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[GA] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:19 am

Table of Contents

  1. Dime Store Magic Description
  2. Dime Store Magic Damage Tracker
  3. Dime Store Magic Group Equipment
  4. Q1: StarChief's Quarters
  5. Q2: Juan's Quarters
  6. Q5: Mara's Quarters
  7. Q7: Metri's Quarters
  8. Q8: Kaedras' Quarters
  9. Q9: Priest/Chef Icky's Quarters
  10. Q10: Unoccupied Quarters
  11. Q11: Aoife's Quarters
  12. Star Ghost

DSM Damage
  • Starchief: Pair of handcuffs, 6 short e-clips, Pocket Calculator, 1 Unknown bluish green Potion.
  • Juan: Gems and gold coins, snake meat
  • Metri: Neural mace, NE-09SP Survival Pack
  • Icky: Somehow the Lurduuk detonated the NE-75H ammo in your quarters. Everything stored in Icky’s quarters has been destroyed.
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:37 am

Place Holder
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:47 am

Dime Store Magic Description

Arcane Shuttle Mark XV (Modified) A.K.A. The Mystic Breacher

The UWW’s Breacher shuttle has been around since the formation of the United Worlds of Warlock. Its main purpose is to carry troops into battle and deploy them a quickly as possible. Its secondary purpose is to breach and board enemy vessels using a system of Mystic Portal air locks. (Hull Breacher missiles, the ones with Mystic Portals, can also be used.) This tactic is used to penetrate the hull of an enemy vessel and unleash a boarding company to take the vessel or seize captives or precious cargo. All the shuttle has to do is pull along side a ship, latch on thanks to magnetic locks, have the retractable air lock (looks like an accordion) rest against the target vessel and activate the Mystic Portals. In under a minute, 120 troops can be on board an enemy vessel. The shuttle can create three portals per side and keep them open for 15 minutes at a time. These Mystic Portals have been specially designed to allow two-way passage. This way should Warlock Marines need to retreat, they can easily board the shuttle.

If for some reason the Mystic Portals are unavailable, the shuttle has two conventional airlocks per side. On the outside of each airlock is a magnetic grapple as well as mooring hooks to latch on. A built-in, high-powered plasma cutter creates a circular opening the size of the airlock. The plasma cutter has to exceed he damage of the hull in order to penetrate, or Hull Breacher missiles can be used.

The shuttle has two forms of egress. There is a built-in rear ramp that vehicles can use, or the whole floor of the rear of the shuttle can be lowered. The ramp is for wheeled or tracked vehicles while the floor ramp is intended for large cargo or the quick deployment of troops on the ground.

The ship has been reduced slightly in size. There are only a total of four Lightning Cannons, two on each side.
The medium missile-launchers have been replaced with a 6 lightyear/hour Contragrav FTL drive. This has made the ship more efficient for long-term journeys; Life-support for a full troop complement is doubled to one month. Additionally, neither a mystic engineer nor a co-pilot is required, and there is only room for two gunners.
Damage to the body of the spaceship or any of its mystical components can only be fixed by a Mystic Engineer or Techno-Wizard.

Model Type: Shuttle
Class: Military Shuttle
Crew: Eight. A pilot, copilot, communications/sensor officer, mystic engineer, and four gunners.

Troop Capacity;
1. Boarding Party; 60 Warlock Marines in power armor, 40 troops in body armor, 20 engineers, 20 magic specialists
2. Mechanized Assault Company; 8 GreatAxe IFV Tanks, 40 Warlock Marines in power armor, 20 magic specialists
3. evacuation Emergency; Can carry 300 people under cramped conditions.

M.D.C. by location:
Main Engines (2) 500 each
Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment (cockpit) 800
*Main Body 3500
**Mystic Force field (Armor of Ithan) 1000
Breaching Gates (4) 250 each
Rear Gangplank (ramp) 500
Top-mounted star fire Cannon 350

*If all M.D.C is depleted, the vehicle is in tatters, various ship systems are knocked out or destroyed, the ship cannot navigate under its own power and only weapons systems with their own power supply remain operational. If the ship is reduced to –200 M.D.C., it explodes, doing 1d6x1000 MD to everything within 500 feet.

