 NE-GF10 grenades

Suit of Plastic Man armor
M.D.C. by Location
• Helmet: 30
• Arms: 15 each
• Legs: 22 each
• Main body: 26/35
Modifiers: -10% movement penalty

T-21 Terrain Hopper
(No Head, -52 Main Body, stinks like the dead)

3x NE-4 Plasma Cartridge Pistol
• Range: 500'
• Damage: 1D4x10 M.D.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 10 rounds per magazine
• Modifiers: Characters with a P.S. of 17 or less are -2 to strike even on an aimed shot.

3x NE-10 Plasma Cartridge Rifle
• Range: 1,200'
• Damage: 1D4x10 MD
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 20 shot magazine
• Modifiers: None

4x L-20 Laser Pulse Rifle
Range: 1600'
Damage: 2D6 (single), 6D6 (pulse)
Rate of Fire: Standard
Payload: 40 shots per E-clip, 50 shots per Long E-clip

3x CP-40 Pulse Laser Rifle
• Range: 2000'
• Damage: 2D6 M.D. per single laser blast or 6D6 M.D. burst
S.D.C. Damage: The weapon can also be set to fire a single S.D.C. blast that does 3D6 S.D.C. damage or a rapid-fire pulse that does 1d6x10 S.D.C. Thirty single S.D.C. blasts use up the equivalent energy of a single M.D. blast, while six S.D.C. pulse blasts count as one M.D. blast.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots or 3-shot bursts only
• Payload: 21 blasts per E-Clip, 30 blasts per long E-Clip, 60 blasts per E-canister.

NE-200 Plasma Cartridge Machine Gun
Range: 2000'
Rate of Fire & Damage: 1D4x10 MD per shot or 2D6x10 MD per 10-shot burst
Payload: 200 shot belt or 40 shot magazine
Weight: 70 lbs. with magazine, each belt weighs 15 lbs.
Special: For use on tri-pod or vehicle mount. If used as an over-sized rifle, the user must have a P.S. of 24 or greater
• Modifiers: None

NE-75H "Shoulder Cannon"
• Range: 4000’ with NE-002PC and NE-003PC cartridges, 6000' with the heavier cartridges.
• Damage: varies with cartridge type used
• Rate of fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 8 cartridges in magazine (20 with NE-001PC and NE-002PC cartridges)
• Modifiers: None

NE-97 "Triple Threat" Laser & Grenade Rifle
• Range: Laser: 2000', Grenade Launcher: 1000'
• Damage: Laser: 3D6 M.D. per single shot; triple blast pulse 6D6+6 M.D. Grenade Launcher: Varies with grenade.
• Rate of Fire: single shots or triple shot bursts only
• Payload: 21 single shots or 7 bursts per standard E-Clip; 50% more with a long. FSE-Clip
• Modifiers: None

Sound Filtration "Plus" Hearing Aids x9 (Hand Crafted by Albert Nova and Hamil)

These small devices are made of two pieces, fitting into each ear. A flexible bladder expands, locking each piece into the ear canal. Utilizing cybernetic ear augmentation these units provide amplified hearing, language translation and sound filters. These also slightly pressurize the inner ear, negating some of the effects of the railguns used in close proximity particularly those used by G-10 “Glitterboys”. When both pieces are worn, wearers will not be deafened by explosions or other loud noises, but may have some discomfort from shockwaves. Being housed externally and not attached directly to nerve bundles makes the cybernetic technologies slightly less effective than being used as intended.

Providing cybernetic features as: Amplified Hearing, Language Translator and Sound Filter. Amplified hearing used in such a way, provides the following: Batteries last for 36 hours of continuous use.

Bonuses: +1 Dodge, +1 Initiative.

