[GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Kaedras Starfall » Tue Aug 13, 2019 9:46 am

Perception: 39% 1d100 = 34

JIC: 1d20 = 15
1d100 = 3

Sorrenson wrote:"Betrothed? That's like engaged or something yeah? Damn, must suck to be away from them."

Kaedras looks to the covered window, as if he could see through it to the stars beyond.

"Her name is Seldanna. Our families were bound at her birth - she is but little younger than I. We have met each other but a few times." He removes the picture of her from his pack and holds it out to Sorrenson.

"With maturity she has become a great beauty, and her wit and wisdom stand in equal measure. Our houses would both benefit from our union. However... she disapproves... of my choice to diverge from my family's path. She will not marry me until I... 'return to my senses'."

He looks over at his mechanical wolf. "She gave me Aldón to keep me safe... and to guide me home."

With that, Kaedras returns the picture of his betrothed to it's place in his pack, and readies himself for rest.

Kaedras sleeps easily, soundly, and silently, as Aldón keeps a watch through the night. When his turn to stand watch comes, he is alert and vigilant.

When morning arrives he allows himself some time for reflection. That there is a deevil warning us about our erstwhile ally is an irony not lost on me. What side have we found ourselves on - and if true, with what forces does this priestess meddle that they would rise the ire of hell itself? He glances at his new companions. They take their watches like soldiers trained. In their eyes I can count the losses they have witnessed etched in streaks of pain. These are no hapless fools. There is an element of fate to them, perhaps - but such is beyond my place to speculate. I can only state that I feel more assured beside them. Confident that the Tarlok will be made to suffer for their actions here.

As Kaboom pries open the box of rations, Kaedras takes a pack, heedless of its contents. He pulls the tab to heat the food, and sits cross-legged on his bunk, pulling his hair back into a topknot. When the ration pack is heated through, he tears it open and begins to eat.

As Juan asks the minotaur about how the food compares to Warlock Marine rations, he thinks to himself, I do not know how well the Warlock Marines eat... but this repast is only slightly better than the food aboard the slave ship I found myself working on. And no better at all than what they served at the rebel base. still, compared with no food at all, this is a feast.

As Sorrenson works with the drones, Kaedras makes sure he is added to the team's comms channels, so that he can share intel with them.
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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Metri » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:35 am

Perception: 1d100 = 29 | 39%
JIC: 1d20 = 15| 1d100 = 65%
Juan's invitation for Metri to join him on the evening's first watch is met with a curt nod of approval from the diminuitive Yhabbayar. As anticipated, during his watch, Metri sits quietly in a relaxed contemplative state. Given that Kaboom never grants them any privacy throughout the evening, Metri is unaware of Juan's desire to share additional information about their current situation. After his shift is up, Metri simply closes his eyes, falling into a deep recuperative meditation instead of the standard reclined position of sleep.

Come morning, the distribution of rations is met with a small thanks of gratitude. Digging slightly through the packages, Metri is disappointed in the selection. Not finding anything new, he grabs the one with the over-sized mushroom picture representing its contents. Time with the resistance working the infirmary had taught him the value of that particular MRE when it came to the steadiness of his energy level throughout the day. And so despite the off-putting smell and taste, the Yhabbayar chooses function over aesthetics.

A warm smile breaks across Metri's face at Sorrenson's reaction to Juan's table manners. It's true. One would have imagined proper etiquette was part of his hospitality knowledge. And that part of proper etiquette is not to taint the communal drinking vessel. Formal table manners is NOT the only type of etiquette! Skorl interjects in Metri's mind. In my culture, drinking from the same vessel was a sign of trust. That there was an absence of poison and that sharing without bounds was critical to the formation of brotherhood... especially before battle. Seemingly nodding to himself, Metri concedes, An apt point.

Sorrenson wrote:“Oi! Juan! Don’t drink straight from the jug. It’s not cool to share whatever space-mouth-clap you’re carrying! Don’t they teach you manners at little god school?” He says, spitting out a bunch of food as he does so. Which renders his point about being gross somewhat mute.

