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Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:56 pm


Each major task will have all rolls and attempts edited into the original requests. All results arbitrated by (A)GM will also be edited and a new post will be made to the thread stating who has had actions completed/results entered in order to alert those subscribed to the thread's subscription features. Players please post each project as its own post. If a project has several major features like a force-field for armor, weapons systems for armor, and the armor itself, each should be its own post. A priority will be established in order of required completion. Each time you complete new tinker attempt(s) and have edited into the original post ensure that you make a brief post of what you have attempted and link the post in question in order to make it clearer for the (A)GM reviewing your thread. All actions will have a Date/Time Stamp (DDMMYY@HH:MM) at the front of the first line for each of the actions entered.

My quick guidelines for Operator work
1.) Only the GM knows just what modifiers are in place (+5%, -25%, etc.)
2.) The PC Operator only knows the roleplaying factors of which he's aware (not at his shop, not working with full tool set, working under pressure, etc.)
3.) The Operator will receive a number of attempts per day equal to his Experience Level.

Indicates that an item has been destroyed due to gross incompetence; impossible to salvage.
Indicates that an item has been disabled/broken due to some mistakes; it's repairable though.
Indicates that an item has not been successfully altered, no harm done though.
Indicates that an item has been successfully altered to the desired effect.
Indicates that an item has been miraculously altered beyond the expected results.
Neither Blackhaunt nor Maniacal Laugh will be altering your stats, do that yourself and check back here periodically for updates.

Players will be prompted to post rolls to cover a specific time-frame periodically which the GM will use to determine the results of the character's labors.

Guidelines for assessing attempts per day

Assistant types & Limitations on type of work
Operators and other tinkerers receive a number of attempts per day equal to their experience level.
Assistants are assessed at the highest level of skill possessed.

Unskilled assistants (possess no applicable technical skills) can only assist in basic repairs. (+1 attempt per day)
Basically skilled assistants (possess limited technical skills) can only assist in basic repairs. (+2 attempts per day)
Skilled assistants (possess an engineering skill) can assist in technical jobs within their area of expertise. (+3 attempts per day)
Highly skilled assistants (engineers in more than one field) can assist knowledgeably in any endeavor. (+4 attempts per day)

Basic Technical Skills
☞ Aircraft Mechanics
☞ Automotive Mechanics
☞ Basic Electronics
☞ Basic Mechanics
☞ Computer Repair
☞ Cybernetics: Basic
☞ General Repair & Maintenance
☞ Jury-Rig
☞ Salvage

Skilled Technical Skills
☞ Bioware Mechanics
☞ Electricity Generation
☞ Field Armorer & Munitions Expert
☞ Vehicle Armorer

Engineering Skills
☞ Electrical Engineer
☞ Mechanical Engineer
☞ Robot Electronics
☞ Robot Mechanics
☞ Weapons Engineer

Other Useful Skills (Added by T-Rex)
Recognize Weapon Quality (weaponry)
Appraise Goods
Rope Works (large vehicle work)
Chemistry: Analytical
Computer Programming
Computer Hacking
Archaeology (lostech)

Spells Learned through Study
Green text indicates a spell learned through individual study of a scroll.
Blue text indicates a spell learned through individual study of a spell book, or other type of study material.
Purple text indicates a spell learned through tutelage at the Collegiate Arcane or another brotherhood/guildhall.
(This is used as an archive to record spells studied.)

Spell Scrolls on-hand

Spell Books on-hand

Name of Spell Being Actively Studied:
Length of Study Required:
Date Started:
Date of Expected Completion:

Code Block
OOC Comments
[size=150][u][b]Spells Learned through Study[/b][/u][/size]
[color=#008000]Green text indicates a spell learned through individual study of a scroll.[/color]
[color=#0040FF]Blue text indicates a spell learned through individual study of a spell book, or other type of study material.[/color]
[color=#4000FF]Purple text indicates a spell learned through tutelage at the Collegiate Arcane or another brotherhood/guildhall.[/color]
[i](This is used as an archive to record spells studied.)[/i]

[size=150][u][b]Spell Scrolls on-hand[/b][/u][/size]

[size=150][u][b]Spell Books on-hand[/b][/u][/size]

[b]Name of Spell Being Actively Studied:[/b]
[b]Length of Study Required:[/b]
[b]Date Started:[/b]
[b]Date of Expected Completion:[/b]


Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:58 pm

The Operator's Assistants

Black Dog Basic Assistant, +2 attempts per day
Basic Electronics 54% (+5%)

Brennet Basic Assistant, +2 attempts per day
Recognize Weapon Quality 50% (+5Lv) (Lv4)

Brute Skilled Assistant, +3 attempts per day
Basic Electronics 67% (+5%)
Auto Mechanics 52% (+5%)
Recognize Weapon Quality 52% (+5%)
General Repair/Maintenance 62% (5%)

Cascade Skilled Assistant, +3 attempts per day
Basic Electronics 71% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics 91% (+5%)
Armor (Field) 66% (+5%)

DARYL Skilled Assistant, +3 attempts per day, Software Only Highly Skilled Assistant +4 attempts per day
Archaeology 66% +5Lv
Chemistry Analytical 71% +5Lv
Basic Electronics 61% +5Lv
Basic Mechanics 61% +5Lv
(Lv2)Computer Programming 46% +5Lv
(Lv2) Computer Hacking 46% +5Lv

Empire Skilled Assistant, +3 attempts per day
Basic Electronics - 70% + 5%
Computer Programming - 70% +5%
Computer Repairs - 65% +5%
General Repair/Maintenance - 60% + 5%
Basic Mechanics - 55% +5%
Automotive Mechanics - 50% + 5%
Recognize Weapon Quality - 50% + 5%

Faraday Tinkerer, 3 attempts per day
Archeology 77% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 77% (+5%)
Computer Hacking 72% (+5%) (Acquired at lvl 3)
Computer Programming 82% (+5%)
Electrical Engineer 82% (+5%)
**Basic Electrical 82% (+5%)
Mechanical Engineer 77% (+5%)
**Basic Mechanical 82% (+5%)
Robot Electronics 102% (+5%)
Robot Mechanics 102% (+5%)
Weapons Engineer 77% (+5%)

Jay SarkBasic Assistant, +2 attempts per day
Basic Electronics: 65% +5% (per Conduct Electricity power)

Presence Basic Assistant, +2 attempts per day
Analytical Chemistry: 65% (+5%)
Basic Electronics: 70% (+5%)

Sentinel Tinkerer, 6 attempts per day
Analytical Chemistry 60% (+5%)
Archaeology: 65%, (+5%)
Computer Programming 75% (+5%)
Robot Electronics 75% (+5%)
**Electrical Engineer 75% (+5%)
Robot Mechanics 70% (+5%)
**Mechanical Engineer 70% (+5%)
**Basic Electronics 75% (+5%)

Spiderweb Basic Assistant, +2 attempts per day
Archeology 55% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 60% (+5%)

Wi-Fi Skilled Assistant, +3 attempts per day, Software Only Tinker 6 Attempts per day
Computer Hacking -- 79% (+5%)
Basic electronics -- 79% (+5%)
Computer Programming -- 79% (+5%)
Computer Repair -- 74% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics -- 59% (+5%)
(1st Level) Field Armorer/Munitions Expert: 40%(+5%/level)

Zhana Unskilled Assistant, +1 attempt per day Probably safer just not to ask.


Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:59 pm

Permissions: What do you want the Tinkerer's to do with your stuff??
Black Dog: Huh? Whatcha talking about Willis?





Empire: They may repair the armor and systems on the Baron. They may not add new parts or remove any current part of it without my express consent. And they absogoddamnmotherfuckinglutely may not change my godmotherfuckingdamn color scheme godfuckingdamnit.


Jay Sark:






[u]Faraday's Sense of Craftsmanship[/u]

How does he work? What's his "style"?

[u][b]Completed Tasks[/b][/u]

[size=200][u][b]Faraday's To-Do List[/b][/u][/size]

[u][b]Salvage Parts & Useful Material[/b][/u]

[u][b]Jury-Rig Repairs[/b][/u]

[u][b]Repair and Soup-Up Machines & Vehicles[/b][/u]


Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:36 am

Wish list to start developing. WIP

Stimulus to research. Zhana unable to communicate. Future stimulus once Presence is introduced unable to communicate unless transformed.

