Vauban (Eco District)

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Vauban (Eco District)

Postby Aether » Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:24 pm


Before the Rifts the Vauban was a hotbed of eco friendly activity. The entire neighbourhood was designed to be zero emission, powered by renewable energy, and integrated with the local biosphere. This environmental approach allowed the area to survive the apocalypse relatively unscathed. The area is now populated with the oldest citizens of town but also has become a settling place for Elves, fairies, and other creatures of magic who enjoy being with nature. The influx of magical creatures has added a new mystic focus to the area making it an oasis for magic users, druids, and others.

1. Zaubershop (Magic Shop):
2. ElfeHause (Elf Home):
3. DruidSchlafe (Druidic Temple):
4. Universitat (University):

Re: Vauban (Eco District)

Postby Diomedes » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:30 am

Notice: 29% vs 1d100 = 94 (Signs/Presence of: +30% Vampires/Undead, +20% Demons/Monsters)
JIC: 1d20 = 17, 1d100 = 4

  • M.D.C.: 264/264
  • P.P.E.: 258/258
  • Spd: 75'/action
Vampire Hunting Abilities
  • Bonuses when fighting Vampires: +15% Perception vs Undead, +2 Initiative, +1 Strike/Parry/Dodge, +2 Strike Impale/Stake the heart, +2 vs Insanity +3 vs HF (Vampires, Protectors and summoned animals) +1 Possession
  • Gut Feelings, Hunches and Realizations Involving Vampires
  • Bad Feeling that something is not right: 50% (+5%) - On success +1 Initiative and +5% Perception
  • Feeling that vampires are around or exerting control and influence over a community--69% (+3%)
  • Finding and recognizing evidence of the undead's presence or involvement--69% (+3%)
  • Hunch that someone is a vampire servant, henchman or assassin--55% (+5%)
  • Recognize Vampire Mind Slave--69% (+3%)
  • Recognize Wild Vampire--93% (+3%)
  • Recognize Secondary Vampire--69% (+3%)
  • Recognize Master Vampire--59% (+3%)
  • Guess Vampire's lair based on knowledge of undead and reports of vampire's activities and other evidence--29% (+3%)
  • Find actual lair or coffin at suspected location--54% (+3%)
  • Lore: Vampires 79% (+3%)
  • Vampire Combat: Knows all vampire weakness, vulnerabilities, tactics, methods of attack, defenses, etc.
      Resistance vs Vampire Seduction: +2 vs Pheromone-based trance (+1 @ 5, 7, 11, 15)
      Resistance vs Vampire Mind Control: +1
      Resistance vs Vampire Hypnotic Suggestion: +2
  • Sense Vampires: Automatic 600', cannot pinpoint location
  • Command Trust and Leadership
  • Calm and direct civilians: 50/level
  • Settle nerves of a small squad fighting force: 10+1d6/level. On success all non-Undead Slayers receive +1 Initiative, +1 Horror Factor if Undead Slayer within 250'

Temporary Abilities:

Charm/Impress: 45% vs 1d100 = 87 | Nope
Diomedes breathes in the air, enjoying the smells of the natural landscape. He greets people on the street and introduces himself, "Hello, my name is Diomedes, I am new to this town. how are you?"

He eventually ends up at the Zaubershop. "Greetings! I have some items that I have acquired recently, I know what they are, but not a clear idea of what they are worth. Would you be able to help me?" He smiles at the shopkeeper. He puts his sack down on the counter and carefully lays out one piece at a time for inspection. Now what can you tell me?

Bio-wizard Dagger
Dragon's Tooth Dagger
Enchanted Knife
Talisman of Armor
Talisman of Escape
Talisman of Heal Wounds
Potion of Healing (Superior)
Diomedes, EP Record

M.D.C.: 249
Sense Vampires: 600'
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Re: Vauban (Eco District)

Postby Icky'Eow » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:45 am


Field Armorer & Munitions Expert 60% / 1d100 = 58 - to check out items in shop
Recognize Weapon Quality 50% / 1d100 = 80 - to check out items in shop
Undersea Salvage 65% / 1d100 = 84 - to identify undersea weapons
Recycle 60% / 1d100 = 67 - look for things to add to shell as he walks
Salvage 60% / 1d100 = 84 - look for things to add to shell as he walks

Bio-skin Terrain Suit with a tacky hawaiian shirt, a set of mismatched homemade traveling shorts (2 pair old cargo shorts sewn together to make 1 set for 4 legs) over top of the suit, and a baseball cap

Along the way. Icky makes sure his outfit is clean and not to wrinkled. ((“This pretty. Need more water, but nice.”)) He lets out happy little chirps and squeaks as they move along. When diomedes greets people, Icky gives a little wave of his hand. All the while, still typing away on his handheld. ((OOC: picture a teen walking with a cellphone))

Upon entering the shop, Icky lets diomedes speak. He wanders the store. ”! need a weapon. All i have is my trident. Good for hunting, not combat. My dad’s files spoke of people from the ocean that made tridents and nets. What were they? Horune and...umm...Nautyll? Something like that.” He then looks around for a net and/or trident.
The Dangerous Icky'eow
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ISP: 70
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