"Unless sharing of mouth-clap, a common bond makes, hmm." Metri volunteers nonchalantly and quite unhelpfully.

When the discussion gets serious again and the mission direction up for debate, Metri will inquire about the most recent missing bio-freaks and whether Kaboom has any photos of the missing individuals or any personal items they may have left behind.

If provided with such a photo/personal item, Metri will try to focus his psionic seeking ((Psionic Seeking. -3 ISP. 8 mile radius. 1d100 = 62 | 80%. Even on failed roll, can sense if target/object is within range)) and gauge if they are within an 8 mile radius and if so, if he can locate them. Should the Yhabbayar be confident in his locating ability, he will communicate such and offer to head out to find the missing person before his seeking fades.
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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Juan Echo » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:33 am

<rolls carry>

Juan looks at his meal package, beside the food is a spork, tissue thin napkin, and a small packet of watery hot sauce. No cups. Guess it's a communal drink, then. He picks up the jug and takes a heavy glug to wash back his food.

Urqos Sorrenson wrote:"Oi! Juan! Don’t drink straight from the jug. It’s not cool to share whatever space-mouth-clap you’re carrying! Don’t they teach you manners at little god school?"

Urqos Metri wrote:"Unless sharing of mouth-clap, a common bond makes, hmm."

"I've been space-mouth-clap free since the age of fourteen ninety-three,"* Juan quips back. "Urqos Kaboom, can you fetch us some mugs for water?

Assuming Kaboom will not provide service with a smile, Juan will shrug, pick up the jug and take a second swig. "Besides, you should be honored to share a jug with me. There are people out there that would pay good money for a God's backwash."**

While talking with the rest of the team, Juan notices that he has received a message from Sorrenson. He reads the techno-wizard's account of meeting the deevil on his arm band. With an arched eyebrow he looks at Sorrenson, then Metri, and finally Kaedras. He says to Kaedras, "Let me put you on the team's channel. Urqos Sorrenson has a ribald sense of humor, and likes to send us dirty jokes. Perhaps you can match his wit."

Juan then reaches over and picks up the Star Elf's radio and sets it to the right frequencies. He also forwards Sorrenson's report to Kaedras under the title 'DIRTY JOKE'*** hoping that Kaedras will respond by sending out a message with his own assessment of the encounter.

Looking over at Kaboom, Juan shouts, "Urqos Kaboom, I'm assuming you do not need to read how this Urqos differentiates between ratanoid genitalia and a millipede." Jonny, did you actually remember Urqos Sorrenson's species or was that a lucky guess? His sister's voice was met by silence from Juan's mind. He then looks back at the report, concerned but vindicated. Of course the priestess was corrupt, but this new information only deepened the mystery.

*Per Rate-A-Deity:
3gMalort wrote:3 out of 10
I had worked for 3 years on various transport vessels with Juan Echo when he invited me to return to his home planet. He said his sister, Joan, was hosting a month long festival to celebrate the centennial of her personal distillery. It sounded legit.
It was some of the hardest tasting liquor I ever drank. Unfortunately, I couldn't really enjoy the party because I came down with a terrible case of space-mouth-clap. I don't know whether it was Juan or Joan that gave it to me, but I had a burning pain every time I vomitted. And that's pretty much all you do when you're drinking at a Yaya distillery!
** There is a lucrative (and ludicrous) black market for the various bodily fluids of deities. Some claim that a God's sweat can restore energy, relieve migraine pain, calm upset stomachs, and cure cancer. For the low price of 10 BTC you can purchase 20 oz. of God sweat and use it to remove cataracts, shrink cysts, and destroy kidney stones. Just email your blockchain to notascamATlibertybibleacademy.so^
*** Juan assumes that Sorrenson didn't send the report to Kaedras, in part because they both saw the same thing.
^ God sweat should not be used to treat any medical condition. The FDA cannot verify that it has any curative effects, or for that matter that it will not be harmful if ingested or applied to skin. Also, I don't know how bitcoin works.
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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Kaedras Starfall » Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:36 am

(rolls carried over)

Juan wrote:"Let me put you on the team's channel. Urqos Sorrenson has a ribald sense of humor, and likes to send us dirty jokes. Perhaps you can match his wit."