At Last Resort

One scrapped and damaged Unusual Glitter Boy
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Group Vehicle: The Sled

Postby Captain Marks » Sat May 02, 2015 2:36 am


The Sled (Derived from UH-1D and NG-300)
(Overpowered Force Field: +35 M.D.C. Force Field: Force Field takes 50% damage from plasma or fire)[/color]

MDC by location:
Main Body: 110 MDC
*Hover jet (18): 35 MDC (6 per location) Left, Right and Front
Doors: 25 MDC
Windshield: 15 MDC
Horizontal Stabilizer: 20 MDC
*Weapon Pylons (2): 20 MDC (Right Pylon 0/20 Inoperable)
*Winch: 10 MDC
**Pintle Mounts (2): 3 MDC
**Belly Hook: 5 MDC
***Force Field: 285 MDC

*Small/difficult target to hit. Requires a called shot at -3 to strike.
**Tiny/very difficult object to hit. Requires called shot at -4 to strike.
***Force Field recharges 10 MDC per minute
Statistical Data
Vehicle Type: Hovercraft
Crew: 1-4; up to 14 Passengers
Max Speed: 110mph (Cruise is considered to be 80mph)
Max Altitude: 120 ft (can handle drops up to 600ft)
Max Range: Effectively Unlimited
Power Plant: Nuclear (5 years remaining)
Cargo: can lift up to 5,000lbs without passengers. Crew/Passengers + cargo cannot exceed 5,800lbs
Length: 27 ft 5 in
Width: 8 ft 7 in
Height: 10 ft 5 in
Weight: 7138lbs.

Weapon Systems
1. Weapon Pylon (2)
The Sled has two weapon pylons. These weapon pylons have hard points for pilot controlled arms. These will accommodate many weapons from railguns to mini missile launchers. Almost any weapon that can be pintle mounted, can be mounted on these pylons. Weapons mounted on the pylons are linked to fire control on the pilots collective stick (joystick). Aimed shots are not possible with pylon mounted weapons. All weapon systems must be accounted for when considering total cargo weight.

Currently on Weapon Pylons

NG-202 Rail Gun (Left)
• Range: 4000 feet
• Damage: Burst: 1d4x10 M.D. Single Shot: 1d4 M.D.
• Rate of Fire: Single round or 40 round burst
• Payload: 1200 round belt

2. Pintle Mount (2)
On each side of the Sled, there are pintle mounts located near the floor. These can only be used if the doors are open. Weapons mounted here have a 155 degree firing arc side to side, a 45 degree arc upwards and 70 degree downward arc.

Currently on Pintle Mounts

NE-200 Plasma Cartridge Machinegun (Right)
Range: 2000'
Rate of Fire & Damage: 1D4x10 MD per shot or 2D6x10 MD per 10-shot burst
Payload: 200 shot belt or 40 shot magazine
Weight: 70 lbs. with magazine, each belt weighs 15 lbs.
Special: For use on tri-pod or vehicle mount. If used as an over-sized rifle, the user must have a P.S. of 24 or greater
• Modifiers: None

Systems of Note
This is a standard electric winch capable of lifting 2000lbs. Attached to the frame near the side doors, an arm swings out to provide for winch operation. It comes with 200ft of high tensile synthetic rope. Only usable while the side doors are open.
2.Belly Hook
The belly hook was utilized on many utility helicopters. It's a simple device that features a manual release in the interior of the vehicle. The hook is rate for 20,000lbs.
Features of Note
-Radar: Can identify and track up to 48 targets simultaneously at a range of 30 miles.
-Magnetic Anomaly Detector: Range about 2 miles. Alien tech- came attached to the Force Field.
-Combat Computer: Calculates, stores, and transmits data onto the heads-up display (H.U.D.) of the pilot's helmet. It is tied to the targeting computer.
-Targeting Computer: Assists in tracking and identification of enemy targets. 30 mile range.
-Laser Targeting System: Assists in the selection and focusing of specific targets and adds a bonus of+1 to strike when using long-range weapons. Does not apply to hand to hand combat or SAMAS.
-Radio Communication: Long-range, directional communication system with an effective range of about 500 miles, as well as a directional, short-range radio. Range is 5 miles. Plus a built-in loudspeaker; 80 decibels.
-External Audio Pickup: A sound amplification listening system that can pick up a whisper 300' away.
-Spotlights: Has two spotlights. Typical range is 600'.
-Force Field: An alien force field of unknown origin was purchased and installed into the sled. It can recharge a completely depleted force field in 12 hours. The force field also appears to have some sort of fire-dampening effect, the extent of which is unknown.
(The alien tech understands 8 languages, one of which is functionally English, albeit with some odd loan terms.)

