Veteran Rewards

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Veteran Rewards

Postby Augur » Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:29 am

It's time to show some love to the EU veterans out there!


Please calculate your EP based on your oldest, active account:

+1 EP for membership in good standing (no warnings) per quadrimester (based on the date of your initial account registration)

These are the quadrimesters:
    February 1st
    June 1st
    October 1st

For GM/MOD longevity bonuses, I'm going to apply the following:
If you were a GM or MOD for under a year: nothing
Most Mod's became GM's or were GM's at one point in time, and some did double duty trying to figure out what fit best for them. For EP Redemption purposes, you should count either or, but not both. If you were a Mod in good standing for over a year: +5 EP. If you were a GM before or after and did not earn more than +5 EP, gain 5 EP. If you would have gained more than 5 EP, do not collect the Mod EP bonus.
--Damocles was the GM for DRS for 2 years. At 2 EP every 4 months, that equates to +12 EP. He then proceeded to be MTD for 3 years. Since Mod's only get a flat +5 EP, Damocles takes his +12 EP and runs with it.
--T-Rex was the Moderator Fixer Jones for 1 year (+5 EP), did an outstanding job and then became a GM. Well, he he had to bow out of being a GM and dropped down to 1 account since the Moderator position was filled. He only was a GM for 6 months (+2 EP), he cashes in on the Mod time, and not the GM time and nets a total of +5 EP.
--Major Arcana originally was the moderator Master at Arms. He was in that position for 8 months (no EP because he didn't meet the threshold of 1 year). He became PAS's GM for 8 months (+4 EP), and then had to drop his GM account. He only collects +4 EP.

REBOOT DISCOUNT: 50% discount (round down) to the following EP costs:

(5 EP) Second Character Account
(10 EP) Third Character Account
(20 EP) Fourth Character Account

(10 EP) Per Each Additional Character Account (no discount beyond 4th character slot)


As a result of this policy, no new character submissions will be accepted until the end of the Reboot for other than a new player's first character.

In order to have access to future benefits, you will first have to pay for these past rewards.

I am striking that section from the EP system in favor of greater oversight of GM rewards--especially magic items.

Corrections to existing, non-canonical magic items are already underway, and some are going to be simply BROKEN.

For those characters with broken magic items from previous adventures, I offer you two options:

1. Work with James Howlett and I to bring your item into compliance
2. Receive a minor EP reward in exchange for that item's total removal from the game

:arrow: From here forward, all non-canonical items will be validated by TGM before being allowed in the game.
:arrow: Violating this will policy result in EP penalties as well as the removal of such items. (You will be notified.)
:arrow: For players, this only means that tinkerers need to do a good job.
:arrow: For GMs, this means that you need to follow the rules on magic item creation that are posted when devising some cool, unique item for your players--and get it validated by TGM prior to its inclusion in the game.
:arrow: As is already the case, AGMs and GMs should work together to determine what rewards are appropriate to a group.

This will fundamentally alter the veterans rewards calculations in an obvious manner. Please revise your posts.


Player: Sara

Mierin / (0 EP) First Character Account
Brianna Clarke (-2 EP [50% discount]) Second Character Account, (-6 EP) Access Unlock: Conversion Character (Non-Native)
AGM: Argent

So Sara's tab would look something like this:
(-2 EP) Second Character Account
(-6 EP) Access Unlock: Conversion Character (Non-Native)
Total: -8 EP

Sara's oldest account is Mierin: 10 Jan 2006.

That nets her +24 EP due to her long time in good standing.

She can easily pay off her entire "tab" (I'm liking that term!), and still have 16 EP as a reward for her dedicated play on EU.

For those players like Carl who have been playing a single character on EU for years now, this is likely to be quite a windfall.

Post your calculations as a reply to this thread.
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Re: Veteran Rewards AKA: Retroactive EP costs & benefits

Postby Asuka Manjyome » Fri Jul 11, 2014 11:54 am

Player: EJ
1st character: Asuka Manjoyme Earliest post is March 26, 2007 to final post before first hiatus July 17, 2007 +1 EP
Returning character: Asuka Manjoyme: Earliest post is June 16, 2008, although the first post was several weeks before that but the posts were in the RR base and therefore were deleted. Asuka left for Templar and was played until May 25th, 2010. +6 EP
Current character: Asuka Manjyome May 22nd, 2012 to present +7 EP

5 EP(From ledger) = 19 EP

GM/Mod accounts: Drifter (Assistant Game Master) +5 (Lost posts since the time, period was for at least 18 months)

Final EP total: 24

Asuka (1) (0 EP)
-Dimensional (HU) (5 EP)
-High level(Immortal)(15 EP)

Asuka (2) (0 EP)
-Japanese: Regional Origin unlock (4 EP)

Capt Aker (2 EP: Second character unlock)
-North American: Regional Origin Unlock for Eurasia (2 EP)

Michael Gunn (5 EP: third character)

Used EP: 33

Current Balance: -9

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Asuka Manjyome

Re: Veteran Rewards AKA: Retroactive EP costs & benefits

Postby Rocky » Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:34 pm

Accounts: Rocky(Only)
Account Longevity:
First time using Adventure Archive “Operations Gun Bunny” Feb 3, 2006 I have word processor documented December 31, 2005 as background story and then a character sheet for Jan 30, 2006. Last adventure before hiatus from Adventure Archive “DRS Sweet Home Alabama”
September 27, 2011 for a total of 5 years 8 months.
Rocky came back Mar 12, 2013-July 12, 2014 = 1 year and 4 months
Total time 7 years
+21 EP+1 (Previous)
Total 22 EP
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Augur » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:05 am

Bryanov wrote:Since I'm the new guy, my balance is still at 1 EP. Nothing that needs to be changed I believe, but since the post doesn't have the green tag you mentioned, I'm replying here to be sure.