Size: Ear bud to vehicle mounted.
Range: 5 miles for bud, 10 for omega suit radio, walking or sophisticated armored 50 miles. (Range is 1/10 of Alien version being 500 miles)
Purpose: To communicate telepathic or auditory speech via psionics to be transmitted and received through audio or mind.
Limitations: Affected by anything that effects normal psionics. Telepathy only works between receivers. Use of Telepathy increases range by 50% of power range limits.

Exo suit
Stimulus to research Wi-fi commented in field a requirement to replace omega suit for greater operating environments and protection.
Further details pending
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Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:05 pm

f_invisiblewoman_blackff.png (43.46 KiB) Viewed 4433 times

Her omega suit with a better paint scheme. (replace the white with gold/yellow or her teams color..whichever works best.)


Alternate look and Paint scheme for hand to hand combat-minded Omega's.


(minus tendrils)

Prototype Omega Suit: (Prototype, SDC will likely be higher)
Exterior "armored" Rad-suit with comm unit. Possible addition: Helmet that sits on back and folds around head similar to Ironman's bleeding edge armor. It should have radiation detection and thermal-detection gear. A quick release system to drop the damaged plates and whole suit if one needs to will also be added. The term 'armor' implies it is tougher than a standard rad suit but is still not full-fledged power armor. only a support or survival suit.
-this suit is not designed as combat armor. Highly recommend a force field belt or be have other powers for defense. Suggested for use by Omega support staff that powered, but not full-fledged heroes/Omega operatives.

(Wi-Fi's personal suit will carry Stubby and his four fellow Bots on the leg plates and one on the small of the back. The suit's flip out monitors (on her left wrist/forearm) monitors show what spiders see or act as standard comp monitors. and in the final version include:

- charger for the bots
- Act as mobile comm suite.
-The spiders' mounts (3, 1 on back/shoulder, 1 per leg)
-Her shock Gloves
-Sensitive touch microphone on an index and middle fingers that permits eavesdropping through solid surfaces or at a distance. The recording can be played and downloaded into a chip or one of her Audio Packs directly.

Added notes and details for armor and field kit:

Back carried military drones:
Large and more durable these units would be ideal for urban and close quarters combat. They lack the same mobility of the smaller drones. Most have the ability to be armed which can include Non-Lethal or chemical rounds designed for rescue and Disaster control.
Note: Send a copy of this to Faraday and other tech-related heroes on the omega roster

The suit makes a man:
In the case of many Omegas, we are more than durable to some degree. Others will not be and if Brutes idea about volunteer forces goes through they will need protection. Armour will be needed.
Radiation resistant
First aid kit, sidearm and standard gear as Brute suggests. (Even person is not trained first aid they will carry for another who is trained to use it)
Comms (secured Omega)
Radiation/chemical resistant shell and air filtration/supply

Modular system Kitted to the specialty of the wearer. (Fire, Police, Hazmat and medical)
Axe (1d4)
Fire retardant
Thermal resistant (Acquire a sample of Magmite's pouch in Gramercary in return for a copy related research to help them.)
Jaws of life
Grenade Launcher with flash/flare and non-lethal grenades such as chemical and camera/mini-ball cams with gas sensors. include 2-5 Fire/thermal and radiation retardant Satchels.
(Personal note: test fire retardant for use against fire-based metahumans and blocking heat signatures)
Tear gas
Cuffs (both metal and plastic (Zip cuffs)
Taser (multiple)
Paralyzing/knock out darts (Paralyze then knock out to prevent last moment actions such as pulling a trigger)
Retracting Battering ram to deal with doors or use columns
Recommended weapon for Police: Shotgun and/or grenade launcher as per standard police issue
Spray to cover radioactive or dangerous chemicals
Flamethrower (with a variable setting to ignite or burn way chemicals)
High-intensity Freon (with a variable setting to cool down or freeze chemicals)
Enhanced Acidic and chemical resistant shell and air filtration/supply
Recommended weapon for Hazmat: Grenade Launcher with flash/flare and non-lethal grenades such as chemical and camera/mini-ball cams with gas sensors. include 2-5 Fire/thermal and radiation retardant Satchels.
(Personal note: test thermal retardant for use to block thermal goggles and sensors)

Medical: the suit should carry needed supplies in packs, pouches, and compartments
Spray to cover radioactive or dangerous chemicals
Fire retardant
Medical scanner/heart monitor
defibrillator built into the suit
Shield (doubles stretcher and acts a shield to protect Medic and his patients should they come under fire)
Recommended weapon for medic: Grenade Launcher with flash/flare and non-lethal grenades such as chemical and camera/mini-ball cams with gas sensors. Also, include parachute equipped Mini-ball cams to look over larger areas.