**The armor of ithan can be activated a minimum of three times in a 24-hour period. Requires one minute to reactivate after all MDC has been depleted.

Driving on the ground: not possible
Flying; Mach 7 in space (~5329mph), mach 4 in an atmosphere. The shuttle has a new experimental air shield that makes the shuttle very aerodynamic. While it makes the shuttle faster in atmosphere, it provide no additional protections.

Star Drive: (MODIFIED) 6 lightyear/hour Contragrav FTL drive.

Range: The shuttle is not meant to support personnel for a prolonged period of time. (MODIFIED) It can recycle the atmosphere and produce enough water to last for one month.

Statistical Data:
Height: 65 feet (19.8 Meters)
Width: 70 feet
Length: 225 feet
Weight: 1599 tons fully loaded
Cargo: 400 tons
Power Systems: Mystic Generator and Conventional Fusion Generator
Magic Systems: The shuttle tries to primarily rely on stealth rather than blunt force. Its main function is to broad enemy ships, disgorging scores of troops as quickly as possible. A separate mystic generator powers the mystic properties of the shuttle.

Shadow Meld: While conventional sensors will still pick up the shuttle, this feature allows the ship to make low approaches to planets or during a heated battle to sneak up alongside ships and latch on to disgorge its troops.

Chameleon: Only useful when the shuttle is NOT MOVING! This is typically used when the shuttle is ground-side and the ship needs to by concealed. Another option is when the shuttle is attached to an enemy’s ship.

Mystic Portal: This is the ability for which the shuttle is famous. Three portals can be formed on either side of the shuttle simultaneously. This allows for instantaneous boarding of enemy ships! UWW troops who have specially trained for boarding enemy ships can board in minutes, in game terms, 10 soldiers per melee round, per portal. Until the GM finds a different ruling, assume the range of the portals is 1000 feet.

TW Teleporter: (Teleport: Superior Spell, Level 2) A console in the cargo bay rigged into the ships sensor/telescope. Strictly limited to teleporting off the ship and because of the PPE drain on the Mystic Generator the ship's Armor of Ithan shields can NOT be operated at the same time as the teleporter, nor can the teleporter operate if the shields have been overloaded. Max Range: 600 miles/2000 lbs. (2 tons). Can sacrifice range for weight and teleport 100 tons a distance of 50 feet. Allow 90 seconds for cool-down between uses. Cannot teleport armed explosives.

Alchemical Stealth Coating: (Splugorth recipe- see Fleets P. 73) A TW material that makes the ship almost impossible to detect via conventional sensors. Technically invisible to radar/ladar- anyone attempting to locate the ship on sensors is -80% to skill if the ship is standing still, -40% if moving. Bonuses do not stack with the chameleon ability, but can be used in tandem with shadow meld. If the main body of the DSM ever drops below 1500 MDC, the alchemically-treated plate has been destroyed and this ability is removed.

Standard Weapons Systems:

1. Top Mounted Starfire Cannon
A dual-barreled cannon is fixed atop the shuttle. (MODIFIED) Can only be controlled from one of the communications consoles on the Bridge.
Primary Purpose: Defense
Secondary Purpose: Anti-fighter/anti-missile
Mega-damage: 4d6x10
Rate of Fire: equal to the combined Hand to hand attacks per melee of the gunner.
Range: 2 miles
Payload: Tied into the mystic generator, effectively unlimited

2. Medium-Range Missile Launchers (2)
Mounted on either side of the shuttle are medium-range missile launchers. They are controlled from the Bridge.
Primary Purpose: Defense
Secondary Purpose: Anti-fighter
Mega-damage: varies per missile, typically loads a mix of plasma and armor piercing, but always includes 8 Hull Breachers
Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of 2, 3, 6 or 12 per launcher
Range: Varies per missile
Payload: 48 (24 per launcher)

