Episode 15: Acquisition

In the distant reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, a race teeters on the brink of extinction as it is pursued by the relentless Atorian Empire. [Adventure forum.]

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Re: Episode 15: Acquisition

Postby Rosseyn » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:15 pm

Perception: 1d20+2 = 14 +3 regarding modern technology, +5 to perceiving any tactile characteristics
JIC: 1d20 = 5/1d100 = 55

Stepping through the gateway, Rosseyn allows everyone to drop their personal belongings onto the ship. From there, he creates a gateway to the bank bathroom.
Lieutenant Commander Rosseyn "Nova" Ridatharen
Current Details
H.P.: 37/37
S.D.C.: 79/79
Energy Form S.D.C.: 119/119

Current Gear:
Galactic Standard Automatic Pistol:
  • Range: 200 feet.
  • Damage: 5D6 per shot, double for short burst.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shot or short burst. Payload: 15/15.
Battle Harness w/ Ball Bearings
Throwing Knives

Current Conditions:

Constant Conditions: Impervious to Fear & Terror, Mechanical Awareness, Heightened Sense of Touch.

Gateways (0/15):
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Re: Episode 15: Acquisition

Postby Cairo » Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:45 pm

Perception (+5): 1d20+3 = 11
JiC D20: 1d20 = 16
JiC D100: 1d100 = 100

H.P.: 247/247
S.D.C.: 1350/1350

Conditions: [Unarmored/Natural AR 12], Regenerates 1 HP/SDC every other Minute (30/Hr), Breathes without Air, Shadow Cloak [ALL Attackers are ½ bonuses to Strike/Parry/Dodge/Disarm/Entangle & ½ Initiative & Perception vs CJ, ½ Damage from Lasers, IMPERVIOUS to all Shadow-Attacks], Wearing Magic Ring, Thermal Vision

Cairo stows his recent purchases away and then proceeds up to the Cockpit. There he does a quick Merge with the computer to check for any recent access [Pilot: Military Spacecraft: Small [112+20= 132%: 1d100 = 74], and assuming nothing out of the ordinary returns to the bunk area to gear for the raid:

• Flight Suit with Helmet (Environmental Regulator overriden & internal temperature set to 15°)
• Police Style Jumpsuit
• Galactic Standard Automatic Pistol with Silencer
• Galactic Assault Rifle and 4 Spare Clips
• [2] Energy Stun Baton -- (Worn on Harness)
• [2] Vibro-Knife
• [3] Flash Grenade
• [2] Smoke Grenade
• [2] Handcuffs
• [1] Roll of Duct Tape, Black

**Minimizing ADF Gear ... the police style coveralls should be the only visible thing ... well except the helmet, but that is pretty damn generic. No ADF sidearm. No STAR ... Thermal signature should be muddied by the chilling suit ... Rifle across my back but that's generic enough around here ... and I can try to avoid any overt powers that will pop up in the Arena**

Once Nova creates a gateway, he'll draw his a Stun Baton in 1 hand, and a smoke grenade in the 2nd. He will shift his vision into the Thermal Spectrum and look over those who are going with him to the Bank, "I will pull pins and place a couple grenades on the ground. Cap them with a Force field until we get out? Thats way there is no Residue on us at the Morgue? We might want to do a trip through Void on the return to get any trace clues off of us as well. Let the Vacuum do its thing for 10 seconds, y'know what I mean?" ... then he steps into gateway to bank bathroom ...
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2nd Lt. Cairo Xanreys
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Natural AR: 12
H.P.: 262/262
S.D.C.: 1450/1450

Constant Conditions:
Impervious to [Mind] Control & Possession; Impervious to Radiation/Depressurization/Cold; Breathes without Air (& can speak in a Vacuum); Resistant to Gravity Based Attacks [½ Damage/Effects]; Supervision: Spectrum Vision (Able to see energy magnetic fields, the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, electricity, microwaves, phase fields, force fields, x-rays, and all forms of radiation, 180ft); Regenerates 30/Hr (HP or SDC); Fatigues at 1/3 Normal Rate, Nightvision: 600', Sensitive Hearing (20 decibels beyond normal human range)
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Re: Episode 15: Acquisition

Postby Halko » Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:30 pm

Percep: 1d20+2 = 3
JIC: 1d20 = 5 1d100 = 16

Halko moves through the portal and turns, heading directly to his locker. After stowing the things from his hotel room that he is not currently wearing, he waits for everyone else to come through from the first hotel room and the new portal to be opened.

Grinning as they actually start their DRO job, Halko motion for the others on the job to head through the new portal first, then he steps through to the bank himself.
Staff Sergeant Jerric "Backlash" Halko
Current Details

H.P.: 52/52
S.D.C.: 80/80

Constant Conditions:
Re-Channel and Expel Energy: absorb any energy based attack and expel it at his attacker or another target at 2 times its original power
Re-Channel Kinetic Energy: absorb any physical/kinetic energy attack and expel that energy in the form of a punch, kick or force blast. The character is not knocked down or back by the impact or explosion
Vulnerable to: Heat and cold based attacks, edged weapons (cutting & stabbing), gas attacks, poison, drugs, disease, psionics and magic.

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