Chemical grenades can stop bleeding or shield targets from radiation and other hazards. Mini-ball cameras can assist in assessing a situation
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Wed May 03, 2017 2:38 pm

(Pending GM review of course)

Villian Identity Recognition System

Concept Overview:
Use a computer system to analyze all available city camera feeds to try and locate specific targeted known villians.

General Pieces Anticipated:
  • Hardware that has the processing and memory to be able to perform the analysis in a reasonable amount of time .. to reduce lag.
  • Access to the data from city cameras .. Social Media posted photos , Traffic Cameras, ATM Cameras, Police car cameras , Police Badge Cameras , etc .. the more cameras the more of the city is more thoroughly being scanned/covered .. Ideally being updated regularly .. to reduce lag.
  • Details about the villian intended to be searched for .. photos , body type and build , height , weight , etc .. etc .. the more data available the higher the % of certainty a 'hit/find' can be.
  • Recognition Software.

- - - - -
Possible Versions anticipated .. what we start with and how much we have to do will depend on procurement department.

Version#1> Ideal <1>
If Procurement department gets us access to a good system already being used by Military/Police .. We than just need to .. set it up .. get access to the camera feeds to it .. load known data on suspects .. and let it run .. than follow up on the leads.

Version#2> <2> We have to do a little modification to the software and/or hardware of an existing system in order to do what we want.

Version#3> <3> We have to build & program the entire thing from scratch.

- - - - - -

A Note About Lag:
If the face book selfie picture that has a 99% match to Uber is itself 2 days old when the person puts it up .. than that only tells us where Uber was 2 days ago .. not where he is now .. this can still be useful .. but ideally the lag will be minutes , not days .. but we are ultimately limited by the combination of .. how long it takes to get the data to us .. and how long it take to process once we have that data.

- - - - - - -

A Note about %Match:
Mistaken identity happens .. based on limited initial data on a suspect .. based on limited data from a specific location/angle of view .. processing error .. etc .. This means that for example .. If the system spits out an 80% match to Uber 2 minutes ago at ___ location .. there is a real 20% chance that it was not Uber at all .. soo the further from 100% that the system comes back with.. the more it justifies not leaping to assumptions immediately.

- - - - - - -
Possible skill roll penalties per HU2 Hardware section p122+ .. and the versions they might apply to.
Tap into Computer Network -10% Applies to <1> <2> <3>
Tap into Satellite Feed -15% (-30% if Spy or Military) extra if we do .. could apply to <1> <2> <3>
Build/Modify Special Sensor Capability -15% Applies to <2> <3>
Assemble Computer -5% Applies to <1> <2> <3>
Minor Computer Enhancements -10% <2>
Major Computer Enhancements -15% <2> or <3>
Complex Computer Programming -15% <3>

Expected skill roll penalties by Version (assuming no unforeseen events or hacking needed)
Electronics -15%
Computer Operation -10%

Electronics -40%
Computer Operation -10%
Computer Programming -25%

Electronics -45%
Computer Operation -10%
Computer Programming -40%

- - - - - - - - -

Expected Cost $ .. Per HU2-p.124 Computer System
<1> Minimum over $30,000+
<2> Somewhere between <1> and <3>
<3> Minimum over $2,500+

- - - - - - - - - -

If we don't get permission/access and needed to 'hack' into any of the camera feed systems .. that can get very difficult and time intensive .. it is also an add on on top of everything else.
Per HU2-p.123 on Hacking

In addition to everything else .. At the upper end of spy/military/state of the art grade it's as high as a -60% Hacking Penalty and up to 160 hours.

- - - - - - - - - -

Expected (normal Human) Tinker Time Needed per HU2-p.121
*1 Hr per % penalty
**2-3 Hrs per % penalty if one's own design or experimental

<1>* = ~25 Hours
<2> as * = ~75 Hours
<2> as ** = between 150 to 225 hours
<3> ** = between 190 to 285 hours

- - - - - - - - - - -

Daryl could speed task all of those to 1/2 the time without penalty.
And probably some multi-tasking designing computer programming while he does the electronics to cut the time in 1/2 again.