3. Lightning Cannons (4) (MODIFIED)
These cannons are mounted on the sides of the shuttle and are the same type as mounted on the Shadow Bolt Strike Ship. All are manned by gunners or remotely controlled from the Bridge. When fired from the Bridge, they are usually controlled in groups, two on one side controlled by one gunner and two on the other side controlled by another gunner.
Primary Purpose: Defense
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel
Mega-damage: 1d6x10 per blast
Rate of Fire: equal to the combined Hand to hand attacks per melee of the gunner. Four shots per cannon when controlled from the Bridge.
Range: 4000 feet
Payload: Tied into the mystic generator, effectively unlimited

4. Belly Mini-Missile Launcher
Mounter on the belly of the shuttle is a large mini-missile launcher; actually it’s two launchers side by side. Its purpose is to either attack ground troops as the shuttle lands or clear a landing area for the shuttle to land in. The launcher has a 30 degree arc of fire in all directions. Can be controlled from the bridge or via a small terminal in one corner of the cargo bay.
Primary Purpose: Defense
Secondary Purpose: Anti-armor/anti-personnel
Mega-damage: varies per missile
Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of 2, 4, 8, 16 or 40
Range: varies per missile, typically one mile
Payload: 160



L=lift G=gunnery turret Q=quarters


Dime Store Magic, descriptions

The Lifts

The lifts are 10 x 10 feet and run through all three levels of the ship. They open towards the middle of the ship on the upper deck and towards aft on the lower deck and wing decks.


Stairs from the upper deck are located along the main corridor near the front of the ship and descend down to the corridor running from the cargo bay to the observation lounge on the lower deck. Just to the rear of the lower deck stairs are branching halls, one to port and one to starboard, that lead to the stairs down to the port and starboard wing decks.

The Upper Deck

The Bridge

The Bridge is 20 x 20 feet, the pilot and co-pilot stations face forward toward the large viewport, while the two other stations face outward on opposite sides. The pilot and co-pilot stations have dual flight controls while all the stations are fully re-configurable and able to manage all the ship’s systems, including gunnery, engine management and sensors.

The Bridge Features 4 50 MDC lockers with biometric locks.

The Quarters

All the quarters are 10 x 12 feet, except Q1 which is 20 x 12 feet. While there are no viewports in the quarters, each does have a high quality viewscreen able to pickup video feeds from the ships external camera’s as well as other ship’s systems information and they are equipped high quality sound system. Undecorated the rooms are basically a bare metal boxes with a high end bed, 50 MDC locker with biometric lock, high end retractable sink/toilet fixture that slide flush with the wall, as well as a high end flush mounted showerhead in a corner with a metal curtain that slides into the wall, similar to the security gates on mall shops. However the doors are not airtight.

The Medical Bay

The Med Bay is 20 x 20, though one wall stretches to 30 feet on a curve. Entry is through a set of double doors, that are not airtight. Lining the outside wall and the curved wall are work counters and cabinets. Set parallel in the middle of the room are two treatment tables/beds. Basic supplies and equipment are stocked in the cabinets.

(Updated Dec 3rd 2015 - Kesslan)
The Medical Bay Now features a medbot commonly found in the Three Galaxies. It usually sits on standby in the event anyone enters requiring medical care (in a charging station basic clamps in case of loss of gravity). The medbot is ready to deal with everything from the simple flu to emergency surgery. Next to it is a full Phase Medkit, complete with an assortment of medicines and other such things.

The Armory

The armory door is airtight and has a coded entry. Inside are racks for weapons of various sizes as well as lockers to store smaller items and ammunition.

Storage Room

This storage room contains a laundry machine and is lined with storage lockers of various sizes. As well as a three month supply of toiletries and other 'personal needs'.

The Mystic Engine Room

This is the source of all the magical capabilities of the ship. It is a large round room in the center of the upper deck, 20 feet in diameter. It is filled with a variety magical devices. In the center of the room is a large transparent cylinder 5 feet in diameter that glows in shifting colors of lights.
Datephus is the A.I. of the Dime Store Magic. He is the result of a unique fusion between Daedalus and Astophenes and the Dime Store Magic's Mystic Core. He has a very strong bond to the Dime Store Magic, and is capable of flying the ship, using its weapons systems, operating its scanners, and whatever other task may be needed, short of repairs. He is a friendly being, although his interactions with the crew can be a little odd until you get used to him. He takes orders from designated crew members, although in a few cases he has been hijacked to the detriment and frustration of the crew. Other than that, he does what he can to assist and protect the crew.