Kaedras offers his radio to Juan, and accepts it back with the new frequency. At the mention of his wit, Kaedras only cocks an eyebrow.

"I thank you."

Message from Juan wrote:'DIRTY JOKE'

Kaedras reads the report from Sorrenson's point of view, and types back, adding that the deevil had contacted him mentally before the encounter, and includes the content of that message.

He then adds "These events as Master Sorrenson has laid them out are accurate from my perspective, though I cannot speak to the deevil's truthfulness. Before we act on any such accusations I propose heavily verifying them," and sends the reply.
Kaedras Starfall
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M.D.C.: 33/33

Psionic Crystal Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
Arms: 15 each
Legs: 22 each
Main Body: 35
Psionic Force Field: 70 (Can be used 4 times per 24 hour period without I.S.P. cost to user)
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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Starchief » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:50 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 2/59%
JIC: 1d20 = 6/1d100 = 37

Speaking with Oradro, he confirms the Seljuk's findings. "That is exactly who we fought. The Oni, I have yet to experience but if that's what the man in black was, then I hope I never do again. Thank you for your advice, Sir Oradro."

Dime Store Magic wrote:He spits when StarChief asks about their brethren. "I don't know who is snatching them. It could be just a Tarlok trick to pull some of us Skaypers out in the open to do some heroic crap that is going to expose us. We've lost a lot of good people that way while you've been...gone." He rubs his bald head and sighs, "Maybe it's these guys you are tracking, but for what? Some bio-freaks are truly fearsome, but most just need our compassion. They drew the short straw."

"Hmm. I've heard that these Invincible Guardsmen that we're after gain their powers through scientific means, not unlike myself. Maybe the Bios are being snatched for that reason."

Dime Store Magic wrote:Kaboom takes one and tosses it to StarChief, "We still have a few of these left. I can't believe you like the taste of that gamey bird." The picure of Frisetian Condor Stew, along with a really ugly bird is on the label.

With alarming deftness, Starchief catches the MRE out of the air with one hand and almost instantly pulls the heating tab with his other. "Nothing has ever tasted better, Kaboom. Ever." As soon as it's done heating up, he scoops a sizable portion of the stew up with the supplied bread and shoves it directly into his mouth as if he'd forgotten all manners. Mmmmm! It is good to be home! He resists the urge to grab a second helping, knowing that the freedom fighters here are doing without more often than not.

Starchief reads through Sorrenson's packet carefully and works on keeping his face neutral while he does so. After reading that, he outlines the basic plan for the Adventurers. "Adventurers, we are heading to a neighborhood known as Eastwarren in the city we are currently in, Rylor. I have the address for a safehouse for the largest criminal organization on planet. The Tarlok seized some of their weapons and those weapons didn't come from here or anywhere that the Tarlok knew about. I'm thinking our Invincible Guardmen may have something to do with that. The second objective in that neighborhood is figuring out the recent spike in disappearances in the breed of Seeronians labeled Bio-Freaks. These are brothers and sisters who reacted differently to the chemicals that the Tarlok attempted to poison us with, leaving them physically mutated beyond what most would consider normal. It is already hard enough for Seeronians to survive during this occupation, but to be a Bio invites the worst of the discrimination and violence. Many of them are homeless, having been denied work and housing. Nevertheless, they are my brethren and if they are being taken from the streets, I would have words with whoever is involved."

Starchief thinks on the strategic values of heading out during the day vs night and develops an opinion based on that. He'll posit his idea to the team and ask for their opinions. (Intelligence 1d100 = 43/87% )

If the team is ready to head out during the day, Starchief tells Kaboom the address Waldo gave him and says "Lead the way, Tunnelman."