Soo .. Potential DARYL IC Time:
<1>* ~9 Hours
<2>* ~19 Hours
<2>** Daryl can assist .. but he isn't qualified to do it all on his own , low% in some and doesn't have other needed skills
<3>** Daryl can assist .. but he isn't qualified to do it all on his own , low% in some and doesn't have other needed skills

Sense Daryl only needs 4 hours per 24 hours of physical body rest .. and during that time he can still mentally continue tirelessly .. It is reasonable for Daryl to possibly be able to do either <1> or <2> in one IC 24 hour day.

If we would have to do a <2>** or a <3>** level system .. Daryl would need help from other more skilled members of the group.


Fri May 05, 2017 1:23 pm

Empire Repairs:
Currently at 387 SDC out of 700 = 313 SDC to repair

- - - - - - - Work Time : - - - - -
If Going by the HU2-p.129 Hardware Analytical Section:
Maintenance/Repairing Robotics:
-15% Skill Penalty

2 Hours per 10 SDC = 62 Hours of Work = Up to 320 SDC of Repair


If not just armor .. but also systems are down and need Overhauling / Rebuilding / Replacing:
Like Limbs , Optics , etc
24 to 48 Hours for each o those as well.

- - - - - -

If Going by HU2-p.123 'Miscellaneous' Hardware Electrical Section:
-55% Skill Penalty .. Soo Hopefully not electronics need fixed.
And per HU2-p.121 They do the work in 1 hour per penalty % point .. if not an experimental/prototype.
ie .. ~55 Hours

If it is Experimental/prototype 2-3 hours per % point penalty
110 to 165 hours

- - - - - - -

The 2 hour per 10 SDC for robot armor replace/repair is also repeated under Hardware Mechanical HU2-p.126
~62 Hours
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Sat May 06, 2017 6:39 am

Just a Place Holder for now .. updated as relevant IC events happen.
These two are skills already EP purchased and gotten for Daryl , but don't yet have a scholastic skill bonus.

For Tracking Study of Both:
Computer Programming
Computer Hacking

1st of 3 possible +5% Scholastic Study Bonuses
Required normal human equivalent hours = 1,664

Completed so far as of IC 3-22-2043 @ 12:25p
2h 40m Out of 1,664 Hours Scholastic Bonus
1h 30m Toward EP Manifestation New Skill 'Tracking'
0h 0m Manifest 2New Secondary Skills (For=Lv6)

- - - Adding a section here the Tracking for manifesting DARYL's new EP purchases , per PM with GM Maniacal Laugh - - - - -

To Manifest:
  • IQ +10 (+2 from Min22, +4from +1d6, +4 from EP purchase +1d6)
  • +2vs MindControl , Possession , Illusions
  • +1 Perception (Per EU Perception List)
  • +10% All Language , Literacy , and Mathematics skills
    • Manifest Completed:
    • Yet to Manifest: 10Speak English , 10Speak Chinese , 10Speak Binary , 10Literacy Binary , 10Literacy English , 10Basic Math , 10Advanced Math
  • +1 Additional Skill Program
    • (Intent = Investigative Skill Program : 52Detect Concealment , 52Intelligence , 52Interrogation , 52Tracking)
  • Area of Expertise Pick 2 specific skills from one category each gets an additional +20%
    Possible Categories : Communications, Domestic, Electrical, Espionage (excludes Pick Pockets, Sniper, Wilderness Survival),
    Mechanical, Medical , Science, Technical (May also include Computer Hacking)
    • (Intent = 20Surveillance Systems , 20Cryptography)

+1 per IC Day (IQ or a Save)
+1% to each applicable skill for each ~10 equivalent hours IC spent studying it.
+1 New Skill each ~52 equivalent hours IC spent studying it.

- - - Adding a section here the Tracking for 'Flavor' manifesting DARYL's two new secondary skills from 6th level - - - - -

+1 New Skill each ~52 equivalent hours IC spent studying it.

Intended secondary skills:
Skill #1 = Research
Skill #2 = Law General

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Guidelines used to get the above :
Per HU2-p.48

Learn a skill at base skill level:
10 to 16 hours per week per skill .. 3 semesters
1Spring 1Fall 1Summer = Minimum of 1 Calendar year = 52 weeks
10 to 16 hours per week x 52 weeks = 520 to 832 hours per Skill

There is also a possible -5% to +5% modifier based on the quality of the education , not putting enough hours , etc (GM discretion) .. However the +5% automatically requires the larger 832 Hours , even if GM gives blessing that the education quality is on that level.