The birth of Datephus

Engineering has now been outfitted with a Cybernetics & Bionics Laboratory (P68-69 Bionics SB) along with 500,000 worth of additional materials.

The Galley

The Galley is a mirror image of the Med Bay’s dimensions. Like the Med Bay, the outer wall is lined with the counter/cabinet set as well as food cookers. Bolted to the floor is a large wooden table with enough chairs to sit 14 people.

The Gym

The gym is the same dimensions as the med bay and galley. Sparing mats are strapped down in the corner and a weight machine is bolted down off to one side. On the short wall next to the door are lockers that hold various other workout equipment. The gym has recently been upgraded to include 1 Toilet & Shower Stall and Jacuzzi (large enough for a Seljuk)

The Engine Room (Conventional Fusion)

The fusion engine room is found down a half level of steps at the aft end of the upper deck and looks like a standard mechanical facility. It powers the standard systems of the ship, including propulsion.

The Lower Deck

The Lounge

The observation lounge is located at the front end of the ship and contains the only viewport other than the one on the bridge. The viewport is angled down with the slope of the hull and contains an assortment of chairs and couches as well as some small tables for card games and whatnot. Recently added are two modern gaming stations, a large video screen + high quality sound system and large stock of movies, documentaries etc. Includes 50,000 hours of music. 30,000 hours of old (50 plus years ago) video. 5,000 hours of recent video. 1,000 different types of video games

Storage Rooms

These 8 x 12 storage rooms are located at the fore end of the cargo bay. The storage room on the starboard side contains tie down gear, tools and other miscellaneous equipment. The storage room on the port side contain EVA gear; spacesuits, inflatable rescue bubbles, magnetic grapple guns, and other gear needed for work in the vacuum and zero gravity of space.

The Cargo Bay

The cargo bay is roughly 100 x 120 feet with a 30 foot ceiling height. Tie down rings are mounted at regular intervals an when unused, all lay flush with the floors and walls. A heavy duty winch is mounted on a guideway near the ceiling and is operated by a wireless remote. The center 50 x 90 foot section of cargo bay floor can lower for quick and easy loading and unloading (This section has also been modified to be able to clamp down on a ship or vehicle able to fit on the ramp, and includes a back up emergency force field allowing fighters to be deployed in space). While, near the rear of this floor section, is a 30 foot wide, 40 foot long ramp that is able to extend out some distance to accommodate entry when the ship has landed on an uneven surface. Lining both sides of the cargo bay’s outer bulkheads are three airlocks. The forward airlock is the conventional type, with mechanical doors, while the mid and rear air operate using a two-way mystic portal.

Also contained in the cargo bay are enough spare, basic MDC material to effect repairs for basic systems indefinitely.
2: Charging Stations in Cargo bay for Utility Robots with basic clamps/tie downs in case of loss of gravity.
4: Toilets and Shower stalls & 2 toilets plus TW cleaning system

The Wing Decks

The wing decks are mirrors of each other. Access to and from these decks is at the front end by either stairs or lift. They are 20 x 90 feet of mostly open area, the only exception to this are the mid and rear Lightning Cannon Turret housings, which are 10 x 10 foot boxes with airtight hatches. The only other things on the wing decks are the floor mounted airlocks, two in each wing, that are located just forward of each turret housing. The mid deck airlock operates using the mystic portal technology while the aft airlock is conventional in nature. A crew not expecting trouble might use this space for extra storage.
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:47 am

Dime Store Magic Damage Tracker

Undamaged (2020-09-11 DSM)

  • Starchief, your large crystal sword, EP-5 energy pistol, EPR-8 energy rifle, and costumes have all been destroyed.
  • Juan, your ball, cargo pants, and claw hammer have been destroyed.
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:19 pm