If the team decides to wait until night to head out, Starchief says "Take the day to get yourself organized and ready for mission time. We head out at sunfall."
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Vs. Horror Factor: +8|Vs. Coma/Death: +51%|Perception: +3

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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Mara » Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:24 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 38 / 65% (95% when dealing with vampires or undead)
JiC: 1d20 = 20 1d100 = 9


As she rests, she recovers all her PPE and ISP. She is still just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Mara just smiles at the banter between Sorrenson and Juan. She almost spits up her adequate MRE when Metri says sharing mouth-clap is some type of bonding ritual. She chuckles, "The only place where sharing mouth-clap is a bonding ritual is on Paradise-II." She shakes her head at Juan and his backwash comment, Little wannabe deities are the same everywhere. Way overthinking their status.

She listens to the strategy session, Sounds like a plan, "I would suggest going at night, Snatchers are more likely to be out then. I've crossed swords with Invincible Guardsmen in the past they are usually worthy foes, but extremely arrogant. Other than dragons,powerful devils and demons, of maybe fallen knights they can be some of the toughest foes in the galaxies." Just like that Fallen Knight Erragos that my team destroyed while still in the Navy. He was raising a damn army. She shakes her head and focuses back on the plan at hand. "By the way, I have a nice set of armor than will let me sneak past almost any tech sensors. If it is necessary."

As to the comms from Sorrenson, she just looks at Sorrenson and plainly her face reads, Seriously! She then looks at Starburst . . .
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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Oradro » Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:54 pm

Perception 32%: 1d100 = 59
JIC: 1d100 = 44 1d20 = 11

Oradro would listen to Starchief's explanation of the Bio-Freaks. He would however, stay silent, not really having any additional questions at this point in time. The huge Seljuk knew little of the things of this particular world. The issue of the criminal faction though seemed reasonable enough for him to get involved with. Doubly so since it appeared to involve the Invincible Guardsman. As common opponents to Cosmo Knights, and indeed their very creation being to counter knights like himself, he certainly had more than enough reason to be involved. Besides, The Forge had sent him here for a reason and if he could do some additional good on the way, all the better! "Well, I am ready to depart when the rest of you are, though, I need little in the way of food or rest." he'd point out. "So I shall go at the pace required of the rest of you." Though, I suppose at some point I may have to consider summoning a proper weapon... I haven't needed it so far but, I wasn't fighting guardsmen or the like either...
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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Dime Store Magic » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:27 am

It will be around 11am by the end of the post.

With the breakfast repast finished the team begins discussing their plans on what to do next. The sounds of the city had already begun to come to life when they were eating breakfast, and now the cacophony of trucks, people, and flying vehicles make their way into the sub-basement.

Even before the invasion of the Tarlok, Seeron was a cosmopolitan place with the three native races of Seeron along with the numerous alien races from the other planets in the Charlizon system. Now a days with the inclusion of bio-freaks, all shapes of people can be seen. StarChief remembers that Sorrenson has had his drones out and when the footage of the night and morning is reviewed the following is determined.

  1. There is perhaps only 10% the number of people moving around at night because of the Tarlok curfew, however, the number of Tarlok patrols is three to four times greater than the day. Hover vehicles with spotlights passed their own safe house a half a dozen times during the night. Twice during the night, the drones indirectly picked up activity of a fire fight within a few blocks of where the Adventurers stayed the night.
  2. During the day, even an odd group like the Adventurers could theoretically blend into the crowd, particularly if they don't look like a group.
  3. Regardless of the night or day, being fully armed and armored is going to stand out if just wandering around. All of the Seerions are in regular clothes and no weapons. Only the Tarlok and Control patrols are armed and armored.
  4. The Adventurers are in the basement of one of many large apartment skyscrapers. The building is on the edge of an industrial zone, where even larger factory buildings can be seen. Wide streets to accommodate heavy vehicles at ground level, along with various bridges connecting the buildings at numerous points. The weather is a bit cold and clouds filled the sky, a bit of rain fell before the dawn and the streets are wet, but it's not actively raining. The people on the streets are wearing heavy coats and hats, and are carrying umbrellas just in case. It may be possible to hide a weapon or two underneath a long coat. Only a handful look to be children. StarChief remembers that many buildings were relatively self-sufficient in basic necessities such as entertainment centers, grocery stores, and schools.

