Mission Notes: Retrival Mission.

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Mission Notes: Retrival Mission.

Postby Consumer » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:23 am

On a small portable Hardrive.

Coordinates to an unnamed planet in the Thundercloud galaxy.

A brief journal entry about the planet and it's inhabitants.

Thraxus wrote:...this planet is quaint and very backwater. Something dug up by Inglix who says they have interesting magical techniques. Anyways, the world is a smaller planet, with several biomes spread out among four continents. We've landed on what could be considered the main continent as it is the largest landmass. Of the indigenous population I can say they're humanoid-reptilians who have yet to come out of a feudal society. Though in talking with them in their whistling/squeaking language, I've determined a few good places to investigate for magical relics.

Coordinates to a ruin are provided as is a drawn map of the ruin. With a note on that being the last location Thraxus was.

I'll get the Map Picture up soon.
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