Dime Store Magic Equipment Tracker

Upper Deck


The Bridge Features 4 50 MDC lockers with biometric locks that contain the following:
  • 1: NE-700 Vulcan, Plasma Cartridge Mini-Gun
    Mega-Damage: 1d4x10 or 4d6x10 for a 6 round burst
    Range: 1200 ft
  • 2: 30 round banana clips for NE-700
  • 1: 150 round drum for NE-700
  • 1:Glowing Magic sword taken from Giran (4d6 MD)
  • 1: Talisman of Armour of Ithan (Atlantis P. 154)
  • 4: E-Clips
1: Instant Meal Paste Maker (P73 Triax 2)


Q1 (StarChief)

Q2 (Juan Echo)

Q3 (Merged with Q1)

Q4 (Merged with Armory)

Q5 (Mara)

Q6 (Merged with Storage)

Q7 (Metri)

Q8 (Kaedras)

Q9 (Chef Icky)

Q10 (Unoccupied)

Q11 (Sorrenson)

Medical Bay

  • 1: Phase Tech Full Medkit (P125 PW)
  • 20: Jump Start Stimulant Syringes (P111 DB6)
  • 10: Knock Out Spray (P111 DB6)
  • 20: Anti-Toxin (P111 DB6)
  • 10: Spray Skin (P111 DB6)
  • 2: Torso Bio-Braces (P254 NG2)
  • 4: Arm Bio-Braces (P254 NG2)
  • 4: Leg Bio-Braces (P254 NG2)
  • 2 Neck Bio-Braces(P254 NG2)
  • 40: Doses of Qwik-Clot
  • 100: Tubes of Protein Healing Salve
  • 20: Universal Anti-Toxin (UAT) (P143 PW)


8: 50 MDC lockers with Biometic Locks

6: EPR-8 Energy Pulse Rifles:
Damage: single shot 5d6 MD, 4 shot burst 1d6x10 MD
Range: 1600 ft
Payload: 40 Shots

8: HI-10 Heavy Laser Pistols
Damage: 3d6+3 MD
Range: 1000 ft
Payload: 15 shots

8: GR-15AR Assault rifles with Sniper Package (P126 DB2) with:
GR Detachable Grenade Launcher (P114 DB14)
GR Ready-Mag Speed Loaders (P114 DB14)

1: PH-100 Heavy Phase Beamer (P123 PW)
4: HW-19 Stun Pistols (P62 PW:SB)
8: HI-80 Combat Laser Rifles (P115 BD2)
8: Phase Swords (P124 DB2)
8: Slicer GR-Guns (P57 DB3)
8: NE-4 Pistols (P117 DB2)
8: NE Ripper Bayonets (P24 NE wave 2)
8: WI-R12 SMGs (P99 Merc-Ops)
16: Wooden Tonfa (P107 WB01 Revised)

2: Solid Oxide Fido's (P245 NG2)
1: Splurgoth Talisman of Armor of Ithan: Duration: 10 minutes, MDC: 100, Charges: 3 every 24hrs
1: Grimoire with the Life Ward Spell (level 8 Spell)
2: Earbud Radios
8: NE-01BP Back Packs (P42 Wave 2)
40: Cans of Blackball Spray Paint(P116 Merc-ops)
40: Doses of Block-Out (P112 Merc Ops)
100: Instant Heat MREs (Mercops P116)
4: Spare Solid Oxide cores for Fido's
4: Sleep Safe sensor systems (P253-254 NG2)
8: Plasma Torches (P113 merc-ops)
2: Electronic Auto-Lock picks (P252 NG2)
8 Restraint Dispensers (P143 PW)
8: BTBs for Kesslan (P143 PW)
10: BTBs for Icky(P143 PW)