Cargo on the Sled
NG-S2 Basic Survival Pack x4
☞ A very popular item among adventurers and other travelers, the NG-S2 survival pack contains all the basic things someone traveling through the wilderness could need.
☞ S.D.C.: 50
☞ Weight: 10 lbs.
☞ Page 187 Game Master Guide for full details

2x NE-200 Ammo Belts
2x NE-200 Ammo Belts, with 180 rounds remaining
36x loose NE-003PC 'Standard' Plasma Cartridges
4x NE-003FC 'Flare' Cartridges
2x NE-200 Magazines
Case of 6 1200 round NG-202 Ammo Belts
Universal E-Clip Recharger & Generator
A nuclear powered, semi-portable generator approximately the size of a mini-fridge that weighs 60 lbs. There are sixteen ports in the unit, each of which can recharge a standard E-Clip in about one hour. It also comes with adapters to enable the device to recharge unusual and alien E-Clips such as those used by Naruni Enterprises and the Kittani. This deluxe model also is capable of providing power for one large building, or a series of smaller buildings in addition to it's E-Clip charging output. The Universal E-Clip Recharger & Generator has an energy life of 10 years and has a power output roughly equal to most robot vehicles.

2x L-20 Laser Pulse Rifle
Range: 1600'
Damage: 2D6 (single), 6D6 (pulse)
Rate of Fire: Standard
Payload: 40 shots per E-clip, 50 shots per Long E-clip

1x Jumbo Drum Fed Grenade Launcher.

1x CAI-50 Challenger Light Combat Armor
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AAPS Base Garage

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NG-480 Turbo X2
M.D.C. By Location
--Rear Hover Ball Jet Housing (2): 40
--Rear Jet Boosters (2): 35
--Undercarriage Directional Jets (8): 4
--Forward Headlight: 5
--Forward Laser Turret: 32
--Reinforced Windshield: 20
--Main Body: 92
Statistical Data
Crew: 1, 2 cramped (-5% pilot)
Max Speed: 220 mph
Max Altitude: 400'
Max Range: 800 miles
Power Plant: Electric
Dimensions: 11' long, 1000 lbs.
Weapon Systems:
Double Barreled Heavy Ball-Laser
Range: 2000'
Damage: 2D6 MD single shots, 4D6 MD double-shot blast
Rate of Fire: single or dual blasts only
Payload: 120 shots before power plant is drained

NG-300 "Speedster" Hovercycle X4
M.D.C. by Location
*Rear Hover Jets (2) -35 Each
*Front Hover Jet (1) -40
*Forward Headlight (1) -5
Windshield (1) -15
Main Body -75
(* means called shot must be made and -3 to strike)

Statistical Data
Vehicle Type: Hovercycle
Crew: One rider, one passenger (cramped)
Modifiers: +10% bonus to his piloting skill, +1 on initiative (to take evasive action) and +1 to dodge
Maximum Speed: 220 mph
Maximum Altitude: 120' and can handle drops of up to 600'
Maximum Range: 800 miles
Engine: Combustion
Dimensions: 9' long, 700 lbs.