Kaboom says on the subject, "Andra should remember, the government has/had created numerous caches of weapons and equipment in preparation for the invasion. But it's been along time, and even before he left, we were pretty much reliant on our abilities. We wear flashy costumes, and use code names when on missions to hide our true identities so we can continue to move around. If we were kitted out like you guys, we'd have taken the planet back by now. Walking around in the full body armor and heavy weapons is going to invite trouble. While we all want the Tarlok to leave, for many of the people of Seeron, despair has taken them and they believe cooperation with the Tarlok is the only way they and their families will survive. If we look like we are expecting a fight, we could be ratted out before we even get there."

He unfolds a worn paper map and puts it on the table. He points to a spot on the map. "We're here." He points to another spot a few miles away. "That's the safe house. I can get us probably get us to within a couple of blocks of it with out being spotted using the various tunnels under the city in about three hours of walking. There's tunnels probably all the way to the building where the safe house is located; however, the Scythe use the tunnels as well and will have look outs and guards of their own."

What are your intentions?
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Re: [GA] The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy is my...?

Postby Sorrenson » Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:11 am

Perception: 1d100 = 88
JiC d20/d100: 1d20 = 18 / 1d100 = 70
OOC Comments
PPE: 144/144
ISP: 44/44
HP: 34
SDC: 30
NE PA003 "Drudge" Industrial PA
M.D.C. by Location.
Arms (2) - 200 each
Hands (2) - 100 eacho
Legs (2) - 200 each
Sensor Cluster (head) - 50
Main Body - 400/400
TW Armor of Ithan - 0/100
Starfire Cannon ammo 32/32
NE-800 ammo 16/16 dumb missiles - 1 more clip of smart missiles available
Fusion Blocks 5/5

Drone M.D.C
-5 from main body of each
-75 from main body of Combat Drone #A
-50 from main body of Combat Drone #B

Kaedras Starfall wrote:"Her name is Seldanna. Our families were bound at her birth - she is but little younger than I. We have met each other but a few times."
Sorrenson scratches his chin, smooths his whiskers and nods. He nods even though he doesn't understand. Man, people are weird. This jokers engaged to a woman he's only met a few times yet they've been bound since birth? Silly ol' Star Elves, I guess they must take this stuff pretty seriously though. Who am I to judge, I don't even have a girlfriend. He smiles at Kaedras. "Well, I'm sure you'll make a lovely couple once you return home."

Juan Echo wrote:"I've been space-mouth-clap free since the age of fourteen ninety-three,"

"Besides, you should be honored to share a jug with me. There are people out there that would pay good money for a God's backwash."
Sorrenson pauses, not sure what to say. He stares off blankly into the distance as his mind comes to grips with what Juan has just said. Um, Well... Who really cares if he had the space-mouth-clap? Ah, actually I do, if he's drinking out of the jug we all share! ... Nevermind that, how old is this guy!? Nevermind that! ... People pay for God's backwash! Ew gross... Oh funk me! I bet it's not just spit they pay for either... Eventually, after he gets past his initial shock, he just turns to Juan and asks a couple of questions. "Just exacly how old are you? And how much? How much for an ounce for God Backwash?"

Once the pressing questions of the day have been answered Sorrenson sets about disguising the weapons on his PA. He covers up the Starfire as best he can. He also asks Kaboom to source a crate or box for him to carry, just like an actual labor exoskeleton would do.
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