92: E-Clips
84: Long E-Clips
160: GR-15 Ammo Clips (P126 DB2)
40: GR-45HP Ammo clips (P126 DB2)
80: Slicer GR Magazines (P57 DB3)
80: NE-4 Pistol magazines (440 X80 = 35,200) (P117 DB2)
500: NE-003PC Standard Cartridges
40: Boxes of NE-003PC Standard Cartridges (96 Per box P24 NE wave 2)
40: Boxes of NE-004PC Heavy Cartridges (96 per box P24 NE wave 2)
128: 50 round boxes of 13mm Silver ammo for WI-R12
50: P-Field Batteries (P124 DB2)
80: 200 Round belts of Heavy Ramjet ammunition (P100 Merc-Ops)
8: 10 round Drums of AP grenades for WI-GL8(P101 Merc-Ops)
20: Diamondback Chainsaw blades
40: Smoke Mortar Rounds
40: Flare Mortar Rounds
40: Mortar Rounds using NE HE warheads
40: Mortar Rounds using NE Frag Warheads
40: Plasma Torch Refills
60: NE-10G Fragmentation Grenades (4d6 MD to 30 ft. radius)
60: NE-10G HE Grenades (6d6 MD to a 12 ft. radius)
60: NE-20G HE Grenades (P56 DB3)
100: Smoke Grenades (P260 RUE)
100: Wilks Blinder Grenades(P209 New West)
60: Incendiary Hand grenades (P123 Merc-Ops)
20 TW Flare Grenade (P150 Merc-Ops)
10 TW TK Grenades (P151 Merc-Ops)
20: TW Vampire Chaser steam grenades (P79 Arzno)
100: Wooden Stakes (P106 Vampire Kingdom revised)
10: WI-40Ms with AP Warheads and NE Guidance Packages (Launcher P105 Mercs. Warheads P57 DB03, Guidance Package: P56 DB03)
20: GAW-AT6 LAWs with K-Hex Frag Warhead & NE Guidance Package (Launcher is P124 Merc-Ops. Warhead P57 DB03, Guidance Package: P56 DB03)
20: GAW-AT6 LAWs with K-Hex AP Warhead & NE Guidance Package (Launcher is P124 Merc-Ops. Warhead P57 DB03. Guidance Package P56 DB03)
40: Type 3 Fusion Blocks(P260 RUE)
50: KHEX Plastique Cubes (1d6x10 MD to 10ft. area, moulding it properly results in double damage)
40: Mini-Motion Detector Detonators (P114 Merc Ops)
40: Electronic Time Delay Detonators (P114 Merc Ops)
40: Pull Detonator (P114 Merc Ops)
40: Pressure Release Fuse (P114 Merc Ops)
7: Boxes of 6 Electric Blasting Caps (p114 Merc Ops)
11: Plasma Mini Missiles
11: AP Mini Missiles
80: K-Hex AP mini-Missiles(P57 DB3)
80: K-Hex Fragmentation Mini-Missiles(P57 DB3)
20: 1lb blocks of NG-6 Plastique Explosive (P101 Mercenaries)
100: Smart Micro Missiles(P56 DB3)
4: NE-MAT-3 Type 2 NE Anti-Matter Mines (P90 NE wave 2)
10: NE-TA03 "Streaker" Thunderstorm MLMs (P91 NE Wave 2)
40: AIM-1 Personal Mines (P90 Wave 2)
320: Plasma Mini Missiles for Ship Launchers
320: Naruni K-Hex AP Mini Missiles for Ship Launchers
96: Multi-Warhead MRMs (Smart) for Ship Launchers
240: Silverhawk 6 shooter rounds (silver)
960: Silverhawk 6 shooter rounds (Standard)
20000: Flying Fang Interceptor Autocannon rounds

A nuclear-powered e-clip recharger (with 10-year life) has been setup off to one side.

Storage Room

The storage room has recently been expanded (taking up the space of one of the old quarters). It now also stores the following items:[size=85][list]

Lower Deck


Cybernetics & Bionics Laboratory (P68-69 Bionics SB) along with 500,000 worth of additional materials.



Engine Room

Cybernetics & Bionics Laboratory (P68-69 Bionics SB) along with 500,000 worth of additional materials.

