New to Phase World on EU? READ THIS FIRST!

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New to Phase World on EU? READ THIS FIRST!

Postby Dark Lord » Mon May 21, 2007 11:11 am

Welcome to EU's Phase World game.

This post is an intro for folks brand-spanking new to the site. Those of you vets who are looking for more specific guidelines about character concepts, check below.

For those of you that are new:
If nothing else, read this or you will have to deal with a pissy dimension master during character creation.

PM is by far the best/fastest way to get in touch with me, on either site, which you can do once you've created an account. I'm usually on YIM during the week. Once you get in touch with me, I will do the following things:

1) Give you permission to post in Phase World's forums.
2) Pick a group for you if you don't have a specific preference.
3) Once you post your PROPERLY FORMATTED AND DETAILED character sheet, background, and equipment wishlist I will review all of the above. I'll send you a PM with any corrections I want made, and will edit your wishlist down to your final, starting equipment. For guidelines on this stuff, see below.

At that point, I'll kick you over to your GM and you won't hear from me again unless you quit posting. See below for post rate rules.

Phase World Character Creation Guidelines
Go here for a character sheet. Scroll up for a hint.

    Mostly, as per Rifts: Ultimate Edition. Make sure you check P. 300 to see which secondary skills you can pick. A lot of people have difficulty with this.
    All characters start at 3rd level.
    If your OCC/RCC does not normally give out additional secondary skills as you level, you get two every third level. This does not apply to OCC/RCC related skills.
    Insanities are welcome (and occasionally rewarded with XP), but optional.
    I like big backgrounds. They occasionally earn bonus XP.

All PCs are required to use the site's built-in dice roller. It's easy, and once you get the hang of it it will make your posts much easier to write. If you're new to character creation on EU, that last link will explain the syntax. Post a reply to your character sheet that contains all the dice rolls needed for your character (attributes, SDC/MDC, PPE, credits, etc.) and nothing else. After I review your character sheet, that post will be deleted in its entirety.

Equipment Wishlists

You do not start with any:
Nifty animal companions

You do start with:
Starting equipment

as per your normal RCC/OCC

You also post a wishlist. For your wishlist to be considered complete, it will at a minimum list one weapon, one suit of armor, and one vehicle (unless your OCC starts with a spaceship, in which case we'll work something out). Each of the above will have three alternatives- 'wet dream', 'good', and 'good enough', or some such. Give me a range of options and it will work in your favor. Deviate from the above instructions and your starting equipment will be slightly crappier.

Please note, though, that PW wish lists can be much more free form than those for the main EU game. I'll consider anything, so put it on. Want a familiar? Some extra spells? Maybe a couple different weapons. It's all on the table, so don't get afraid to get a little greedy.

Character Concept Guidelines

Rule #1- Concept comes first. As my #1 rule for RPGs in general is that everyone have fun, so too, my cardinal rule here is that any rule is negotiable. That's not to say I can't be a stubborn prick when I want to, but if you have a character concept that you're just dying to play, and one of my restrictions is getting in the way, I am willing to be convinced to waive it. Of course, you'll need to be damn convincing in order to bring me around (unless, of course, you're a DM/GM elsewhere on the site, in which case I'm more willing to be flexible).

Rule #2- NO RIFTS CLASSES- which does not mean 'no OCCs in any Rifts book'. However, Phase World and the Three Galaxies have a unique flavor substantially different from that of Rifts Earth, and I have every intention of keeping it that way. Now, some (probably even most) of the classes in Rifts are of a fairly generic nature (operators, TWs, mind melters, etc.), such that those types of characters could be found within PW without anyone so much as batting an eyelash. However, a Tolkeen Artifact Hunter, Mystic- or Cyber-Knight, Native American, etc. would have to come from Rifts Earth- those characters have a unique cultural context that would prevent them from being found anywhere aside from Earth. In other words, you want a second Rifts character, sign up to GM or mod and make it for Rifts. You want a Phase World character, that means he/she had better not so much as know Rifts Earth even exists (with occasional exceptions as outlined above)

Rule #3- NO MUNCHY. Extremely powerful characters will be reviewed THOROUGHLY prior to approval. Godlings, non-fallen Cosmo-Knights, and Promethians are some of the most powerful characters available in all of Palladium's games. Since PW has a well-deserved reputation as being Palladium's highest-powered setting, I will not categorically disallow such characters. However, if you want even a prayer of getting them approved, I want to see an impressive, well-developed background, character concept, and personality. Munchkins who can't roleplay to save their lives need not apply. Rest assured, characters of this stripe will be held to the highest possible role-playing standards.