You were correct, Bryanov, but thanks for putting in the extra effort to be certain.
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Augur » Tue Dec 02, 2014 10:05 am

All OW players who did not have an account on EU prior to the merger should read this thread and post a reply.

Then each player should post a reply to the EP Ledger thread (once the above has been done) with all the pertinent data.
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Brute » Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:51 pm


Accounts: Brute (0 EP) First Character Account; Niall (-2 EP [50% discount]) Second Character Account
Account Longevity: Jul 18, 2011: + 9 EP

erkay... showing the math.

+/-0 EP for first account
-2 EP (with the 50% discount) for second account
+1 EP for 2011 (Account longevity)
+3 EP for 2012 (Account longevity)
+3 EP for 2013 (Account longevity)
+2 EP (so far) for 2014 (Account longevity)

= 7 EP

Account Balance: +7

Pretty sure I did what I was supposed to. If I did something wrong, please inform me and I will adjust.
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Kilo » Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:26 pm

Original Account: Sir Benjamin Payne (0 EP, archived) Feb 01 2009. Last post by character was Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:18 am

Active Character Account; Kilo (0 EP)

Account Longevity for Sir Benjamin Payne(now inactive)

+/-0 EP for first account
+2 EP for 2009 (Account longevity)
+3 EP for 2010 (Account longevity)
+1 EP for 2011 (Account longevity)

= 6 EP

Account Balance: +6

Hope this is all right.
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Wi-Fi » Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:01 pm

Original Account: Wi-fi Sat Jan 15, 2014 5:28 am to Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:40 am)

Active Character Account:
Wi-Fi +3 for Quads

Inactive: none Had two robotech characters long ago, but stats and those games no longer exist or appear on site.
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Bombshell » Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:41 am

Original Account: Bombshell (Joined OW Wednesday, October 22 2014)

Active Character Account:
Bombshell; no Veteran Rewards applicable

Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Spiderweb » Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:24 am

As far as I can tell, 1 EP for good standing, for each quadrimester.

I created the character February 21, 2013, so 2 quadrimesters.

2 EP...

Corrected for Spiderweb by Blackhaunt:
Accounts: Spiderweb (0 EP) First Character Account
Account Longevity: October 17, 2012: +6 EP
Account Balance: +6
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Thunder Clap » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:51 am

Ok I joined Mon Feb 24, 2014

that's one for June 2014
another for October 2014

Ive spent none far as I can tell...
so I believe that's 2 EP

If I messed that up my apologies.

Corrected (formatting) for Thunderclap by Blackhaunt:
Accounts: Thunderclap (0 EP) First Character Account
Account Longevity: February 24, 2014: +2 EP
Account Balance: +2
Thunder Clap

Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Augur » Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:40 pm

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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Nero » Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:57 am

Joined November 9th of 2012

Accounts: Marcelline, Stormbringer
Account Longevity: November 9th, 2012 (Marcelline) +5EP, January of 2013 (Stormbringer) +10EP
Account Balance: +15
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Azure » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:44 am

Player: Brandon

Dreakon Vanes/ (0 EP) First Character Account
May 10, 2009
Hiatus March 26 2011
Total: 6 EP

From May 10, 2009
Account longevity +1 June 1st 2009
Account longevity +1 October 1st 2009
Account longevity +1 February 1st 2010
Account longevity +1 June 1st 2010
Account longevity +1 October 1st 2010
Account longevity +1 February 1st 2011
To March 26 2011
Azure Languages: N:Gobblely, Elven, Giantese
I.S.P.: 39/159 | P.P.E.: 1/1 | H.P.: 39/39 (5/5) | S.D.C.: 46/75 (0/70)
Conditions: Sixth Sense, Total Recall, Blind without familiar, Mind's Eye, or Blind Fighting
Armor: Quilted Tunic | A.R.: 8 | S.D.C.: 15/15 | Modifiers:-
Weapon: Long Spear [broken] | Dmg: 3d6+19 | Modifiers: +9 strike, +9 parry, +11 throw | Throw Range: 180' S.N. 240'| Dmg: 4d6
Familiar: Gaozir (See Equipment for Combat Data) | S.D.C.: 51/51 | H.P.:- | APR: 2 (+2 Strike/Dodge) Damage: 2D4+2 (talons or beak), Dive Bomb: 4d4+4 (2 actions)
Abilities: Horror Factor: 10, Spd: 33 (66 in bursts, dive at 88), Excellent vision (2 miles), Nightvision 300', Track by scent 66%; by sight 80%, Glide for over 10 miles without flapping wings
Animal and Psionics: See the Invisible, Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, and Empathy (receives only). Range: 600 foot area.
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Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Tamilyn » Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:50 am

This system is new to me as I left in 2014 after the death of my Father. I first joined in 2010 and left in 2014. I joined As Kaitlyn Rogers. And She was level 7 when I retired her. I joiined with Dark Lord as a different character.

Accounting for four years plus the starting Allocation I believe I have 10 points coming. If this is incorrect please let me know.

Thanks, Dani

Re: Veteran Rewards

Postby Rose Dandy-Ba » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:49 pm

Apologies, I hope I'm doing this correctly.

Player Kiadan
Main character - Kiadan Slywth in Phaseworld September 11th 2007 to November 1st 2010 - EP point total = 11

GM Account - Nyoghta First Quoted post is Mar 7th 2008 Final post Feburary 4th 2010 - EP point total = 12

This would give the new character/player a total of 23 EP points.
Rose Dandy-Ba

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