Mystic Engine Room


Storage Rooms

Cargo Bay

11: 50 MDC lockers with biometric lock
6: Spacer suits, human-sized (PW, P. 120), MDC: 20, -5% Prowl
1: Spacer Suit, Zembahk-sized, MDC: 20, -5% Prowl
1: Spacer Suit, Large sized, MDC: 20, -5% Prowl
4: Burning Rings (P99 Fleets of TTG)
10: canisters of Breaching Gel (P99 Fleets of TTG)
10: Emergency Hull Patchers (P100 Fleets of TTG)
2: EVA Packs (P100 Fleets of TTG)
10: Emergency EVA Packs (P102 Fleets of TTG)
15: Pilots Survival Kits (P102 Fleets of TTG)
1: Phase Tech Full Medkit (P125 PW)
1: Diamondback Chainsaw (P112 Merc-ops)
2: Handheld MD Power Drills (P112-133 Merc-ops)
2: Vibro Cutters (P113 merc-ops)
2: Electro Magnetic Nailguns (P113 merc-ops)
20: Clips of 200 nails for Nailgun
2: Vehicle Diagnostic Computers(P113 Merc-Ops)
20 Metal-Spray (P 143 PW)

Also contained in the cargo bay are enough spare, basic MDC material to effect repairs for basic systems indefinitely.
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Starchief » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:23 pm

Q1 (StarChief)
Andra "Starchief" Sekona
the Shield of Seeron

MDC: 439/439|Costume: 20/20

Saving Throw Bonuses:
Vs. Insanity: +9|Vs. Magic: +10|Vs. Possession: +7|Vs. Psionic: +7
Vs. Poison: +7|Vs. Mind Control: +6|Vs. Disease: +6|Vs. Illusion: +5
Vs. Horror Factor: +8|Vs. Coma/Death: +51%|Perception: +3


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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Juan Echo » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:23 pm

Q2 (Juan Echo)
Status: Juan Echo
M.D.C.: 300/300
P.P.E.: 50/50
I.S.P.: 76/76

May the rest of the Yayamama Pantheon have mercy on our SOULS!
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Mara » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:23 pm

Q5 (Mara)
Mara Archerean

PPE: 288 / 288
ISP: 85 / 85
MDC: 381/381
H.F.: 14
Heart in Chains Tattoo: 0/450 MDC(inactive)

Constant: Sixth Sense

''Zombie'' by Damned Anthem
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Ghost in the Machine Remix)
Adele vs. Linkin Park - Set Fire To The End
Tomorrow We Fight
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Metri » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:24 pm

Q7 (Metri)
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Kaedras Starfall » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:24 pm

Q8 (Kaedras)
Kaedras Starfall
I.S.P.: 18/168
M.D.C.: 37/37

Psionic Crystal Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
Arms: 15 each
Legs: 22 each
Main Body: 35
Psionic Force Field: 70/70 (Can be used 4 times per 24 hour period without I.S.P. cost to user)
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Chef Icky » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:25 pm

Q9 (Chef Icky)
Food is da universal language, an' me galley is da universal translator. Don't ya mess wit' either one while I'm 'round. Or even when I ain't 'round.

Please do not PM this account -- send your PMs to AGM account The Bos instead. Thanks!


- Max Bodily MDC: 187 ... Max ISP: 48 ... Max PPE: 12
- Armor Max MDC: 120 ... Force Field Max MDC: 110
- Natural Abilities: HF 11 ... 100’ nightvision (can see in total darkness) ... Fire/cold does 1/2 damage ... Fatigues at half rate of normal humans ... Lift 3,600 lbs & carry 1,800 lbs ... Jump 21.6’ across/10.8’ high standing; 54’ across/27’ high with running start
- Combat Notes: 8 APM ... +3 initiative; +11 strike; +13 parry; +14 dodge; +4 roll, disarm; +8 pull; +21 PS bonus ... Critical Strike on an unmodified 18-20 ... Boxing: auto KO on nat 20 for 1d6 melees ... Paired Weapons ... Body flip/throw
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:25 pm

Q10 (Unoccupied)
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Aoife » Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:25 pm

Q11 (Aoife)
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Re: [GA] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Fri Sep 11, 2020 8:57 am