Gaining Scholastic Skill Bonus to skill:
Each additional 3 semesters (520 t 832 hours) gives a +5% .. up to a maximum of +15%
Note .. This is 'inferior' to the initial character creation scholastic skill bonuses maximum which go up as high as a maximum of +30% (HU2-p.45)

- - - - - - - - - - -

1st application for Daryl.
As a continuation of previous EP spent .. previous and future IC actions .. Intent is for Daryl to spend more time continuing to learn more about Computer Skills .. Seems to fit very well with character concept.

Daryl's Computer Operation Skill & his Science Skill in Artificial Intelligence both already have a scholastic skill bonus over the maximum of +15 such studies can provide .. soo those are off the table.

Leaves the previously EP purchased skills of :
Computer Programming
Computer Hacking

Will use the higher 832 Normal Human Hours each .. to be conservative .. and it gives the possibility the GM might allow the 'better education' option for that additional +5%.

Total Normal Human Hours up to 832 x 2 = 1,664 Hours per +5% Bonus to each of those skills (max of +15% available for each)

Exactly how many IC hours it will take someone with Daryl's relevant super human abilities .. Multi-Tasking, Speed Tasking, Enhanced Memory , High IQ, Doesn't Mentally Tire , etc .. Exactly how long it takes Daryl will depend on what happens IC and such.

I intend to track here the 'normal human equivalent hours' after Daryl completes them IC.

To be conservative .. I will not include to in that 'normal human equivalent hours' , any of the likely benefit some of his abilities would have provided to speed up learning .. such as enhanced memory , high IQ , Doesn't Tire Mentally.

I do intend to account for any multi-tasking , speed-tasking Daryl might do IC ..

For example: If he Multi-Tasks and studies while he works on a Math Problem for WiFi .. He puts in 1 hour of time IC .. He gets 1 hour for each task (Multi-Tasking) .. and due to Speed Tasking his 1 hour will complete 2 normal human hours worth on both (2 hours to his studies and 2 hours to Math or WiFi) at the same time.
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Fri May 12, 2017 9:57 am

Wi-Fi's Sense of Craftsmanship

How does she work? What's her "style"?
Safe, efficient work. she likes to write in back doors and shut down commands to prevent any omega programs from doing harm or being miss used. This can be a program, virus, word, sequence of numbers, passwords or voice pattern recognition. The effects can range from a self-deleting protocol to a shutdown and lock out sequence or overload the tech via weapons and power systems. Her work will always have-back up copies in case of deletes or destruction in the field. She will keep lock down and kill codes on a non-data format to prevent hacking to acquire these codes.

She works with software primarily, Computers and communications systems as her secondaries. Wi-Fi also dabbles in weapons, armor and Holo-tech as well. But her weapons are pretty basic and on par with infantry and non-High tech varieties.

Completed Tasks

Wi-Fi's To-Do List
Extra usb devices for Faraday to use.

(for brute and to further her projects.) An Omega suit of hyper-mimetic material (so it changes when I change) that doesn't fall off his bare ass when bad guys look at it sideways.)
Armorer/: 1d100 = 96 / 45%
Armorer/: 1d100 = 62 / 45%
Chemistry -- 1d100 = 36/54%
Chemistry - Analytical -- 1d100 = 2/49%
USB hacking/programming sticks for Faraday: 1d100 = 53 / 84%
USB hacking/programming sticks for Faraday: 1d100 = 97 / 84% (Double check her work)

Personal suit of armor (see the armored Omega prototypes above)
Armorer/: 1d100 = 92 / 45%
Armorer/: 1d100 = 42 / 45% (Double check)
Her personnel jobs and on going maintenance and upgrading:
Gear she uses (USB sticks, portable networking harness and audio/visual packs)
Weapons maintenance (she will go to others for upgrades)
Magazine redesign:
Armorer/: 1d100 = 36 / 45%
Armorer/: 1d100 = 98 / 45% (Double check)
Salvage Parts & Useful Material
Communications, Computer and electronics parts. operational Robotic parts for her spiders and personal gear will also be welcomed.

Jury-Rig Repairs

Repair and Soup-Up Machines & Vehicles
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Fri May 12, 2017 11:22 am

If you can improve my stuff go for it.