NG-230 Prowler X2
Crew: One rider only
Special Bonuses: +5% to piloting skill, can use character prowl skill (under 35mph) while piloting the NG-230
M.D.C. by Location:
* Large Hover Jet (1; rear) — 38
* Small Hover Jet (1; rear) — 15
Side Hover Jets (2) — 30 each
* Undercarriage Directional Jets (4) — 5 each
* Side Stabilizing wings (2) — 18 each
* Tail Fin (1; large) —28
* Forward Headlights (1) — 4
* Forward Laser Turret (1) — 6 each
Windshield (1) —18
Main Body — 80
Max. Speed: 190mph
Max. Altitude: 700' and handles drops of up to 900'
Max. Range: 900 miles (Tank refill costs about 1200 credits)
Power Plant: Combustion engine
Dimensions: 7'3" long, 700 lbs.
Heavy Laser: 2D6 MD, Range: 2000', Payload: 40 shots

Scout Rocket Cycle
M.D.C. by Location
Laser Turrets (4; front) — 20 each
Mini-Missile Launchers (2; sides) — 40 each
Front Windshield (1) —25
Eye Headlights (2) — 8 each
Directional Jets (10) — 15 each
Tail Fins (4) — 15 each
Rear Jets (2) — 55 each
Main Body — 150
Statistical Data
Model Type: AFC-111
Class: Aerial Military Combat Vehicle
Crew: One
Flying: 440 mph, but cruising speed is considered to range between 80-150 mph. VTOL capable, it can hover stationary; retractable landing gear. Maximum altitude is limited to about 2500'.
Water: The Scout Rocket Cycle can also skim across the surface of water at a speed of 210 mph (336 km/178.5 knots). It is not submersible.
Flying Range: The nuclear power supply provides the vehicle decades of life. The Rocket Scout can be flown continuously for 12 hours without fear of overheating.
Dimensions: 4' tall, 4' wide, 11' long, 1000 lbs.
Cargo: Only enough to stow an energy rifle and three E-clips.
Power System: Nuclear, average energy life is 20 years.
Weapon Systems
1. C-RF4 Rapid-Fire Pulse Lasers (4)
Range: 1800'
Damage: 2D6, 4D6, 6D6 or 8D6 MD
Rate of Fire: Single, dual, triple, or quad-blasts only. All lasers are fire-linked and act as a volley.
Payload: Effectively unlimited.
2. Modified CR-10 Concealed Mini-Missile Launchers (2)
Range: About one mile
Missile Type: Any type of mini-missile can be used, but standard issue is fragmentation (anti personnel, 5D6 M.D.) and plasma (1d6x10).
Damage: Varies with missile type.
Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two, three, four, or five.
Payload: 12; six missiles in each launcher.
3. Sensors: Long and short-range radio and short-range radar.
4. Combat Bonus: Elite RPA SAMAS pilots and RPA "Fly Boys" get a bonus of +2 on initiative and two additional attacks per melee round when piloting one of these vehicles.

MI-3000 Firefly Hovercycle
((stowed on board the Sled))
MDC by Location
* Rear Hover Ball Jet Housing (1) — 40
* Forward Directional Jets (4) — 4 each
* Undercarriage Directional Jets (4) — 4 each
* Forward Headlights (2) — 3 each
* Forward Laser Turret (1) — 28
* Side Mini-Missile Launchers (2; one per side) — 20 each
Reinforced Windshield (1) — 15
Main Body — 72
* Small target to hit requires the attacker to make a "called shot," at -4 to strike. The driver, hunched down, low to the body of the hovercycle, is equally difficult to hit.
Statistical Data
Crew: One rider, and one passenger can sit behind the driver, but it makes for a cramped ride and is not comfortable even on short trips and imposes a -5% piloting skill penalty.
Maximum Speed: 190mph
Maximum Altitude: 60' and can handle drops of up to 400'
Maximum Range: 800 miles
Power Plant: Electric engine
Dimensions: 5'6" long, 330 lbs.
Modifiers: +10% bonus to his piloting skill and +1 to dodge
Light Laser
Damage: 1D6 MD
Range: 1200'
Payload: 20 shots
Heavy Laser
Damage: 2D6 MD
Range: 2000'
Payload: 20 shots
Double-Barrel Heavy Laser
Damage: 2D6 MD per single shot, 4D6 MD per simultaneous double shot
Range: 2000'
Payload: 40 shots
Mini-Missile Launchers
Note: One launcher on each side; each can rotate 360 degrees.
Damage: Varies
Range: 1 mile
Rate of Fire: 1 at a time or in volleys of two or all four
Payload: 2 each (4 total)
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Re: Group Catch-All Thread