Minion War Model

Promethean Star Ghost
Crew: 1, it can accommodate/offer life support for up to 6 passengers.
M.D.C. by Location:
Phase Cannon (1) - 180
Laser Turrets (2) - 144 each
Mini-Missile Launchers (2, top and bottom) - 72 each
Cruise Missile Launchers (2, bottom) - 72each
**Main Body - 524
**Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will destroy the ship, making it useless. If half the M.D.C. is destroyed, the ship loses all its special phase powers.
Driving on the Ground: Not possible.
Flying: Mach 12 in space, Mach 8 in an atmosphere while in its cruise configuration. In the other two modes the maximum speed is Mach 8.
Star Drive: P-drive - 1 light year/hour
Range: Effectively Unlimited. Life Support and food on the basic ship will only sustain two people for up to a week, or seven people for 48 hours. The ship can be reconfigured to keep seven people alive for up to one week (or two people for a whole month), at the expense of the mini-missile launchers (replaced with extra life support systems and food).
Statistical Data:
Height: 42'
Width: 48'
Length: 78'
Weight: 40 tons.
Cargo: 5x5x5 feet
Power Systems: Anti-matter; average energy life 25 years.
Phase Power System: All special phase abilities of the ship are powered by a phase-field generator that has 200 "charges." When all these charges are spent (each use of a phase-field power uses up one charge), then generator needs one hour to regenerate power. Until it is fully recharged, no further special powers will be possible.

Standard Weapon Systems:

  1. Phase Cannon (1)
    • Damage: 3d6 to all living things in a 30' diameter, or 1d6x10 to force fields and creatures 10' or taller.
    • Rate of Fire: 1 per action. S.D.C. to non M.D.C. creatures. M.D. to M.D.C. creatures and forcefields.
    • Effective Range: 3 miles in space, 10,000' in an atmosphere.
  2. Laser Turrets (2)
    • Damage: 1d6x10 M.D. or 3d6x10 per three-pulse shot.
    • Rate of Fire: 1 per action
    • Effective Range: 2 miles in space, 4000' in an atmosphere
  3. Mini Missile Launchers (2)
    • Damage: Varies by Missile Type
    • Rate of Fire: 1 or volleys of 2, 4, or 8 missiles
    • Effective Range: 2 miles.
    • Payload: 24 (12 per launcher)
  4. Cruise Missiles (2)
    • Damage: 4d6x100 M.D.
    • Rate of Fire: 1 or volley of 2 missiles
    • Effective Range: 1000 miles (optimal is less than 1 mile)
    • Payload: 2 missiles (1 per launcher)
  5. Phase Fields
    • Deflector Shield: Divide damage by 10 (except for Magic, Psionics and Phase weapons - all do normal damage)
    • Ghost Mode: OP-Field, ship speed reduced to 25%. Stopped only by phase, magic and force field barriers. Cannot fire weapons when field is on, nor solidify inside another ship or solid object.
      Duration: 8 minutes per charge
    • Phase Jump System: Short range teleport jumps. Each jump counts as one action.
      Range: 2 miles
      Rate of Fire: Each Teleport counts as one action. Use one charge per jump.
      Bonuses: +2 Dodge, +1 Initiative, +1 Strike
    Payload: 200 charges (see above)

Combat Performance: The Star Ghost is +1 Strike and Dodge.
Any successful electrical or computer skill roll will suffice to connect a hand-held computer (or on-board computer from a powered armor) and create a makeshift gunnery station. One station can be created for each laser turret; these can be tied in to either missile launcher as well. Gunners who do not make a successful weapons skill check each melee are at -2 to strike. Anyone with a headjack, the telemechanic mental operation psi-power, or similar super power (that allows direct mental control of a machine) bypasses the need for a skill check. Gunners and pilots cannot fire the same weapon in the same round- coordinate in chat or check your fellow players’ posts. If two players attempt to fire the same weapon on the same ship, whoever has the lower initiative roll will get an error message.

Note: The Star Ghost is clamped onto the outside of the Dime Store Magic in some mysterious way per DL. It doesn't fit in the cargo hold.
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