An Omega suit of hyper-mimetic material (so it changes when I change) that doesn't fall off my bare ass when bad guys look at it sideways.

Additional wish-list items to be added after my requisitions get denied. ;)


Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:37 am

Sentinel's Sense of Craftsmanship
Sentinel comes from an age were crafts are artwork. Just look at him for example. They are not only functional but examples of what craftsmanship can bring in beauty to an everyday tool, let alone the finished products those tools are used on.


How does he work? What's his "style"?

Sentinel when he sets to a project spends tremendous amounts of time towards it, and due to his nature perceives he has as much of it as he needs. Cutting corners is never necessary in his mind. If asked to do so, he will be very reluctant. i.e. If he is to make a hasty torch, it will be wrapped and tied off to perfection. A towel tied on to the end of a stick will just not do.

Completed Tasks

Sentinel's To-Do List

-Miniaturized communicators for Wi-fi.

Discover it is possible. [Requires GM intervention otherwise meta knowledge)

Salvage Parts & Useful Material

Jury-Rig Repairs

Repair and Soup-Up Machines & Vehicles


Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:15 am

Her stuff and upgrades:
1) Tell her before you upgrade.

2) try and stay with the same material. If something is a non-magnetic material use that type of materiel do not put a strong magnetic material. She uses non-ferrous materials for a reason.

3) Keep in mind she does not like bright colors. dark or consistent colors work best.

Item upgrade requests:
2 weapon upgrades:
2 of her Nest guns:
Note: mags should also be non-Ferrus (non-magnetic)
standard magazine loader. (with 4-5 rounds)
Magazine types requested:
Round with 6-8 rounds
roundmag1.jpg (11.59 KiB) Viewed 4024 times

standard "straight" with 4-5 rounds.
011-2ar20mlcbbulk.jpg (14.6 KiB) Viewed 4024 times

Spider bots:
Small holo-projectors and speakers to transmit audio to allow them a better method of communication. holo images may be good distraction or allow them to hide better as well. Audio can also create white noise and dampen sound.
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Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:20 pm

Faraday's Sense of Craftsmanship

Stigandr and Faraday have two different aesthetics.

Faraday tends to highly engineer and over design his projects before lifting the first wrench or component. Detailed, technical, and thoroughly analyzed in his approach to things. Safety/function tests, controlled working environments, the whole nine yards of 'professional engineer at work' in action.

Objects he builds tend to be sleek hi-tech things that belong in a cyberpunk film/game.

This is a motif and habit purposefully adopted for the Faraday persona/identity.

Stigandr is frequently similar however tends to embellish and decorate items in their 'final iteration' for use turning them into status/power statements as well. He also is more inclined to build 'mad science' projects that combine high tech methodology with villainous methods that are more pulp fiction / wierd science material.

Completed Tasks


Faraday's To-Do List

- Communications Build for Omega Team Guests.

- Install multi-optics upgrades into his helmet.
This starts with the Multi-Optics Helmet on HU2 page 343. I would like to augment that with the following:
-- Infrared Distancing equivalent to the Infrared Distancing Binoculars. (Same Page)
-- Night-Sight: Passive night vision system. (Same Page)
-- Ultra-Violet sight system (Same Page)

- Install a Field Radio equivalent communication capability into his armor, using the miniaturization rules (Field Radio, HU2, page 344)(Micronization, HU2, pg 124)
-- Confirm whether this is usable without further modification to perform bug scanning. If not parts to also install a Field Strength Meter (HU2, page 345)

- Install an Amplified Sound Detector upgrade in the helmet. (HU2, page 345)

- Install a combination Bio-Monitor Sensor & Psychological Stress Evaluator system. (HU2, page 345)(Intended to be used on others, evaluating their status and/or stress detector during interviews/interrogations.)(A higher tech version of what is listed there.)

- Install AR improvement/SDC increases on his armor. (HU2, page 129/130. - Increase AR by 2, Increase SDC by 10%.)

- Install full environmental protection in his armor, with respiration / filtration etc. (AU-R, page 190/191/192. Equivalent to Full Environmental Battle Armor. And/or Environmental System & Radiation Shielding Armor Qualities in the same location.)

