Ghouljagd (Ghoul Hunting)

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Ghouljagd (Ghoul Hunting)

Postby Consumer » Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:02 pm

The group assembles near the entrance to the area of Frieburg known as the Untergrund. The former U-bahn and rail tunnels of the pre-cataclysm, which is now home to the more subterranean races. The others have found Astra near a young orcish woman, with multiple facial scars. The two of them are sitting on some rubble near the official entrance of the Untergrund. When all have gathered Astra reintroduces the young woman as Ingrid and tells her to relay her story once more. "I live in the underground and it has become more dangerous than usual. People have gone missing... some never return while others are sometimes found missing organs and limbs. I do not know what evil has befell the Untergrund. Some think it is just the Goblins getting too bold, but even they hide in their hovels at night from whatever is lurking in the tunnels." The young woman says. "Your friend Astra here asked me if I could take you all to someone to tell you more, and I can if you would like." Ingrid says before looking at Oculus for a moment. "You should be able to access most of the areas in the Untergrund, save maybe the Goblin Warrens." The young woman says with a slightly forced smile. "Shall I take you now or do you need to prepare?"
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Re: Ghouljagd (Ghoul Hunting)

Postby Kelly Kellogg » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:13 pm

Perception: 1d20+5 = 23
JIC d20: 1d20 = 15
JIC d100: 1d100 = 14

Conditions: Junkie in withdrawals (-5% to all skills; factored in)

Find Contraband, Weapons, & Cybernetics 54%-5%=49%: 1d100 = 53 (Familiarity with cyberjacking and organlegging)

Almost sounds like organlegging or cyberjacking. Prudence considers for a moment. "Hello, ma'am*. My name is Kelly Kellogg. Mind if I ask you some questions? Were any of the dead missing any cybernetic components? Did it seem like they were cut up, or chewed on, or burned? Are there any bodies available for examination?" I can do a tox screen, maybe determine the nature of the wounds. I should have taken that forensic sciences course. Oh well, I dissected frogs and did bloodwork screenings during my time at the university. Hopefully that's good enough.

*ma'am is the American word, seemlessly included in an otherwise Euro statement.
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OOC Comments
Charm/Impress: 25%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 55%
P.P.E.: 4
H.P.: 13
S.D.C.: 21
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Re: Ghouljagd (Ghoul Hunting)

Postby Icky'Eow » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:25 am

JIC D20 1d20 = 11 =
JIC D100 1d100 = 90=
Perc: +4 (+6 detect surprise attack/to find salvage) 1d20 = 19 =

Nightvision 400 ft
When speaking, it is thru translater.

Insanity: Kleptomaniac- Character has a compulsion to steal even though he has a good alignment. He will steal valuable or inexpensive items as everything will seem useful item to him, even if it is not.
JIC skills for stealing –
OOC Comments
Basic Electronics 55% / 1d100 = 91 =
Basic Mechanics 55% / [dice]1d100 [dice] =
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert 60% / [dice]1d100[/dice]=
General Repair and Maintenance 60% / 1d100 = 74=
Jury-Rig 50% / 1d100 = 71 =
Mathematics: Basic 80% / 1d100 = 99 =
Optic Systems 45% / 1d100 = 78 =
Pick Locks 45% / 1d100 = 3=
Radio: Basic 65% / 1d100 = 67 =
Recognize Weapon Quality 50% / 1d100 = 18 =
Recycle 60% / 1d100 = 82=
Salvage 60% / 1d100 = 4 =
Sensory Equipment 45% / 1d100 = 37=
Weapon Systems 50% / 1d100 = 23=

Icky’Eow follows along as Boren heads to the meeting spot. His eyes are bugged out and frantically trying to see everything at once. ”Da never sad anything about a place like this. I am scared, fascinated as well as grossed out...all at once.” He takes a deep breathe, and waits as the orc lady speaks.

As she speaks, Icky thinks about how to prepare. “OK...going underground. Never been there, but it cant be that bad....can it?” as the part about organ stealing is mentioned, Icky’eow does a visible shudder. ((”Me no understand why take people pieces. Cant change for better piece like machine...*looks at the others* ..or can you??”)) Without waiting for a response, Icky drops his shell and ducks inside. He returns a moment later with his personall computer in his hands. Poised to type he looks expectantly at the others. ((”So?? “))

His left eye moves to look at Kelly as she speaks. ”Cybernetic components?? Now I am listening.” with a wiglle of his antennea, Icky comments ((”me can smell machine stuff. Oil, fluid, other stuff. If cyber, I maybe follow to where held.”))
PPE: 83 / 83
ISP: 54 / 54
Nightvision 400 feet
Resist cold (half damage, even magic cold does 1/2 damage),
M.D.C. by Location:
Head & Neck - 40 (triple if wears a helmet and armor along the neck).
Hands (2) - 30 each
Arms (2) - 55 each
Legs (4)- 115 each
Main Body (without shell)- 43
*Shell Housing- 235

Nightvision 100 ft
Current form – dwarf
railgun ammo: 100 / 200
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Re: Ghouljagd (Ghoul Hunting)

Postby Boren » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:05 am

Perception +2: 1d20+2 = 18
JIC 20/100: 1d20 = 8 / 1d100 = 19

Ingrid wrote:"Your friend Astra here asked me if I could take you all to someone to tell you more, and I can if you would like."

Missing body parts and organs? Doesn't sound like vampires but maybe I'll get lucky.

Boren quickly announces to the others in his gravelly voice, "Yes, yes. We should head there immediately. Sounds like an illicit body chop shop or, if we're lucky, an infestation of supernatural beasts that need to be culled." He loosens his vibro-blade in its sheathe, clearly eager to head out.

As Kelly talks with Ingrid, Boren turns to Icky and speaks in a low voice only Icky can hear. "Icky, if we encounter any trouble along the way make sure to protect Kelly. She is clearly a frail, weak thing and not a warrior like you and I and so will need to be protected."
If Icky tries to argue against Boren calling him a warrior, Boren doesn't seem to notice.
"To that end," he continues, "I want you to stay behind her as we travel, and I will lead."
He puts a heavy hand on whatever passes for a shoulder on Icky's shell and gives him a solemn look before speaks again.
"I am entrusting you with her safety, Squire Icky. For surely I will be in the vanguard of battle if we encounter any foul creatures marked by the Taint and you must protect the delicate human girl from any sort of flanking attacks."
Streetwise 52%: 1d100 = 8
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T-21 Terrain Hopper PA: Main Body -
  • Jump jets damaged: (8' by 8' jumps for 10 consecutive jumps prior to overheating. 20 min cool down time)
Constant Effects
-See the Invisible, Nightvision 500'
-Keen sense of smell (ID everyday smells 76%)
-See supernatural auras of undead/evil supernatural beings (cloudy grey to black aura of vampires, zombies and all types of undead, necromancers, rune/bio-wizard weapons, and individuals possessed by supernatural forces
-Sense supernatural evil: 125' range
-Full PA optics: laser targeting, telescopic sight, passive nightvision, thermo/infrared,ultraviolet, polarization - (Range: 6000')
-External Audio Pick-up - (Range: 300')

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