Rule #4- Almost any non-Rifts-Earth allowed. Generally speaking, anything from the PW dimension books, Skraypers, Manhunter, the Atlantis/Splynn world books, and AU/PU is fine, as well as certain rifts classes as noted above. Characters from other games on EU will be considered for inclusion on a case-by-case basis. Material from the Rifter will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Randomly generated alien species from either the PW or AU tables will be allowed as player races, however, there are conditions. All races so generated will be subject to a full, separate approval process every bit as rigorous as what I put character sheets through. Additionally, custom-generated races will be denied if the submitted alien race does not also contain substantial notes on this species' 1) Culture, 2) Personality, 3) Homeworld, and 4) Political Relations with other species within the Three Galaxies. If you design a species, it needs to be more than a bland list of statistics. I expect some creativity involved, otherwise you can just pick out a species that has been generated for you.

Rule #5- Keep your signature current. While it is up to individual GMs to enforce this rule on their PCs, in general, I'd like to see:

    A link to the character sheet. Use the URL tags.
    A number showing current / maximum values for: HP/SDC/MDC, PPE, ISP, and anything similar.
    A brief list of constantly active powers (i.e. sensing ley lines, nightvision, or sixth sense), optics systems, permanent resistances or vulnerabilities to certain types of damage, and anything else that you want to make sure the GM remembers when they're doing their post.

Generally speaking, you should use your equipment post on your character sheet to describe what your character is wearing/carrying at any given time, and detail where any excess equipment is stored (i.e. your quarters on the group's ship). In certain specific circumstances (for example an infiltration mission where your character is leaving most of their regular gear at home), the signature can be used to detail what your character is carrying for that mission.

However, keep it short. Nobody likes a signature that takes up half a page. The use of [size] tags to shrink the text in your signature is also strongly encouraged.

Post Rate Requirements
Per EU site guidelines, GMs and players are both expected to post weekly.
If a character goes two weeks without an in-character post, they will receive a warning from me. If said character has not posted within one week of the warning, their account will be deleted, their character sheet archived, and their GM will kill or otherwise write out the character in an entertaining fashion.
If you go for an extended period of time (say, a month or two) only posting every other week, I'll get more aggressive- post every week or get a warning.
If a player anticipates an extended absence or other period during which they will be unable to post, a brief update in the Account Status Tracker will ensure that your characters do not run afoul of the above requirements. Dates and/or duration of inactivity are required for posts to the status tracker.
Players who think they will be unable to post for a long period of time, and are unsure as to when they will be able to resume posting regularly can contact me to withdraw their PC from the game without prejudice. Depending on the expected length of the absence, they will either be placed on inactive status but stay with their group in-game, or removed from the game entirely. Players who withdraw without flaking can resume playing at any time, assuming their group has an open slot for them.
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Addendum (DRAFT)

Postby Dark Lord » Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:40 am

Heroes of the Megaverse
I've decided to allow characters empowered by the Book of Heroes. This will involve the Book visiting dreams, rather than physically appearing. This is an experiment- I reserve the right to cancel it if these powers seem to be unbalancing the game for non-Book heroes (I'm not too worried, but want this caveat in at the get-go).

Furthermore, there is a huge spread in the power level of the abilities the Book can grant. Characters made using these rules will need to have their power list reviewed early on by myself (and Consumer, if the character will be going to the Rogues), and we likewise reserve the right to tell the player to reroll the powers they've gotten if we feel it necessary.

Book heroes will cost 5 EP to unlock. Characters start at level 1. Use the site dice roller to roll on quick roll tables for everything, players who roll to have two or three abilities may select one of them (the rest, and all powers for characters with four) are rolled randomly. Characters made in this manner cannot have any in-born spell-casting, psionic, or super abilities.
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