- Build/Modify Tracer Bug (HU2, pg 344) x 10 (I would ike these modified to have both the standard means of operation (continuous broadcast) and to have an AoD (Activate On Demand) mode where they broadcast only when issued a broadcast command via radio signal.)

- Build Virus/Hacking Memory Sticks (Just like what Wi-Fi has?)

Salvage Parts & Useful Material

Parts for upgrades were requested here: https://www.google.com/url?q=http://exp ... U4-Yah8rXg

Jury-Rig Repairs


Repair and Soup-Up Machines & Vehicles

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Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:42 pm

Current Build Project:

(Cheap, Fast, Well-done)

- Install multi-optics & electronics upgrades into his helmet.
This starts with the Multi-Optics Helmet on HU2 page 343. I would like to augment that with the following:
-- Infrared Distancing equivalent to the Infrared Distancing Binoculars. (Same Page)
-- Night-Sight: Passive night vision system. (Same Page)
-- Ultra-Violet sight system (Same Page)
-- Miniaturized Computer System (equivalent to laptop perhaps?) (Capable of hosting an instance of ANNA)


Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:40 pm

Omega Comm-Net iPhone (or as Wi-Fi likes to call it...One Phone to rule them all)
Key features:
1) Omega suit crafting and Repairs: Draws upon the local material to convert to and impart Mimetic properties and other factors of an omega suit. Does not use other Omegas suits as material.
2) Communications and acts as a field log to record for other omegas to learn about something vital or better avoid the fate of the fallen omega.
3) Provide field intel regarding metahuman and other threats known to Omegas and in Law enforcement files. (Files so far include US government, Gramercary Island and Century Station) Equal to level 3 Intelligence, Law and
4) Security and Biometric trigger activation: requires an Omega or authorized Omega ally to operate the phone. Authorized users can call on the omega suit as needed.
(Note: Omega Team leads, Director and other key command staff have a code or password to dissolve the phone or the suit instantly. Either the suit or the phone or both can be dissolved individually or both at the same time depending on situation. The Nanites will dissolve when removed from phone )
5) Phones other functions such as Camera, Internet, and other normal features function as well. Cell service also bypasses some encryption of a government nature. In short, it acts as the phone even allowing access to purchase via phone as per normal.

Standard cell or Iphone
Power cell: 48 hours
Charge: 6 hours recharge time
Personally, I like this look

Possible personalised cases for use. (Just replace avengers and such with Omega Insignia)


Tasks required:
Computer Programming and security checks:
(Wi-Fi and others welcome to help):
Computer Hacking -- 89%/ 1d100 = 98
Computer Operation -- 99%/ 1d100 = 65
Computer Programming -- 89%/ 1d100 = 46
Computer Repair -- 84%/ 1d100 = 98
Double check if work looks wrong:
Computer Hacking -- 89%/ 1d100 = 93
Computer Operation -- 99%/ 1d100 = 12
Computer Programming -- 89%/ 1d100 = 99
Computer Repair -- 84%/ 1d100 = 39

Integration of the Identification system
Criminal Identification system (previously started by another Omega Darryl)
Computer Operation -- 99%/ 1d100 = 64
Computer Programming -- 89%/ 1d100 = 21
TV/Video -- 94%/ 1d100 = 72
Double check if work looks wrong:
Computer Operation -- 99%/ 1d100 = 40
Computer Programming -- 89%/ 1d100 = 88
TV/Video -- 94%/ 1d100 = 1

Encryption of hardware and software
Basic electronics -- 89%/ 1d100 = 84
Radio: Basic -- 99%/ 1d100 = 41
Radio: Scramblers -- 94%/ 1d100 = 6
TV/Video -- 94%/ 1d100 = 25
Cryptography -- 89%/ 1d100 = 31
Double check if work looks wrong:
Basic electronics -- 89%/ 1d100 = 21
Radio: Basic -- 99%/ 1d100 = 67
Radio: Scramblers -- 94%/ 1d100 = 52
TV/Video -- 94%/ 1d100 = 82
Cryptography -- 89%/ 1d100 = 79

Nanites and Nanite AI/OS:
(Faraday or Sentinel?)
programming/teach Intelligence and Law skills to the phone:
Law -- 81%/ 1d100 = 72
Intelligence -- 60%/ 1d100 = 57
Double check if work looks wrong:
Law -- 81%/ 1d100 = 32
Intelligence -- 60%/ 1d100 = 91
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