Postby Ecks » Sun May 03, 2015 5:31 pm

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Re: Group Catch-All Thread

Postby Beanpole » Wed May 06, 2015 9:15 pm

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Re: Group Catch-All Thread

Postby Brianna Clarke » Sun May 10, 2015 6:46 pm

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Re: Group Catch-All Thread

Postby Drake » Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:11 am

Shopping Lists Compiled.

NG-Ex10 Gladius Light Exo-Skeleton Battle Armor. (Northern Gun 2; Pgs 99-100; 150,000 credits)
Armored M.D.C. “Tank” Trench Coat (Northern Gun 2; pg 43; 22,500 credits)
2 Vibro grenade knives. (Northern Gun 1; pg 214; 19,000)
10 high explosive arrows (GMG; pg 150; 9,000 credits)
2 FSE clips (GMG) 34,000 credits
Northern Gun (NG) Self-Charging Power Packs (Class three heavy weapons) (GMG pg 111; 80,000 credits)
Total: 314,500 credits

WI-GL8 Automatic Shotgun/Grenade Launcher (MercOps)• Cost: 30,000 Credits
2 Wilk's Laser Sword (New West) • Cost: 24,000 to 32,000 Credits
Forearm Vibro Tri-Blades (Coalition War Campaign) Cost: 8,000 Credits

Naruni Purchases:
Trade-in his old N-F10A Light Force Field, explaining that he wants to upgrade to the N-F40A Heavy Force Field.
NF-40A Heavy Force Field = 110,000 (pg. 126 of Mercenaries)

Triax Purchases:
TX-6 Revolver = 12,000 (pg. 96 of Triax 2)
shoulder holster, (5) speed loaders, & 36 Triax explosive rounds = 17,400

Northern Gun Purchases:
NG-WJ10 Speedpack (electric) = 60,000 (pg. 193 of Northern Gun 2)
(8) Medium Fusion Blocks = 24,000 (pg. 260 of RUE)

Robot Vehicle Scrapyard(s) Purchases:
Looking for a single functional F4 Fusion Shoulder Launcher from a T-31 Super Trooper (pg. 42 of Triax & the NGR) = unknown cost
Victor will look over several junkyards for this and will ask each of the owners to keep an eye out for the launcher or see if any of them will place an order for one, so to speak.

Hope this helps.
"The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand." -Katniss Everdeen EP
"Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves." ~The First Histories of Man.
"I hear black and I have no mercy." ~Drake, during the black rage.
HP: 40/40
S.D.C.: 87/60
P.P.E.: 27/27
I.S.P.: 31/31
Cyber-Armor A.R.: 16
M.D.C. by Location:
Shoulders (2): 11 each, Back/Shoulder Blades (2): 18 each, Forearms (2): 13 each, Thighs/Upper Legs (2): 18 each, Chest Plate: 58/58.
Temporary Conditions: None.
Armoured M.D.C. Sharp Duster MDC: 28/28
Streetwolf M.D.C. Combat pants M.D.C.: 8/8
NG Gloves M.D.C.: 2/2
NG Track Boots M.D.C.: 6/6
TX-26 Particle Beam Pistol Ammo: 15/9 Extra Ammo: 3 FSE, 2 Pistol E-Clips.
Constant Conditions:
Temporary Conditions
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